Bull In A China Shop

Roger Helmer was the only politician apart from Nigel Farage to show up at Stony Stratford. He doesn’t smoke.

Yesterday I went to the dentist.  They had me fill in a medical status form.  The dentist asked me about my alcohol consumption (perhaps because I had written “substantial” on the form), and proceeded to harangue me about the dangers of alcohol.  For him, the liver damage seemed marginal — but he was keen to tell me about cancers of the mouth and throat.

I had a similar experience a few weeks ago. But it wasn’t really a harangue, and it was smoking that was supposed to cause oral cancers.

It was only my innate courtesy (and perhaps a fear of the drill) that prevented me from telling him in forthright terms that I was paying him for dental treatment, not joyless anti-alcohol propaganda.

This is the problem. You don’t want to go disagreeing with someone who’s about to stick a drill in your mouth.

Of course the state has a legitimate interest in public health, and no one should be concerned that the state points out the various risks of excessive alcohol consumption.  But with doctors and dentists and wine bottle labels hectoring us with advice, we’ve reached an “Enough is Enough” point.  For heaven’s sake, guys, back off, and give us a moment to enjoy a glass of wine in peace.

We’re well past the “Enough is Enough” point (it was, oddly enough, the slogan on one side of my handmade placard at Stony Stratford).

We are approaching the stage where the government thinks it has a right to wrap us up entirely in cotton wool.  After all, if we get ill through our own ill-advised behaviour, are we not an extra cost for the NHS?  But on the other hand, are we to stop or constrain every activity merely because injury would involve costs to the health service?  Most people have a lively sense of their own well-being, which is driven by more pressing concerns that the cost to the tax-payer.

Whatever. But it’s interesting that even 71-year-old MEPs are now getting harangued by busybody dentists. And have had enough.

In fact, I think most people have had enough. And therein lies the secret of Donald Trump’s appeal. He’s had enough of political correctness, and so have they.

trumpDonald Trump won, whatever his opponents are trying to tell you.

Even though Fox News spent two hours in the first GOP presidential debate personally attacking Donald Trump, hoping to tank his meteoric rise, it didn’t work. Trump didn’t stumble.

Polls declared Trump the GOP debate winner. He won 50 per cent of the Drudge poll and 46 per cent of TIME poll.

Despite this ambush, Trump sucked the air out of the debate, talking the most – a little over 10 minutes – and eclipsing his rivals with unvarnished, honest answers.

It’s just a delight to watch someone bulldoze his opponents, and unashamedly break every rule as he does so, like a bull in a china shop.

I didn’t see the whole show, but it seems clear that Fox News was out to get Trump. And didn’t succeed.

“You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals,” {Megyn] Kelly began.

“Only Rosie O’Donnell,” Trump interrupted, earning loud cheers from the crowd.

What a riposte! And then, after it was over – shock! horror! – he called Megyn Kelly a “bimbo”. Oh dear!



Which is sort of like icing on the cake. Not only does he not apologise for one set of remarks, but he adds fuel to the fire by tossing in another one. Can it get any better?

And all the other candidates were left looking plodding and safe and, well,… de-bollocked.

If nothing else, Donald Trump is showing the world how to tear off the fetters and chains of political correctness, and speak openly and unashamedly. Everybody can learn a lesson from this (including the other candidates).

Political correctness seeks to control the language that people use in exactly the same way as smoking bans seek to control people’s behaviour. They both serve to restrict and contain people, leaving them the space in which to say and do only what is demanded of them. And people must break out of these intolerable constraints.

This is deeper than US presidential politics: this is about a political cancer that has been gradually stifling the entire Western world for decades. This is not about the US presidency or the GOP or policies or bullet points. It’s beyond all that.

Donald Trump is saying what millions of people want to say, but can’t, because their tongues have been tied. He’s showing them how to untie their tongues, and speak freely. And he’s doing it with style, on prime time television. Of course they love him.


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28 Responses to Bull In A China Shop

  1. Sorry, but today I am moody. Trump is not hated and imprisoned because he is very rich, ok ?!
    Remember the priest Norman Weslin:

  2. harleyrider1978 says:

    When the political pendulum swings it always goes full tilt the opposite way after especially Obama.
    Same thing happened after Carter……………Reagan ate Carter for Dinner at everyturn and America trusted Reagan because Reagan had an oratory way of speaking to the public in a manner just like a soothing voiced father would to his kids as he held them close saying its going to be just fine and don’t worry….Reagan was the best ever at least there. Although I fear he allowed to much anti-smoking pushes and health facists to get a toe hold in government back then. He shoulda kicked them all to the streets as they were being led in the back doors to government jobs by democrats in office at the time.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Especially he should have thrown SG KOOP on the pile of shit to be burned but no I endured koops preaching not once but 3 times at NRMC JAX HOSPITAL Command when I was stationed there. Boy did I find out who were Nazis and who weren’t. My own skipper at physiology unit stuck a anti smoking campaign cabinent in the hallway at the unit and it had the first BLACK LUNG tissue sample put out and stated see what smoking lungs look like………Well Dr Knutzin our direct Captain smoked and saw the lung in the cabinent and ordered it removed and stated that’s a damned lie to my skipper and you know better.

      He said well the SG asked any of us to display his wares if we wanted too……….

      Knutzin told him NOT ON MY WATCH …………….

  3. harleyrider1978 says:

    Yep I gather Hillaries staff wrote the questions for megan

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      That’s why I said FOX NEWS is no better than MSNBC for nearly 80% of their content and this happened 18 months ago when they changed staff around and brought in the views supposedly republican blonde dumb bell…………

  4. harleyrider1978 says:

    Insanity has been outdone again by the Nazis

    Hunter prison officials hoping smoking ban will curb violence

    When a jurisdiction goes smoke free, one would think that possibly assaults and other serious incidents might increase,” he said.

    “In fact the opposite happens because you don’t have people having highs and lows with tobacco like they do with any other drug, you actually get a bit of a flat lining and a much calmer environment.”


    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Prisoners urged to strike over smoking ban and overcrowding | Myinforms

      INMATES of jails across NSW have been urged to go on strike to protest overcrowding and a range of other alleged breaches of their rights.

      Advocacy group Justice Action made the call just days before a smoking ban is due to start across every prison in the state.

      Co-ordinator Brett Collins, a former inmate, said recent attacks on inmates’ rights were tantamount to torture.

      He also slammed the government for banning smoking without making smokeless “e-cigarettes” available to those kicking their addiction.

      “The government has refused to acknowledge its failings, blamed staff, and has brought out the immediate action teams (to stop riots),” he said.

      “We know from experience that riots don’t bring long-term changes but allow armed bullies to vilify and brutally degrade defenceless, desperate people.

      “After considerable consultation, without any external assistance being offered, we declare the beginning of the prisoners strike.”

      Mr Collins said the “smart strike” would be disciplined and committed to running over a long period.

      “The rules are that there will be no violence, no riots, no martyrs, no hunger strikes, no charges and no…


  5. harleyrider1978 says:
  6. Joe L. says:

    This is proof that the political parties here are corrupt. For the uber-conservative Fox News to defame the leading GOP candidate seems like blasphemy. As much as I distrust Trump, it goes to show that anyone who honestly speaks their mind in America is ostracised by both major political parties. While I agree this should be a message to all people that political correctness is absurd, it is coming from a candidate who is an easy target for ridicule, and at the end of the day, will probably have an unfortunately adverse impact on the issue, thanks to the American media.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Trump is a salesman and right now he is selling what people want heard…………he has the message and that’s what counts and he is a capitalist to the end. I know he flips and flops like the rest,but he tapped into the American spirit on immigration and on so many other things especially attacking the PC BULLSHIT.

  7. Joe L. says:

    O/T: So they’re banning smoking in prisons, yet our government is wiiling to pay for inmates to have sex-change surgery? Call me crazy, but something sounds quite fucked up here…

    Transgender California inmate who won reassignment surgery to be paroled

  8. John Watson says:

    Hi Harley, I have a couple of questions, like most of my fellow countrymen I know little about American politics and those who engage in them so forgive me if the questions seem stupid.
    Would you consider Donald Trump to be the polar opposite of Michael Bloomberg?
    I know that both men are very rich and that Bloomberg heavily funds anti-smoking and the politically correct agenda, do you think it is possible that Donald Trump may use part of his fortune to support anti PC organisations and or organisations that are pro free speech/libertarian against Bloomberg?

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Bloomberg has billions more than Trump and more RAW CASH to use than Trump has to sponsor things. Politically Bloomberg and trump are polar opposites on just about everything. Trump knows the healthest BS for what it is,He isn’t a fool and given a tad bit of time he may very well start attacking that same agenda as he has the illegal immigration agenda of Obama which is what shot him to the top!

  9. margo says:

    Bloody dentists (and doctors). I cancelled those dental appointments I mentioned a few weeks ago, by the way – in the hope that they would realise their haranguing was counter-effective. I’ll go back when things get really dire and I need extractions and false teeth (then they’ll say, ‘Look, we told you smoking would make your teeth fall out,’ when what really makes them fall out is the reluctance of smokers (and drinkers) to make regular appointments for on-going maintenance.

    • Bandit 1 says:

      I know this is more unsolicited advice on top of the dentist’s unsolicited advice, but I don’t think you should let your teeth suffer. You are paying for a service, so demand that service, the way you want it.

      At the appointment state explicitly to the dentist’s face that you do not wish to hear any haranguing, now or in the future. (I think waiting for them to realise why you don’t visit anymore will mean you wait forever). Explain that you cancelled at first purely and simply because you didn’t want haranguing. Ask the guy, in light of the above, if he thinks giving unsolicited health advice is productive or counterproductive.

      Alternatively, just ask him how his marriage and sex life are going. Then start giving him advice on them. Or ask about his psychological wellbeing. Dentists are a very high-risk category for suicide.

      • margo says:

        I’ve tried your first suggestion (stating explicitly, etc) to no avail. The second one (your last paragraph)I like a lot. The trouble is, though, that most of the time I shall have my mouth open and full of those things they stuff in, and will have to wait till he’s writing up my card at the end of the appointment. It’s certainly time for smokers to stop just taking it on the chin and going home fuming with rage. We should give as good as we get.

        • Bandit 1 says:

          Yes. We need to stand up and fight back, as individuals, or the persecution will never end. We need to stop being so polite, so accommodating, so accepting. Make it clear to the would-be persecutors that their words and actions are not acceptable.

          This is a civil rights issue. We all need to emulate Rosa Parks.

    • Zarniwoop says:

      I went to my dentist (a new one the previous chiseller had done a bunk having fleeced his patients) and got the “Do you smoke?”
      “Yes” says I and then got the whole “I needn’t remind you of the health effects of smoking” at which point I interjected and advised said 20 something dentist that I was 51 years of age and I would make my own mind up about what I can and can not do.

      The treatment session then proceeded in a sullen silence from him.

      They need to be put back in their box every time they do this.

  10. waltc says:

    I watched the debate. First,all the candidates got tough questions on their weak points in terms of their electability and on the charges the Dems will throw at them, and with the Dems using the meme of a “war on women” that was the context of that q to Trump. So was the one about his bankruptsies since he boasts of his wealth and financial acumen. In his first answer to Kelley, he appeared to threaten her personally with “what I could do to you since you!re not being nice to me.” This is a thug answer, not remotely that of a statesman. Think how JFKor Reagan would have responded–with wit and dexterity. Then too the front runner,which he, llamentably is, always gets more and more challenging q’s. Asked to back his assertions with facts and his promises with plans, he blanked out and resorted to just calling everyone else stupid. Don’t fall in love with this guy. And Keley’s no bimbo. She’s smart and charming

  11. Supergran says:

    Talking of PC – I dont read the newspapers or watch the news much (just like you Frank) because they just wind me up and I cant bloody stand the shite they come out with, but yesterday my father in law was at mine. He brought a newspaper and headlines SCREAMED footballer in “vile” rasist attack. A footballer called a Japanese person a Jap. OMG, how shockingly terrible (not)!!!!!!!!! Pathetic. He was absolutely bollocked for daring to say Jap. Bet the bleedin Jap can say Brit tho. Im not gonna go on, but think the whole world has gone bonkers.

    • Zarniwoop says:

      No the Japs call us whiteys “Round eyes” but imagine the furor if some one called them slant eyes :D

      • Supergran says:

        God aye yes, I remember Prince Philip got into bother calling them slant-eyes!! For God’s sake, people should just chill out really. I am sick to the back teeth of all and sundry pulling the race card. Everyone are PEOPLE, some are fat, some thin, some brown, some white, some Black etc. They wouldnt prosecute anyone for callin me Fatty or you skinny or the other scarface. Would one get into trouble if one were to call the guy at the corner shop Pakistani? They would if they called him Paki. Ridiculous. I dont agree with racism but its all gone too far.

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