Nowhere To Run

Well, that was interesting. I’d expected most readers of this blog to disapprove of smoking bans outside hospitals, but I didn’t think everyone would. But at the time of writing, 93% think that such bans are “very, very wrong”, and the remaining 7% think they’re merely “not right”, and nobody is sitting on the fence on the issue.

Why’s there such strong feeling about it? I think it may be that hospital patients are the most vulnerable people in society, and very often totally dependent on the care of people around them, and in no condition to fight back against impositions of this sort – which makes such smoking bans the worst sort of bullying by the worst and most cowardly kind of bully.

But what a deep moral divide exists between my readers and the board of trustees of Sandwell hospital! What a chasm!

Elsewhere, the news of a proposed US federal ban on smoking in public housing has been lighting up the social media.

Smoking would be prohibited in public housing homes nationwide under a proposed federal rule announced on Thursday, a move that would affect nearly one million households and open the latest front in the long-running campaign to curb unwanted exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke…

No safe level of secondhand smoke, of course:

A study by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that a nationwide smoke-free public housing policy would result in annual cost savings of about $153 million, including $94 million in health care, $43 million in reduced costs for painting and cleaning smoke-damaged units, and $16 million in averted fire losses.

In their proposal, federal housing officials said that the surgeon general’s office had concluded that there was no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke and that separating smokers and nonsmokers, building ventilation and cleaning the air could not eliminate exposure. That, officials said, could be accomplished only by eliminating smoking from indoor spaces.

“The argument about secondhand smoke is over,” Julián Castro, the federal housing secretary, said in an interview on Wednesday. “It’s harmful, and we believe it’s important that we have an environment that’s healthy in public housing.”


secondhand smoke… can travel through walls

Public housing is just the start:

“Smoke-free housing is definitely the next frontier in tobacco control efforts, and this is something where we can make an enormous difference for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers,” he said of the federal proposal.

Dr Michael Siegel approves:

“This is a natural step to continue to spread the smoke-free protections that started with workplaces and then spread to restaurants and bars,” said Michael Siegel, professor of Community Health Sciences at Boston University’s School of Public Health.

I think that this may signal the beginning of the end of the era of passive resistance by smokers. At present, smokers banned from cafes and bars and other indoor areas can usually just go outside or stay home to smoke. But with outdoor and home smoking bans, there’ll be nowhere to run. They’ll be forced to either surrender, or fight. They’ll either adopt the new state religion, or they’ll resist.

And I think many people, both smokers and non-smokers, will realise (if they haven’t already) that regulations on smoking can equally be applied to any number of other activities. e.g. cooking, using wood-burning stoves, wearing perfumes. Once smoking is regulated in people’s own homes, everything else will also sooner or later be regulated on one pretext or other.

And since the authorities intend neighbourhoods to police themselves, it will set neighbour against neighbour, accelerating a process of social fragmentation already well advanced after previous smoking bans. There will be bitter disputes between neighbours, and even armed confrontations and shootings.

The depth and bitterness of those disputes may be seen in the results of the poll I’ve just conducted.

And since knee-jerk governments all around the world take their lead from the USA, it will mean that exactly the same will happen everywhere else.

We are sleepwalking towards a global civil war, in which neighbour will be at war with neighbour in every city and town and village.

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Just breaking:

At least 40 people have died and up to 100 have been taken hostage in an apparently coordinated series of gun and bomb attacks in Paris, according to police and reports.

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34 Responses to Nowhere To Run

  1. The Blocked Dwarf says:

    Oh fuck it all! I was just heading off to bed, rejoicing with the news that The Raccoonista cannot be put down and has just beaten cancer for the umpteenth time when I caught your link to the Paris obscenity.

    I would type a sad face ‘smiley’ but that seems somehow puerile.

  2. Reinhold says:

    … 93% … 7% …

    Was there a poll? I couldn’t see any and still can’t.

  3. Jude says:

    I suspect many smokers in public housing will be forced to quit, because they are almost inevitably poor, and for a smoker with a family to look after, having shelter is more important than smoking. I can’t see too many smokers happy to see their families or themselves evicted. This is why these most vulnerable of people are targeted by the anti-smoker zealots.

    As you say Frank, this will exact a terrible toll on society, as neighbour is set against neighbour, and an atmosphere of hate, fear, and suspicion is created. It is disgusting policy.

    In Australia they are only to the point of bringing in more draconian outdoor bans, and proposing even more excessive taxes, (which if implemented will make tobacco here the most expensive in the world), again this will harm the poorest and most vulnerable, but the ANTZ don’t give a shit about these people, just as they couldn’t care less about those in hospitals, or their families, its all about keeping the “big lie” going.

    Our world has become a very violent, intolerant, horrible place, full of greedites, bullies, and liars.

    • Joe L. says:

      I can’t see too many smokers happy to see their families or themselves evicted. This is why these most vulnerable of people are targeted by the anti-smoker zealots.

      Exactly, Jude. However, six months or so after this law takes effect, Tobacco Control will undoubtedly release statistics bragging that X [insert large number here] people are now “happily” living in smoke-free public housing, therefore implying the measure was a success, completely ignoring the fact that the majority of these people had no other choice except homelessness.

  4. harleyrider1978 says:

    France has closed its borders and they are searching house to house for militants and helpers in the paris attacks. It appears to me tonite just ended the EU experiment.

    Pack it up Brussels your done.

  5. harleyrider1978 says:

    Tomorro is looking brighter already

  6. harleyrider1978 says:

    I just ordered an extra 2000 rounds in 223 for my ar-15 minutes ago………….Father in laws getting me even more and himself for xmas,but he just called and said xmas is going to come early this year. luckily I got 6000 rounds put up right now and enuf lead with poweder and primers to reload another 12000 rounds if needed between pistols and rifled rounds. Get ready it appears SHTF tonite.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Time to sand bag the interior of the house on the walls……….food stuffs emergency power is in place and we got our small bunker,need to cut some rifle slots in em to shoot from.

      Nashville has the largest population of muslims in America. Its 50 miles away.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        Paris terror attack: At least 35 dead, 100 hostages after explosions, gunfire; borders now closed

        France has closed its borders after at least 35 people were killed and 100 hostages were taken at a concert hall in what appears to be a co-ordinated terrorist attack…

      • The Blocked Dwarf says:

        We need fully automatic weapons now this is outrageous.

        This is Europe. Here it is the government’s job to protect us, it’s citizens, by ensuring only the criminals and terrorists are armed.

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

    Watch France 24 Live

    Watch France 24 Live Tweet Watch online the France 24 livestream International News TV Channel 24/7 Get the latest live news from France 24 TV channel online on France 24 website. Our TV channel is also available in French and Arabic. You can watch all our VOD programs. Join us on Facebook and Twitt…

    FRANCE 24 · 16,590 Share

    LIVE STREAM: Paris Under Attack. Explosions, Machine Gun Fire Reported. Mass Casualties. [VIDEO]

    This is an ongoing situation. Refresh this post for regular updates as they come in. 5:29PM EST: At least one of the reported shootings was reportedly done by men in a car using automatic rifles. 5:28PM EST: Shots have been reported in the last 30 minutes. 5:25PM EST: The Department of

    Save · 18,500 Shares

  8. harleyrider1978 says:

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      French President: “We’ve decided to close the borders”…OBAMA, did you listen? ~ Consciously…

      Well, if only he would have closed the borders BEFORE the attacks. How many more attacks are going to have to happen in Europe before the liberal left…

    • Frank Davis says:

      I bet those will mostly have been smokers sitting outside Le Carillon.

  9. Lepercolonist says:

    Ohio Health Department launches anti-tobacco campaign targeting high rate of smoking among veterans

    Smoking rates among veterans are much higher than the rest of the state’s population. Statistics show the smoking rate among veterans 45 to 54 years old is more than 50 percent higher than that of the average population.

    Mandy Burkett, chief of the Health Department’s Tobacco Program says they MUST curtail tobacco use among groups who are affected the most in order to curb tobacco use throughout the state.

    Coincidentally, this same age group (45 to 54) of white males are dying at an alarming rate :

    “Drugs and alcohol, and suicide .?.?. are clearly the proximate cause,” said Angus Deaton, the 2015 Nobel laureate in economics, who co-authored the paper with his wife, Anne Case. Both are economics professors at Princeton University.”

    No mention of tobacco in the study.

    Due to Ohio’s draconian smoking laws, these veterans have been socially isolated and denormalized. They can’t smoke in a bar, restaurant, bowling alley, Veterans clubs, pool hall, race track, etc. And these experts wonder why they are depressed, alcoholic and suicidal ?

    If the Ohio Health Dept. wants to actually help these vets they should push for a relaxation of these laws rather than coercing them to quit smoking.

  10. waltc says:

    As for Siegel– sonofabitch. Same for Frieden who’s likely the source of that quote about saving New Yorkers: Now that he’s liar-in-chief at the CDC, instead of just the city’s DOH, his motto, if not “tomorrow, the world” is almost certainly “tomorrow, the country.” Eventually, I guess I’ll be driven out of here in a healthist pogrom and forced to buy a small house in Virginia… until they come for small houses in Virginia. Already, my bldg is adding no-smoking clauses to the leases of new tenants, though, till the law is changed (which it well may sooner-than-later be) statutory tenants are untouchable.

    Public housing , as it exists here, is the antonym of healthy. News stories tell of non-existent or non-working security cameras that therefore don’t witness the rapes. Elevators that constantly stick and trap people or shut down down for weeks leaving little old ladies with wesk hearts to trundle up 17 flights of stairs. Plumbing that spews sewage on the floors. Bullets flying in shoot-outs between the gangs or the rival dealers who live there. But, sure, evict smokers and it’ll be a health spa.

    #Paris is burning. 6 almost simultaneous attacks. AK-47’s and bombs. Body count at midnite EST: 158 + unknown wounded. What’s next? Who’s next?

    But, meanwhile, the worst threats in the world are Global Warming and Secondhand Smoke.

  11. harleyrider1978 says:

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Meanwhile Obama likely bought the weapons used and had the UN ship them into France…………the way things are going that’s likely not far from the truth.

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