The Coming Referendum Fix


David Cameron will attempt to convince “moderate people” to remain in the EU by warning of the the “risky alternatives”, it has been claimed.

The Prime Minister has told European leaders that the British public will “ultimately vote for the status quo” in a referendum because he will warn of the dangers of leaving, according to reports.

The claims, contained in a leaked memo, appeared at odds Mr Cameron’s insistence that his approach to the referendum will be “wholly positive”.

Speaking at the conclusion of a Brussels summit, he said that he believes Britain’s membership of the European Union is beneficial and that reforms will make it even more so.

What’s the “ultimately” doing in the British public will “ultimately vote for the status quo”? I suppose it means that if they don’t vote for staying in the EU the first time round, then they’ll be asked to vote again until ultimately they get the ‘right answer’.

The leaked memo was yesterday seized on by Eurosceptics. Nigel Farage, the Ukip leader, said it exposed the Prime Minister’s renegotiation strategy as “one giant con”.

The memo, obtained by The Guardian, says that the Prime Minister has the “firm aim” of remaining in the European Union.

It says: “He believes that people will ultimately vote for the status quo if the alternatives can be made to appear risky.”

Oh, and

David Cameron has accepted there may be no change to the EU’s treaties to accommodate Britain’s demands ahead of a referendum, the BBC understands.

So there won’t be any change. Maybe just the vague promise of change.

In other EU comment:

…the negotiations are nice and all, but they’re not going anywhere, and they never will. The Troika side of the table is interested in one thing only: to humiliate Athens and force it into ultimate submission, along the lines of those photographs we’ve come to know of Abu Graibh.

It’s time for Tsipras to turn to his people, on national TV, and say look, whatever we can discuss with the Troika, and whatever compromise we may be able to reach, there is no option on or off the table that would allow for you, the people of Greece, to not be debt slaves for the rest of your lives.

The European Union is merely a crude modern version of a feudal society (but without the debt jubilee older versions had), that’s all the morals that Brussels and Berlin can muster. And, Tsipras should say, if that is what you want, if you want to be slaves instead of a free people, tell me so. I will draw my conclusions from that.

The Slog reckons that the Greek government will be replaced:

The approach of zero compromise, zero Syriza victory – and removing the Left obstacle (while leaving open a lifeline for the Greek banking system) may seem clueless and incoherent, but it is anything but: the triumph of EU Will will teach the other ClubMed rebels a lesson, and the humiliation of Syriza will tarnish its appeal; so long as the Greek banks are kept alive until June 30th, the Troikanauts reason, they have nothing to fear.

There is but one possible extrapolation from that conclusion, my dear Watson: unless Syriza caves completely before that rigid IMF deadline, some form of EC directive via the eurogroupe will replace the Athens political government with technocrats. They can do it, and they will get away with it in the face of small-scale murmurings from the outnumbered Non-Violent Extremist communities.


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17 Responses to The Coming Referendum Fix

  1. roobeedoo2 says:

    Tspiras has gone for the ‘nuclear option’, calling for a referendum on the 5th July:

  2. waltc says:

    On topic: I quote the novelist Richard Condon from the novel “Winter Kills”:

    “The political oligarchy had screened and made mystifying all the facts….obfuscating, ignoring, overlooking and denying reality while they fed out to the boyish panting press a stream of half-truths and nontruths until, in a not-very-long time, the people had become so confused, so culturally exhausted that they had abandoned all hope [of-making sense of any of it.] …Fictionalized facts. Fantasized facts. Those are the steady cultural nourishment of the….people forced down their throats through the power hoses of the most powerful and pervasive overcommunications design ever dreamed of by man to enslave other men.”

    OT : it’s now “the law of the land.” The only people in America you can now legally (must legally) discriminate against are smokers.

  3. nisakiman says:

    ”The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.”― Mikhail Gorbachev

  4. waltc says:

    Sorry to keep coming back but here’s a cautionary tale for all unPC bloggers and commenters

    • Twisted Root says:

      Some comments I type for precisely their consumption. I think of it as my personal direct line to government. Worth a try even though they are freedom hating, ignorant scum.

    • mikef317 says:

      Yesterday, June 26, there were mass killings in Tunisia and Kuwait, a beheading in France, and Barack Obama spoke about the murder of nine people in Charleston.

      I’m all for free speech. Hitting websites with subpoenas and gag orders is something I’d rather avoid. However, if someone responded to one of my comments by suggesting that I “be taken out back and shot,” I just might call the cops.

      There’s nothing wrong with criticizing a Judge. Suggesting that the Judge be shot is different. There is much vitriol and hyperbole on the internet. Most is from people who need psychiatric help. Some is from people crazy enough to act on their beliefs. No matter which, these people posted their words for all the world to see. It is not surprising that law enforcement would want to (or be obligated to?) assess the credibility of these threats. (And yes, 99% are just irrational rants.)

      Re Frank’s blog. Vitriol and hyperbole – I’ve done both, and will do so again. But I won’t suggest killing anyone in Tobacco Control, no matter how much damage they do. (Suing them for false statements, firing them from cushy jobs, revoking their PhD’s, hell, throwing them in jail for a while – ok, but not killing.) I’ll just act like a sane adult and fight Tobacco Control with words that show the errors of their “scientific” theories.

      People who threaten to kill their opponents aren’t rational and can’t win a debate by logical means. Most never act on their words, but some do, with deadly consequences.

  5. Rose says:

    Wow, just wow.

    Allowing snacks in smoking areas at SA hotels disappointing, waters-down regulations: Cancer Council

    “The Cancer Council says it is disappointed the South Australian Government has backed down from a commitment to make all hotel outdoor eating areas smoke-free by the middle of next year.

    Health Minister Jack Snelling said venues with designated areas for smokers would be allowed to supply packaged snack food to them, because people should not be drinking without some access to food.

    “We will allow smokers to eat things like crisps and nuts,” he said.”

    Words fail me.

    • nisakiman says:

      “We will allow smokers to eat things like crisps and nuts,” he said.”

      Such largesse! His selfless generosity is quite overwhelming! I’m sure smokers will be worshipping the very ground he walks on as a result of this act of goodness…

      • Joe L. says:

        The full quote from Snelling is even more astonishing:

        We’re talking simply a bag of nuts, a bag of chips, we’re not talking about people being able to eat food that’s hot [while smoking],” he said.

        That’s where he draws the line? So now it’s all fine and well until a smoker wants to enjoy a hot meal … outside??? I would love to hear his reasoning as to why the temperature of the food being served is considered the deciding factor in this ridiculous attempt at saving face.

        • Rose says:

          Coming shortly, a new observational study from VicHealth claiming that impoverished smokers only ever eat crisps and bags of peanuts instead of spending money on healthy hot meals.

  6. I think I’ve seen this movie.
    Italy. Mario Monti: ” in the midst of the European sovereign debt crisis, Monti was invited by President Giorgio Napolitano to form a new technocratic government following the resignation of Silvio Berlusconi. Monti was sworn in as Prime Minister on 16 November 2011, just a week after having been appointed a Senator for Life by President Napolitano, and initially became Minister of Economy and Finances as well, giving that portfolio up the following July.”

  7. nisakiman says:

    Greece should never have joined the monetary union and were only admitted as a result of a fraud perpetrated with the help of Goldman Sachs (them!).

    They should never have entered the bailout agreements – and should, therefore, have exited then.

    They should exit on Monday after spending the weekend organising the banks etc and getting Euros stamped until they can get a new currency issued.

    Lapavitsas and other Syriza politicians understand that:

    There is an alternative path for Greece, and it would include leaving the eurozone. Exit would free the country from the trap of the common currency, allowing it to implement policies that could revive both economy and society. It would open a feasible path that could offer fresh hope, even if it entailed significant difficulties of adjustment during the initial period.

    The announcement of a referendum has prompted something of a run on the banks, which in turn means that the ECB are faced with a choice of either supporting the Greek banks (throwing good money after bad) or withdrawing support, which would result in the collapse of the banking system here. Greece really is on the cusp of bombing out of the Euro.

    We live in interesting times…

    • smokingscot says:

      I’m going to assume they’ll get the all clear to conduct a referendum through parliament over this weekend.

      Much hinges on the exact wording of the question they ask and – at the moment – it looks very likely the Greek people will still vote to remain in the EU and keep the Euro.

      Politicians only have until the 5th July to sway them either way, that is if Christine Lagarde allows them a certain amount of wiggle room. Thus far she’s implied she’ll declare them in default on Tuesday.

      But this is 100% politics and the bottom line is… if Greece leaves the Euro and almost certainly the EU, then maybe Spain, Italy and Portugal may do so as well. And if they do, then I strongly suspect France will within the next decade.

      And if Greece does an Iceland and basically tells its creditors to sod-off, then gets back on its feet, albeit with a whole bunch of ticked off creditors hounding it forever, then that’s a serious smack in the chops for the whole EU experiment.

      And I understand Russia as well as China would both very much like to snuggle up to the Greeks. In fact they’re real pally with many countries in the Balkans, notably Montenegro (China) and of course Serbia (Russia).

      Of course they both want their pound of flesh, however the bigger picture is always lurking in the background. It’s not terribly clever to lose territory, certainly not over a few billion Euros. And they still haven’t begun to reel in Ukraine.

      But can the “EU” really afford to do so?

      In the final analysis that’s down to Germany, where their “allocation” of immigrants is causing widespread outrage and just feeds into the hands of Alternative for Germany.

      But why would anyone go to the trouble of designing brand spanking new “New Drachma” notes? Maybe part of the game of brinkmanship? Maybe for real?

      On the plus side, the EU may find it better to show some flexibility with Cameron. At the moment they come across as dictatorial, hidebound pen-pushers – (and amusingly naive). They all say they want reform, yet for the past couple of years all they’ve been doing is reinforcing the barricades.

      • nisakiman says:

        According to polls, to the question “Do you want to accept the conditions as laid out by the EU in exchange for bailout funds?” (or words to that effect), 70% of the respondents answered “NO”.

        The Greeks are understandably nervous about the prospect of leaving the Euro, because if they do, it is 100% certain that things will get worse before they get better. However, people are starting to realise that the Euro is more a part of the problem than part of the solution, and as importantly, they are seeing their sovereignty slipping away from them. Whatever spin is put on this vote, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them reject the measures the Troika want to impose. They’ve had enough.

        With regards Russia, there is a strong connection anyway, with Russia being the only other major Orthodox country and the church here having a great deal of influence in government, so closer ties may well be on the cards. The Russians would just love access to a deepwater Mediterranean port.

  8. Frank Davis says:

    Orthodox Christians Must Now Learn To Live as Exiles in Our Own Country

    Welcome to the club.

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