Looking On The Bright Side


Campus activists in America showed their true faces during an international tragedy last night: they are the selfish, spoiled children we always knew they were.

Black Lives Matter and Mizzou protesters responded to the murder of scores of people in Paris at the hands of Islamic extremists by complaining about losing the spotlight and saying their “struggles” were being “erased.”

Bishop Hill:

Just when you thought our environmentalist friends couldn’t become any more absurd, they have to go and outdo themselves. The editor of the Ecologist, Westminster and Oxford educated Oliver Tickell, son of the equally silly and equally posh Crispin Tickell (also Westminster and Oxford), has just written a post arguing that the Paris terrorist attacks were intended to disrupt the COP21 climate talks, driving up oil prices and putting petrodollars in the pockets of ISIS. Oh yes, and western oil interests were probably in on it too.


PARIS (AP) — A Paris webcast of an all-star marathon event about climate change was suspended after the deadly attacks in that city Friday night…

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore was due to host the 24-hour live webcast from the foot of the Eiffel Tower to drum up attention for this month’s international climate summit in Paris.


The Front National party in France are moving one step closer to seriously challenging for the country’s presidency. A new opinion poll reveals that their leader, nationalist firebrand Marine Le Pen, has topped yet another poll ahead of the elections in 2017.


Le Pen came out swinging this morning call for France to “re-arm itself,” stating that radical Islam must be “eradicated” from France. She further demanded that border controls be made “permanent” and binational Islamists must be deprived of their French passport.


Although everyone watching has been convinced that Europe’s disastrous economy and related debt crisis would be the spark to unravel the European Union project, it appears history has its own plans.

While EU technocrats have demonstrated an uncanny ability to scheme, threaten, kick the can and lie their way around the debt crisis, the migrant crisis will prove to be a much graver threat to the project. Strikingly, all it took was a few weeks of unrelenting migrants crossing into EU borders to put an end what is essentially the only achievement of the European Union — the Schengen system of borderless travel.

Without that, what is the EU really? A collection of nation-states forced by bureaucrats to pretend they are part of an artificial fantasy superstate called Europe?

Bearing Arms:

“Refugee” Invasion Spurs Gun Rush In Europe

Fear of refugees committing crimes have led Austrians to go on a spending spree for firearms, according to an Austrian news report.

Headlined “Austrians are arming themselves with guns”, the OE24 report says the wave of refugees arriving in Austria has led to record sales for gun retailers.


Fears of a Tunisian style attack on the streets of Britain have been raised after it emerged that criminal gangs have been smuggling powerful submachine guns into the country.

Security chiefs are concerned that the weapons, capable of firing 1,000 rounds a minute, could fall into the hands of would be jihadists.

A report from the National Crime Agency (NCA) published last week into serious and organised crime in the UK, found evidence of an “increased threat” of Czech made Skorpion submachine guns being imported into the UK by street gangs in London and the south east.

The Telegraph article worries about such weapons falling into the hands of jihadists, but what’s perhaps notable is the lack of concern whether they fall into the hands of ordinary people. And if Austrians are arming themselves, nobody should be too surprised if Britons are too, given that

Security forces are preparing for a Paris-style terrorist attack in the UK as counter-terror sources reveal up 450 radicalised Britons have returned from Syria, while Scotland Yard investigates 600 terror cases…

Charles Farr, director of the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism, told the Sunday Telegraph that Islamic State was inspiring followers who “couldn’t go” to Syria to stay at home and “undertake attacks”.


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25 Responses to Looking On The Bright Side

  1. John Watson says:

    What else is new? What can be expected when governments, the politically correct, a few unelected organisations like the UN, or charities like ASH promote division? Race v race, religion v religion, smokers v anti- smokers, obese v slender, carnivore v herbivore the list is extensive. If there is a difference they exploit it. One day it will be people v politicians, it will be a bloody affair where those who protect will be expected to kill those they protect, where old scores are settled with illegal weapons and society finally breaks down. It won’t be today nor tomorrow, but one day…

  2. harleyrider1978 says:

    ACLU, public housing residents want to extinguish proposed smoking ban

    Kaamar Lebrew speaks to The Associated Press outside the NY City Housing Authority’s Chelsea-Elliot Houses where he lives, Thursday, November 12, 2015,…


  3. prog says:

    More bright side news

    Study involving ‘more must be done’ Glantz


  4. slugbop007 says:

    Did the 450 radicalised Britons charter the same plane?

  5. Smoking Lamp says:

    Things certainly appear to be spinning out of control. It’s hard to see how they are all connected except there is clearly a global anti tobacco (antismoker) movement co-ordinating bans and propaganda. The most recent examples are the outdoor bans, public housing bans, and at psychiatric hospitals.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      SL they are hitting anything and everything they can before its all over. After obamas gone the world movement will be gone. Its Obama the power behind the FCTC,after he is gone its a dead duck issue with nothing to back it up politically from any stand point of money or authority.

      • jaxthefirst says:

        “Its Obama the power behind the FCTC,”

        Sorry, Harl, but I don’t understand that comment – wasn’t the FCTC around years before Obama was elected? And wasn’t it formulated by the WHO back in the days when he himself was a (probably relatively) unknown smoker?

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          Jax is Obama who gave the IMF and worldbank 4 trillion dollars that was used to blackmale those countries that had signed it to pass smoking bans before any bailout moneys were released….that’s how. Now the IMF and worldbank don’t have enuf money to even bailout Greece again they stated after the last time.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          Now the IMF wants to bring the yuan in as a world reserve currency so they can find a new sucker to print tons of money to give to the IMF and Worldbank in the future. Americas FED has put out almost 400 trillion in the last 8 years keeping other nations money afloat in a world bankrupt. Todays world debt is something like 3 gazillion dollars and the dirivitives market holds about 2 gazillion of that debt ready to implode any minute.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          Those numbers come from stories Ive read and money brokers in online forums traders groups Ive kept up with over the last several years.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          Jax when people were signing the FCTC nobody knew about the crash of 07-08 and what it would mean. That’s why the FCTC blackmailed countries to sign on or lose those loans in the future if they didn’t comply.

      • jaxthefirst says:

        Thanks, Harley. Now I understand! Thanks for nothin’, Barrack!

  6. harleyrider1978 says:

    In wake of Paris Attacks, Obama RELEASES Five GITMO Terrorists ByPamela Geller on November 16, 2015 – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2015/11/in-wake-of-paris-attacks-obama-releases-five-gitmo-terrorists.html/#sthash.U5oJNTe6.dpuf

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

  8. What a collection of snippets following the terrorist attacks in Paris…. If anything they show HOW much divided ALL OUR individual communities already are. As John Watson (in my opinionquite rightly) pointed out: we are far too busy fighting each other, thanks to e.g. tobacco control to notice until it’s too late that there is REAL danger around.

  9. harleyrider1978 says:

  10. waltc says:

    “Divide and conquer.” We’ve been conquered because we’ve been successfully divided. I’m not even sure if all the king’s horses and all the king’s men…

    Elsewhere: in the Democrat’s debate last Saturday (the day after Paris) , Bernie Sanders still maintained that global warming was a far greater threat than terrorism, recalling our old friend “Mike” Bloomberg who, in the immediate wake of 9/11, declared that secondhand smoke was a similarly greater threat to New Yorkers.

  11. harleyrider1978 says:

  12. harleyrider1978 says:

    BREAKING: Putin Reveals ISIS Funded by 40 Countries, Including G20 Members

    During the G20 convention, Vladimir Putin dropped a bombshell in regards to the $50 million a month ISIS makes on its unchallenged oil trade.


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