The Borderless European Union

I think the EU has no business in Ukraine. It seems that quite a few Dutch people share that view. In particular they don’t want visa-free travel from Ukraine, and their money being spent there unaccountably;

Now, for the first time in EU history, a national population is close to succeeding in forcing its government to answer to the will of the people directly. The largest Dutch political and entertainment blog,, has launched a campaign to mount a referendum on the new treaty between the EU and Ukraine. The treaty would endorse the creation of a visa-free travel arrangement between Ukraine and the EU, and Dutch taxpayers would have to donate financial aid to Ukraine without knowing how Ukraine would spend it. The Netherlands would have to contribute to “powerful support for the European course of the country,” which would mean increased involvement in the Ukrainian civil war.

By law, the campaign has to be conducted within six weeks, in which 300,000 signatures need to be collected in order to approve a referendum. Within the first three weeks, GeenStijl gathered 150,000 signatures, half the number required, and chances are it will succeed in crossing the 300,000 mark before the deadline, September 28.

Why do so many Dutch citizens seem to oppose the EU-Ukraine treaty enough to want to undo it through a referendum? Above all, they seem affronted that they were never consulted by their elected officials, who never even mentioned the treaty during the 2012 Dutch national elections. The treaty was ratified by the Dutch government this summer, after almost no debate about the issue. It all happened in line with how Jean-Claude Juncker prefers making policy: “If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people do not understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.”

Other objections seem to be that Dutch citizens do not see why they should associate themselves with a country that is highly corrupt. It is likely that the financial aid Dutch taxpayers — as a party to this treaty — will have to send to Ukraine will not be used the way it is meant to be.

Ukraine also has a strong far-right political undercurrent that is not compatible with Dutch political culture; Ukraine is in a state of civil war, and also in a state of war (by proxy) with the continent’s strongest military power, Russia.

In addition, the treaty would imply the creation of a visa-free travel arrangement between Ukraine and EU member states. Since Ukraine is a major hub for human trafficking, one of the “largest suppliers of slave labor in Europe” and one Europe’s most important transit countriesfor international drug trafficking, it may be understandable why the Dutch would oppose an unrestricted travel arrangement between Ukraine and the EU.

The Netherlands is a small country, but the consequences, if and when this referendum succeeds, could be very significant. First, a referendum in the Netherlands would create the precedent of even having EU referenda by “mere” citizens. The process could easily be replicated for future referenda. Second, it could inspire other national populations of EU member-states to undertake similar ventures. If that ball starts rolling, European populations could take back the sovereignty that the EU gradually took from them. It could also send a serious message to the unelected, non-transparent and unaccountable EU as a whole.

Nigel Farage on EU immigration.

I had warned back in April that I believed the implementation of the EU Common Asylum Policy had set the bounds so wide that virtually anyone who sets foot on European Union (EU) soil can stay. In order for this policy to work, the concept of burden-sharing between member states is vital. Juncker’s first pitch at this was in May this year with 40,000 migrants to be shared out.

This week the figure had increased to 160,000, still only a fraction of those who have come. I still believe that many member states will be deeply reluctant to join this scheme and that Juncker has a real crisis in holding these nation states together.

But the real surprise was a short paragraph on a Common EU Immigration policy. All the old arguments were used: Europe’s population was in decline and ageing and therefore immigration into Europe was vital. Indeed his predecessor, Manuel Barroso, once suggested that the EU may need as many 50 million migrants…

This is important for Mr Juncker and his friends because as the European Union loses popularity with its electorates, what better way to prop up EU support than vast numbers of first generation pro-EU migrants.

It is all reminiscent of what Blair did in Britain and exposed why Labour are so strong in London.


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16 Responses to The Borderless European Union

  1. jaxthefirst says:

    What a shame we don’t have a similar system here in the UK – gather enough signatures and the Government have to hold a referendum. A referendum, for goodness’ sake!! Lucky Dutch! All we have is a paltry website which, if a particular issue garners 100,000 signatures, means that that particular issue must be “raised in Parliament.” By which of course, as anyone could foretell, would involve about 10 minutes, if that, of idle prattling by a couple of disinterested politicians before moving on to “other business.” Well, whoopee-doo! It’s perhaps indicative more than anything else of the contempt in which our politicians hold their constituents that our equivalent is so mealy-mouthed. and that it’s designed in such a way that it’s almost guaranteed that politicians can ignore it completely. These days, it isn’t only smokers who are being brushed aside as irrelevant – pretty much anyone who doesn’t belong to one of the “favoured” groups (ethnic minorities, minority religions, children, the disabled, gay people – that’s about it) is regarded as simply “beyond the pale, dahling” and not worth bothering with. No wonder politicians are such a despised group amongst pretty much everyone else in the country. You reap what you sow, and all that …

    A curse on all (both?) their Houses.

    • Joe L. says:

      All we have is a paltry website which, if a particular issue garners 100,000 signatures, means that that particular issue must be “raised in Parliament.”

      That’s still (very slightly) better than what we have in the States: Drum up 100,000 signatures and you’re guaranteed a “response from the administration.” Hooray!

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        Agendas are driven by madness,sanity never enters the picture.
        100,000 signatures might get a ballot initiative in a state but on the national level youd need millions to get attention.

  2. harleyrider1978 says:

    I fear Europe is headed into another great war………………all the signs are in perfect order for it to happen.

    • prog says:

      It’s starting to get very concerning. The Hungarians are squabbling with the Serbs with water cannons and tear gas deployed by the Hungarians at a border crossing yesterday. They’ve closed the border for 30 days. Apparently, many refugees are heading towards Croatia to skirt around the Hungarian fence. I believe the French are also planning to stop free access.

      Merkel et al are really starting to lose the plot. WTF did they expect to happen by allowing hundreds of thousands of non Europeans/Christians in? I heard somewhere that these include maybe 10,000+ Jihadists. Still, MSM will flood us with heart rending images and all the lefties will be bleating even more. Thing is, where are all the older migrants? Seems to be 75% young men. Who leaves their eldery and vulnerable parent’s to their fate in a war torn country?

  3. harleyrider1978 says:

    They cant have dissention in the rank and file on the numbers folks now can they……….lmao
    Even CDC couldn’t make their minds up as a month ago they said the rate was 18% then 2 weeks later they came back and claimed it was 15%…………….I kinda think the Nazis are losing their marbles and somebodies putting the shaft to them from a political end………its the only reason I can think of as to why they so radically went down down down in such a short order of time on what they claim is the smoking rates………..we know what it is and it sure isn’t what they claim.

    Their starting to REHASH a lot of the old junk science again like all of a sudden nobody is taking them seriously anymore or somebodies decided to cut their funding from federal sources as I just read where congress demanded from HHS and all the rest a list of who received grants and how it was spent down to the last dime to prove if it was used for illegal lobbying……….Its coming to a head in America very shortly I can feel it.

    NYC smoking rate goes back down after startling rise

  4. harleyrider1978 says:

    Woodstock City Council Delays Smoking Vote

    Woodstock Independent

    The Woodstock City Council postponed a vote on a smoking ordinance Sept. 15 in order to scale back the extent of a ban that would have prohibited …

  5. harleyrider1978 says:

    Casper, Wy. Heading Towards Repeal of Smoking Ban

    The current city council appears headed towards a repeal of both of the city’s previous two smoking ordinances; the 2012 version banned smoking in …

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Smoking ban advocate, Rachel Bailey addressed council and commented, “There are lots of young people moving here and if council repeals this smoking ban, we will be one of the first municipalities to reject a smoking ban, leading to people not wanting to start business here.”

      • roobeedoo2 says:

        I wouldn’t want to start a business there with people like Rachel telling me what I can or can’t do with it, who I can and cannot serve. If the smoking ban was a deal-breaker for a business, then the City Council can cut all other Programs and initiatives to attract new business. Just go with the ban. Let’s see what happens.

  6. c777 says:

    Take a look at a map.
    Hungary Slovakia Serbia Croatia Austria all must be p*ssed off with the German led EU and their migrant fetish, they’ll break away and reform a modern Austro Hungarian empire type thing.
    Germany by the way will collapse into major civil disobedience soon, no doubt about it, it is impossible to take that many from an alien culture in one go.
    And their ex Immigration minister knows all to well the sh*tstorm that’s coming their way, he resigned this morning.

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

    DRUM ROLLS………………

    MO doctor warns that candles are as harmful as cigarettes

    This fact might surprise you: Some scented candles could be as harmful, if not worse than smoking a cigarette.

    This fact might surprise you: Some scented candles could be as harmful, if not worse than smoking a cigarette.

    That’s according to Doctor Andrew Sledd who is a pediatrician who specializes in Environmental Toxicology.

    He said it takes only an hour of burning a candle to produce the same effects as smoking a single cigarette.

    On top of that, research by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency shows candles release the dirtiest soot, sometimes containing particles of zinc, tin and lead.

    “It’s more dangerous because it doesn’t get filtered on it, which removes hundreds of millions of micro particles, a candle doesn’t. Just like that in your room,” said Dr. Sledd.

    Dr. Sledd said the soot particles penetrate the deepest parts of the lung and could cause respiratory illness.

    Some people we talked to say they’ve thrown out their candles all together.

    Jon Walter, a massage therapist in Cape Girardeau, said the warning was reason enough to switch to fake candles and oils.

    “We all loved having the candles because they were so relaxing and everyone loved them so much,” he said. “But knowing that it is bad for you and for us, to be working here all day with candles burning for someone that doesn’t smoke we don’t want to be dealing with that kind of pressure.”

    Doctor Sledd said wax warmers are perfectly safe and the EPA says candles made of beeswax and soy are also safe.

    • harleyrider1978 says:


      OMG then what do you do about this;

      I have just run across some information that has totally changed my mind. It has been verified through several sources. I’m sure it will change yours too after you read it.

      “* Contributes to health problems from inhaling particulate matter or ingesting harmful chemicals.
      * Spews hazardous chemicals ….Acetone, Benzene, Trichlorofluoromethane, Carbon Disulfide, 2-Butanone, Trichloroethane, Trichloroethene, Carbon Tetrachloride, Tetrachloroethene, Toluene, Chlorobenzene, Ethylbenzene, Styrene, Xylene, Phenol, Cresol, Cyclopentene and Lead.

      there are at least 4 cancer-causing chemicals associated with ….. The EPA lists these chemicals on their website:
      1) Benzene (EPA classification as Group A, known human carcinogen).
      2) Carbon Tetrachloride (EPA classification as Group B2 probable human carcinogen).
      3) Trichloroethane (EPA classification as Group C, possible human carcinogen).
      4) Toluene (EPA classification as Group B2 probable human carcinogen).”

      That scares the heck out of me! I will never again visit a place that allows this out of fear for my health!

      Smoking is dangerous…. Oops! Sorry.. My bad…

      That article is all about burning paraffin based candles, not smoking!

      BAN THE CANDLE!!!!!!

  8. harleyrider1978 says:

    They still trying must be their last ditch effort……….

    WHO European Region Member States commit to denormalizing tobacco

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Copenhagen and Vilnius, 17 September 2015

      Ministers of health from the 53 Member States of the WHO European Region signed up to a roadmap that will make it possible for coming generations to make tobacco a thing of the past. The roadmap was presented to the 65th session of the Regional Committee for Europe in Vilnius, Lithuania,

      “The generation growing up now cannot comprehend that people used to smoke on airplanes, buses, in restaurants or in offices. The achievements of the past 20 years show that the dream of a Europe where tobacco control has succeeded is not unrealistic. The gains will be huge if tobacco control succeeds, but there is hard work ahead. Governments must fully implement the measures in the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and define a common goal: a Europe where tobacco is not a social norm,” said Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, Regional Director for Europe.

      In Turkmenistan in December 2013, Member States adopted a declaration with a vision of a Europe in which tobacco is a thing of the past. The roadmap follows up on that commitment.

      Denormalizing tobacco

      The roadmap lists the actions with the greatest impact in specific areas. One area involves the denormalization of tobacco, by:
      •enforcing smoke-free legislation, especially in children’s environments, such as schools and child care facilities, private homes and cars carrying children;
      •enforcing comprehensive bans on all tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship and working with the entertainment industry on the portrayal of smoking and the placement of tobacco products in the media; and
      •increasing public awareness through educational initiatives to prevent young people from starting to smoke, informing them about the risks of children exposed to second-hand smoke, particularly in cars and homes, and training health care and family support workers to deliver brief interventions for smoking cessation as a routine part of their work.

      Scotland has set the goal of creating a generation of young people who do not want to smoke, by “denormalizing” measures, such as smoke-free laws in places where children gather, peer-based prevention programmes for adolescents, targeting parents for cessation and encouraging families to have smoke-free homes.

      A call for international cooperation

      No government can succeed on its own in banning tobacco, as advertising, illicit trade and trade policies are not limited by geographical borders. Some countries have announced a target year to end tobacco use in their populations: Ireland by 2025, Finland by 2040 and Scotland by 2034. They are paving the way to a tobacco-free future by introducing plain packaging, banning smoking in cars carrying children and aiming for a tobacco-free millennial generation. Reaching this target will demand international cooperation to ensure effective implementation. The roadmap specifies the need for partnerships to make tobacco a thing of the past, closing the gap between countries to reach the common destination.

      By signing up to the roadmap, countries have shown that Europe’s attainment of the global goal on tobacco use is within reach. Governments are urged to set national targets for reducing the use of tobacco by 2025 and promoting a cross-government approach to tobacco control involving ministries of health, finance, agriculture, education, environment, social affairs and trade.

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