Reign Of Terror

H/T Leg-iron for this story:

Obesity in women ‘as dangerous as terror threat’: Extraordinary claim by health chief as she uses speech to demand condition is added to list of emergency threats

Obesity poses as big a risk to the nation as terrorism, says the Chief Medical Officer.

Dame Sally Davies wants the obesity crisis in women to be classed alongside flooding and major outbreaks of disease – as well as the threat from violent extremism.

At what point do people realise that people like Dame Sally Davies are completely barking mad? What else does she have to say before the penny finally drops?

A more interesting question might be: Is Tobacco Control a form of terrorism?

There’s one thing Tobacco Control shares with the Islamic State/Daesh: they all hate smoking.

The Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria has long imposed a strict ban on alcohol, cursing, smoking and other acts deemed haram, or sinful. But it seems smoking may be the vice that’s most offensive to ISIS, considering the severed head of an ISIS official that was reportedly found last month in eastern Syria with a cigarette in its mouth. “This is not permissible, Sheikh,” a note attached to the nearby corpse read in Arabic, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

Islamic State/Daesh even use NHS antismoking ads:

the latest anti-smoking slogan from Isis would appear to heavily borrow from a Public Health England campaign in 2013.

In this respect, ASH and Daesh share the same goals.

And they even share the same methodology: scaremongering and bullying. In a short essay – The Public Health Terrorists – a few days ago, Junican wrote:

We are in danger of equating ‘terror’ with bombs and bullets. But, historically, terror using bombs and bullets has always been short-lived. Terror is far more affective if it is started slowly and built up over time.

Tobacco Control has always worked by instilling fear. It has made millions of people too frightened to dare to smoke cigarettes, and now even too frightened to catch the faintest sniff of somebody else’s tobacco smoke, or even see anyone smoking anything that looks like a cigarette. It’s a fear – a terror – that has been gradually and deliberately stoked over decades, using the methods of mass propaganda.

When people give up smoking, it’s not because they really want to quit smoking, but because their propaganda-induced fear of smoking has finally exceeded their love of smoking.

Terrorists work by terrorising people into doing their bidding. Terrorising them with guns and bombs is one way. Terrorising them with propaganda and lies and pseudo-science is another way.

We are living under a reign of terror. And we have been for a long time.

The reign of terror didn’t begin with the Islamic State/Daesh, or even with Al Qaeda. We’ve been living under a slowly mounting Tobacco Control/Public Health reign of terror for 60+ years. And it works. Most people are now terrified of tobacco. And they’re terrified of all sorts of other things as well. Alcohol. Fat. Sugar. Salt. Butter. Global warming. They’re pretty much scared of everything.

Terror has been used systematically for the past 60+ years to drive people wherever state-sponsored terrorists want them to go.

Why do many Britons want to stay in the EU? Because they’re frightened. Their fear is that if Europe returns to being a collection of sovereign nation states, there’ll be another WW1 or WW2 –  despite the fact that Europe consisted of sovereign nation states for 50 or more years after WW2.

Why do we have a nanny state? Because people are frightened of everything, and they want a nanny to tell them what to do.

Political correctness is a form of terrorism. People are frightened of saying the ‘wrong’ thing, using the ‘wrong’ words.

Why don’t we have rational debates about anything any more? Because the methods of terrorism have replaced those of debate and discussion and reason.

We are currently seeing a US presidential candidate being demonised as a hate-filled racist and fascist. Nobody engages in any reasoned debate with him. Instead they just use their tried and tested methods of terrorism against him. They’re crucifying him in the media. It’s a non-stop barrage of insults, all day every day, that’s intended to scare people away from him.

The people we now call ‘terrorists’ – the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, etc – are late-comers to terrorism. They have simply adopted (or been taught) the methods of terrorism already in common use. They see that state terrorism works to frighten people into doing whatever the state wants, and so they adopt the same methodology.

So now we have Islamic State terrorists machine-gunning the smokers outside French cafes, where state-sponsored Tobacco Control terrorism had driven them.

Daesh just acts as the armed wing of ASH and Tobacco Control. They work in tandem together. Daesh simply completes the job that Tobacco Control started, by actually murdering the smokers who have been set up like so many coconuts in a coconut shie on the tables outside the cafes.

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21 Responses to Reign Of Terror

  1. Watch the first 15 seconds of this clip as one of Stanton Glantz’s colleagues tells us, in just a few succinct words, all about the joys of sugar… and then tell me more about barking…

    Maybe he and Sally were lovemates back in school?

    – MJM

  2. smokervoter says:

    Miss RooBeeDoo. I answered your Rand Paul question from yesterday in a rather tardy fashion. Here’s a quickie Clicky shortcut back to it —->

    • waltc says:

      I like Paul too and thought early on that he’d have a real chance but unfortunately he’s been thoroughly Trumped and in Trump’s most adolescent way. Also agree with SV’s catalogue of a smoker’s worst friends among the R candidates tho Christie it must be said did veto some of NJ’s TC/PC bills. Otoh, he is an asthmatic which could make him problematic. He also vigorously and misguidedly opposes the legalization of pot and has said he’d work to undo the existing state laws that allow it. Too bad. Otherwise, he’s credible. Trump, btw, is starting to go for Cruz’s jugular. Interesting to see how that plays.

      • Roobeedoo2 says:

        Walt. I thought the whole idea was to find the strongest candidate in each party to fight the other party for the Office of President and form an Administration.

        So The Donald has used ‘adolescent’ tactics to beat up the politicians he’s competing against. Perhaps they are not strong enough if they can’t out debate an ‘adolescent’.

        It smarts, but that’s your process. You never know, maybe your party’s strongest candidate is yet to emerge precisely because they’ve learnt how to deal with Trump.

        Again, I’m just looking in (you know, like a smoker) but Democrats seem to have cornered ‘adolescent ways’ to gain power in the first place with all that ‘hopy changy’ bollocks. Don’t you want your strongest candidate to know how to deal with that?

  3. legiron says:

    Oh it’s not finished yet. Next the drones will be scared to breathe.

    • slugbop007 says:

      I just checked the credentials of the author of this study, Hong Chen ( a researcher at Public Health Ontario).
      Hong Chen of Ontario Public Health:
      Full of policy studies and advocacy positions.
      Here is Hong’s linkedin page:
      He was a RN before. Registered Nurse? Check out the other PH people on the right hand side. Several, including Toby Adeyemo, don’t have degrees yet; they are candidates for a Master’s of Public Health degree.
      They crank them out every year with alarming speed. Most of the degrees are given out after one year of study. All salaries and perks subsidised by Canadian taypayers. It’s a Pyramid scheme.
      They love to put pollution and cigarette smoke at the same level:
      ‘Traffic fumes and cigarette smoke are the chief concerns’ …
      Transport Quebec just released a statement last week that 1.5 million cars, trucks and buses circulate the streets of Montréal every day. I don’t think there are 1.5 million smokers circulating around Montréal every day. Not by a long shot.

  4. Tony says:

    “Why don’t we have rational debates about anything any more? Because the methods of terrorism have replaced those of debate and discussion and reason.”

    I agree, at least to some extent. But I think the concept of the “Overton Window” has a great deal to do with it too. Basically the Window delimits the debate. In other words, the only issues that can be discussed are ones that fall inside the Window.

    I would suggest that, early on, the smoking Window ranged from whether smoking was harmful to whether it was beneficial. Finding little resistance, the anti-smokers have slowly moved the Window. Firstly moving from beneficial, at the lower end, to “not all that harmful”. Next to moving the whole Window over to passive smoking, harmful or not.

    Then recently, they’ve been trying to push questioning passive smoking harm outside of the Window. Perhaps moving on to harm from e-cigs. Framing the debate to be about accepting the harm and discussing the degree of harm to users and to those around them. Especially children.

    In order to restore sanity and reason we’ll have to smash the Overton Window:

  5. waltc says:

    “Why do we have a nanny state? Because people are frightened of everything, and they want a nanny to tell them what to do.” Right, but it’s the state that started the ball rolling by purposely frightening the people to begin with to soften them up to demand to be ordered around by/ “protected by”/ the state. It’s also the state that divides in order to conquer.

  6. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Yes you are totally right Frank. Most people in the UK love being told what to do because they are afraid or too lazy to form their own opinions. Additionally, on a daily basis we are bombarded with crap from the EU and the guardians of the UK Nanny State like Dame Sally Bollocks and Deborah ASH.

  7. The Blocked Dwarf says:

    Why do many Britons want to stay in the EU? Because they’re frightened


    This Briton wants not only to stay in the EU but would welcome the creation of a european Super State. I’m not frightened by the outdated, so “19th Century”, idea of Sovereign Nations (surely patriotism’s catamite!). The benefits of staying in the EU, namely unelected officials oversight of national elected Politicians, far outweighs the risks, namely unelected officials overseeing national politicians. The only way a ‘democracy’ can ‘work’ (however one defines that) is with unelected adults overseeing it. That used to be the job of the House Of Lords in this country but Tony Blair put paid to that….along with fox hunting and civil liberties.

    I hate alot of what the EU does but, when push comes to shove, I’d rather be ruled by someone who doesn’t need my vote to keep him on the gravy train. People who don’t need to talk in Sound Bite sized, 140 character length, comments might, just might, have something to say worth the listening too. Maybe. Vielleicht.Peut-être.

    The Americans have ‘checks & balances’ we have the EU with it’s cheques and balances.

    • Frank Davis says:

      The only way a ‘democracy’ can ‘work’ (however one defines that) is with unelected adults overseeing it.

      That reminds me of the Emperor Franz Joseph’s reply when asked to justify his existence: “To protect the people from their government.”

      All very well if that’s what the Emperor sees as his role. But what if he doesn’t? What if he sees his role as one of enlarging the empire. Into Ukraine?

  8. Roobeedoo2 says:

    Hadn’t seen that George Carlin clip before. Thank you, Frank, for including it in your article – it’s timeless.

    I see Leggy has left the link to a BBC article. I have posted a comment there:

  9. DICK R says:

    We must be on our guard against overweight women exploding in public places !

  10. slugbop007 says:

    I just sent a tweet to the journalist who authored the article on polluted air can make you fat
    @d_a_robson Here is Hong Chen’s linkedin page: Mr. Chen, just another brick in the Public Health Pyramid wall

  11. slugbop007 says:

    It just dawned on me that the BBC Future article equates cigarette smoke with traffic fumes but neglects to put Ecigs, pipe and cigar smoke in the same basket. Oversight?

  12. slugbop007 says:

    Public Health is a Pyramid Scheme: World Bank, IMF, the WHO at the top. Pharma profits motive, neurotic directors of PH groups like ASH, foundations funding university studies (RWJ, Bloomberg, Gates, etc), the lowly drones who graduate there-usually after one year of study-who then push the propaganda and the agenda, all subsidized by taxpayers everywhere. What a scam!

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