2016 predictions: Business As Usual

So what can be expected in 2016? ZeroHedge has a list of upcoming events. But they’re all scheduled events. It’s the unscheduled ones that I’m interested in.

I suppose the biggest upcoming event in the UK will be the EU Referendum. I’ll almost certainly be voting to leave. When we first joined, it was called the European Economic Community (EEC) and was essentially about trade between sovereign states. But then it became the EU, which is really about the creation of a single European superstate run from Brussels. It’s thoroughly undemocratic. MEPs are powerless, and exist only to rubber-stamp proposals handed to them by the European Commission, like the European smoking ban which they dutifully rubber-stamped. Europeans don’t even get to elect the President of the European Union. This wasn’t what Britons thought they’d signed up for. We should get out as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, almost the entire political class is wedded to the EU – most likely because they’ve all been bought. No date has been set for the referendum, but it’s rumoured to be sometime in 2016. And unfortunately I’m fairly sure that most Britons will vote to stay in the EU after they’ve been treated to a fear-mongering, EU-funded propaganda campaign.

But I don’t think that it will make much difference whether Brits vote to stay or leave, because it seems to me that there are forces that have been unleashed in Europe that look set to tear the EU apart. There’s the dysfunctional eurozone. And an Islamic invasion. And the rise of nationalist parties in France, Holland, and the UK. And they’re all acting to tear the EU apart. And these forces all look set to only get stronger.

In fact, the only thing that might hold the EU together is something that it was supposedly created to prevent: war. Not war within Europe itself, but war on its borders. War in the Middle East. War in Ukraine. War in Latvia and Lithuania. This would allow the EU elites to create a European army and a cause behind which to unite fractious Europeans against an external enemy. It’s a bog standard political device. And it seems to me that Russia (and maybe China) and Islamic fundamentalism are being lined up to be the much-needed external enemies that Europeans can be united against. This is the only way that I can see that the EU might avoid disintegration: scaring everyone into a political union none of them really want.

And then there’s the USA. It’s beginning to look like Donald Trump is going to be the surprise Republican presidential candidate. Everyone seems to think that Hillary Clinton, who’ll almost certainly be the Democratic candidate, will defeat Trump. But I think Trump will just bulldoze her out of the way. I think we’re going to see the complete disintegration of Hillary Clinton throughout the course of 2016. I think she’s going to be a human wreck by the end of it (and quite possibly in hospital). And Donald Trump will be elected US president next November.

What will a Trump presidency be like? I don’t find myself in the least bit terrified at the prospect, as many people are. I don’t think he’s going to start WW3 and WW4. I think Trump will do a lot of blunt talking to absolutely everybody. I think there will be a lot of brinkmanship in facing up to Russia and China and anyone else. I think Trump will put a lot of pressure on EU countries to share more of the global burden than they currently do (i.e. European army). Trump might actually help the EU elites save their disintegrating “project”.

I doubt if Trump will be any use at all to smokers. But in the USA I’d expect him to begin to turn the tide against politically-correct, nanny-state “progressivism”, which is the real enemy of smokers. So he may end up unintentionally helping them. The election of Trump will be an absolute disaster for the US left, of course. Although quite how he’ll get along with a Democrat house and senate, I don’t know.

All in all, I expect everything to just get hotter and hotter. And the election of Trump will turn the heat up higher.

What else might we expect? Another global economic crisis, most likely. The whole world seems to have sunk into deepening depression and deflation. We’ll see trade wars, and spiralling unemployment. I was thinking the other day that Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn may have been percipiently foreseeing a new 1930s environment in which the appeal of the radical left becomes greatly magnified, and has been positioning the Labour party for that eventuality.

And perhaps we can expect a good plague or two. Ebola looked for a while like it might bring about a global pandemic. But there are plenty of other bugs waiting out there.

Crisis, depression, plague. war. All in all, it’ll be business as usual.


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29 Responses to 2016 predictions: Business As Usual

  1. waltc says:

    Completely, shamelessly OT. Not a terrific promo but… There it is

  2. Rose says:

    Crisis, depression, plague. war. All in all, it’ll be business as usual

    Not necessarily, watching today’s BBC breakfast news, which I do religiously to keep myself with up to date with it’s important “health scare of the day” feature I was struck by a remarkable juxtaposition.

    First up – Calories in drinks.

    Put calorie counts on alcoholic drinks, LGA says

    “Makers of alcoholic drinks should display the calorie count on bottles and cans, the Local Government Association says.
    The LGA believes companies should be forced to warn people that drinking alcohol can contribute to weight gain.
    The association, which represents nearly 400 councils, says the effect of hidden calories is contributing to an obesity crisis.”

    Shortly after, a story about two former anorexics united by a note passed one to the other in a supermarket, ultimately saving the recipients life, I suddenly became aware of the possibility of a vast epidemic, hidden in plain sight threatening to overwhelm the NHS.

    I had been looking through the wrong end of the telescope, if there really was a vast unseen epidemic raging across the country, it must surely leave tracks.

    A quick search on “worried well” gave a glimpse of the problem and clues to the possible sources of contagion.

    Righteous eating
    “Yet, having seen orthorexia in action several times, I know only too well that it can be just as harmful and upsetting as other major eating disorders, because it involves the same intense, joy-sucking preoccupation with food and body.”

    Are you one of the rising numbers of the ‘worried well’?
    20 Jul 2014

    “Frank Furedi, emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent, believes the modern obsession with “well-being” has distorted our ideas about food and health. “Well-being has as its assumption that being ‘not well’ is a default position,” he says. “In the past, being healthy was the norm.”
    http: //www.telegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/wellbeing/diet/10977877/Are-you-one-of-the-rising-numbers-of-the-worried-well.html

    Dealing with the worried well

    “The “worried well”, it would appear, are everywhere: an estimated one in four GP appointments is now taken up by someone who has absolutely nothing wrong with them.

    But while the popular view of the hypochondriac is the patient who instantly declares a cold to be flu – those who suffer from health anxiety, as it is now more sympathetically dubbed, rarely concern themselves with such mundane conditions.

    For those with health anxiety every twinge can be the latest symptom of a terminal disease. Anxiety exacerbates any ache they have so that their pain becomes real – and potentially debilitating.”
    http: //news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7001436.stm


    “Dementia clinics are being ‘bombarded’ by middle-aged people who fear they have the condition because they cannot find their house keys, doctors said yesterday.

    Figures released by the Royal College of Physicians show a four-fold rise in the number of patients being seen at the specialist centres between 2010 and 2013.”

    “Chris Butler, who runs Oxford’s Cognitive Disorders Clinic, told The Times: ‘As publicity surrounding dementia has skyrocketed, and happily the stigma surrounding the diagnosis has plummeted, many, many more people are worried they have the disease.

    ‘That’s a huge resource issue because memory clinics, especially the type of clinic I run, which typically sees younger people under the age of 70, are getting bombarded.’

    There are around 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK. The majority of sufferers are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

    Of those 40,000 are thought to be sufferers under the age of 65.

    But leading charities predict this number is set to soar to one million in the next decade before doubling again to two million within a generation.”
    http: //www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2989417/Worried-swamping-dementia-clinics-trivial-memory-fears-losing-car-keys-just-absent-minded.html

    Terrifyingly, we are all at risk.

  3. garyk30 says:

    Nice to see you posting again.
    Hope your flowers do well this year.

    • Rose says:

      Thank you, Gary.
      I realised around September that eight years of dredging through the dark archives of TC were beginning to take their toll,reading their deliberate plotting and scheming against an unwitting public has always sickened me but it was beginning to give me a jaundiced view of life that I had never had before.
      At the same time I took some precious stones I’d had for years to a new manufacturing jeweller that had opened in the village, to be made into earrings as a gift. The resultant shock at the proposed price sent me into flurry of research into how I could possibly set them myself with the same diligence I had previously exhibited for tobacco.

      Having overcome my fear of blowtorches and after practicing on friends and neighbours with some success, I managed to make two sets of earrings to my own design, five rings set with various gemstones, and a brooch in time for Christmas, and learned a lot of stuff I never knew before.

      I feel much better now : )

      P.S. I was keeping up with what everyone had to say here, just calling in once every few days. I made sure to leave the odd comment so that Frank would know I wasn’t dead.

  4. Oi you says:

    Well, I think Hilary will get in, but it will be a fix involving more foul means rather than fair. The Bilderbergers, or whoever you really think is in charge, won’t allow someone like Trump to get in. So something will be done. And the voting public won’t have a say in it.


  5. harleyrider1978 says:

    EU to bug every car in UK with tracker chips – and Ministers admit they are powerless to stop…

    Every new car sold in Britain will have to have a ‘black box’ device fitted to track drivers’ movements from next year, under plans being imposed by the European…



    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Its easy just locate the bastard and unplug it. If its tied into the car ignition simply discover the code that enables the ignition from the onboard GPS and match it with another chip device. Fuck the EU.

      • Oi you says:

        It’s frightening how we have been taken over in Europe by the dictatorship that is the EU. No democracy. No vote.

        At least with Hitler, we knew what we were up against.


        • harleyrider1978 says:

          Sooner or later a block of countries will revolt and it will end unless economic collapse ends the EU first.

  6. harleyrider1978 says:

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

  8. Cecily Collingridge says:

    Off topic: I have just posted a comment on the NHS Smokefree youtube channel below the latest video they posted a few days ago that is going to be shown all over the internet (it won’t be on TV). As it is on COPD this time, I felt qualified to respond. I don’t know how long they will allow it to remain up though.

    • Roobeedoo2 says:

      ‘The ethics committee must be corrupt to have passed this biased, inaccurate, unscrupulous video as fit for airing. It is possible to live a fulfilling life with COPD despite the decline in physical functionality, there is wide variation in symptoms and not everyone develops a chronic cough. Neither does everyone want artificially extended lives or buy into the obsession with health that is the new religion. Some patients are happy to continue smoking and their choice should be respected instead of being regularly harassed.’

      If you click on the name of the video, it takes you through to YT, where you can see your comment (above) and any others that follow :D

  9. Cecily Collingridge says:

    Frank, the link has only brought up the video itself, not the site where you can read comments. I don’t know how to fix this. Here is my comment anyway:

    The ethics committee must be corrupt to have passed this biased, inaccurate, unscrupulous video as fit for airing. It is possible to live a fulfilling life with COPD despite the decline in physical functionality, there is wide variation in symptoms and not everyone develops a chronic cough. Neither does everyone want artificially extended lives or buy into the obsession with health that is the new religion. Some patients are happy to continue smoking and their choice should be respected instead of being regularly harassed.

    Public Health England’s use of pseudo-science and dodgy statistics does not provide a robust enough evidence base for the claims made in this film. Diverging and opposing trends in incidence of disease between men and women weaken the smoking hypothesis. Your sustained attacks stigmatise respiratory diseases and patients that is doing untold harm. Many with a lung disease are wary of accessing healthcare and it is undermining both staff/patient relationships and the support from friends and family. Smoking is one of a number of risk factors NOT proof of causation yet patients are treated with disdain and blamed or encouraged to blame themselves.

    Often inadequate lifestyle, occupational and environmental histories are taken by health professionals – I write from experience. The focus put on smoking is masking other factors that should be taken into account in order to understand this disease better than it currently is. Some patients who have never smoked in their lives are labelled smokers automatically in hospitals and their objections go unheeded. I know of a consultant so arrogant and prejudiced, he had the affront to tell a family friend whose mother had lung cancer that her mother was lying to say she had never smoked in her life. This is what your hate campaigns have brought about in the NHS. I am only grateful I do not live anywhere near the Brompton Hospital where, presumably, the next generation of clinicians are being badly trained and brainwashed.

  10. Cecily Collingridge says:

    Sorry, still off topic… Since posting this I had a phone call from someone who described a conversation over Christmas with some doctors. Apparently the NHS is going to add more fields relating to smoking onto the IT system medical practices use. E.g. they are going to be asking in the future when people attempted to quit, if at all. I’m a bit hazy on the detail but they are going to worryingly start classifying smokers using psychological terms. I may be wrong, but it sounded like ‘cognitively blind’ for those who have never considered giving up smoking. I am going to have to investigate this. Is this a sign that they are going to classify non-compliant smoking patients as mentally ill? Talk about Big Brother! Will men in white coats be coming to take me away if I don’t conform?

  11. Cecily Collingridge says:

    Roobeedoo remarked yesterday something about only seeing smoking in old movies. I am happy to report that I saw smoking in all of the 3 TV programmes I watched over Christmas although all of them were period dramas: Cigarettes in Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife and pipe-smoking in Dickensian. Nice to see a touch of authenticity for a change.

    Last year also saw a huge mural painted on the side of a building in Lisbon, Portugal, of an elderly, skeletal lady with a stylish cigarette in a holder. I like this one because not only did I used to paint murals myself occasionally but it looks like me too, I use a holder and I love animals. I am a bit more of a snazzier dresser though.

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