The EU Crisis Continued

It just keeps on coming…

Breitbart UK:

This EU crisis is an internal conflict within the international Left. Anybody who lived through the Soviet party schisms and purges of the 1930s would recognise the character of this confrontation. It is a war between the doctrinaire, unreconstructed Trots of Syriza and the pragmatic, power-crazed Stalinists of the EU. To Juncker et al. it is hugely frustrating that the crude fundamentalists of the old-style Greek left will not accommodate themselves to the slick, modern, cultural Marxist agenda of Brussels.

There is nothing “modern” or free-market about the EU. It is an old-fashioned cartel whose roots lie in the Confederation of the Rhine and Bonaparte’s Continental System. Like those precedents, it is a political project with dirigiste economic objectives bolted on – most notoriously the unworkable euro currency. It aspired to extinguish national and popular will across Europe and enslave the continent to the delusional aspirations of a selfish and bureaucratic elite. With the complicity of the media, for decades it contrived to brainwash electorates into accepting its mendacious claims. Now, that is all over.

Across Europe, over the past week, there has been a wave of revulsion against the EU, its tyrannical diktats, its contempt for the will of electorates, its economic incompetence and its transparent lies. Suddenly, all the hype, the jargon and the pretence have been stripped away. The evil empire’s lost credibility can never be recovered. We are living in a new climate where any politician who attempts to comply with Brussels will forfeit domestic acceptance. The U-turn by Alexis Tsipras, now attempting to railroad through a democratic parliament a “bailout” package harsher than that rejected by 62 per cent of the Greek electorate just ten days ago has destroyed the last vestige of credibility of the political class.

Telegraph Ambrose Evans-Pritchard:

The EU establishment henceforth faces what it has always feared: a political war on two fronts at once.

It is long been fighting an expanding coaltion of free marketeers, parliamentary “souverainistes”, anti-immigrant populists on the Right.

Its has now lost its remaining emotional hold on the Left after the scorched-earth treatment of Greece over the past five months – culminating in the vindictive decision to impose yet harsher terms on this crushed nation just days after its cri de coeur in a landslide referendum.

Guardian Owen Jones:

Britain’s left is turning against the European Union, and fast.

“Everything good about the EU is in retreat; everything bad is on the rampage,”writes George Monbiot, explaining his about-turn. “All my life I’ve been pro-Europe,” says Caitlin Moran, “but seeing how Germany is treating Greece, I am finding it increasingly distasteful.” Nick Cohen believes the EU is being portrayed “with some truth, as a cruel, fanatical and stupid institution”. “How can the left support what is being done?” asks Suzanne Moore. “The European ‘Union’. Not in my name.” There are senior Labour figures in Westminster and Holyrood privately moving to an “out” position too.

NYTimes (my emphasis):

The I.M.F. memo amounts to an admission that the eurozone cannot work in its current form. It lays out three options for achieving Greek debt sustainability, all of which are tantamount to a fiscal union, an arrangement through which wealthier countries would make payments to support the Greek economy. Not coincidentally, this is the solution many economists have been telling European officials is the only way to save the euro — and which northern European countries have been resisting because it is so costly.


Verhofstadt is talking about a new treaty and the need for economic governance of the eurozone. And that’s on its way now, as opinion firms up in support of the EU, with 68 percent in this survey broadly in favour of UK membership – far more than would vote for any particular political party.

Focusing on the Greek issue, it is very easy for Eurosceptics to reinforce their own confirmation bias and tell themselves that the EU is on its last legs. But they are talking to themselves. In institutional terms, the EU has probably never been stronger and more confident, while there is little support for Greece in the rest of Europe.

ZeroHedge: Schauble speaking in 2011:

Schauble: “We decided to arrive at a political union via an economic and currency union. We had the hope – and we still have it today – that the Euro will gradually bring about political union. But we’re not there yet, and that’s one of the reasons why the markets are distrustful.

Welt am Sontag: “So will the markets now force us into a political union?”

Schauble: “Most member states are not yet fully prepared to accept the necessary constraints on national sovereignty. But trust me the problem can be solved.”

Perhaps they’re going to use this crisis to to push through fiscal union, suppressing all national sovereignty Greek-style in the process?


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18 Responses to The EU Crisis Continued

  1. Yeap, namely, it is a super outfit: beep, beep!

  2. harleyrider1978 says:

    As usual it will all end in war…………..

  3. nisakiman says:

    This makes for quite interesting reading if you’ve got a few minutes to spare:

    The Euro-Summit ‘Agreement’ on Greece – annotated by Yanis Varoufakis

    This is from Varoufakis’s blog, and gives his take on what the content of the agreement really means for Greece.

  4. DP says:

    Dear Mr Davis

    The EU has always been a means for a group of power hungry men and women to seize control over the lives and destinies of hundreds of millions of people. To them the people are livestock, chattels to be milked, shorn and, if and when they deem appropriate, slaughtered.

    The idea peddled by Edward Heath of a ‘Common Market’ for the benefit of the people of Europe was a fraud from the outset. It was all about grabbing power for the few over the lives of the many.

    Hundreds of billions of debt are irrelevant to these people – a trillion here, a trillion there and soon you’re talking serious money. Billions are fiddly small change to be found down the back of the EU sofa.

    Sacrificing the wealth and freedom of hundreds of millions of people to achieve absolute power of them is of little consequence. The people can starve as far as they care, and doubtless one day the people will.

    It’s time we quit the EU.

    On the outside we may be able to help some of those who will suffer after the inevitable collapse. Inside, our politicians and bureaucrats will ensure we will be dragged down with the rest of them.


    • harleyrider1978 says:

      1933 all over again………………with all the historical trimmings a madman comes to power in the EUROZONE and invades all the bankrupt countries and occupies them.

  5. harleyrider1978 says:

    well the greek palimant was bullied into accepting the Nazi demands. They will get an additional 100 billion in aide they will still have to pay back. They cant do it and everyone knows it. The patch of 100 Billion is just enuf to keep Greece afloat for what a year maybe less…………Then next comes the other nations needing similar bailouts again and again………….Its nothing but a patch to keep the EU alive for a tad longer until it literally becomes another Weimar Republic set for implosion and likely seeing troops entering countries that in the end refuse all EU BS and wont hunker down. The greeks should revolt and take over the government now.

    • beobrigitte says:

      well the greek palimant was bullied into accepting the Nazi demands.

      Here a correction:
      Although there is this weird group of neonazis (also present in Germany), the NAZI PARTY no longer exists and the neonazis are underground.

      I am German but was born after the War. My nature does not – and would not – allow to follow and vote for such a party. And there are many more like me.

      You love your guns – I know how to use a rifle but have no interest owning one. Nevertheless, I do think it’s peoples’ PRIVATE choice and therefore my vote would support people having the right to own guns. I live in a country in which guns are illegal – those who want to buy a gun find a way of doing so.

      I am getting tired of all things German being called Nazi. Sure, the anti-smokers have lifted EVERY Nazi anti-smoking propaganda and by now entered the ultra-rediculous zone we never thought could exist – that if all things were rational and common sense.

      Please do call us Germans German. As already said, I do not understand Merkel at all right now (actually, I do not understand her actions most of the time!) but, like me, there are many Germans who view the current ‘ongoings’ critically.

      • Roobeedoo2 says:

        BB – I got this book today on Harley’s recommendation:

        So far it’s pretty good. Smoking isn’t harmful; anti-smokers are ;)

      • Frank Davis says:


        “Sorry, but there is no way you are leaving this room.”

        There, in just 11 words, lies the problem with the Euro and the EU; it’s not up to the member states. It’s up to the Eurocrats who have spent their whole lives dedicated to building an undemocratic, European superstate which has little regard for the will of the people of its own membership countries.

        It wasn’t a German who said this. It was a Pole. You don’t have to be German to be a Nazi. There were plenty of Nazis or Nazi-supporters in Britain in WW2. Among them Edward VIII.

        • beobrigitte says:

          The BBC just showed a picture of HRH Queen Elizabeth practising “Heil” published in The Sun.
          I believe this picture was taken in the 1930s, where, indeed, there were plenty of Nazi supporters – not only in Germany.
          Why dig up such an old picture?

          In 2015 Merkel sure is the Bundeskanzler and the German tax payer is worried. After all, they are already being milked by the state for “EU-investments” that create phantom job opportunities.

          I did like the EU when we all started trading across the borders and we could move to other European countries, providing we either were rich enough to support ourselves or we could present a letter of proof of employment in the country entered.

          Somehow it all got screwed up. And now we have a dictatorship no-one wants. German citizens, like citizens everywhere else, have become very critical. The media is not much forthcoming about it. All it increasingly it does is dig up the NAZI time.
          So, everything and everybody German is assigned being Nazis?

          I call Merkel everything under the sun these days and the English language provides some wonderful expletives; Nazi is not amongst the words I use.

  6. harleyrider1978 says:

    Rome is on the verge of collapse and needs urgent repair, leaders warn

    No Roman Holiday – the Eternal City is in chronic decline as a result of a toxic mix of corruption, debt, poor administration and shabby infrastructure

    It may boast the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and the glories that were ancient Rome, but the city is now in chronic decline, its business leaders and inhabitants have warned.

    The Eternal City is facing crisis, with its administration engulfed in corruption scandals and debt, its roads scarred by pot-holes, the main airport partially closed and a growing immigration crisis.

    For generations, the Italian capital has rested on past glories rather than built on them but now its multiple problems have come to a head.

    Drivers on the metro system are on a go-slow in a protest over pay and conditions, hundreds of flights into Fiumicino, the main airport, have been cancelled due to a fire that broke out in a terminal back in May, and temperatures have soared this week to over 100F (37.7C), making daily life even more hellish than normal.

    “Rome is on the verge of collapse,” Giancarlo Cremonesi, the president of the Rome Chamber of Commerce, told Reuters.

    “It is unacceptable that a major city which calls itself developed can find itself in such a state of decay.”

    A survey by the European Commission two years ago placed Rome last out of 28 EU capitals in a ranking for the efficiency of city services.

    Despite great food, superb coffee and an enviable climate, on an index of quality of life, the capital came second to last, with Athens at the bottom.

    Its Renaissance churches, cobbled streets and vibrant piazzas still wow tourists from around the world, but beyond the historic centre, the city is a mess and life is a struggle for locals.

    Everything has been exacerbated by the effects of Italy’s longest recession since the Second World War, with homeless people on the street and youth unemployment over 40 per cent.

    Broken-down motor scooters and bicycles are dumped on pavements, kerbs are overgrown with grass and shrubs, and there is litter everywhere.

    Along the Tiber River, Romany gipsies have set up shanty villages, their shacks hidden from view by tall thickets of cane grass.

    A lack of bins mean that locals and visitors alike drop their rubbish on the ground, while a much-hyped bike sharing scheme which was launched a few years ago has broken down entirely, the bicycles either damaged or stolen.

    “It has got a lot worse in the last few years,” Costanza Cagni, who has lived in the city since 2000, told The Telegraph.

    “Everybody moans but nobody offers any solutions. The quality of life has really gone down. I’m sorry to say it, but I just want to leave Rome and move somewhere else.”

    The city was hit by a major corruption scandal earlier this year which explained, in part, why public services are so shoddy.

    An investigation found that corrupt local politicians had colluded with criminal gangs to cream off money from a range of services, from rubbish collection to the management of refugee facilities.

    The scandal has been dubbed “Mafia Capitale”, and comes amid growing evidence that the city is being infiltrated by organised crime groups.

    On Wednesday police raided a restaurant close to the Pantheon, the ancient Roman temple that was later converted into a church, on suspicion that it was controlled by the Calabrian mafia, the feared ‘Ndrangheta.

    The crime syndicate is believed to be laundering more and more of its money through legitimate businesses in Rome, as well as Milan.

    Exploitation by criminal gangs has exacerbated years of incompetent administration by the city council.

    Ignazio Marino, a former surgeon who is now mayor of Rome, acknowledged that much of the city’s public administration was “substantially rotten”.

    In an open letter this week to Corriere della Sera, a leading daily, he said that like Matteo Renzi, the prime minister, who is trying to push through difficult reforms at the national level, he too was trying to implement “profound and radical reforms” in the capital.

    He said he had come up against a “cancer” of favouritism and deep resistance to change. But as he wages that fight, historic buildings remain daubed with ugly graffiti, with the culprits hardly ever caught.

    On main roads out of the city, teenage prostitutes from eastern Europe and west Africa tout for business in miniskirts and high heels – a brutal departure from the romantic image of the capital portrayed by sentimental films such as Eat, Pray, Love or Three Coins in the Fountain.

    “Rome is a very long way from normal Western standards of civility and decorum,” said Massimiliano Tonelli, the founder of a website called Roma Fa Schifo, or Rome is Disgusting, which logs the city’s problems.

    “It’s a combination of bad administration, corruption, and bureaucracy. The metro hasn’t worked properly for the last 15 days. If that was the case in London, you would have a public revolt on your hands.”

    Rome needed a leader such as Rudi Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, who in the 1990s cleaned up the metropolis with a regime of zero tolerance, drawing on the “broken windows theory”, which held that if minor violations were tolerated, much more serious crimes would flourish.

    “If someone parks illegally or urinates in the street, they need to be fined. We need to tackle egoism and individualism, the idea that it is every-man-for himself,” said Mr Tonelli.

    Rubbish, bad transport and graffiti harm tourism – each year the city attracts around 10 million visitors but the rate of repeat visits is among the lowest in Europe.

    “We need a complete change of mentality. New York in the nineties was very similar to how Rome is now – there was corruption, it was dirty, nobody paid when they travelled on the metro, there was graffiti. It can be done. It is not irrecoverable,” Mr Tonelli said.

  7. harleyrider1978 says:


    2 Investigates: CDC gives millions of tax dollars to shady nonprofit

    The CDC is refusing to answer Channel 2 Action News’ questions about a high-ranking employee who served on the board of a now-defunct nonprofit that’s been the subject of a series of scandals.

    The Save A Life Foundation (SALF) also happened to receive more than $3 million in CDC funding, much of it while that same employee was serving as the nonprofit’s treasurer.

    “Save A Life was a fraud, it can’t be described as anything but a total fraud,” said attorney Jennifer Bonjean, who represents a whistleblower who used to work there.

    The nonprofit was based in a Chicago suburb, and in its heyday, claimed to have helped teach more than a million school children various first aid techniques.

    But beginning in 2006, a series of investigations by the ABC station in Chicago debunked the nonprofit’s founder as a fraud.

    Carol Spizzirri had claimed to be a registered nurse in her bio on the SALF website and on various grant applications; but she wasn’t. She’s also accused of lying about the circumstances of her daughter’s tragic accident that was the motivating force behind the creation of SALF.

    “She was struck by a hit-and-run,” Spizzirri recounted during a 2006 interview, “She bled to death before EMS arrived.”

    But police and hospital reports show Spizzirri’s daughter was drunk and flipped her own car, and did not die at the accident scene.

    When confronted, Spizzirri removed her microphone and walked out of the interview saying, “I’m done.”

    Within a few years, her nonprofit was also done, and gone was the more than $3 million in federal grants it had gotten from the CDC here in Atlanta.

    “We as tax payers have every right to know what happened to that money,” said Bonjean.

    The CDC Connection

    Doug Browne has worked for the CDC for more than 32 years, in various roles, including deputy director of the National Center for Injury Prevention, the same division of the CDC that administered the grant money to SALF.

    “Obviously I would assume the CDC doesn’t know he was getting paid for his involvement on the executive board as the treasurer,” said Bonjean, “That seemingly has no natural ties to the CDC or Doug Browne or Atlanta. It’s very curious.”

    Investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer was curious, too, and filed several Freedom of Information Act requests in March, for Browne’s personnel file and audits of how the $3.3 million was spent. The CDC still has not responded to those requests.

    “That’s what Save A Life was about, getting money from state and federal agencies and pretending to use them for public school, training children,” said Annabel Melongo, Bonjean’s client.

    Melongo worked at SALF for about six months.

    Fleischer asked her about Browne’s role on the executive board.

    “The only thing I know is that Doug Browne was the treasurer, that’s it. I cannot even see Doug Browne now and tell you this is Doug Browne,” Melongo replied, “It was just a name and a title.”

    But records show, despite what Browne told the CDC, it was also a salary.

    In 2007, even after the Chicago ABC investigation, SALF board members, including Browne, voted to give themselves $40,000 per year, plus benefits.

    Fleischer asked Melongo, “What was [Browne] doing to get that $40,000 a year salary?”

    “Nothing,” replied Melongo, chuckling, “Nothing that I know of.

    The CDC ‘Investigation’

    The CDC says it investigated Browne’s role at SALF and eventually provided Channel 2 Action News a two-page report, heavily redacted, which says Browne “has never reported receiving any income from the [Save A Life] Foundation.”

    He only reported receiving reimbursement for travel expenses from the annual SALF conferences.

    Browne told the CDC his SALF work was as a member of its advisory board, which is different from the executive board on which he actually served for five years.

    The CDC also wrote that an allegation of improper grants administration ‘cannot be substantiated’, even though the nonprofit’s annual report lists Browne as deputy director of the same CDC division that provided those millions.

    “I think it’s always suspicious when a governmental agency refuses to be transparent about its own investigation,” said Bonjean, “I mean you’d have to be a real idiot not to see the connections there.”

    The group of whistleblowers who contacted Channel 2 Action News with these allegations first reported the same information to the CDC’s parent agency, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, five years ago.

    The HHS office of inspector general ordered the CDC to do the internal investigation, but had no record of the resulting report in its files, meaning it was never sent back up for review.

    After several years of trying, those whistleblowers and even a Georgia congressman assisting them, could not obtain a copy of the CDC’s investigation.

    The CDC declined Fleischer’s repeated requests for interviews with the official who did that investigation and Browne himself. An email and knocks on the door of his home went unanswered.

    In an email, the CDC spokesman wrote “I don’t have anything else unless you can provide proof of the payments.

    Records show the state of Illinois also granted roughly $6 million to SALF.

    The Illinois attorney general’s office confirmed it has an open investigation into the Save A Life Foundation, particularly what happened to hundreds of thousands of dollars in listed assets when the nonprofit dissolved.

    Doug Browne’s signature is on the last financial filing, along with Spizzirri’s. They listed zeroes in every category. Correspondence indicates the attorney general’s staffers did not find that accounting sufficient.

    Records show the attorney general’s investigation began at least as early as 2010. The state of Illinois will not release investigative records as long as the case as listed as ‘open.’

    “They say it’s an ongoing investigation for the sole purpose of keeping it secret and to avoid transparency,” said Bonjean, “You’re being scammed as a taxpayer and nobody seems to care.”

    Blowing the Whistle

    Annabel Melongo never intended to become a whistleblower.

    She had found the information-technology job at SALF through a temp agency. She says her relationship with Spizzirri quickly deteriorated after she questioned requests to alter SALF financial records. Spizzirri fired Melongo and then later claimed she crashed the nonprofit’s computer servers in an effort to destroy financial records.

    This occurred around the same time as the series of Chicago ABC investigations.

    Melongo was arrested, charged with computer tampering and wiretapping, and spent two years in jail while awaiting trial. She was later exonerated on all of the charges.

    She now has a pending federal lawsuit alleging malicious prosecution, false arrest and imprisonment, and retaliation.

    Melongo told Channel 2 Action News when she received SALF’s financial records via subpoena for her cases, checks to Doug Browne were contained in that set of documents. A judge has since required her to return those checks to the court, so she no longer has the copies.

    She says the CDC or Illinois attorney general should certainly be able to obtain SALF records, if anyone really wants to investigate.

    “It’s all there. It doesn’t take you five years to find that information,” said Melongo. “All they need is to subpoena the documents.”

  8. harleyrider1978 says:

    The French Are Right: Tear Up Public Debt – Most Of It Is Illegitimate Anyway

    As history has shown, France is capable of the best and the worst, and often in short periods of time. On the day following Marine Le Pen’s Front National victory…

  9. beobrigitte says:

    Guardian Owen Jones:

    Britain’s left is turning against the European Union, and fast.

    Now, that’s what I call U-Turn!!!

    “Everything good about the EU is in retreat; everything bad is on the rampage,”writes George Monbiot, explaining his about-turn. “All my life I’ve been pro-Europe,” says Caitlin Moran, “but seeing how Germany is treating Greece, I am finding it increasingly distasteful.” Nick Cohen believes the EU is being portrayed “with some truth, as a cruel, fanatical and stupid institution”. “How can the left support what is being done?” asks Suzanne Moore. “The European ‘Union’. Not in my name.” There are senior Labour figures in Westminster and Holyrood privately moving to an “out” position too.

    Wasn’t it Britain’s Left and the EU that brought us the smoking ban? So, it is perfectly fine to treat your own citizen like dirt?

    I really do have problems with my nation’s government’s actions and demands right now – my guess is that the German tax payers are worried that it’s a bill they end up being taxed for even more than now.
    As in any prohibitionhappy (EU) state, people are becoming increasingly unhappy with life and the restrictions imposed. If they are being screwed for more the lot stands a good chance to implode.
    Ironically, Germans love Greece and the Greek – they can’t go there often enough!


    Off topic (not to distract – I really have no idea of how the above could/can/will evolve)

    The BBC has broadcast that the 7 day fully hospital week is not a success with the medics. According to the BBC there is a 17% higher chance to die if you fall ill at the weekend….
    The 7 day full working week for the medics.
    On one hand I can’t say I am supporting the idea. To fully staff EVERY NHS department 24/7 costs a lot!! On the other hand I am grinning – the medical establishment is far too much entangled in lobby groups’ activities so it is nice to see it backfiring on them.
    The BBC did interview one consultant who stated that he does work weekends. What he didn’t state was his income doing so and how much he didn’t care about the other weekend staffed departments having to pick up the extra work whilst he picks up ££££. With a 24/7 working week this would fall away.
    All of a sudden this consultant won’t want to work weekends?

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