2030 Agenda

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the Telegraph:

There is a high likelihood that 40,000 delegates from 200 countries will agree to legally-binding rules at the COP 21 climate talks in Paris in December. As a matter of pure economics, it makes no difference whether or not you accept the hypothesis of man-made global warming. The political argument has been settled by the world’s dominant powers.

That’s December. But there’s more of the same due this September. I came across the UN 2030 Agenda on Zerohedge today. I’d never heard of it before, but

later this month, nearly every nation on the entire planet is going to be signing up for this new agenda.

The preamble reads (my added emphases):

This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. We recognise that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement this plan.

We are resolved to free the human race from the tyranny of poverty and want and to heal and secure our planet. We are determined to take the bold and transformative steps which are urgently needed to shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path.

As we embark on this collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets which we are announcing today demonstrate the scale and ambition of this new universal Agenda.

Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere

There have come to be a number of words whose use regularly signifies that some sort of baloney is being talked about. “Challenge” is one of these words. “Sustainable” is another. “Urgent” another. Action is always ‘urgently’ needed.  These are words which serve as signals to indicate the political orientation of the speaker. When I read these words, my baloney meter starts flashing red.

And then we have Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere. It’s simply mind-boggling in its utopian ambition. And anyway what do they mean by ‘poverty’? Well, it doesn’t really matter, does it? Because for every different definition of poverty that’s supplied, they can say that’s another form of poverty to be ended.

They may as well have called for the end of ‘suffering’ or ‘unhappiness’ in all its forms everywhere.

Anyway, ‘climate change’ is in there too:

Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

I haven’t looked, but I wouldn’t be surprised if making the world ‘smoke-free’ is another item on the list of actions ‘urgently’ needed.

I always wonder what is meant by ‘sustainable development’. The explanation

the focus of sustainable development is far broader than just the environment. It’s also about ensuring a strong, healthy and just society. This means meeting the diverse needs of all people in existing and future communities, promoting personal wellbeing, social cohesion and inclusion, and creating equal opportunity.

is just another jumble of vague words: ‘Strong’, ‘healthy’, ‘just’, ‘diverse’, ‘cohesive’, ‘inclusive’, ‘equal’.

But of course you know that these are the very same people who are – in the name of ‘health’ – exiling smokers to the outdoors, and ensuring that ‘diversity’ becomes uniformity, ‘cohesion’ becomes division, and ‘inclusion’ becomes exclusion.

Because all these words mean whatever they want them to mean, and almost always the exact opposite of what they’re supposed to mean.

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29 Responses to 2030 Agenda

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank its agenda 21 in complete form. That’s all it is and it will never work. When has the world ever come together under one banner and accepted total surrender to others controlling it. It isn’t going to happen.

  2. Joe L. says:

    ‘Making the world smoke-free’ isn’t listed verbatim, but it’s clearly inferred as a priority in goal #3, “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.”

  3. RdM says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if making the world ‘smoke-free’ is another item on the list of actions

    26. To promote physical and mental health and well-being, and to extend life expectancy for all, we must achieve universal health coverage and access to quality health care. No one must be left behind. [ … ] We are committed to the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases, including behavioural, developmental and neurological disorders, which constitute a major challenge for sustainable development.

    And, as Joe L. notes above:

    Goal 3. Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

    3.4 By 2030, reduce by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment and promote mental health and well-being

    Maybe also:

    11.6 By 2030, reduce the adverse per capita environmental impact of cities, including by paying special attention to air quality

    • smokingscot says:

      Wasn’t at all sure what they meant when they say “neurological disorders”. So did a quick shuftie and came up with the stuff they consider to be neurological disorders in children.

      It’s here:


      Autism spectrum disorders
      Brain tumors
      Learning disabilities
      Movement disorders
      Newborn neurological disorders
      Inherited neurological (neurogenetic) diseases
      Neuromuscular diseases
      White matter diseases

      So – as a lay person – I’d say that means doing a whole bunch of tests on prospective parents before they attempt to breed. And of course aborting those that can be checked whilst in the womb.

      Now that alone should ring thumping great bells with Mrs. Gordon Brown as well as Mrs. David Cameron, both of whom were responsible for giving birth to children who were less than genetically perfect.

      And they want to prevent and treat behavioural and developmental disorders. Again that seems to point the finger at parents. And once again a stack of powerful individuals need to be awfully careful, for they too have less than satisfactory sprogs who sometimes display unacceptable behavioural disorders.

      However I find it remarkable that their focus is on the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases.

      Okay I can understand they don’t give much of a damn about ebola or MERS. (By the by this link’ll show that some people may have experienced MERS – and the symptoms are remarkably similar to COPD)


      because there’s no money in it for big pharma – until MERS hit Korea, then they gave a damn. However I’d be only too pleased if they’d do something worthwhile and find a cure for the common cold.

      Seems arse before tit IMO.

  4. Twisted Root says:

    I’d spotted this. You know it’s drivel when they say they are going to end poverty by 2030, i.e. they are going to kill the poor. That’s the only way it can be done, ‘The poor will always be with us’.

    Perhaps they are going to do it by flying around the world in giant machines, dropping a humane gas onto peasants, dissenters and smokers; they could call it Wings Across The World.

  5. nisakiman says:

    Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere

    This is just a euphemism for the socialist agenda of global wealth redistribution, and ‘Climate Change’ is part of that agenda.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Exactly and so is forcing all countries to accept thlege pre determined amount of illegal aliens until the countrie is flooded to a substantial number that is equal to or more than the native population. Its how they intend to destroy nationalism world wide if nobodys caught on yet.

  6. roobeedoo2 says:

    Stoptober’s tagline for 2015 is ‘This time it’s personal’. So I have tweeted the comedians signed up for the campaign:

    If dem da rules… Mum died this morning

  7. RdM says:

    From the Foreword by Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn to Igor Shafarevich’s The Socialist Phenomenon:

    World socialism as a whole, and all the figures associated with it, are shrouded in legend; its contradictions are forgotten or concealed; it does not respond to arguments but continually ignores them–all this stems from the mist of irrationality that surrounds socialism and from its instinctive aversion to scientific analysis, features which the author of this volume points out repeatedly and in many contexts. The doctrines of socialism seethe with contradictions, its theories are at constant odds with its practice, yet due to a powerful instinct–also laid bare by Shafarevich–these contradictions do not in the least hinder the unending propaganda of socialism. Indeed, no precise, distinct socialism even exists; instead there is only a vague, rosy notion of something noble and good, of equality, communal ownership, and justice: the advent of these things will bring instant euphoria and a social order beyond reproach.
    And even equality itself, that powerful appeal and great promise of socialists throughout the ages, turns out to signify not equality of rights, of opportunities, and of external conditions, but equality qua identity, equality seen as the movement of variety toward uniformity.


    • harleyrider1978 says:

      It means the masses can have no more than what the masters dictate you can have.

      The state owns the person,his ideas,his mind,his thoughts,his labor and his body.

      The governmants own the corporations but under an assumed fake looking charade that they are independent even though that is a total lie.

      They will do as they are directed or be replaced by newer party members no matter the losses incurred or the lack of jobs such leadership destroys. Ive already seen the liberal version of corporate management in action. Their equality isn’t equal its about who they like just like the good ole boyz routine of before.

      I watched how a company worth about 150 million grossing about 60 million a year was run down into the ground by liberal management in under 2 years.

      The maintenance dept was a sham with each under 25 so called worker brainwashed into a scheme of how to get raises by completing courses in lifestyle management for one and nobody walking in the door got paid by their experience.

      I asked one man in maintenance how much lower their production output was as compared to before the new team came in with their changes,he said 60% and the machines didn’t get fixed in order of most need. One dead machine stops the whole line and what happens is there is no Boss to see that everything is running. They ran what was deemed a shared responsibility to keep things running……..

      Needless to say it was a free ticket to fuck off until you decided to fix it……….

      If a machine went down the operator merely posted a computer maint report and maybe somebody would get to it in maintenance. Meanwhile the production manager basically all women and lesbians at that didn’t know jack diddly squat about any mechanical shit. They couldn’t even order parts without going thru a front office girl and then wait for corporate approval a thousand miles away to approve it……….

      You guest it I left within an hour………and the older guy begging me look man we need experienced folks we have none. I said wheres the old crew and he said they all quit save 2 guys and they went to midnites and stayed upstairs out of the way as they couldn’t get anything done with management throwing more monkey wrenches into everything.

      The place was in Gordonsville tn right beside AL GORES hometown in Carthage tn.

      Needless to say the place was boarded up and shutdown 3 months later.

  8. harleyrider1978 says:

    A lady has decided for giving herself a special treat on her Seventeenth birthday by staying overnight in a very expensive & magnificent hotel. Next morning, The Desk clerk handed her a bill of $250. She insisted to know about Highly charged bill “I accept it’s a good hotel, but the rooms aren’t worth $250..00 for just staying for one night – I didn’t even have breakfast!” The Desk clerk told her that Two-Hundred-and-Fifty Dollars is the ‘standard rate,’ and breakfast had been included had she wanted it.

    She insisted on Communicating to the Manager. The Manager appeared and, informed by the desk clerk, declared : “This hotel has an Olympic-sized pool and Specialized huge conference center designed and built almost exclusively to host conferences which are available for use.” But I didn’t use them.” ”Well, they are here, and you could have.”

    He explained “We have the best performers (comedians, singers & dancers) from all over the world performing in this Hotel 24/7 Hrs.” “But I didn’t go to any of those shows..” She supplicated. “Well, we have them, and you could have.” was the response,.

    No matter what facilities and services the Manager mentioned, she responded, “But I didn’t utilize it!” and the Manager contradicted with his standard response.

    After several minutes debate, and with the Manager still unruffled, she decided to pay, wrote a check and gave it to him. The Manager looked at her in astonishment when he looked at the check. “But Madam, this check is for only $50.00” “That’s correct” she replied “I charged you $200.00 for sleeping with me.”

    “But I didn’t sleep with you madam!” said the manager “Well, too bad, I was here, and you could have.”

  9. Rose says:

    Now this is an angle that Alcohol Concern has probably never considered.

    Jim Beam explosion: Lightning strikes whiskey factory, making rivers flow with fire and alcohol
    05 September 2015

    “Lightning has struck a whiskey factory, sparking a firenado of flaming alcohol to be sucked up into the sky.

    The Kentucky warehouse, which produces Jim Beam bourbon, was battered by lightning, heavy rain and strong winds simultaneously. AOL reports that the combination of all three meant that water laced with alcohol was whipped into a funnel- sparking the fire which tore through the factory.”

    Fire Safe Alcohol

  10. harleyrider1978 says:

    • harleyrider1978 says:


    • harleyrider1978 says:

      What’s behind the “immigrant “crisis” in the EU your being sold by the MSM – Agenda 21

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        Basically it means western nations need to invade and recolonize those countries where these refuges are coming from under the excuse they are leaving persecution and famine.

        Its quite obvious these countries cannot govern themselves any longer.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          Then we have the muslim extremist jihad moving in and taking over a lot of these countries already. If you cant tell whats coming yet it means a global war to stop the spread of radical islam. No doubt we will even be fighting the moderate moslems in the end too.

  11. garyk30 says:

    “We are committed to the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases, including behavioural, developmental and neurological disorders, which constitute a major challenge for sustainable development.”

    I guess my saying the following would be a ‘behavioral dis-order’:

    “I don’t want to be like everyone else. I want to be free to smoke, drink too much, eat the wrong foods,argue about politics, enjoy the wrong music and books,have dangerous hobbies, and just be different in my own way.

    Only passing mention seems to made to individual “freedom and liberty’.

    • nisakiman says:

      Off to the re-education camps with you, Gary. Can’t have you re-normalising anything that’s been declared verboten.

      • garyk30 says:

        Both of us probably.

      • Some French bloke says:

        Considering the nature of the healthists’ agenda, confined re-education camps may only be a few ‘logical steps’ away. On the other hand, if Tobacco Ctrl is stopped in its tracks, the open-air insane asylum they’ve managed to turn the world into will soon become one huge re-education camp – in a positive and cathartic sense – as the whole new world order concept is sent into systemic convulsions for years if not decades on end.

    • Some French bloke says:

      have dangerous hobbies

      By all means, Gary, as long as you refrain from projecting imaginary risks and fears on other people’s hobbies, like our German ‘friend’ and dedicated diver Peter ‘Happy Dyin’ Rachow routinely does.

  12. Some French bloke says:

    From RooBeeDoo’s link above:

    1995, when Philip Morris could still display at least a semblance of fighting spirit:

    Ban: (left) Smoking was barred in many public places; (right) in a 1995 advertisement, Philip Morris equates smokers with Jews for its purposes.

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