Wheels Coming Off

The trouble with the EU “project” is precisely that it’s a project. It’s all been a planned project. We’ll have a single currency. And we’ll have open borders. And we’ll have a rubber-stamp parliament. And bananas will be straight. Oh, and it’ll be smoke-free too. It’s a long wish-list of things.

And for a while it was all going so well. And now, if it’s all coming apart, it’s actually because they got everything they dreamed of. Only what they dreamed of doesn’t actually work very well.

If they’d let Europe evolve naturally, and not planned everything, it would have worked a lot better. Instead, they stuck rigidly to The Plan. And now nothing’s working.  The wheels are coming off. And even the European political class can see it.


EU will FALL amid terror and migrant strain – and it’s starting in Germany, admits EU head

THE European Union faces being destroyed under the growing threat of terrorism, which has sparked the influx of migrants into Europe, the European Parliament’s President has warned.

Martin Schulz, the German president of the European Parliament, fears the 28-member bloc will crumble under the to political unrest caused by the migrant crisis.

He said: “The worst nightmare for the European project is an outbreak of populism or political upheaval in Germany. Now it is looking like a real possibility.

“Nobody knows what we are facing this year. We are threatened as never before.”

This week’s deadly attacks in Istanbul have intensified the gravity of the growing problem.

Following the arrival of 1.1 million migrants into Germany alone and in the wake of sickening sex attacks in Cologne, member states are telling German Chancellor Angela Merkel ‘we told you so’.

As the EU attempts to stem the threat of deadly terror attacks, Germany is straining in its attempts to solve the chaos by opening reception centres and apportioning asylum seekers between nations.

An explosive political fallout is now feared.

A veteran EU diplomat warned: “Looking at Germany, especially after Cologne, there is the objective basis for political explosion if someone lights the fuse.”

The concerns were echoed by Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, who added: “The EU was tested to its limits [in 2015] and I cannot see anything to indicate this year will be any different.”


French intelligence sources said Europe is expecting far more professional and better organised attacks in 2016 after attacks on Charlie Hebdo and series of attacks in November.

A senior counter-terrorism official said: “Unfortunately, I think 2015 was nothing.

Thatcher’s Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Mail:

Lord Lawson yesterday declared Britain has ‘nothing to fear but fear itself’ from leaving the European Union.

The Tory grandee said the country would retain control of its destiny and stop having to send a net £10 billion every year to Brussels.

In a speech to academics, the former Chancellor also insisted that British trade would prosper outside the EU.

For the past 15 months, the UK has exported more to countries outside the EU than to those who are members.

Yesterday Toyota announced it would keep making cars at its plant in Derbyshire even if the UK votes to leave, defying the doom-mongering of pro-EU campaigners.

Lord Lawson, who is leading the Tory campaign to quit the Brussels club, said UK concerns about red tape and meddling by Europe were being routinely ignored.

At King’s College London, he added: ‘The EU is a political project whose objectives we do not share. That objective is to create a United States of Europe. The EU is economically damaging and profoundly undemocratic.’

He cited the Council of Ministers, the EU’s main decision-making body.

On the 72 occasions when the UK has voted against a measure in the Council, it has gone on to become law. This has included 40 times since David Cameron entered Downing Street in 2010.

‘There is not a downside to Brexit. If there is, it is trivial compared to the upside. We have nothing to fear but fear itself.’

With the polls neck and neck, Lord Lawson said he did not have the ‘faintest idea’ what the result of the referendum will be.

Anyone who pretended otherwise was ‘foolish’, added the peer. But he said that if the British were being asked now to join the EU, they would vote No.

He said what people overwhelmingly wanted was to become a self-governing nation again which would decide its own future.

Lord Lawson dismissed as ‘arrant nonsense’ the idea that the EU had helped to secure peace in Europe since the Second World War, saying this was the work of Nato.

He also attacked claims by the Prime Minister and the ‘remain’ campaign that staying was vital for national security.


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15 Responses to Wheels Coming Off

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    Please Lord let the EU collapse tonite…………Then AmericanProgressive Regressive politics tomorrow.

  2. jaxthefirst says:

    Oh I do so hope all these commentators are right. I can’t wait to see the EU edifice crumbling away to nothing. No doubt those with the biggest vested interests in the whole charade (yes, Merkel – I’m looking at you) will cling on by their fingernails to the very last second which will make the whole process much more painful for everyone than it needs to be, but I think that in the end she too will slink back under her rock, unless she can save some face by grabbing herself a cushy little “advisory” position with the UN or something like that, so that it looks like she’s going “voluntarily.”

    What I can’t quite envision is exactly how it will happen. Will countries increasingly vote in nationalist leaders, like Farage or Le Pen who, even if they don’t actually pull out of the EU in one fell swoop, will nevertheless keep niggling away – a little power grabbed back here and a little power grabbed back there – until eventually the whole Brussels mechanism becomes meaningless? Or will one “dangerous” country (financially speaking), like Greece, be jettisoned by the EU itself in a last-ditch effort to re-stabilise itself, thus unwittingly causing an “avalanche” effect?

    Interesting times indeed. What I hope, above all else, is that absolutely nothing happens – because that means we’re stuck with the EU and all its power-crazy nastiness for a long while to come …

  3. jaxthefirst says:

    Oops – of course, what I meant was: “What I hope, above all else doesn’t happen is absolutely nothing …..”

    Too late at night. Must go to bed now!

  4. Just popped in to say goodbye says:

    Thanks for your honesty about free speech and no anti smoking views (only occasionally), this is quite clear and I will leave as promised and not come back for a while.

    Apologies to those posters who replied to my comments, I will not reply and debate further cos yer man Frank wants it that way


  5. smokingscot says:

    How thoughtful of you Rick.

    5.37 am comment. Presumably a pre-timed one.

    You could have left out the “for a while” though.

    Forever wouldn’t begin to be long enough.

  6. Anonymous says:

    @Frank – the first thing I need to do is to offer my apologies to you Frank, since this comment is off topic.

    Reading back over the last several posts I see that there are some commenters who do not know who Rickie is. You will remember him well Frank, and if you do not keep this individual off your blog you will be in for a whole heap of trouble. You, Dick Puddlecote and Simon Clark are the main three that he has singled out on the Dioclese blog for a while now.

    Just to let everyone here know – Rickie is none other than Dickie Doubleday, a nasty little troll. But the difference between Rickie and a normal troll is that he is malicious when you object to him spewing his nonsensical bile on your blog. In 2012 he almost managed to shut down Ranty’s blog and was successful in shutting down Pat Nurse. He tried to lose Longrider his job by posting details on various other blogs of Longrider’s clients.


    Things were quiet after for a while, then he surfaced on Diocles’s blog, where his rantings were tolerated. Then I noticed he had started to spam Filthy Engineer’s blog. A joke comment I made at Diocles’s place led to a full scale row, and now I find him here.


    @smokingscot – Don’t believe a word he says. He will be back.

    • garyk30 says:

      Of course he will be back.
      His ego will demand it.

    • smokingscot says:

      Difficult to convey dripping sarcasm in that 09.03 comment.

      I know anonymous, I know. And Garyk’s got it right as well.

    • slugbop007 says:

      Rickie said this recently on the Dioclese website. He’s not too far off the mark here.
      The prosmoking groups are seriously disorganized in their fight to counter the Public Health Zealots. Less ranting and more, better, organized counterattacks should be our New Year’s Resolution. I live in Montréal, Quebec, and it is getting more and more nasty by the day. Antismoking ad blitzes on the radio and TV, posters popping up in the metro stations … All paid for by us, the taxpayers, to demonise us, the taxpayers. Revolting. We need a tax revolt on a grand scale to eliminate all these Quangos and Advocacy Groups.

      ‘ASH pussyfoot/tiptoe around Simon Clark…a harmless weak ineffective spokesman for smokers suits them I suppose. There could be an effective pro smoke lobby from 12 million smokers who have real issues that are important and would win support easily from the general public…these never get a mention and get lost in the fucking fiasco that has always been the pro smoke lobby’.

  7. smokingscot says:

    On topic.

    Very short message on the Bloomberg TV ticker this morning about Merkel’s party losing ground in opinion polls and Alternative for Germany being a prime beneficiary.

    Can’t find anything to back up that statement, however there is a much older article about the phenomenon, saying they’re the third party in Germany.


    I believe they’re way further ahead now, so yes, maybe it is possible to see the whole project unravel, starting with the roots, France and Germany.

  8. Clicky says:

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