Donald’s Dread of Drugs

It bothers me. Donald Trump looks like he was built to have a big cigar in the corner of his mouth, and a glass of the best cognac in his hand. But he’s not like that at all. Via Theophil Goddard (aka nightlight?) on NYCCLASH:

About 6 minutes in:

Monica X: You don’t drink. You don’t smoke. And I presume you didn’t take drugs, and you did that with your children. That seems a very conservative lifestyle. Is that something that was important to you growing up, and how did you enforce it with your children? As a parent I’m curious.

Donald Trump: It was. It was very important. I get a lot of credit because Ivanka has been so terrific. Eric is in the business, and Don, and I have two younger children, but I have been asked a lot your children seem to, knock on wood, I think, good. So far so good. You always have to knock on wood because who knows what happens. They are great children. I was always very strong: no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. And I say cigarettes because it’s a good thing to say (ideally?). But no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. And I have so many friends of mine that are really smart guys -people that you report on – they come and they say What do you think? What do you think? Their kids are into alcohol or they’re into drugs – drugs are now the main thing – but they’re into drugs, and they won’t be able to compete.

I think there’s a classic Dread of Drugs being displayed here. Tobacco and alcohol, and tea and coffee, are all Drugs.  DRUGS! A lot of people are terrified of drugs. And Donald seems to be one. It’s a fear that has been stoked for a century or more by the Drug Warriors. And it’s the idea – the fear, even dread – that as soon as you light your first cigarette or joint, or break open your first bottle of beer, you’ve started on an unstoppable slide into oblivion, addiction, penury, and early death.

So don’t ever start.

And it’s just not true. It’s not like that. The dangers in all these things have been vastly exaggerated, and the benefits completely disregarded.

The same things could be said about swimming. That once you’ve started paddling in the pool, before you know it you can get in over your head, you can get in too deep, and you’ll wind up drowning. It’s a real and ever-present danger. So don’t ever start. The water may look alluring, but it’s a killer. It’s far, far more dangerous than coffee or beer or cigarettes.

Nor is it that once you’ve lit your first cigarette, or drunk your first beer, “you won’t be able to compete.” Albert Einstein smoked a pipe, and Richard Feynman smoked cigarettes. I doubt if they’d been better physicists if they hadn’t smoked. In fact, I’m sure that smoking kept their minds sharp and focused. Pretty much all artists or intellectuals have always smoked and drank, and quite a few have used other drugs too, without being any less “competitive”. The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards comes to mind as a performing artist still at the top of his game aged 70+.

Of course there are always going to be people who will smoke everything they can lay their hands on and drink every bottle on the table, everything to excess, and they’ll wind up dead. There’ll also be people who’ll swim too far out to sea, too far from the shore, and they’ll wind up dead as well. And there will be people who drive too fast, climb too high, and they’ll end up dead too. But most people don’t climb mountains, and stick to the speed limits, and don’t swim far out to sea, and also don’t get very drunk or stoned either.

It’s a minority who do things to excess, who take it to the limit and beyond. And really we ought to be glad of them. They’re people who willtake risks. They’re the pioneers and explorers and astronauts and F1 racing drivers, and quite a few of them actually do wind up dead. And where would we be without them? We need a few people like that.

In America it’s sometimes called the Frontier Spirit. Or the New Frontier. It’s people pressing into the unknown, risking their lives to cross thousands of miles of deserts and mountains and rivers, and quite often losing their lives in the process.

Donald Trump is a puzzle. He won’t take the risk of smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol (or even drinking coffee). Yet as a businessman, he must take a lot of risks. Business is a risky business. He has to be something of a gambler. And in fact he was (perhaps still is) a casino owner, and fought against the smoking bans that were killing casinos. So while he’s personally teetotal, he doesn’t seem to want his customers to stop gambling, or stop smoking or drinking either.

If Donald Trump wants to make America great again, he’s going to have to invoke that death-defying Frontier spirit, and get people to gamble, take risks. For there’s no way they’re ever going to become winners if they don’t first learn to gamble and take risks. What’s enfeebling America (and pretty much everywhere else) is a fear of taking any risks whatsoever, including in a stifling Health and Safety culture the infinitesimally small risks that go with smoking cigarettes or drinking beer or swimming in the deep end of the pool.

ivanka2And anyway, seems Ivanka smokes (right).

How does she manage to “compete” given this terrible handicap? How did she manage to  give a glowing introductory speech for her father the night he announced he was running for president, without breaking into a hacking cough mid way through?  And how come she looked so dishy, when everyone knows that smoking causes cancer/ageing/premature death?

Ex-wife Ivana smokes too.

Maybe they all smoke? And drink?

Donald included.

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12 Responses to Donald’s Dread of Drugs

  1. nightlight7 says:

    And I say cigarettes because it’s a good thing to say (ideally?).

    I think he said “I did it” rather than “ideally”, hard to tell.

    • Joe L. says:

      I concur. “…and I say cigarettes because it’s a good thing to say; I did it.” It’s as if he’s admitting there’s some sort of pressure on these power figures to say they don’t smoke cigarettes, and he’s making a point that he just fulfilled his “responsibility.”

      • nightlight7 says:

        It makes more sense in the context that precedes it where he is sort of apologizing or explaining away (‘because it is a good thing to say’) his inclusion of cigarettes in his advice to his children. If the ambiguous fragment was ‘I did it’ that then clarifies why he had to explain away saying ‘cigarettes’. If he said ‘indeed’, that lacks as meaningful (or any) connection with the preceding sentence.

        Generally, if you pay close attention, he is extremely crafty with his seemingly plain language — each of his highly provocative statements has layers of traps built in where journalists and his Republican opponents routinely fall in.

        For example, his statement about Megyn Kelly’s ‘blood coming out from wherever’ is set up to trip the listener into leaping to ‘wherever’ = ‘Megyn’s vagina’, which allows Trump to turn the conclusion right back against the attacker for revealing his dirty obsession with Megyn Kelly’s vagina. At the same time, his statement has a poisonous sting for Megyn personally and her bosses at Fox who tried to ensnare him at the debate.

        What I find the most fascinating about it is that he comes up with these traps on the fly, fluidly in the course of the unscripted interviews, where he springs them up instantly, yet tightly connected to the very context of of the usually hostile question meant to entrap him. To be able to do such magic of verbal jiujitsu, his verbal and logical IQs must be 160+. He is just way too smart for the rest of the competition, if one can call them that, as well as for the ‘journalists’ and pundits.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Hard to tell indeed.

      I thought the same problem came up a while back, when he was supposed to have said of Mexicans that “they’re rapists.” But I thought he meant that, included among the low life Mexicans flooding into America, were “their rapists”.

  2. roobeedoo2 says:

    On this side of the Atlantic Harry smokes…

    This story was at the top of the Wail’s ‘ News’page until it was knocked, quite a long way down actually, but ASHcroft tripping up our PM up with a dead pig…

    There’s drugs, too. Perhaps that’s the sort of damage Donald was worried out. His daughter seems a sharp cookie, btw. She and her brother Don were his ‘Margaret & Nick’ in the US version of The Apprentice. That’s when I used to watch a lot of crap TV. And it was crap TV, I mean, Piers Morgan won the ‘US Apprentice’ one season (although to be fair he was so much brighter than the other celebs he was competing against).

    Either way, this pig story is quite outrageous because a couple of years ago there was a Channel 4 play in the ‘Black Mirrors’ series where the PM (not Cameron) had to fuck a pig, broadcast live to the world, in order to save the life of a kidnapped Royal.

    Once life is perceived as life following art, that can be tricky to shake off, even it the story turns out to be a complete fabrication. No, I’d imaging there will be quite a bit of ‘oinking’ from the Labour benches at PMQs on Wednesday, although I very much doubt they’ll get the irony of that ;)

  3. Rose says:

    Donald Trump is a puzzle. He won’t take the risk of smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol (or even drinking coffee)

    I think there’s a classic Dread of Drugs being displayed here. Tobacco and alcohol, and tea and coffee, are all Drugs. DRUGS! A lot of people are terrified of drugs

    It’s a sign of the selective ignorance fostered by clever prohibitionists over the years who carefully play up the dangers of a few things while saying nothing about the other daily encounters with exactly the same chemicals in non targetted things.

    It’s a sensible approach, after all, if you were to put these things in context no one would ever dare eat or drink anything and then there would be no one left to frighten.

    It had me puzzled for a long while, because I think the whole subject is fascinating and delight in knowing that apples contain formaldehyde or that chocolate contains cannabinoids, even that old school favourite tapioca pudding contains cyanide and the raspberry jam we used to stir into it contains hydrogen cyanide.

    But then I suppose that makes me immune to propaganda about minute quantities of everyday chemicals until I’ve checked their claims thoroughly and makes me no fun at all to play with.

  4. harleyrider1978 says:

    DeKalb officials decline immediate action on city streets smoke-ban

    DeKALB – City council members aren’t ready just yet to ban smoking on city streets on or near the Northern Illinois University campus.

  5. harleyrider1978 says:

    Oklahoma tobacco endowment eyed to fund teacher pay raise

  6. harleyrider1978 says:

    Indoor-smoking bans – making it inconvenient for smokers, especially in restaurants and pubs. Social recreation and socializing became difficult for smokers. It became a choice, smoke and stay inside their houses or don’t smoke and socialize. The latter won.

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