Six More Bodies for the Graveyard

It was obvious really. H/T Roobeedoo, for picking up this report in the NYT:

Early Tuesday, 13 people, most of them young Irish students here on the visa program, were crowded onto a fourth-floor balcony off Unit 405 for what neighbors described as a loud party when the balcony collapsed, sending people tumbling onto the street below.

Six people were killed; five were Irish and the sixth had dual Irish-American citizenship, according to the Irish Embassy. Three of the dead were men, three were women, and all were in their 20s. At least seven others suffered injuries, some serious.

The key paragraph:

Residents here said that apartments were often crammed with students trying to hold down living costs, and that people typically went out to the balcony to smoke.

On the street below:

On the closed street below, a shrine was growing: flowers, a pack of cigarettes, a school banner and condolence notes.

The thought occurred to several other people:



Also this:





The Graveyard is full of people who met their deaths this way, leaning out of windows, standing on roofs or fire escapes, where they were driven by smoking bans.

This looks like the first mass death.

On the brighter side, I’ve just discovered Roobeedoo has her own blog. And can this girl really dance and play violin like this?

Seems she can.

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14 Responses to Six More Bodies for the Graveyard

  1. beobrigitte says:

    This looks like the first mass death.

    And what will Deborah Arnott do?
    Answer: she’ll be screeching “smoking-related” deaths!
    Never mind that these kids would be still happily alive if it wasn’t for the smoking ban in the first place.
    There is only one reason for 13 people crowding into such a small space (balcony) – the ashtrays have been lobbied away.
    5 youngsters died because of it, others were severely injured.

    Anti-smoker activities cause REAL deaths.

  2. Smoking Lamp says:

    Smoking bans are nothing more than sanctioned intolerance. They are designed to exile smokers and extinguish smoking. The removal of indoor options, the removal of outdoor ashtrays, the always expanding bans are aimed at denormalization of smoking and are grounded in hate for smokers. These deaths have their root in smokers being exiled to the outdoors!

  3. Reinhold says:

    Smoking on balconies must be banned immediately!

    • prog says:

      That’s already in force in many places in the US and over here (at least with respect to tenancy agreements etc in shared buildings).

  4. roobeedoo2 says:

    From the AP report, this from the neighbour below the party, seems most poignant:

    “I wouldn’t have screamed at them if I had known they were going to die,” she said.

    She probably wasn’t referring to the smoking so much as to the noise, but context means Jack shit when you’re ‘de-normalised’. To me it sounds like a refrain echoing throughout history.

    Thank you, Frank. I will add the link to the Smokers Graveyard to my site in the morning.

  5. mntvernon says:

    Smoking outside on a balcony or a ledge? Unheard of……. unless you’re in SF or NYC:

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