Stella Morabito on Sandy Rios

Yesterday I discovered Stella Morabito on the Daily Caller. Interested in what she had to say in the video, I listened to her talking with Sandy Rios, and started to transcribe it. I probably transcribed about half of it fairly accurately, missing out quite a lot:

Sandy Rios: “We used to laugh when I was a kid about all things that were happening in Russia, all the lies that kids were being taught in schools, and all the ridiculous things that were being said in the public arena, and we used to marvel at the fact that truth-tellers were reduced to the gulag. We couldn’t imagine that. And yet in this day and age, in America in 2015, we are experiencing things we never thought we would see, and I don’t think there’s ever been a time when we need to have a better understanding of how this happens to people, how do they get subjected to this massive groupthink where they have no mind of their own, and they end up being overtaken and controlled by forces that are counter to their own personal desires.”

Sandy Rios then introduces Stella Morabito, writer, blogger, and  former intelligence analyst (who focused on Soviet and Russian media analysis). Morabito said she’d seen “how a population can be coerced into a narrative that is not really part of their self-interest as individuals.”

Stella Morabito: “I think we’ve lost sight of the fact that all power and freedom lie in personal relationships. And what I see happening,.. the narrative of the propaganda we are getting from Hollywood, the media, and academia, is a kind of a separation. I believe we are living in an age in which we are increasingly being separated from one another as individuals, human beings who can see one another as just members of the human family. The polarisation between what people like to think is left and right, conservative, liberal and all of that, is reaching proportions in which the masses can more easily be mobilised, because we’ve lost the connection, the kind of personal relationships that really got communities in the past, that would bind them together in a common understanding of what it means to be human. It goes way back to the school yard, you see how people can be tainted with whatever the label is. Bigot. Hater. These smears, what they do is they cause people to dis-associate with the person smeared as practically non-human, and make sure they only associate in the circles that are somehow identified by some mysteriously-anointed elite, whether the elite is in a middle school cafeteria – the ‘little mean girls’ – or the president of North Korea. It’s a human dynamic that I think the propaganda elites, those who are just interested in central planning and accumulating power, have somehow perfected, while those of us who really have a live-and-let-live attitude to life, and just want to live in community, be happy, have families and so on, have unfortunately lost sight of.”

Stella Morabito (on propaganda): “Propaganda is… spreading an idea. It’s used as a means of mass mobilisation of the masses… in a collective obedience to the idea. Propaganda is that means of what I call Coercive Persuasion. Consists of a couple of tools. Tapping into both human fear and human desire. The fear is of being being isolated, being separated,. That is probably the primal human fear, being separated from others and becoming a non-person. The desire of course is the flip side, and being connected with others, in relationships, and this is why relationships are so important and propagandists know this.

Today the propaganda we’re seeing plays into the need to be taken care of. Remember that Julia infographic for the 2012 Obama campaign, a fascinating piece of propaganda, focused on the single mother or the young woman, and it was womb to tomb, from cradle to retirement, and at every single stage – I called her the Stepford wife to the state – because all other needs were taken care of (there was no man in the picture, no husband or whatever), but she had the child taken to the ???. . What we’re seeing through all these policies that really do collectivize us. We’ve got Obamacare and Common Core. You’ve got medicine being centralised and bureaucratised. Education being centralised and bureaucratised. Once that’s all there is, people become dependent. And (they become) the same. It wipes out all uniqueness, individuality. That is how this kind of propaganda works. It does wipe out your sense of yourself as an unique human being. Of course if we’re all the same we can’t have interpersonal relationships, period. This is a boon for the propagandists and central planners, because strong personal relationships – especially starting with the family – are “little platoons” that get in the way of centralising power. Because strong families, strong relationships, grounded in a sense of self-sacrifice for the other, a sense of personal loyalty to the other, those biological bonds – mother and child -, are so strong that they get in the way of mass mobilisation.”

Stella Morabito (on political correctness): “Political Correctness… is absolutely essential. Because if you actually have a real debate about issues, civil discourse, that totally gets in the way of the narrative that propagandists are trying to create. There are really two sides to this. First of all Saturation. It’s really important to saturate the airwaves, the classroom, with the idea you’re trying to perpetuate. The flip side is Suppression. You have to suppress every single idea that can be brought up that is a counterpoint to the narrative, scenario, idea…. You can look at Decades and even generations where in the public schools, you’re not getting humanities like you used to or history civics, or even the art of real debate. That’s gone, basically. The goal is to end that. If you look at Common Core or a lot of these polices that basically discount any opposition or dissent to these ideas that are being spread.”

I couldn’t help but think that we’ve been living in an age of mass delusion ever since we were indoctrinated with the belief that Smoking Causes Lung Cancer. A rather newer mass delusion is the belief that Carbon Dioxide Causes Global Warming. Both belief systems are the product of sustained propaganda from the media and academia, and both are dogmas of political correctness. And the smoking bans that they have been used to justify are highly destructive of communities and personal relationships. Morabito didn’t mention either of these delusions, but as I listened to her I could make the connections for myself.

I also visited her blog. Advice for Breaking the Mass Delusion Machine:

1. Drop political correctness and propaganda compliance.
2. Realize that personal relationships are the target of PC.
3. Human Separation is the end result of PC.
4. Fear fuels the PC machine.
5. PC is oiled by mass ignorance.
6. Coerced silence kills democracy.
7. Resistance is the only antidote.
8. A single person has immense power.
9. “Surprising validators” are like superpowers in resistance.
10. Let’s get out and engage.

I’d managed to work out quite a lot of this myself, but there was a lot that was new.


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  1. jaxthefirst says:

    Sounds interesting. It’s too late to check out the blog now, but I’ll definitely do so soon.

    On a similar tack, and stop me if I’ve mentioned this before (which I probably have), I’ve often thought that the whole anti-smoking/smoking ban movement has been (for some people within it, though probably not all – others have their own motives) a sort of a social experiment to see how far one can go in terms of influencing people into thinking “your” way without them realising it. And I think that those carrying out this “experiment” have probably been both surprised and delighted by how well they’ve achieved their aims and how easily they did it. All they had to do was to find a couple of “key” themes (which turned out to be the myth if the “innocent bystander” and the “for the sake of your cheeeldren” memes) and, hey presto! – they’ve found a way to manipulate huge swathes of the gullible population into thinking exactly the way they wanted them to and – as a bonus – into believing that they’ve adopted those opinions of their own volition.

    I’ve yet to read the blog, of course, but the irony is that I’ll bet that these women (I’m assuming here that “Sandy” is female), all gung-ho and anti-establishment and “out of the box” thinking that they seem to be (and probably see themselves as), if asked about smoking, and smoking bans, and passive smoking, would spout the same old nonsense as every other brainwashed fool does (the “science is settled,” “overwhelming public support,” “no damage to business,” “no harm to communities,” “studies have shown …” arguments etc etc). That’s what must most delight those who seek to control us all. Even people who make a point of trying to think differently and of being deliberately sceptical of authority and questioning of all its decisions nevertheless obediently fall into line when it comes to smoking. Which, when you think about it, is truly astonishing. The only frustration to “the controllers” in our midst must be that the same tactics haven’t yet managed to put outspoken people like these back in their boxes in all other respects. Maybe they just haven’t focused their attentions on those other areas sufficiently. Yet.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      A History of Social Engineering

      To understand how we have reached the beginnings of a trans-humanist era we must follow the roots of modern day social engineering. Such a practice has been applied for thousands of years, but it could be said that only in the last few centuries has modern man wrestled with, and understood, the finer subtleties of group manipulation on a social scale.

      If we follow the thickest branch of social engineering we will find ourselves in the year 1875 in a German town called Leipzig. During this time a relatively unheard of professor, Wilhelm Wundt, was putting together some ides and practices of psychology that would, unbeknown to him, shape the world in a way he may never have imagined. When professor Wundt created the worlds first psychological laboratory, psychology — and its study —- was not taken seriously by any reputable scientific community and was mainly the concern of philosophers who debated psychology and consciousness based upon theories and religious ideals. However, Wundt believed that the conscious mind could be broken down into constituent parts and studied, just like any other organ, and so, using a few simple practices, he set about studying the human mind by recording his subjects’ responses to basic stimuli.

      Wundt is considered by many to be the father of Psychology. Whilst he did not make any ground breaking discoveries of his own, he was able to bring together many thoughts and ideas that could be studied and demonstrated in a way that he considered practical and tangible. Wundt concerned himself with the breaking down of human psyche by studying elements of it in isolation to the complexities of the mind as a whole. As a result his work led him to conclude that Man’s will was a direct result of the stimuli he experienced, and not the result of conscious intent or collections of philosophy as was classically thought.

      Wundt was clear that he believed that Man was void of spirit and was merely the summation of his experiences and stimuli. Much like an animal, Man could be persuaded to do just about anything, given the right type of stimulation and experience(s).

      Wundt wrote ‘The Principals of Physiological Psychology’, which inspired many teachers and academics around the world, the most notable being G. Stanley Hall, who briefly spent time in the Leipzig Laboratory before becoming the first president of the Psychological Association and a prominent influence in child development; and James McKeen Cattell, the first professor of Psychology in the United States.

      These are but two names that were highly influential in bringing Wundt’s work to the States, influencing an education system which would later influence the British syllabus as well as the Russian syllabus during the Cold War.

      Wundt’s methods and conclusions have had a dramatic effect on the world, most notably in education where his ideas on training and development have been taught through almost every academic institution, in one form or another, in the western world. Modern education no longer relies upon teaching children how to think critically and independently, it now concentrates its efforts on training children to behave and react in a prescribed manner.

      B.F. Skinner, an American psychologist inspired by such works, developed educational methods in order to train children using a reward system, which can be seen in schools today in the form of rewards such as gold stars. Skinner coined the term ‘Operant Conditioning’, a process whereby desired behaviors can be reinforced through reward whilst undesired behaviors are punished to prevent their repeating. Such methods may seem obvious, since that is how we train animals to behave in a prescribed fashion, however such methods of education do not create free thinking, critical individuals which is a requisite for a free thinking, critical society, instead they produce more compliant, accepting members of a society more readily to comforming to a prescribed order, such as government rule. Unsurprisingly, Skinner believed that children should be reared by the state, to be trained from birth in order to behave in a unified manner, which was echoed in his novel ‘Walden Two’, published in 1948.

      It is through this method of ‘training’ that human behavior has been changed over time, simply though reward and punishment. Those that follow the prescribed path and ideals, as laid out by governments and high ranking think tanks, are successful in life, and those that go against the grain are ridiculed, alienated and often punished —- such as described in last weeks article concerning the Christian B&B owners who were fined for not allowing an un-married homosexual couple to stay in the same bed together.

      It was during this period in the 50‘s that another professor, Alfred Kinsey, published his book ‘Sexual Behavior in the Human Male’ which sought to wrestle human sexuality from its traditional principals of love and marriage. Kinsey’s book is just one example that demonstrates the initial beginnings of an agenda to undermine traditional family values. It cannot be stressed just how important the family unit is. A stable, loving, balanced family unit, sexually or otherwise, that is not tainted with violence or animosity but founded on love and compassion, is the principal foundation in any stable society. As children, we draw our identity, morality and strength from our parents; should this be imbalanced or absent in any way, then society will be unbalanced and lacking in compassion proportionate to the abuse that we, as individuals, suffered as children. Sexuality is no different.

      At roughly the same time that Kinsey was publishing his works designed to lay the foundations for sexual unions outside of traditional hetro-sexual marriage, one of the most infamous and far reaching social engineering organisations of our time was created.

      The origins of the Tavistock Institute can be found in the run up to the first World War in another early ‘human relations’ organisation called Wellington House, which was set up in order to manipulate the British public into supporting the war against Germany. Decades later, after the second world war, following its success in changing public opinion — as well as considerable funding from the Rockefeller Foundation —- Wellington House spawned the Tavistock Institute where the likes of Elliott Jacques, John Rawlings Rees and Wilfred Bion employed more sophisticated techniques.

      Undoubtedly one of the biggest contributors to the methodologies and techniques applied upon the unsuspecting public of the 20th and 21st Century was the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. Despite being deceased upon the official creation of the Tavistock Institute, Freud’s psychoanalysis of 20th century Man has been used at great length to create some of the most potent social engineering techniques of modern times.

      When Germany annexed Austria in 1938, Freud fled to London where he began work with a prominent neurosurgeon by the name of Wilfred Trotter. Although not a founding member, Trotter would become a key part in the spawning of the Tavistock Institute; it was Trotter who introduced Wilfred Bion to Freud’s ideas. Bion would later become a prominent member of the Freudian psychoanalysis movement in England, and play a large part in developing ‘Group Dynamics’, drawing upon the works of Freud and another world famous socialist: Gustave Le Bon (most famous for his 1895 work: The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind).

      Gustave Le Bon served as a great inspiration to the nephew of Sigmud Freud, Edward Bernays, as did Wilfred Trotter who wrote the book: Instincts of the Herd in Peace and War. We can see from the previous description above that these prominent characters knew each other directly and were indeed in lengthy conversations regarding psychoanalysis and herd mentality. We can only imagine the types of conversation that were had between these men, conversations which would ultimately help create and shape the methods of the Tavistock Institute, and thus the world.

      Bernays is perhaps the most renowned for developing techniques in order to control large groups of people and was the most prominent promoter of such methods in the United States of America, to such an extent that he has often been referred to as the father of Public Relations.

      Commenting on such techniques, Bernays once said, “If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.”

      He called this method ‘engineering consent’ and he did this by manipulating political personalities and organisations, once admitting, “If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway.”

      This particular technique he called “opinion making,” and, despite it appearing to be contrary to an open and democratic system, this socially acceptable and legal practice is more commonly known today as lobbying.

      Lobbying in the 19th century was known as petitioning, and just about anyone could petition HM Government for a particular cause. Today, the Lobbying industry is worth billions and, to influence political decisions, one must be prepared to pay a considerable sum of money. Whilst Edward Bernays cannot be held responsible for this type of practice becoming so popular, it can be said that his technique of ‘opinion making’ is the hallmark in the practice of lobbying, for, if one can buy political ideologies in order to create statutes, one can ultimately profit from shaping society, its practices and culture.

      The Tavistock Institute has grown bigger and even more ambitious, following its success in applying herd manipulation techniques created by those named above. Through the application of propaganda, drugs, popular culture, media, film studios, music labels and educational programs and lobbying, the Tavistock Institute has shaped society, our culture and the way we respond to politics, wars and changes in behavior and practices; one of which has been to shape our society’s views on sexuality as discussed in the previous article.

      Sexuality has been a considerable target for these sorts of conspirators. Whilst such groups have sought to change our opinions on homosexuality and trans-genders with one arm, they have sought to turn man against woman with the other — most notably in the form of the ‘Women’s liberation movement’, which is a contradiction in terms since the movement has done more to degrade women than it has to liberate them.

      Following women’s liberation, we have more cases of harassment and rape, as well as sexually aggravated assault. Women work harder for a lower quality in life, and, whilst the media champion’s their independence, there are more single parent families than there has been recorded previously. Is it merely a coincidence that in a world of ‘girl power’ we have more lonely, broken families than we have ever had before? This fact is not due to women being inferior without men, or even to blame in any part, but simply that man and woman, through the guise of ‘women’s liberation, have been set apart by highly sophisticated, psychological techniques.

      The media has constantly reminded us of the differences between men and women, in order to maintain that division and to ultimately divide the family union, often trying to illustrate that one sex is better at something than the other, when by experience most of us would agree that the ability to execute something well is not gender specific.

      Cleverly placed ‘celebrities and personalities’ throughout media, popular culture, the entertainment industry and politics have been used to propagate opinions designed to disrupt the family unit. Often unknowingly, these pawns, acting on the promise of fame and wealth, work for institutions such as Tavistock in order to encourage naive and impressionable minds to alter their perceptions to what is packaged as a popular or fashionable opinion in order to slowly change traditional culture. In less than a century this technique has been used to change our opinions and perceptions of premarital sex and pregnancy, drugs, promiscuity, marriage, divorce, abortion, homosexuality, morality and the constitution. To oppose such ‘new ideologies’ is to be branded archaic or face ostracisation from friends and relatives.

      Most prominently these perversions have been arrived to under the guise of liberation and the support of the rights of a marginalised few. For those that argue that society is not being broken apart, but that we are being liberated from an archaic dogma that somehow holds humanity back, it might be suggested that we look at the symptoms of this ‘modern’ society that now pervade our societal vista in every direction we turn. One only has to look at the Pornography that litters our high streets in shops and windows; children that are playing violent video games that bring violence into the home; music artists that flaunt themselves like prostitutes, aimed at children and toddlers; and a court service which operates in secret to remove children from their families.

      These are but a few symptoms of a system that is not only failing society, it is contributing to its slow erosion by targeting the sanctity of the family. If we choose to believe that this is all happening by chance and that it is the result of a few happenstance actions carried out by a group of corporations acting independently, then we should perhaps consider that the people connected to the world’s most prominent think tanks such as the Committee 300, Chatham House, The Bilderberg Group, Commission on Foreign Relations, Tri-lateral commission and Tavistock Institute are advisors, directors, members and shareholders of the largest corporations in the world, all of which shape the world and culture we live in. Is it really such a stretch of the mind that these people might have private conversations between themselves in regards to how they can manipulate and control societies in order to benefit themselves? If the answer to that question is no, then perhaps we might consider what exactly it is that we are buying into when we use their products and services.

      • Ed says:

        “Wundt was clear that he believed that Man was void of spirit and was merely the summation of his experiences and stimuli. Much like an animal, Man could be persuaded to do just about anything, given the right type of stimulation and experience(s).”

        The idea that man is a blank slate goes way back before Wundt. This is concept known as Tabula Rasa”

        The term was used to describe the earliest efforts to control the mind of men

    • Frank Davis says:

      I’ll bet that these women… if asked about smoking, and smoking bans, and passive smoking, would spout the same old nonsense as every other brainwashed fool does (the “science is settled,” “overwhelming public support,” “no damage to business,” “no harm to communities,” “studies have shown …” arguments etc etc).

      We’ll find out pretty soon, I think. I couldn’t find a single mention of smoking on Stella Morabito’s blog. So I left the following message there. If there’s no reply, you’ll have won your bet.

      I haven’t read everything you’ve written, but from what I’ve read and heard so far (and almost completely concurred with), it seems there’s one bit of socially divisive politically correct propaganda glaringly absent from your analysis. And it’s the biggest one of all. It’s one to which the Western world has been subjected unrelentingly for over 70 years. It has been hammered into everyone’s head for so long that it’s now absolutely impossible for anyone to not know it with greater certainty than they know that the Earth is a sphere that goes around the Sun. And it is now being used to demonise and exclude hundreds of millions of ordinary people all over the world.

      Perhaps you are still in its thrall?

      I refer to the War on Smoking, and the doctrine that “Smoking Causes Lung Cancer” (now printed in big black letters on every cigarette packet), and the smoking bans which are now spreading all over the world, shattering communities, setting friends against friends, bankrupting businesses, depressing economies, without anyone ever saying a word about it.

      Including you, it seems.

      Now tell me I’m wrong about that.

      Postscript 16 Oct 2015: No reply so far. It looks like you’re right, Jax.

  2. harleyrider1978 says:


    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep
    repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be
    maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from
    the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus
    becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to
    repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus
    by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

  3. Tony says:

    I’ve just read this and it seems highly relevant. What struck me was the sheer speed with which limits to freedom of speech have occurred. Unfortunately I can’t think of any coherent additional comments to make about it right now :
    “It took only ten years for most people across the West to learn about Islamic blasphemy — and in the end to abide by it… ”
    “Ten years ago, you could publish depictions of Mohammed in a Danish newspaper. Ten years later, it is hard for anyone who has been connected with such an act to find a restaurant in Copenhagen that will serve them dinner… ”
    “Freedom, however, was never defended by more than a handful of people. Most prefer their comforts and a quiet life to anything that looks like a fight…”

    And here is a video of Mark Steyn’s speech to the anniversary conference :

  4. slugbop007 says:

    I just sent this message to the Brighton City Council:
    Your air quality problems have nothing to do with tobacco smoke and banning smoking on the beaches, parks, etc will not solve your
    problem. You people are pathetic, inept and stupid.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Id have sent them this

      Clean Air Quality Law.

      It is hereby ordered that all things that generate chemical releases simular in nature to tobacco smoke are hereby OUTLAWED.

      1. Automobiles and gas or diesel engines or any other contrivance that emits chemical releases. This savings equals to the public not being forced to inhale 100s of billions of cigarettes each day.

      2. All plants are outlawed as they releases tons daily of the Carcinogen ISOPRENE. Equal in volumes of Millions of cigarettes each day.

      3. Restaraunts will be outlawed from preparing any cooked foods as these release 100s of millions of equal cigarettes each day.

      4. In home cooking is also outlawed as it produces upwards of 10s of thousands of equal cigarettes inside and outside the home.

      5. Outdoor cookouts and fireworks are outlawed as they releases 100s of millions of equivalent cigarettes a day or on weekends in the yards and parks of our city.

      6. Humans are hereby outlawed from existence inside the city limits as their own human breath contains hundreds of the same chemicals as found in tobacco smoke!

      7. Nature itself is outlawed as it generates Billions of chemical releases naturally into the atmosphere a day hense posing a threat to human life.

      8. This Clean air law becomes effective Immediately.

      9. Your preference of suicide is a personal choise, Police will write tickets and lock up any survivors after this law becomes effective. A grace period of 30 days will be in place to educate the public on its existence.

      Signed into law by the GHOSTOWN ADMINISTRATION

      The Ghost Town Administration has just learned that all these chemicals found in tobacco smoke are natural to the earth and that mankind also evolved within this filth ridden air!
      Therefore all Tobacco Control Measures are here by OUTLAWED as for being contrived JUNK SCIENCE!

  5. harleyrider1978 says:

    Finally somebody who gets it in south africa

    Nicotine nazis hate one thing: pleasure

    MOUTHS should be privatised. Freedom of speech is constitutional protection for what comes out of your mouth; incremental control over what you put into it amounts to your mouth being nationalised. You are, under South African law, free to put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger, eat arsenic, or swallow razor blades, but not smoke dagga. You are still allowed some psychoactive substances (sugar, coffee, chocolate, glue), but not others (ecstasy, dagga, tik).

    Antipleasure puritans like our minister of health and his propaganda agency, the National Council Against Smoking, want tobacco added to the list of prohibitions. Official policy is headed towards tobacco prohibition followed by draconian measures against liquor, salt, sugar, complementary health, traditional healing, fast food, baby food and whatever else upsets killjoys. If you condone nicotine fascism, you have no principled argument against control of every aspect of life.

    The trend predicts prohibition of obesity and condomless sex, compulsory attendance at health clinics, mandatory exercise and the forced use of safe public transport.

    The post-1970s anti-smoker phenomenon has had four phases. At first, the tobacco industry’s view was that it takes two to tango, so it ignored the assault on consumer rights, hoping it would dissipate. When that failed, it declared war on health claims, but it was too late — that war had been lost. Next, producers abandoned the debate, which left antismoker fanatics free to propagate exaggerations and lies. Suppliers confined themselves to resisting “excessive” controls. Antismokers banned smoking wherever they wished on the pretext of protecting nonsmokers like me. Nonsmokers who chose the company of smokers were declared “passive” smokers, and calling restaurants and offices “public places” reached the point where no one queried cryptonationalisation.

    The tobacco industry in effect abandoned the people who pay it: smokers and property owners. It has done little or nothing to protect the rights and dignity of smokers who are routinely insulted, oppressed and demeaned, or property owners whose private property became “public” property. The industry does little or nothing to create or support a property- or smokers-rights movement, and does not defend smoking as a legitimate consumer choice with net benefits for people making informed choices.

    The current fourth phase entails the final erosion of tobacco-related civil liberties. The drumbeat of draconian measures to protect “passive” smokers slithered surreptitiously into propaganda that legitimises a frontal attack on lifestyle liberty. If nothing is done to ward off tobacco prohibition, we will endure the ghastly equivalent of pre-1960s liquor prohibition for black South Africans.

    Alternatively, the tobacco industry can launch a positive fifth phase in which it actively, openly and generously supports its battered customers, and helps them enjoy their constitutional right to freedom and dignity. It can support initiatives to roll back regulation to the protection of nonsmokers and children. It can support a campaign against being forced to have their product packed in obnoxious packs, and the right to smoke in ventilated private places with owner consent. Suppliers and their customers should regain the moral high ground and promote smoking as a perfectly legitimate consumer option.

    The call by nicotine nazis for control of safe electronic cigarettes is proof, for those who need it, that what they really hate is satisfaction.

    Instead of supplication, smokers will, if there is a fifth phase, smoke proudly, and celebrate the positive trade-off between understated personal benefits and exaggerated risks. They will have contempt for the argument that public health costs excuse public health oppression. And they will resist the nationalisation of their bodies.

    • Louw is executive director of the Free Market Foundation

  6. harleyrider1978 says:

    It appears ZEROCARE is dying pretty much everywhere

    ObamaCare Bear Market

    The co-ops collapse and enrollment falls as people stop paying

  7. harleyrider1978 says:
  8. slugbop007 says:

    This is the reply that I received from the yahoos in Brighton. It appears that banning smokers on the beaches, parks, trees, benches, sidewalks, forests etc is more important than the air and water pollution in and around their town.

  9. Ed says:

    A good interview here with behavioural scientist, Gad Saad. Topics include; how feminism is used to manipulate and control culture, political correctness and its origins, The Morabito/ Daily caller interview, experiments/studies on conformity, social media and mob outrage, virtual signalling and hashtag activism, evolutionary consumption and consumer behaviour, etc, Even Tabula Rasa gets a brief mention! lol

  10. harleyrider1978 says:

  11. Ed says:

    *For above, read virtue signalling (damn typo), which is an interesting topic in itself.

    Just been checking out the mans youtube page;

  12. harleyrider1978 says:

    Its getting down and dirty in American politics NOW!

  13. slugbop007 says:

    The word that best describes the Health Fascists:
    noun: hubris

    excessive pride or self-confidence.
    synonyms:arrogance, conceit, haughtiness, hauteur, pride, self-importance, egotism, pomposity, superciliousness, superiority; More
    informalbig-headedness, cockiness
    “the hubris among economists was shaken”
    antonyms: humility
    (in Greek tragedy) excessive pride toward or defiance of the gods, leading to nemesis.


  14. slugbop007 says:

    I liked that last sentence: And they will resist the nationalisation of their bodies.

  15. beobrigitte says:

    Stella Morabito and Sandy Rios; I have never heard of either of them.

    And yet in this day and age, in America in 2015, we are experiencing things we never thought we would see, and I don’t think there’s ever been a time when we need to have a better understanding of how this happens to people, how do they get subjected to this massive groupthink where they have no mind of their own, and they end up being overtaken and controlled by forces that are counter to their own personal desires.”
    What I find extremely frustrating is my fellow country men/women (Germans) are experiencing this how it happens to people for the second time. Worse even, some of the ones who experienced it the first time round!

    Propaganda is… spreading an idea. It’s used as a means of mass mobilisation of the masses… in a collective obedience to the idea.
    And every lie is good enough to scare people into a numb collective obedience to any idea, however ridiculous. As the word propaganda implies something negative it has been replaced with the word campaign. And we sure are being told to participate in campaigns.

    Today the propaganda we’re seeing plays into the need to be taken care of.
    The need to be taken care of…. Even this is something that has been drip fed to the population and is being exploited by politicians. I did watch a bit of Cameron and Corbyn et al “debate” today. It was like watching annoying little kids play.
    It was also like watching and listening to the people the BBC digs out every now and then.
    “I am a smoker but I love the smoking ban, it should be extended. It helps me to smoke less. I can’t help myself, I’m addicted!”

    “I can’t stop eating all the crap I eat, it’s because I’m addicted!”

    Aren’t the people in power encouraging ADULTS to stay CHIIIIILDREN? Aren’t adults supposed to take care of themselves? I cannot hide my amusement when the government (and a number of tax-payers) are getting stroppy with the households in which for at least for 2 generation no-one has been in employment. The state takes care of chiiiiildren. The idea of state benefit is good – it helps ADULTS to bridge a gap in lean times. Why people abuse it? – because they BELIEVE they need to be taken care of. There are plenty of (rather inhuman and degrading) programmes about households on state benefits. [Often their low educational standard prevents them from competing in the job market nowadays. And Blair was hell bent on sending everyone to university which resulted in that a degree nowadays is not worth the paper it is written on. And the households on benefits second/third generation find themselves excluded from gaining a qualification that is worth a lot less than the paper it is written on.]
    Well, what do politicians expect? Adult behaviour? In people they scare so easily into compliance? I do believe ASH et al are homing in on them now… Smoking cessation clinics are being mostly visited from “the poor people”?

    You reap what you sow….

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