No S**king

Video games bad for health:

Video games ‘could spark rise in teenage smokers’: 42% of games ‘feature characters smoking – yet only 8% carry warnings’

Smoking is widespread and glamorized in video games, experts warn

42% of games commonly played by teenagers contain tobacco imagery

But only 8% of games have adequate tobacco content warnings

Teenagers largely believe smoking makes a character ‘tougher or grittier’

Experts say tobacco use in video games may encourage teenage smoking

Videos bad for health too:

Can YouTube be bad for your health? A new study in Great Britain finds that significant numbers of adolescents are being exposed to tobacco and alcohol content in popular videos from the likes of Jason Derulo and Pitbull. Research from the University of Nottingham (and published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health) showed that repeated exposure while watching such videos poses a ”significant health hazard that requires appropriate regulatory control.”

Researchers analyzed 32 popular videos during a 12-week period, and estimated that on average more teenagers (22 percent) were watching them than adults (6 percent). The research then calculated the number of verbal or visual references to alcohol or tobacco in the videos and concluded that they were responsible for over 1 billion impressions of alcohol and 203 million of tobacco.

The research concluded that girls between 13 and 15 were the most exposed to cigarettes and alcohol in the videos.

Is there anything which can’t be found to be ‘unhealthy’? Even dictionaries contain words like “tobacco”, “cigarette”, “alcohol”, “sugar”, and so forth.

And don’t No Smoking signs contain the word “smoking”, and little pictures of cigarettes?

If seeing smoking in videos or video games, surely seeing them on ubiquitous No Smoking signs must be just as unhealthy.

One solution might be to remove or disguise the obvious cigarette, and the word “smoking”, and making the red circle pink, and the letters light grey:


Only people who remembered the original signs would understand what they meant. Children wouldn’t have a clue they meant, apart from maybe “No soaking” or “No shaking” or “No sucking” or “No sinking”, and would stop start doing those things instead.

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29 Responses to No S**king

  1. Roobeedoo2 says:

    They are not going to beat the Gamers.It took 50 years of ‘tobacco education’ before a ban could be imposed in this country.

    They are gonna get their fucking arses kicked into touch if they try to dictate to Gamers what is and isn’t allowed, how they can and cannot customise their characters.

    It’s a generational difference. Smokers are older, not so tech savvy. Gamers on the other hand…

    Tee Hee. This is going to be so much fun!

    • slugbop007 says:

      Censorship rears its ugly head once more.

      • “Censorship rears its ugly head…”

        The scary thing is that they can achieve censorship now without going through all the trouble of government, laws, and freedom-protectors. They can do it through sheer public intimidation.

        Forty years ago I would have thought that to be a GOOD thing. Unfortunately I’m no longer so trusting of mob rule — particularly now that I’ve seen how the mob mentality can be so easily manipulated by those with enough money and power to jerk the right emotional puppet strings. We now have the equivalent of small town lynch mobs running on national and even international scales.

        Remember the reaction a few years ago to the fat little Indonesian smoking three/four year old? Imagine if a Ryan O’Neill clone came out with a “Paper Moon” movie co-starring his 8 year old smoking daughter today?

        – MJM, remembering the nuns marching all the fifth through eighth graders down to the local movie house to watch a 15ish Hayley Mills puffing away in “The Trouble With Angels” while she was STILL “good enough” in God’s eyes to become a nun herself!

        P.S. At one point, years ago, I found a censored printed version (“For Young Adults”) of Tom Sawyer with the smoking island runaway scenes censored. Mark Twain woulda shown up at the publishers’ place with a submachine gun if he could have climbed out of his grave.

  2. Clicky says:

  3. Frank, actually I believe a no-smoking sign DOES count as a “tobacco instance” in these studies. Seriously. As does an ashtray on a table in the background of a scene.

    A more honest portrayal would be one that simply counted the number of active onscreen puffs taken by characters or perhaps the number of onscreen minutes showing lit tobacco products or tobacco products held by characters.

    Of course honesty goes out the window when you’re designing a study to please those who are handing out the millions in grant money. As I’ve shown in the past, antismoking grant writers actually PROMISE the “correct” results in their proposals … as long as they’re paid to do so.

    In terms of media portrayal things, we’ve been down this road before, led by Mr. Glantz, Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, when he first revved up his Smoke Free Films crusade about 20 years ago.

    Go to and read Lie #2 to see how the Antismokers made these same sorts of claims about MTV twenty years ago and how those claims stacked up when actually analysed for a sample 24 hour period.

    Note how the article uses two pictures from the same game with the same character. Think about why they didn’t illustrate it with a half dozen or dozen simple small grabs from different games proving their point: Simple… they probably couldn’t FIND a dozen decent ones out of all the hundreds of games out there.

    Remember this one statement: “Antismokers LIE!”; and you’ll almost always be able to better understand their claims and see through the tricks involved.

    – MJM

  4. Lepercolonist says:

    God forbid that a soldier will light-up a cigarette in Call of Duty. Soldiers never smoke in combat situations. Right.

  5. Igrowmyown says:

    Just watched a PG film Holmes with Ian Mckellan last night amongst the reasons for its PG status was scenes of smoking!, this consisted of a one second glimpse of an extra in the film smoking a cigarette in 1940s Britain. By the way I have just booked a holiday cottage which not only permits smoking inside the cottage but positively welcomes smokers : “we welcome smokers”, ” relax and enjoy this smoking accommodation”,”At _ _ _ we welcome smokers,whether they be Tailor mades,Rollys,or Cigars!”, and just to make sure any anti- smoker has got the message there is a lit cigarette inside a green circle with the warning “Smoking is allowed in this establishment”

    • IGrow, what cottage is that? (If there’s a possibility of them getting in trouble for it, just send it to me via email at Cantiloper on gmail, OK?)

      Re the extra smoking, are you familiar with the TV series BONES? I had gone without TV for a bit over ten years as I was working on my books and spending an inordinate amount of time on the puter, but about three years ago I got a 40″ flatscreen and a subscription to Netflix. My TV-vacation left me with a number of excellent series to catch up on, and over the course of 2014/15 I watched all 210 episodes of BONES. While I didn’t keep an *exact* tally on drinking (I missed cross hatching on a couple of dozen episodes) I did come up with a figure of roughly 1,500 “drinking instances” for the entire series to date. Meanwhile there were FIVE “smoking instances” (including a man blowing himself up by lighting a cig in a methane-filled outhouse and a scene where a detective finds an ash in a pool of blood and exclaims, “Look at this clue! It’s 2010: NO ONE smokes anymore!”)

      In Hannibal, a true “child-safe” show, heroes and villains alike drown their sorrows regularly with fine wines and such, but nary a glimpse of smoke in the air as they dismember bodies, artfully arrange hundreds of corpses in bloody sculptures, and take the finer body parts to fricasse up in recipes of fine Continental Cuisine so they can sit around and enjoy regular cannibalistic feasts for the enjoyment of your children.

      Dexter had a cute gal cop who’d regularly sneak a few smokes in back of the local police station in the first few seasons, but the Antis must have leveled the heavy guns in their direction because she gave it up for the final three seasons and they did due penance by limiting the smoking in those final years to a raspy-voiced sleazy motel owner and a group of pedophiles living under a bridge.

      There are a few (very few) series where smoking is more generally allowed, but almost always only by people with deep psychological or drug impairments.

      Re Lepers’ note on Call Of Duty, “Saving Private Ryan” gave us all of World War Two with no soldiers daring to smoke while blasting each other to hell ‘n back.

      – MJM

  6. pubcurmudgeon says:

    And what proportion of video games include murders? Are they going to turn kids into murderers?

    • Pub, you’ve pointed up a classic example of Antismoker Doublethink. In true Orwellian tradition, the “Liberal Antismoker” can offer the opinion in one breath that the merest glimpse of an onscreen smoker in the background will create 347.5 new child smokers, and then in the next breath declare that thousands of scenes of people shooting at each other and driving at 100 mph along residential streets with nary a ruffled skirt as an outcome have no effect at all on our youths’ behavior.

      All part of ASDS (AntiSmokers’ Dysfunction Syndrome) but, unfortunately, very few Antis actually seek decent psychiatric help as they blunder through life.


  7. slugbop007 says:

    Is anyone here familiar with this article by Barry Groves?
    Can anyone explain what a ketonic diet is all about?

    • beobrigitte says:

      Recently, Cancer Research UK placed advertisements on TV in the United Kingdom…
      Sorry, I read Cancer Research UK and that ended my interest.

      “Ketonic diet” is basically a diet in which you cut out carbohydrates “completely” (which, btw is not possible!) and increase your protein intake. It leads to rapid weight loss, aids muscle build up (if you exercise) despite eating all things deemed “unhealthy”.
      A colleague of mine is doing this diet and he (quite rightly!) worries about the build up of ketones in his body.

      I have put this increase-protein-reduce-carbohydrates to the test. Indeed, since I am wielding a sledgehammer (got another wall in my house to knock through) I can say that my muscle mass has increased, which, at my age is hard to do. So, yeah, the additional protein does a job.
      I also found that reducing the amount of sugar intake causes that I crave fruit (which I eat!) and I have it with extra thick double cream. Love it.
      Weightloss = 5kg, but that might be due to the sledgehammering, man-walking flags across my garden etc. etc.. Also, building up muscle adds weight….

      My offspring who told me about the diet added that it is very much an individual tailored diet.

  8. Igrowmyown says:

    The ‘ Atkins Diet’ would be good example of a ketone diet.

  9. Smoking Lamp says:

    Once again the antismoking industry drums up business by making false claims. It’s time to to close there fanatics down. Without real evidence, they relentlessly ply their propaganda on a fearful and guile public to ensure their corrupt enterprise continues to extract public funds. It’s time to close tobacco control down.

    • beobrigitte says:

      How about pointing out WHO funded the “research” on which all idiotic smoking bans have been lobbied?
      You will find that there is extremely little TRUE research to find. ALL others have been paid for by tobacco control&friends…..
      And tobacco control kicked the balancing opposition out – the tobacco industry was banned from around 1995/1996 funding university research. We, back then, were told that the Pharmaceutical Industry would cover this massive loss of finances.
      [Obviously it hasn’t – and university education has gone down the drain!]

      Yes, it is time for the TRUTH to be published. LOUDLY.

  10. Igrowmyown says:

    Smoking Lamp tides come in and tides go out,the tide is full now and will shortly turn.

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