Lambs To The Slaughter

Some readers may remember that I did a few cartoons back in Jan/Feb, and threatened to do more. But I largely gave up because they just took far too long. I was drawing them on paper, and then scanning them into my computer, and colouring them up using MS Paint.

Well, yesterday I received a new toy: a graphics drawing tablet. I’ve spent much of the day getting it unboxed and working. I’ve also got Manga Studio 5, which is a cartoon drawing utility, and I’ve got that working too.

I think it’s going to take me a while to figure out to use it. But I’m hoping that when I’m up to speed, I’ll be able to produce cartoons much more quickly. Like maybe in the time it usually takes me to write this blog.

billgatesAnyway, once I had it up and running, and I was reading about an interview of Bill Gates while fooling around with Manga Studio, I started ‘denormalising’ or ‘demarketing‘ him a bit, knocking out a tooth here and there, and messing up his perfectly coiffed hair.

And that was in response to the sub-headline in the interview that said “Bill Gates has committed his fortune to moving the world beyond fossil fuels and mitigating climate change.” He has also committed his fortune to pushing smoking bans too.

At least on global warming he recognised that the warming has actually stopped for the past 18 years:

The heating levels have not tracked the climate models exactly, and the skeptics have had a heyday with that. It’s all within the error-bar range. To me, it’s pretty clear that there’s nothing that relieves this as a big problem. But when people act like we have this great certainty, they somewhat undermine the credibility. There’s a lot of uncertainty in this, but on both the good and the bad side.

By overclaiming, or even trying to ascribe current things more to climate change than to other effects, environmentalists lend weight to the skeptics. Like, in the near term, the Pacific oscillation, this El Niño thing, has a much bigger impact on current weather than climate change has had so far. Now, climate change keeps climbing all the time—it just keeps summing, summing, summing, and adding up. So, as you get up to 2050, 2080, 2100, its effect overwhelms the Pacific oscillation.”

I don’t think it’s ‘within the error-bar range’: they didn’t predict the pause at all. And I don’t think it actually ‘keeps summing, summing, summing’ either. It’s not that simple. Carbon dioxide only absorbs radiation in restricted wavebands, and at saturation will it absorb all of the radiation in those bands. However much carbon dioxide is added, it won’t absorb any more. It’s not a simple ‘summing’ process.

But why should Bill Gates know that? He’s spent most of his life a computer geek and corporate CEO. I doubt if someone living that kind of life has the time to read about or think about anything much else than the full time job they’re doing.

In fact, I’d even suggest that people like Bill Gates (and Michael Bloomberg) are almost certainly rather ignorant people. And also that when they step outside their limited skill set (management, computers) they’re probably even more suckers for snake oil salesmen than anyone else. They’re lambs to the slaughter.

I think that they all belong to a completely different culture – a closed bubble – disconnected from what most people know. They only ever talk to each other, at glittering soirées where they’re surrounded by bloodsuckers demanding their money.

And Donald Trump is probably no different. He has some pretty simplistic views too. It’s just it seems that his views are much nearer to what many Americans think than the others.

I imagine it was much the same in France in 1788. The aristocracy were probably as vapid and simple-minded and self-absorbed and arrogant as any of our contemporary wealthy aristocrats.

And then they all had their heads chopped off.

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20 Responses to Lambs To The Slaughter

  1. mikef317 says:

    Re: “within the error-bar range.”

    Gates speaks as if an error bar is an external test of validity; i.e., if the model’s projected temperature falls within the error bar range, the model is basically correct.

    Gates is wrong. Like a political poll with accuracy of plus or minus X percent, each computer model generates (or can / should generate) an error bar (+ or – error range). The model’s projected future temperatures MUST fall within the error bar’s high and low values.

    The problem with computer models is that when you measure actual temperature the value is ALWAYS LOWER than the lowest value of the computer model’s error bar (i.e., models are always hotter than real temperature data). This is why predictions based on computer models are worthless. Their predictions don’t match the reality of actual temperature measurements.


    Re CO2 / temperature “keeps summing, summing, summing.”

    This is the fundamental error of the global warming crowd. They act as if CO2 were a thermostat in a house. Keep raising the thermostat and the house gets warmer and warmer. Explaining why this isn’t true (or is at least highly dubious) is something I’m not going to attempt. Try or many other websites for tons of arguments that oppose the CO2 theory.


    Frank, let me second your comment on “ignorant people.” They know virtually nothing about science.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      They invent their science as needed and when it gets busted they invent a new name and so called evidence…………These people got more science fiction than Hollywood has had in 120 years of film making.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        I wonder what Einstein would say today about junk scence……………Hed likely write a paper on the whole damnable business and bust it right apart in about 2 paragraphs.

  2. roobeedoo2 says:

    Your cartoons and illustration are excellent, Frank. Is that the model you bought? A smoking break every 15 minutes sounds sensible…

    I know, she writes a smoke break every 15 minutes into her contracts, Click, What a stunner!

    I wonder if the Wail have all the kit for touching up photos, too, Clicky?

  3. mikef317 says:

    Kind of on topic. About suing energy companies (e.g., Exxon) for “secret” corporate files on global warming much like the tobacco companies were sued for “evidence” that they knew about but denied the link between smoking and lung cancer.

    Stan Glantz is a participant.

    Make of it what you will.

    From the Bishop Hill blog….

    Follow the link at the top of the post for….

    Which gives you access to an interesting (?) PDF.

    Click to access Climate%20Accountability%20Rpt%20Oct12.pdf

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Mike its easy when they own the courts they get away with anything. Look at the RICO case Judge Kessler not only on the RICO but also the final judge they got directed to her on the EPAs 1992 junk study……….You think that happened by chance……… way they pick and choose who they get as the judge and jury…..Kangaroo court is all we have as a justice system anymore where no proof is given the same level as having proof……..

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        The precautionary principle itself is a catch 22 argument. It entails giving no proof the same standing as actually having positive proof. In essence it makes a negative a positive which we all know you can never prove a negative. By using this principle we might as well all just kill ourselves as chance living with possible threats that might harm us. Its actually created to let the nazis claim whatever they want and get away with it! Its use must be destroyed as its led to total destruction of the scientific process trying to create proof where none exists to begin with,hense the mountain of evidence we hear the nazis preach all over the place without actually being held to any proof at all!

        The principle itself cannot stand, it means an end to all we hold dear TRUTH.

        Without truth we have no meaning,we have no future,we have no life,no culture. We have only created hazzards that never existed,a culture defeated by fanaticism and led by radical nut cases passing laws based upon NOTHING! It gives basis to outlawing anything based upon nothing,it lowers the standard of proof in court to that of hearsay evidence to now convict!

        How did it happen,quite simply ENVIROMENTALISM!

        Precaution as Customary Law
        The question whether the precautionary principle is a principle of customary international
        law has received a great deal of attention, particularly since the principle’s inclusion
        in the Rio Declaration.

        Rio Declaration on Environment and Development

        The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development,

        Having met at Rio de Janeiro from 3 to 14 June 1992,

        Yes indeed the precautionary principle is an intregal part of GLOBAL GOVERNANCE and well taking over the world!

  4. pete soakel says:

    you need to draw a cigarette or a massive reefer in his hand as well!
    Pet sok

  5. harleyrider1978 says:

    O/T Kentucky wont be having any smoking ban for at least the next 4 years as Matt Beavin won a landslide victory for Govenor lastnite.

    Next we lost the Casper Wyo. smoking ban vote,it passed with just 54% hardly a mandate but still leaves open for the city council to tweak it and double check the write In ballots as we now hw the enemy operates.

    Next my moms in the hospital in ICU in Nashvile she had developed sepsis and pnuemoniia but this morning at 4am I called and her vitals were up and everything looking really good after they gave her a new anti biotic for the sepsis. So hopefully in the next week she might be able to go home.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Our State Flag FoundationLike Page
      2 hrs · Edited ·

      The governor supported flying the rebel battle flag all over Mississippi and he won a landslide reelection.

      Congrats to Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant on getting re-elected yesterday! A DEFENDER of the state flag being flown all over Mississippi and at ALL public universities! Now, get it done, Phil!

      “You TAKE our money, You FLY our flag!”

  6. slugbop007 says:

    Ever read Roald Dahl’s ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’? It was also as an episode in Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

    Nicotine reduces aggressive episodes in mice and children with autism

    Sci-Tech | Nicotine reduces aggressive episodes in mice and children with autism Chloe Kimball Nicotine reduces aggressive episodes in mice and children with…

  8. slugbop007 says:

    Just had an image of the tobacco control zealots riding shotgun on the running boards of 30s automobiles, dressed in period clothes and looking very Al Capone-ish, mowing down smokers on the streets with machine guns. Draw that one up someone.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Itd be more to the point that they were G-MEN for Prohibition enforcement,like ELLIOT NEST in the UNTOUCHABLES! That’s how they rode on the running boards wiThompson sub machine guns just like Capones thugs did.

  9. harleyrider1978 says:

  10. Clicky says:

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