Discovering Pauline Boty

My mind’s a complete blank tonight.

But today I discovered someone I’d never heard of before: Pauline Boty.


She was a pop artist, actress, dancer, and famous beauty in early 60s London. She was at the centre of early 60s pop culture. She knew the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol. She appeared in several Ken Russell movies. All the guys were madly in love with her.


And then, in 1965, after giving birth to a baby girl, she died of leukemia aged just 25. And seems to have been almost completely forgotten thereafter. Which I guess is why I’d never heard of her. And that now seems to be like never having heard of Marianne Faithful or Nico or somebody.

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20 Responses to Discovering Pauline Boty

  1. Some French bloke says:

    O/T. Seems that Peter Rachow (the virulent thug some on here had a tiff with a couple of days ago) is well-know in Germany, to the point of inspiring a blog against his hysterical ANT activism (his condition has even been named after him: “Morbus Rachow”).

    Maybe some of the German-speaking commenters could have a look and report on interesting bits found elsewhere on the site:
    “Rachow und Cohortes – über P(r)o (R)auchfrei, Peter Rachow, und andere Anti-Tabak Faschisten”

    • Frank Davis says:

      Peter Rachow has a blog:

      which seems to be about Netzwerk Rauchen. So he’s an antismoking blogger who blogs about pro-smoking blogs. But if there’s now a blog about him, then there are prosmoking bloggers who blog about antismoking bloggers who blog about prosmoking blogs.

      And yes, it’s a strange disease that afflicts these people.

    • Peter Rachow says:

      Hi guys, keep cool! Some of my articles are also in English. No need to bother with learning German:

      Have fun guys, happy dyin’!

      • roobeedoo2 says:

        You, too, sweetie :D

        Clicky, the wank-stain may think he’s going to live forever, but be nice; he might be special needs or sumthing…

        • Peter Rachow says:

          Cool. Just like your German counterparts: The insult as the final declaration of mental bankruptcy. That’s the way tolerant smokers behave in public. Nothing new, to be honest.

          BTW: Have you got some more four-letter words? I’m always in search for vocabulary I haven’t known so far. If you like I can tell you some nice German names, so we can exchange.

        • roobeedoo2 says:

          ‘The insult as the final declaration of mental bankruptcy’.

          Oh no, Clicky, what’s wrong?

        • Peter Rachow says:

          Oh, you got mental problems? Showing links is your only remaining mean of articulation? Poor boy! Hint: Quit smoking and allow your brain to recover! Sooner or later you’ll be able to write more or less complex texts.

        • roobeedoo2 says:

          Dali with Coco Chanel have a fag and a chinwag… nice find Clicky. What was that famous fashion statement of hers..?

          That’s the one. Cheers, Click.

        • nisakiman says:

          Oooh, a German anti-smoking obsessive! That’s novel!

          I have a lot of German friends, and they are all boringly tolerant of other people’s lifestyles. It’s really quite a find, an ideological German anti-smoking zealot!

          Are there more, or are you the only one, Peter?

          Tell me, do you actually get a buzz out of screwing up people’s lives and interfering with their right to choose what they consume? Is it like sex for you when you can coerce someone, against their will, to bend to your ideology?

          Or do you do it out of some warped sense of self-righteousness? You know, like you’re actually sort of doing them a favour by lobbying for them to be discriminated against and made pariahs in society? How about suggesting that smokers be made to wear, oh, I don’t know, maybe a yellow star or something on their lapels for easy identification? That should help further your dream of a smoke-free utopia, where nobody ever gets sick or dies anymore. I tell you what, maybe you should lobby to ban beer, too, and everything else people enjoy. That way, we can all live forever, and be, well, bored, in our grey, joyless immortality. Oh yummy, I can’t wait!

          Oh, by the way, did you know that some of the longest-lived people on earth were smokers? And that even you, in your purity, will die, and it will almost certainly be of a ‘smoking related disease’, since according to the gospel of Tobacco Control, every disease known to man is caused by smoking?

      • margo says:

        (Crikey! What have we stumbled across?)

  2. Excellent! I don’t remember Nico… but now I do :) We can find religion if we look deep into the eyes? Definitely need a smoke break!

  3. waltc says:

    From yesterday: the concept of the live/dead cat has always eluded me but whether or not it specifically applies, I agree with junican’s proposition that observation affects the observed. I think that plays out on many levels in a range of situations. So too does the observed affect the observer, as does the very act of observing.

    Watch in hand,
    Observing motion,
    Also observed
    Watch in hand.

    You there,
    Heart in hand
    Observing emotion,
    Can you observe
    You there,

  4. Rose says:

    Article 5.3 strikes again, this time making the EU Commission look shifty?

    Did the Commission censor Big Tobacco documents because of TTIP?

    “But campaigners and MEPs argued that contradicted Commission Secretary-General Catherine Day’s written justification for blacking out huge swathes of the papers, which were released under EU freedom of information law.”

    No smoke without fire: Negotiations with tobacco firms must be transparent

    28 August 2015

    “Despite the almost comical redacting of entire pages of material, the release of documents by the European Commission on the implementation of TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) sheds useful light on the Commission’s dealing with the big tobacco firms.

    The suspicion is that these powerful multinationals are using their influence in a (literally) unhealthy manner, and attempting to make the European Union agree to provisions that would seriously harm efforts to cut back on tobacco smoking across Europe – a large and profitable market for the cigarette makers.”

    Welcome to the european “Display Ban”, you wanted it, you got it.

  5. nisakiman says:

    Thanks for that, Frank. I’d never heard of Pauline Boty either, but the links provided some fascinating facts about her. I was even moved to download ‘Darling’, about the 60s London scene, which I was quite familiar with, having lived in central London in ’69/’70.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I certainly found it fascinating. And I seem to remember that Darling was based on an affair that Boty had been having with a married man, and that she was considered for playing the role that eventually went to Julie Christie (I think). I haven’t seen the movie.

    • smokingscot says:

      @ Nisakiman

      Seems Rachow’s a serial blogger. Mad keen on diving (and blogs about it).

      Got lots and lots of photos and most are tied to some blog or other.

      And he believes everything his government tells him. And he trusts doctors. Late middle age, compliant and regurgitative. How wonderfully droll.

      • Some French bloke says:

        Mad keen on diving

        Whoever could convince him to stick to the things he’s really good at, and not venture into areas where the lies are so gross any mildly intelligent layman could spot them in a peasouper, would be doing him a huge favour.
        The big wiz of premature death estimates debates with a truncheon
        and the dire implications in the last two words of his comment
        are as scientific as the accompanying gloating, so he shouldn’t complain about any descent into name-calling, or even call that a descent – if you can’t handle the dissent, expect the “descent”.

      • Frank Davis says:

        Mad keen on diving

        What sort of diving? Scuba diving, or head-first-from-a-great-height diving?

        I have no sympathy for either species of diver. They’re both dangerous habits, with well-documented risks of drowning. Diving also carries risks of the ‘bends’ and nitrogen narcosis – “the rapture of the deep”. And what is high diving but repetitive concussion? There always need to be rescue services on hand in case they get into difficulty. Which is not something that a few smokers enjoying a beer ever needed.

        And the blighter has the nerve to tell us that what we’re doing will kill us!

        • beobrigitte says:

          From what I gather, it isn’t good at diving, too…..

          This … erm… human being … is arrested in development. Someone who cites tobacco control&friend’s industry research as gospel whilst vilifying tobacco industry research clearly has no interest in the truth. Something hurt the … erm… person…. when a kid and it stuck.

          I actually feel sorry for it. (The kid who never managed to grow up and then ask the questions I did ask when I was a kid)

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