Creeping Prohibition

I dread the thought of ever having to be admitted to hospital. Excerpt of letter by Simon Clark:

The NHS has a duty of care to protect people’s health but that doesn’t include the right to nag, cajole or bully smokers to quit. Many smokers are in hospital for reasons that have nothing to do with smoking. Why should they be told they cannot go outside and have a cigarette in the open air?

It’s heartless to ban patients or staff from smoking anywhere on hospital grounds. Tobacco is a legal product and many people smoke to relieve stress. A cigarette break at work or while they are in hospital is something many people look forward to. For some patients may be one of the few pleasures they have while in hospital.

Driving the proposal to make smoking in hospital grounds an offence is a degree of bullying that is unacceptable in a tolerant society. People are no longer educated about the health risks of smoking. Today they are patronised, insulted, made to feel like lepers or, worse, threatened with prosecution and fines. The public health industry is engaged in a campaign of creeping prohibition. Banning smoking in the open air, even in hospital grounds, is a step too far.

I wonder if they ban alcohol and starve fat people as well? And get everybody else to exercise? And bombard them with climate change propaganda?

I mentioned trying to see the International Space Station a few days ago. I never realised that you can talk to it:

Adrian Lane, of Gloucestershire, sent out a call signal to the ISS and was “stunned” when he received a reply.

He said: “They came back to me and said, ‘Receiving you – welcome aboard the International Space Station’.”

Mr Lane, from Coleford, and a US astronaut chatted for about 45 seconds before the station went out of range.

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29 Responses to Creeping Prohibition

  1. Tonight, I tried to communicate with extraterrestrials in the central government of Brazil. Other “cooking pots” of 10 minutes today on time “free” party of the president on TV, as happened on March 15, reported by John Oliver:

    because beyond the “petrolão”, now the police are investigating the “eletrolão” and other “ãos” of the same gang STILL in power.

    • Big oil surely wouldn’t put out anti climate change propaganda would they? Only big solar and big wind would do that?

      • Please don’t talk to me about climate change: this “concept” as the anti-smoking is a battle of the same war against us.
        On the other hand, the destruction of Petrobras and large brazilian builders is the same repetitive tactic to keep the indigenous and underdeveloped Brazil. The “panelaço” is a protest of living humans against this agenda.
        Hug for you, CFrank and others who read this message.

  2. jaxthefirst says:

    “I wonder if they ban alcohol …

    Yes, I think they do.

    “ … and starve fat people as well?”

    Not overtly, but I’ll bet that the less-than-stick-thin’s diets are “watched.”

    “And get everybody else to exercise?”

    Not yet, but just give them time.

    “And bombard them with climate change propaganda?”

    Probably will in future, once the first three items have been fully implemented.

    No doubt, too, that in future patients will be routinely tested for “mental abnormalities,” which to you and me will mean holding opinions which are not approved-of, so that anyone not holding whiter-than-white right-on opinions on race, religion, sex equality, health, children and family life, work, leisure, the Government, etc etc will be deemed to be suffering from a “mental illness” as well as whatever they were admitted for in the first place – which probably then won’t get treated whilst they “sort out the mental issues.”

  3. dave says:

    Yes, it’s possible to talk to folks on the ISS if you’re lucky, usually around 145.8 MHz to 145.95 MHz, it’s nothing new.

  4. Starving ’em eh? Actually that might be a concept we want to push into the public consciousness out there on the boards. If they follow the antismoking model, they could quite easily insist that patients eat ONLY what the hospital gives them as a “healthy diet.” and visitors could be searched for illicit food items smuggled up their butts! (“Honey, look, I appreciate you bringing me that vanilla popsical, but I *hate* chocolate syrup and sprinkles!”)

    (Now that I’ve ruined everyone’s dinner I’ll sign out…)


  5. cherie79 says:

    From what I know of NHS food you are better starving!

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      all hospital food is basically now called heart healthy aka RABBIT FOOD……….

      In the navy they put me on the rabbit food diet via a Nazi new intern doc and a dietician lieutenant chick. By the 3rd day in traction and a DVT in the leg and being woke up every 2 hours to draw blood and no sleep I opened up my dinner tray lid and it was a big leaf of lettuce with a hunk of pineapple on it with cottage cheese and a side plate with a 2 pieces of toast. That dietician came round and I threw the whole meal at her and Dr. Green the head doc came as this bytch was going off on me and me on her,He asked whats going on here and I said they got me on a rabbit food diet and I aint ate in 3 days or slept. Dr Green cussed the chick out as there was no reason for the diet at all. He ordered me up a T-bone steak from the hospital galley on the spot with all the trimmings………That’s the diff between military active duty treatment and public health services aka welfare wards……

  6. John Watson says:

    “The NHS has a duty of care to protect people’s health but that doesn’t include the right to nag, cajole or bully smokers to quit.”

    I think that Simon actually “straddled” the target with that., Duty of care covers a multitude of sins, it creates a legal minefield that could create issues outside the hospital.

    If for example a patient or visitor is removed from hospital grounds for smoking (duty of care for the non smoker) and is subsequently involved in accident that causes them injury such as tripping or slipping on the pavement or contracts an illness due to inclement weather who then has lawful responsibility? Would it be the Local Authority who have the duty of care to ensure that trips and slips cannot happen due to uneven or slippery surfaces or the NHS trust who creates and enforces the policy that directly leads to the accident? or even both?

    Under HASAW every person/organisation has the responsibility to report health and safety hazards, organisations have a legal responsibility to create a risk assessment of their policies and actions if it affects others, in this instance both the NHS trust and the Local authority have to produce a risk assessment of sending patients and visitors offsite from NHS property onto Local Authority property under their duty of care.

    The answer here is to follow Health and Safety legislation, report violations of HASAW and accidents caused by removal of smokers from NHS trust property where injury is sustained due to falls or slips both on and off NHS trust property when removal is involved since that action is directly involved in causing the injury. After all the NHS trust has a duty of care to ensure that where they send you is safe, just as the Local Authority has the duty of care to ensure the pavements have no trip or slip hazards.

  7. Rose says:


    Just what you always wanted – real, live, passive drinking. It had to come.

    Get high on the atmosphere at the vapourised cocktail bar

    “Drinking is so last year. London’s latest pop-up bar pumps gaseous alcohol around a former monastery. Martha de Lacey pops in and inhales a gin and tonic ”

    ‘Basically we wanted to create a crazy theme bar and a fun way to start the night,’ explains Bompas. ‘You can only stay in here for 50 minutes, to ensure you only inhale the equivalent of one large gin and tonic – so you can’t get too drunk.’

    Guidelines For Alcohol Consumption Are Inadequate For Cancer Prevention

    “There is increasing evidence that links alcohol consumption to cancer. The WHO International Agency of Research on Cancer has stated, based on evidence, that alcohol is carcinogenic in both animals and humans. Several evaluations of this agency as well the joint 2007 report of the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research warned of the link between alcohol and cancers in the mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, colon-rectum and breast cancers.

    Based on the evidence, “there is no level of alcohol consumption for which cancer risk is null.”

    What if I as a non-drinker want to take the risk of going into a bar full of carcinogenic alcohol fumes? It sounds like fun to me and if they are still standing, I’ll be fine.

    Presumably, like non-smokers, I will no longer be allowed to take that decision.

    • Rose says:

      Oh dammit, please can you fix that for me, Frank? We only need to read about a vapourised cocktail bar once.

    • nisakiman says:

      There is increasing evidence that links alcohol consumption to cancer…

      There seems to be ‘increasing evidence’ linking just about everything on God’s earth to cancer. Not least the very fact of getting old.

      • Joe L. says:

        Actually, according to healthists, getting old is one of the least implicated causes of cancer; far, far below lifestyle.

        • nisakiman says:

          To paraphrase Mandy Rice-Davies:

          “Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they.”

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          My moms 75 and has to go in for a regular yearly colonoscomy in a few days and she is already on a colostomy bag after having colorectal cancer 10 years ago. The only one in this generation that doesn’t smoke now that got cancer in the whole family. But it was an easy operation and they got it all gone but her meds thru the years and losing part of her colon she just chose to have a bag put in. I feel for her she is scared again and well I said mom I know just how you feel as today I decided to drop the damn statin poisons for a week and see if I don’t get feeling better. My brother did and in 3 days he is already feeling 100% better over muscle pains and clouded up brain fog and vision blur. Now they want him to go on another statin and I told him there all the same bro it will just come back as soon as you start taking it again maybe even worse as the one they gave him is even stronger than Lipitor………..

    • Secondhand drinking… Rose, THANK YOU! Sheesh…. absolutely amazing. Is there ANYTHING we can dream up for the crazies that they won’t turn into a reality?

      – MJM

  8. clicky says:

  9. gdf1 says:

    “I dread the thought of ever having to be admitted to hospital”

    My mother used to have occasional blood pressure spikes. One time (she was abt 80 at the time) after our usual methods to get her BP back to normal had failed, I took her to the ER. After her BP had returned to normal, the physician said that he would like her to stay overnight so that they could monitor her BP. She refused. The physician replied that her thought she would refuse because he had noted that she smoked and that “smokers always refuse to stay”.

    I actually thought she was probably safer at home than at a hospital, but I did think it was odd (actually rather horrifying) that he knew this (that people who smoked would rather refuse additional needed medical care – from his point of view) and that he apparently didn’t care. I mean, if people who smoke want so much to avoid staying in a hospital – doesn’t that signal a serious problem with hospital policies?

    That being said, I do believe that if you have the wherewithal to get up and walk out of a hospital, you probably should – especially the elderly.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Been there done that still feeling the emotional after effects of it. Besides statin poison effects like muscle pain and head fog and stomach and and and …………even the lowered dose the doc said go to didn’t change much,oh it changed the severity of effects but that’s all. Pain here ten there then you pop a Xanax to calm your nerbes only to find out the Xanax does in fact create more anxiety rather than decrease it. Ever so often I over indulge for a day or 2 then OMG here comes a nerve wrecking day like today. Then taking a Loritab here and there to ease the muscle pains and bam the normal 1 a day turns into 3 a day and the next thing you know your dependency is up and hungering to take one.

      I quit taking the tabs save for the nite and yes Im in a tiny withdawel from it but the same is gonna happen with the Xanax even though I just couldn’t get by this morning without a .25 mg piece…………..Its horrible and then the shrink wanted to put me on a stop smoking drug to ease my emotional state…..I got it filled and on the counter it still sits never used.

  10. harleyrider1978 says:

  11. harleyrider1978 says:

    The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation tweeted today “There may well come a time when soda with meals seems just plain strange. h/t @swimdaily”
    I replied: “A good propaganda campaign could accomplish this. Announce that bystanders are being harmed. Paint soda drinkers as scum.”

    DQ hits tipping point for happier meals: Column

    Dairy Queen’s move to eliminate soda from kids’ meals…

    • Joe L. says:

      LOL! Dairy Queen is jumping on the healthist bandwagon? Health my ass. Sounds like a smart business plan to me! Remove soda from the kids’ meals, and what are the children going to ask their parents to buy alongside the meal? Why, a milkshake or ice cream, of course!

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        DQ held out the longest from the health facists but Now there new management has folded to them about 2 years ago after being shook down by government agenda seekers for a better term. Basically they got bent over the governmental regulatory threat barrel and warned if you don’t we will come down on you……….that’s the way its happened to all of the corporate giants and mini giants……….do as we say or else face our wrath.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          Add in wafflehouse this past april also jumped on the Nazi ban wagon after being coerced to at the corporate level………..I believe they have been promised thru government cronies 500 million in cash loans to build more stores if they playball with government health facists…………..I talked with the corp office VP for 30 minutes and you could tell in his voice what had happened. He even eluded to being leaned on by outside groups.

  12. harleyrider1978 says:

    End government funding for all charities.

    A “charity” which receives taxpayer funding is simply not a charity. In light of the Kids Company scandal it is fair to say that a symbiotic relationship between gov. and charities is unhelpful and innappropriate. Taxpayer funding turns charities into unaccountable Quangos. This is morally wrong.

  13. Cecily Collingridge says:

    There is a new hospital near me. The name above the door says Bridgwater Community Hospital. Either side of the entrance are large NHSsmokefree signs. This signals to me that smokers are not allowed or welcome. Therefore, the word ‘Community’ should be removed as it clearly no longer applies since the ban and ‘for non-smokers’ added after Hospital. They should be honest.

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