Yet More on Smoking Bans in Psychiatric Units


I don’t think anyone should be forced to give up smoking against their will. I know we are in the middle of ‘Stoptober’, but come on – giving up when you’re in the middle of a mental breakdown is inhuman. I can’t think of a worse time or place to quit.

That’s the way I see it, but public health quangos instead say it’s a prime time to intervene because they have a powerless captive audience.

They really believe they have a duty to treat one’s smoking as if it was a part of your condition, so are demanding a total outdoor ban.

This goal of health is a joke – since the indoor ban came in, cases of self-harm are up 56%.  In America, since outdoor bans came in, violence is up 22% and average duration of detention has increased by nearly 90%.  This is interpreted by authorities that we are in a ‘mental health epidemic!’, oblivious to the more likely truth that smoking bans are causing bad behaviour.

Furthermore most patients go back to smoking within 5 days of discharge anyway.  Some result….

Petition against outdoor smoking bans in psychiatric units.

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19 Responses to Yet More on Smoking Bans in Psychiatric Units

  1. jaxthefirst says:

    At the risk of invoking Uncle Godber here – didn’t our friends in the Third Reich cut their early teeth on the helpless inmates of mental institutions as part of the initial stages of their “master plan?” Coincidence? Well, maybe, but ……

    Another worrying similarity.

    Just sayin’

    • John Watson says:

      They certainly did, the early gassing methods using Carbon Monoxide and the gassing buses were pioneered on the mentally ill prior to the 1936 Olympic games. Given that the Tobacco Control Industry already support the idea of making smokers unemployed and homeless (just as their mentors did with the Jews under the Nuremberg Decrees) they are almost there,

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        smoking bans were but one part of a top down propaganda machine and plan to get people under total domination to supreme control by the state.

  2. Smoking Lamp says:

    Smoking bans in psychiatric units are an extreme indication of Antismoker hate. Smoking bans need to be reversed.

  3. Lepercolonist says:

    The families of mental health patients will try to provide anything that will help their loved ones. As do parents of soldiers in combat zones. At the top of the list of items requested by over 50% of U.S. soldiers
    are cigarettes. The Defense Department tried to ban the mailing of cigarettes to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. There was a monumental outcry from the parents. The DOD had to change their minds and eliminate this ban. You can bet your bottom dollar that this same outrage is being felt by mental health patients. Being in a mental institution must be nearly as stressful as combat soldiers. They are disoriented and ashamed of what has happened to their lives. How more disgraceful can these health care professionals be ? Sickening….

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Hey Leper I knew of post commanders who had Cases upon cases of cigarettes medivaced into the war zone to meet the needs of the troops against the authority of higher ups…………I kid you not. Especially Marine commanders.

  4. Roobeedoo2 says:

    ‘Ratchet Theory’…

  5. garyk30 says:

    Since smoking shortens lives, those patients smoking will help to lower healthcare costs.
    That would be a good thing.

    • nisakiman says:

      Ah, but perhaps, Gary, despite what they like to tell us, they know that in fact smoking doesn’t shorten lives.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        The last official age of death put out was 78.8 years across all sectors of society without regard to lifestyles or race.

  6. harleyrider1978 says:

    That was me about 5 days out of the hospital and I was smoking about 5 a day by 2 months out I was at a pack a day. Now Im about 1.5 packs a day and holding.

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

    Todays my birthday and for the last 4 days Ive had the damn flu so I went o the ER and find out the whole damn area is nearly an epidemic of I gathered type B influenza and its lasting 7 days on average! I thought my meds ere messing with me, They even got masks put at the door to put on before you enter the hospital and its also bad in other towns nearby. At Lowes where my sone works they had 15 workers call out sick just since Friday and more sent home sick. Its a terrible bout and I mean head to toe flu muscles stomach back head everything……….I haven’t had one this bad in 15 years. But Im finally starting to feel a lil better on the 4th day out.

  8. richard says:

    “Here in the Black North, the Northern health Board are making all their hospitals non-smoking. There is a nice smoking shelter in Antrim Area hospital but it’s going to be demolished. Nurses now have no smoke-break because the entire grounds are to be non-smoking, and this includes – wait for it – inside your own car.
    Now here’s me, just emerged from A&E after my old dad had a stroke, waiting for news and having a smoke to settle the nerves, along with the ambulance crew, on their break, that brought him in. Fair enough, but from March this’ll be a no-no. So if you’ve just had some bad news ie your son/motorbike vs.tree, and need a smoke in your darkest moment, tough shit. No sympathy for human feelings, no law says they have to do this, it’s just spite. How and by whom will this be enforced, my Missis (who works for this shower and tho a non-smoker is dismayed at the callousness) asked the big boss who made the recent announcement – the answer was, as you will have already guessed, silence.”

    – From a comment I left on Headrambles’ blog, I’m sure granddad won’t mind if I cut and paste.

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