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On the day when the latest climate conference opens in Paris, French authorities have arrested 24 French climate change activists. That should send them the right message.

French climate change activists have been placed under house arrest ahead of the opening of the UN climate change conference in Paris.

Public demonstrations are banned in France under the state of emergency that was declared after the Paris terrorist attacks two week ago, in which 130 people were killed.

Green groups have described the move as “an abuse of power” but the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the activists were suspected of planning violent protests.

“These 24 people have been placed under house arrest because they have been violent during demonstrations in the past and because they have said they would not respect the state of emergency,” he said.

They must remain in their home towns, report to the local police three times a day and abide by a nightly curfew until December 12, when the climate change conference winds up.

James Delingpole provides 12 reasons why the conference is a total waste.

Also in France:

Marine Le Pen and her Front National (FN) party are together riding a cresting wave of support in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks. Latest polling shows the FN is on course to govern two – and possibly three – French regions for the first time.

While in England:

Addressing an event in Oldham West on Saturday evening hosted by Momentum – the hard-Left group created from Mr Corbyn’s leadership campaign – Mr McDonnell launched a counter-attack on Ukip’s political stance.

“We can not allow what I think is an evil force within our society – that divides society often on the basis of race, often on the basis on some of the crudest policies that you can imagine any political party advocating,” he told the event according to The Spectator magazine.

It seems that support for Labour in this Thursday’s by-election is crumbling badly, and I suppose that the principal beneficiaries look set to be UKIP. Why else start calling them “evil”?


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23 Responses to Assorted News Items

  1. Chris says:

    I heard on the news that in the mass arrest of protesters, riot cops trampled the glass candles and flowers of the shrine to the victims of the shootings. Ironique, n’est-ce pas?

  2. John Watson says:

    “Addressing an event in Oldham West on Saturday evening hosted by Momentum – the hard-Left group created from Mr Corbyn’s leadership campaign – Mr McDonnell launched a counter-attack on Ukip’s political stance.

    “We can not allow what I think is an evil force within our society – that divides society often on the basis of race, often on the basis on some of the crudest policies that you can imagine any political party advocating,” he told the event according to The Spectator magazine.”

    This from the political party that caused so much division, hatred, and unemployment with the Health Act 2006 now that’s what I call irony!

  3. harleyrider1978 says:

    They don’t get it,people everywhere in the western countries are going total anti immigration and justly so. Its why Trump is on the high road str8 into the whitehouse.

  4. harleyrider1978 says:

    First Victim

    Sandbar Lounge closes; owner blames smoking ban

    Casper Star-Tribune Online

    Sandbar Lounge, a downtown Casper institution, will close for good Saturday, and its owner says the city’s recently imposed smoking ban is to blame.

    • Roobeedoo2 says:

      ‘Casper mayor, Charlie Powell said he was sorry to hear the Sandbar was closed but noted the decision was ultimately made by the voters’

      Surely, it’s not down to voters, but up to customers whether a business survives or not.

      I saw that, Clicky – the politician’s excuse. What a Charlie!

      • prog says:

        Also an admission that the smoking ban f***ked the business. Yet chooses to blame the voters, though I assume they’d been spoon fed a lot of BS by the freaks.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          The percentage of so called voters that this passed by,if one looks at the previous petition that wasn’t approved contained a vast percentage that weren’t actually verified real voters. Yet the Wyoming supreme court allowed those UNCONFIRMED signatories stand. Now knowning exactly how democrats cheat on voting we would have to look at absentee ballots,actual ballots and then transported voters who didn’t live in the city but in the county who were allowedto vote even though they weren’t city voters. That’s hwen we can see how a small 4% over 50% can be achieved and it wouldn’t take that much cheating to make it happen. You also have to remember most of the voting offices in America are run by democrats at the local levels. Yes Ive seen democrats fighting each other actually rent ambulances and busses to transport voters in to vote for them and then run them to another precinct to vote again and again. I was the one who busted them in Hartsville TENN doing it with illegals and with old people who lived in retirement centers and transport nearly bed ridden folks in to the precincts to vote……….

  5. slugbop007 says:

    A thumbs up for the French government’s house arrest/censorship of the climate change activists just because you don’t like them is another thumbs up for Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism, and a thumbs down to ‘Liberté, égalité, fraternité’.

  6. slugbop007 says:

    I just sent this audio video link to Champman’s Twitter account:

  7. slugbop007 says:

    Dick Puddlecote, according to the Welsh:
    A home which is also a workplace
    Now I’ve written about how insane this idea of home workplace bans are before, but I didn’t quite appreciate the extent of fuckwittery behind it. Get a load of this!
    The Committee notes that Article 8 [of the Human Rights Act] sets out the right to respect for private and family life:
    [T]he Committee notes these rights are not absolute rights. For example, there is no absolute right to respect for private life. Instead, these rights are qualified rights. This means that the state can interfere with these rights, but only when it is in pursuit of one of the legitimate aims set out in the second part of Article 8 and the interference is proportionate to that aim.

    Just like the French Government, British Government, The WHO, Tobacco Control, etc.

    • Smoking Lamp says:

      This is no more than a justification for totalitarian social control and the march toward tyranny.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        The supreme right to privacy and defending ones home is enshrined in the American constitutuion. Yet the progressives here think they can do the same thing.

  8. harleyrider1978 says:

    Smokers Against Discrimination
    October 20, 2011

    “Ironically, today support for smoking bans remains very high amongst white, urban progressives. The same people who scream bloody murder over the suppression of marijuana or homosexuals, now seem more than happy to suppress smokers, citing the “right to breathe clean air.” It’s funny, in the U.S. Constitution one cannot find the “right to breathe clean air,” nor will you find smokers’ rights, marijuana rights, health care rights, gay rights, animal rights, illegal alien rights or any of the other rights that are invented daily.

    But you will find property rights. In fact, the Founding Fathers considered the right to own property the very basis of freedom. A notion today’s bar and restaurant owners can likely attest to, as they continue to watch their most basic, American right go up in smoke.”…/138745-Secondhand-Smoke-Firsthand-Ign…

    Smoking ban kills little business.
    “The fifth anniversary of the smoking ban is not a cause for celebration but sadness and a time to reflect on the social and economic tragedy it’s enforcement has brought, according to UKIP.
    Deputy leader Paul Nuttall claimed it had led to job losses and the loss of a great British institution while forcing the ordinary man on the street into the cold
    “It is five years on Sunday since the legislation was introduced and during that time thousands of pubs have closed down,” he said.
    “In 2006 an average of four pubs a week closed down but the following year when the ban was imposed there was a huge jump to 27 a week.
    “By 2009 this had risen further to a staggering 52 pubs a week and even now 16 a week are calling time for the last time.
    “These figures give the lie to those who claim that the smoking ban has not played a major part in the demise of the pub trade in this country.”…/smoking-ban-tragedy-five-…

    3,014 cafes disappeared in Belgium, since the smoking ban was launched on July 1, 2011. Based on figures from the Neutraal Syndicaat voor Zelfstandigen (NSZ) – (Neutral Syndicate for Self-employed)

    According to the NSZ, the number of bankruptcies and closures increased by 34 percent over the past two years, while the number of new cafes has decreased by 22 percent. The smoking ban is the main cause of this trend, says the NSZ. (June, 2013)

    • legiron says:

      Since the invention of the atomic bomb there have been over 2000 nuclear explosions on the planet. That’s the deliberate ones, not counting accidents.

      There is no such thing as clean air, anywhere.

  9. harleyrider1978 says:

    Smoking ban will push people to illegal shebeens – Liquor Forum

    2015-12-01 17:25

    Johannesburg – If smoking is completely banned in public spaces, such as taverns, it will push more people to frequent illegal shebeens, the Gauteng Liquor Forum said.

    The forum’s president, Linda Madida, told News24 that banning public smoking would also lead to corruption in the police and occupy the time of officers who needed to focus on serious crimes.

    “A ban will affect us in a big way. Our businesses depend on liquor and tobacco. Not everyone smokes and some people smoke only when they drink,” he said.

    “Now we have spent money building sections where people want to smoke. If the minister wants to ban it completely, we will have to change again, and that will cost more money.”

    He said patrons often wanted a place where they could drink and smoke at the same time.

    “We want all the taverns and shebeens to be legal. People will go to the illegal shebeens to smoke if they can’t at the legal ones.”

    Madida was responding to recent comments by Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi in which he proposed banning public smoking.

    ‘Don’t force them – educate them’

    The minister told eNCA that there should be no-smoking zones and that it did not make sense to have a designated smoking zone in places like hospitals.

    He also proposed banning electronic cigarettes.

    The Citizen reported last month that Motsoaledi said at the funeral of Public Service and Administration Minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi’s mother in Segole village in Limpopo that his department was busy with the new legislation.

    The ban could see people barred from smoking 50m from the entrances of public buildings.

    He reportedly said there would also be a ban on smoking sections in restaurants and that tobacco products should not be displayed in shops.

    Madida said educating people about the dangers of smoking would be better than banning it outright in public places.

    “People must gradually understand. Don’t force them – educate them.”

    He said Motsoaledi needed to engage the forum to find the right way to curb smoking.

    “The minister must take us seriously because we are key players,” Madida said.

    “He must call us and we must meet. He will then know we have so many plans to help him educate people on smoking.”

  10. harleyrider1978 says:


    No Smoking Rule Stubbed Out – The Hans India

    Telangana State government is yet to implement the National Tobacco Control Programme (NTCP). Though advertisements of “no-smoking in public…

    Telangana State government is yet to implement the National Tobacco Control Programme (NTCP). Though advertisements of “no-smoking in public places” are found at some places, the government has so far not taken action against any violators, according information available with the Central Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

    A report prepared by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MHFW) in December 2014 showed that the State had utilised the Central funds of Rs 89.74 lakh during financial year 2014-15 but failed to report what action it had taken to curb smoking in public and how the money had been spent. According to MHFW,

    Karnataka State had implemented the laws very strictly and topped in registering large number of cases. Karnataka registered a total number of 1,13,790 cases and collected Rs 1.44 crore by way of penalties imposed on violators, followed by Tamil Nadu where 16,367 cases were registered and Rs 20 lakh collected.

    Similarly, Delhi registered 2,054 cases and collected Rs 2. 21 lakh, Rajasthan registered 2,850 cases and collected Rs 3 lakh, Bihar registered 1,953 cases and collected Rs 2.95 lakh. When asked about the number of cases registered in Telangana State, the Hyderabad District Health Department and local police officials were clueless about activities under NTCP.

    The NTCP was initiated in 21 states under National Health Mission (NHM) during 2007 by MHFW to create awareness on the harmful effects of tobacco use and to facilitate effective implementation of tobacco control laws.

    The government has enacted Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products Act 2003 (COTPA) which includes specific provisions of prohibition of smoking in a public places (section 4) , prohibition of direct and indirect advertisement (section 5), prohibition of sale of cigarette and other tobacco products to a person below the age of eighteen years (section 6(a)), prohibition of sale of tobacco products near

    educational institutions (section 6(b)), etc. The State governments are asked by the Centre to constitute committees at the State and District level to enforce the regulations.The official of the Hyderabad District Health Department said that the District Tobacco Control Committee has not been functioning for long. “Neither awareness activity nor enforcement of the Act happened since 2012,” he said.

  11. harleyrider1978 says:

    An apology to ASH

    I quite enjoy messing around with numbers.

    In particular I quite enjoy messing around with graphs.

    The other day I came across some figures. ASH in their inimitable fashion were hopping up and down in a somewhat frenzied way because they had found the World’s Worst Smokers. Or to put it in layman’s terms, those OECD countries which still had “high” smoking rates.

    Now ASH just love correlating figures and statistics to prove their point. They can prove using figures that all cheeeldren living within a mile of a smoker will eventually die. They can prove that one cigarette butt in the gutter is equivalent to fifteen quintillion tons of non-degradable landfill every year. They can prove that one cubic centimeter of e-liquid can annihilate a city the size of New York.

    I thought I’d give them a hand.

    I took their figures for the “worst” 22 countries, sorted them and put them in a graph.

    Smoking rate

    Now that doesn’t really prove anything except that the Greeks [good old Greeks!] on the left smoke twice as many fags as the South Africans on the right.

    I then decided to look up rates of cancer deaths. After all, we all know that cigarettes cause every form of known cancer and even some unknown ones. I made a graph of cancer deaths for the same 22 countries.

    Cancer rate

    Now to me that looks like a pretty clear correlation? I am really getting somewhere.

    Oh, hold on? Damn! I just realised both graphs are sorted. What I really need to do is combine them by country? It’s a very simple mistake and I’m sure those nice people in ASH do it all the time.

    Smoking rate v Cancer rate

    Damn but that looks messy! Look at those bloody Indonesians, screwing up my nice graph with a death rate as low as South Africa, and they’re the second highest smokers? The fucking Greeks aren’t helping either?

    I’m really really sorry, ASH. I did my best but I can’t find any correlation whatsoever. According to my carefully crafted graph, it seems like cancer deaths bear no relation whatsoever to the smoking rates. I know that’s a massive disappointment.

    Can you please teach me how to torture the figures just to prove my point?

  12. harleyrider1978 says:

    Now there’s a surprise.

    Australian Government Struggles to Hide Failure of Tobacco Branding Ban

    » Australian Government Struggles to Hide Failure of Tobacco Branding Ban | PR News

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      GENEVA, November 30, 2015 / —

      On the third anniversary of Australia’s controversial ‘plain’ packaging legislation for tobacco products, the Government is still refusing to admit its failure. This would explain why the Department of Health (DoH) is pushing back the publication of its Post-Implementation Review (PIR).

      (Logo: )

      Since the introduction of the branding ban in December 2012, the Government’s own data has shown no change to the pre-existing decline in smoking rates[1]. Minutes of a Senate debate held in October[2] highlight the uneasiness surrounding the PIR and the difficulty that the DoH is having in producing a report which complies with government guidelines. It illustrates fears that the review may be sub-standard by not measuring the Tobacco Plain Packaging Act against its original objectives.

      “Anti-tobacco lobbyists have misrepresented the data to hide the fact that the ban on brands has failed”, says Michiel Reerink, JTI’s Regulatory Strategy Vice President. “Australia – the only country where the measure has been introduced – cannot be held up as a model for other countries to follow”, he adds.

      Official guidelines[3] state that PIRs on major policies such as the plain packaging law should be conducted within two years of the policy being introduced, and completed within six months. They require PIRs to measure the success of the policy against the original objectives of the legislation.

      “The DoH is desperate to prove the success of this policy but all of the evidence – their own evidence – points to failure. The government should own up to this failure, and the PIR is an opportunity to do that. If this review is not completed and published soon, and if it is not compliant with the Government’s own standards, other countries will be misled”, concludes Mr. Reerink.

      Notes to editors


  13. garyk30 says:

    Just a thought:
    Blaming all Muslims for what is done by ISIS(Sunni radicals), is likely like blaming all Christians for what was done by the (mostly Catholic) Irish Republican Army.

    Both groups are mostly political in nature.

  14. Terrific interview here from an Ozzy shot in the ‘arris in Paris. Great gal!

    At 14.07:

    They were targeting young people who were having fun… and laughing.

    And being happy and doing what young people do.

    And I think that the only reason why you would want to target that specific demographic would be to incite hate.

    And to incite fear, and to try and make people afraid and to escalate problems that already exist in this country and I think perhaps every other Western country

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