Emerald Island Update

From the Emerald Isle, Grandad writes:

The more I think about t the more obvious it becomes that the Anti-Smokers are actually following a religion.  They have a blind faith in their teachings, but when those teachings are questioned they are at a loss for an answer.  An uncomfortable question must be sidetracked and steered back to safe territory where they can start back into their mantras.

If one of their sacred prayers is questioned the response is usually along the lines of “we all know that blah blah is the truth” [which we don’t] or “countless studies have shown blah blah”.  In the interview, Clancy was told unequivocally that his claim of smokers costing the health services billions was a load of bollox and he was given the figures [nice one, John!] where the gubmint makes 1.2 billion a year from smokers, yet they only cost the health service 550 million.  This, as far as Clancy was concerned was heresy as it contradicted everything he had been taught.  His answer incidentally was that we have to take into account loss of working hours [not a cost to the state] and the “hundreds of thousands [?] out on disability”.

I saw a thing recently on the Tobacco Control website.  They state quite categorically that “The cigarette is the deadliest artefact in the history of human civilisation.”  This is not stated as an opinion, it is stated as incontrovertible truth in a pseudo-scientific paper and is therefore equivalent to the Pope preaching ex cathedra.  It brooks no argument despite being laughably false.  Have they not heard of nerve gas?  Are they totally unaware of guns?  Has the nuclear bomb escaped their attention?  Do they seriously believe in the rubbish they are spouting?

Grandad was ruminating on a radio talk featuring his friend John Mallon of Forest Eireann debating Luke Clancy, one of Ireland’s fanatical antismokers. Of the encounter, John Mallon wrote:

To show you how disproportionate the debate has become, the big news this week is the proposal to offer ‘injection rooms’ free of charge for heroin users. Marijuana is to be legalized and possession of cocaine and heroin is to be decriminalized. These are mood altering and mind altering substances, the risks from which are immediate for the users and those around them. I’ve smoked for 43 years so far with no ill-effects to speak of. If a cigarette does have any immediate effect it is one of calming and relaxing. But the hard drugs are seeing creeping legality while the soft drug of tobacco faces creeping prohibition. It’s akin to criminalizing verbal insults in favor of legalizing gun ownership.

I’ve ceased to believe anything that is said about tobacco. To the extent I listen at all, it goes in one ear, and comes straight out of the other.

I think we’re in a cultural war on all traditional values.  Everything is under attack. Beer and cigarettes are traditional, while cocaine and heroin are novelties. The cultural war is also being waged on traditional food, which we are told is toxic. On industry (for producing carbon dioxide). On cars (same reason). On education, which now seems to be mere crude indoctrination. On the sovereign state (due to be replaced by the EU). On the pound sterling (to be replaced by the euro). And on the family (to be replaced by gay marriage?). And on Christianity (to be replaced by Islam, as far as I can see).

In this last respect, I’m not sure if Brendan O’Neill is Irish, but he certainly has an excellent Irish name. He was speaking yesterday in Brussels, and recounting how after a Baptist Church in Norfolk in England had put up a poster suggesting that if you didn’t believe in God you would go to Hell, it was forced by police to take it down. O’Neill writes:

There are three things about this case that I found alarming.

The first is that, having been brought up a Catholic – though I am now lapsed beyond all hope – I know that the idea of hell is central to many Christians’ beliefs. It is a key component of their moral outlook: that if you don’t believe the right thing there is a chance you will go to hell. The fact that it is now difficult to express that key Christian belief in public should be disturbing to everyone, whether you’re a Christian who believes in hell or an atheist, like me, who does not.

The second thing about this case that struck me is that it happened in Norfolk. Norfolk is the birthplace of my hero, Thomas Paine. Paine is my hero for many reasons. One of them is that he is, in essence, the intellectual founder of the United States, which does a far better job of liberty than we in Europe do. Paine argued for the separation of America from Britain. And when he was calling for the creation of a new, independent republic of America, he said there would have to be a Bill of Rights guaranteeing fundamental liberties – and “above all things, it must guarantee the free exercise of religion according to the dictates of conscience”…

And the third shocking thing about this case is that it was not a one-off. This was not weird, rash incident. There have been numerous incidents in Britain where people have been arrested, charged or punished in some way for expressing their religious beliefs.

I was brought up as a Catholic too, and am probably as lapsed a Catholic as Brendan O’Neill, yet I fully shared his sense of alarm. I don’t go to church, but I’ve recently been thinking of going round the churches in my little neck of the woods in Herefordshire, and giving them all as much money as I can afford, because I increasingly think they need all the help they can get.

We’re in a cultural war. And perhaps even a religious war. All our traditional beliefs must be overthrown, and replaced by new doctrines. And to that extent, as Grandad says, antismoking actually is a religion, or at least one wing of a much more comprehensive religion.

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15 Responses to Emerald Island Update

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    Your right its more than even a lifestyles war its a war on everyone and everything. I don’t even think the Nazis know what it is they actually want………..

    • Barry Homan says:

      I’ll answer that, teacher. They’re all those neglected nobodies with no place in this world who just want attention.

  2. The Blocked Dwarf says:

    The second thing about this case that struck me is that it happened in Norfolk.

    O’Neil obviously hasn’t been here to Norfolk very often if that surprised him. Norfolk is…..different and I don’t just mean that in the whole “do you’re gorn ‘o sleep wi’h yooor sis’er ‘hen yow maarry her boo-i and do tha’ legal like” sense.

    You can drive out to the remotest Norfolk village -the one your Sat Nav thinks ceased to exist around the time of The Black Death and where they talk about Ketts Rebellion like it happened within living memory- and you’ll find not only a parish church the size of a small cathedral but at least 2 ‘chapels’ (now usually converted) and usually they’ll be chapels for evangelical groups that did out before WW1. Very much the right wing of the reformation.

    There is a streak of Witch burning puritanism that runs unbroken from Matthew Hopkins to every Young Farmer (Norfolk Division) and the ‘Turnip Taliban’

  3. junican says:

    I think that the Christian Churches have completely lost their way. Going to church to observe ceremonies is so, so, yesterday. I also am a Catholic. I regard Priests as almost as propaganda derived as Health Zealots.
    I see Christianity as deriving from ‘Caritas’, which, I believe, is what Jesus taught. It is sad that the word ‘Love’ has been hijacked by pop songs. ‘Caritas’ is not soppy. It means ‘caring’. Thus, we should ‘care about’ the welfare of those people who drifting from Africa and Asia to Europe. That does not mean permanence. What should happen is that those people should go back home and improve the lives of the inhabitants.

    Regarding the invasion of Europe by jihadists, it is hard not to believe it to be true.

    The important thing is: WHY SHOULD THEY NOT?

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Junican in America id say church reformation/politics and interprtations have occurred in America ever since the first whiteman set foot in America. Its still going on here. In the 1920s my grandfather was a Methodist and then the Methodists changed their theologu to that more of the Baptists. So gramps went with the penticostals old time religion.

      The catholic church I Rome we know the EU planted their own pope on the Vatican thrown and he does just as any puppet does nd dances to their socialist progressive BS on everything.

      Then we have the world church in America which really isn’t anything but a bunch of politically correct libtard/progressives preaching one world control and world citizenry.
      Their entire dogma surrounds big government,global warming and anything else the leftists desire they preach. Is it a real church,not really they wrote their own bible in the contect they so desired not what the bible says. Their entire church is based not on traditional values but their new cultural desires,which are nothing more than world domination and control. They were defeated last time in the 1900s and they will be defeated yet again. Simply put they don’t consider human nature in anything they preach,the bible is based upon human nature and instinct. That’s why the bible has always survived its based upon the tennets of man and being human.

  4. westcoast2 says:

    There have always been Collectivist vs Individualist ideologies, philosophies, religions. In more recent times the collectivist worldview has gained traction though this was introduced under a cloak of individual ‘choice’. This can be seen in the clash between neo-progressivism and classical liberalism and the rise of healthism over individual autonomy. Even Atheists have discussed these issues with the idea of ‘Atheism+’. Simply put there are ‘in’ crowds and ‘Out’ individuals with certain ‘in’ crowds gaining power.

    This becomes problematic when an ‘in’ crowd gains enough power, be it political, financial, military or moral, that it starts to use force of law or arms to convert individuals to their worldview for ‘the greater good’ (the greater good). ‘Live and let live’ becomes ‘Live as I say’. This is where we are with Healthism, tobacco control being at the forefront.

    Tobacco Control can be seen as a religion insofar as it uses the parts of religion that suit its purposes as it continues to impose its worldview.

  5. Oi you says:

    It’s all very 666. The number of the beast…..

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      I had a set of dice once that 666 on all sides but one and it had 777 on it………….I rolled triple 777s with it 3 out of 5 times with those dice the first time I got them at the junk store of games and tricks. They weren’t weighted either.

      Moral is we play the game everyday fighting TC they throw out 666s everyday,all we have to do is toss 777s once and we win its then game over.

  6. harleyrider1978 says:

    Could it one day be the fountain of youth

    Biologists discover the key mechanism that triggers human ageing

    And they could use it to help slow or reverse the process.
    Scientists have discovered that the deteorioration of the tightly-packed bundles of DNA that are responsible for our normal cell functioning is actually reversible, and figuring out how this process works could enable new treatments for age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s.

    Researchers from the Salk Institute in the US and the Chinese Academy of Science made the discovery while studying the underlying causes of Werner syndrome – a genetic disorder that causes affected individuals to age more rapidly than normal.

    People with this condition suffer age-related diseases early in life, such as cataracts, type-2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer, and often die prematurely in their 40s or 50s.

    The team found that the genetic mutations responsible for this syndrome caused densely packed DNA – known as heterochromatin – to become destabilised, which serves to disrupt normal cellular functions and caused the cells to age prematurely.

    “This disruption of normal DNA packaging is a key driver of ageing,” senior researcher Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, from the Salk Institute, said in a press release.

    “This has implications beyond Werner syndrome, as it identifies a central mechanism of aging – heterochromatin disorganisation – which has been shown to be reversible.”

    The mutant WRN gene that causes Werner syndrome produces a protein, which helps maintain the structure and integrity of a person’s DNA. But dysfunctional forms of this protein, like those that exist in people with Werner syndrome, can disrupt the replication and repair of DNA, and the expression of genes.

    Researchers have previously thought that this might be a factor in ageing, but exactly how the dysfunctional protein hinders critical cell processes was unclear.

    In this latest study, the team used a gene-editing technology to remove the WRN gene from embryonic stem cells, which can go on to become any type of cell in the body. These cells mimicked the genetic mutation seen in Werner syndrome patients, and they aged much faster than healthy cells.

    The team also observed that the deletion of this gene led to the structural breakdown of heterochromatin. This bundling of DNA, which is found inside the cell’s nucleus, controls the activity of genes and helps the molecular machinery inside cells to function normally.

    Chemical switches on the outside of these bundles of DNA can change the structure of the heterochromatin, causing genes to be expressed or silenced, the press release says.

    In further experiments, the team was able to show that the mutated protein interacts directly with these chemical switches, serving to destabilise the structure of the heterochromatin DNA.

    As part of their study, the researchers also tested stem cells from the dental pulp of healthy people across a wide age range. They found that older individuals, aged between 58 and 72, had fewer genetic markers for the DNA instability than people between the ages of seven and 25.

    “What this study means is that this protein does not only work in a particular genetic disease, it works in all humans,” Belmonte told Alice Park at TIME. “This mechanism is general for aging process.”

    The team’s findings were reported in Science.

    “Our study connects the dots between Werner syndrome and heterochromatin disorganisation, outlining a molecular mechanism by which a genetic mutation leads to a general disruption of cellular processes by disrupting epigenetic regulation,” said Belmonte.

    “More broadly, it suggests that accumulated alterations in the structure of heterochromatin may be a major underlying cause of cellular aging. This begs the question of whether we can reverse these alterations – like remodeling an old house or car – to prevent, or even reverse, age-related declines and diseases.”

    The team says more extensive studies will be needed to fully understand the role that this DNA breakdown plays in ageing, particularly, how it works in conjunction with other cellular processes implicated in aging, such as the shortening of telomeres, which are fragments of DNA on the ends of our chromosomes.

    Importantly, before it becomes anything close to heralding the fountain of youth we all crave, researchers will need to develop ways to specifically target, and safely edit, these genes in humans, rather than in petri dishes.


    What I find key here is they seem to be onto the ageing process and how it works,point being the cancers that strike in old age if this genetic sequence bears fruit just might wipe out old age diseases. A single cure in a shot,maybe someday. Perhaps even a shot that the doc says ok what age would you like to be forever! Id go 25 SIR!

    • The Blocked Dwarf says:

      Id go 25 SIR!

      …and get ‘carded’ everytime you wanted to buy smokes for all f**king eternity?! No way Hoss!

      I’d go for ‘late 20s, Herr Doktor ‘, young enough to still be able to do everything all night long but old enough to be taken at least halfway seriously.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        dwarf if they could do it nobody would car anyone anymore ever……….they couldn’t prove you weremt old enuf already.

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

    Finally today at the ER this morning I figured out I haven’t had the flu but a stomach virus that hit the community real bad. A nurse who happened to have just had the same thing last week with her daughter who still has it said it took her nearly 2 weeks to get over it and her daughters had it 8 days already. Identical symptons,then the doc confirmed its not any of the flues going round just a very bad super bug. He said just stay in bed and in a few more days or so you should be fine ad restrict doing much,couch potato time is what cures it.
    But yet they’ve already had several with type B influenza and a few of the other 2 going around so Im going to get a flu shot next week as soon as Im symptom free and the hospitals giving veterans free shots! So I got my vets day free certificate for my own shot,but he said we cant give it to you til your symptom free of this bug.

  8. smokingscot says:

    We discussed the Middle East a few days back Frank.

    I explained that the rebels were very close to Assad, with just a couple of days to go before he was toasted.

    Then came the Russians and of course Daesh has been hit hard. It’ll turn out that they did indeed take out Metrojet flight 9268 over Sinai.

    Hezbollah are great buddies of Assad and have been sending their fighters into Syria since the initial uprising. Hezbollah are also close allies of Iran and essentially the fighting arm of the Shia in Lebanon.

    Anyway tonight Daesh took the fight to the Hezbollah heartland and it’s a big one, even by Lebanese standards. The facts are still too raw to be fully accepted but it appears to be 40 plus dead and 200 injured (many of them very severely).


    They say it was 2 Palestinians and a Syrian who did the deeds – and one motorcycle was left parked up full of explosives (so that rider probably did it by timer or remote).

    This is “religion” gone batshit mad.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Not hard to do at all……………One thing I always wondered is why US CONVOYS in Iraq didn’t run with jammer pods for cell phone frequencies that were being used to remotely blow up IEDs. I think they eventually did. But I mean we had in battalion one radio freq jammer per unit. It would have been easy enuf to jam the whole bandwith. But then electronic countermeasures is what I did among other things.

  9. churchmouse says:

    Ireland wants to imitate France with the legalised shooting galleries, about which I wrote last year. John Mallon rightly says — as Frank has quoted (emphases mine):

    ‘… the big news this week is the proposal to offer ‘injection rooms’ free of charge for heroin users. Marijuana is to be legalized and possession of cocaine and heroin is to be decriminalized. These are mood altering and mind altering substances, the risks from which are immediate for the users and those around them. I’ve smoked for 43 years so far with no ill-effects to speak of.

    The mind — judgment, reasoning, intelligence — is the centre of our being.

    Are we willing to see our young people — perhaps family members — slipping into a numbed, comatose or suicidal state? One would hope not.

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