That’s How Strong My Hate Is

I hate all these antismoking doctors.  So H/T Rose again, for an article about antismoking zealot Sir Ian Gilmore, and a line that crept back into mind a few days later:

But on a solemn note Gilmore explains that people choosing to stand outside to smoke, shivering in the cold, demonstrates that tobacco is a “drug of addiction”.

Does that really demonstrate that tobacco is a drug of addiction?

I don’t think it does.

In the first place, they’re not ‘choosing’ to stand outside. That choice was taken away from them on 1 July 2007, when they were, in Deborah Arnott’s words, “exiled to the outdoors.” Outside is where you now have to be if you want to have a beer and a cigarette.

Anyway, I don’t stand outside in the cold. I just stop going to pubs between October and April. Because I don’t want to sit inside a pub and just drink a beer. Whenever I have a beer, I want a cigarette to go with it. For me, drinking and smoking go together. Like men and women, or love and marriage. And not it’s not just beer. Also wine. Tea. Coffee. More or less anything except sweet sugary drinks like Coke or fruit juice, which seem to react badly with cigarette smoke (so if I’m drinking one of those, I won’t smoke).

For I only ever smoke when I’ve got something to drink. And I only ever drink when I’ve got something to smoke. And there’s a very simple reason for this, which I’ve explained before. And it is that cigarettes dry out my mouth and throat, while drinks of any kind wet them. So drinking and smoking is a process of wetting and drying, wetting and drying, in order to maintain a balance between the two. Take away the drink, and my mouth rapidly gets too dry. Take away the cigarette, and my mouth rapidly gets too wet.

I’m doing exactly the same sort of thing that people do when they’re eating, when they add sauces to their food. Whenever I eat ham, I like to have English mustard with it, because ham is quite sweet (in fact most meats taste sweet to me), and mustard is tart or sour, and so I’m going sweet-sour, sweet-sour, sweet-sour.

Does that sound like ‘addiction’?

But probably a little shit like Gilmore doesn’t know this. And doesn’t want to know. It would be the same if salt and pepper and tomato ketchup were banned inside fish restaurants, and people had to go outside with their fish and chips if they wanted to sprinkle them with salt, or douse them in ketchup. He’d then be saying how it showed that salt and ketchup were “drugs of addiction”, if people were prepared to stand outside (which they probably would, because chips taste pretty bland without them).

Furthermore, when I wake up in the morning, guess what I’m dying for?

No. Not cigarettes.

The first thing I want in the morning is a mug of hot, sweet tea. And that’s because I always wake up with a dry mouth, and the first thing I want to do is to rehydrate it. And it can take quite a long time to do that. I quite often get through an entire mug of tea before my mouth finally starts feeling over-hydrated, and I reach for the dehydrating tobacco.

Given this fact, I often think that if I’m addicted to anything, it’s to the tea that I drink all day, and which is, after all, the first thing I crave every morning.

So when are they going to ban tea? Or coffee? Or water? Because coffee is just as good at rehydrating my mouth and throat. And water is even better. But water doesn’t have the extra added ingredient of tea and coffee that helps me to wake up a lot more quickly.

In fact, I think that the entire notion of ‘addiction’ is questionable, and it’s really just another lie in the vast, delusory edifice of lies the zealots have woven.

I really hate poisonous little reptiles like Gilmore. Zealots like him have done an enormous amount of damage. And if I ever get the chance to do anything about it, I’d kick him out of the medical profession, and strip him of all his titles. And I’d kick out all the rest of the poisonous, antismoking doctors too. And then I’d close down the entire Royal College of Physicians, of which Gilmore is president. And finally, when everyone had left, I’d set the building ablaze, and sit watching it until the last embers ceased glowing.

That’s how strong my hate is.


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24 Responses to That’s How Strong My Hate Is

  1. Lepercolonist says:

    First thing in the morning is a cup of coffee. Not the ‘drug of addiction’ : cigarettes. Tobacco is a pleasurable HABIT.

    Are gamblers addicted to slot machines at the mercy of any drug ? It is a psychological habit.

    Another fine article, Frank.

  2. roobeedoo2 says:

    Frank, are your ears burning?

    Clicky, I forget, whose WHO? … Doesn’t matter …

    Frank, have a Song …

  3. waltc says:

    It’s not just a question of not going to pubs. People who work in offices, factories, schools, hell anywhere, don’t have a choice of just not-going there. And are, in fact, forced to huddle outside in doorways (where even that much is “allowed”) and alleys. Doesn’t matter that the outdoor huddling isn’t their choice, nor that the smoke break makes them more efficient (and that they’d be even more efficient if they smoked at their desks/work stations ) one of the many original and actual purposes of these bans was to make a spectacle of smokers, to stamp the impression of them as literally and figuratively “outsiders” and create a visual analogy that smoking a cigarette is a dirty, sneaky, degenerate habit, akin to shooting up and that anyone who’d put up with huddling in an alley in a snowstorm would have to be the equivalent of a hooked addict.

    • beobrigitte says:

      …And are, in fact, forced to huddle outside in doorways …

      That is what the anti-smokers wish to portrait. I see it as an opportunity to PRESENT my cigarette to EVERYONE walking past. Since I am a quite lively person who loves to laugh, it’s not difficult to draw attention! One does what one can….
      It’s a side effect of the anti-smokers’ medicine.

  4. waltc says:

    Had to come back here to post the latest in NYC nannyism. DOH proposes that the supine progressive city council pass a law mandating tobacco-like warnings on restaurant menus about the dire consequences of salt. Get a load:

    • Rose says:

      No mention of Iodine I see, Walt.

      Your salt is iodized as an old public health measure, single issue campaigners never give the whole picture.If the anti salt fanatics frighten the public away from salt the consequences could be dire – we now have children with rickets after the Public Health sun scare. Sales of factor 50 suncream must have gone through the roof.

      Iodized table salt may be low in iodine, raising health concerns

      “Amid concern that people in the United States are consuming inadequate amounts of iodine, scientists in Texas have found that 53 percent of iodized salt samples contained less than the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended level of this key nutrient. Iodized table salt is the main source of iodine for most individuals, they note in a study scheduled for the Feb. 15 issue of ACS’ Environmental Science & Technology

      Purnendu K. Dasgupta and colleagues point out that iodine intake has been decreasing in the United States for decades. The reasons include reduced use of iodine-based additives in livestock feed and bread, and public health warnings about salt’s role in high blood pressure.
      Iodine is especially important for normal brain development in newborn infants and children, they state, noting a link between iodine deficiency and attention deficit disorder or ADD that has been suggested by other researchers.”

      “Iodine deficiency disorder (IDD) is a serious public health threat for 2 billion people worldwide. It is the leading cause of mental development disorders in young children, from cretinism to more subtle degrees of impaired cognitive development which can lead to poor school performance and reduced work capacity in hundred of millions of children.

      It is implicated in still-birth, miscarriage, physical impairment and thyroid dysfunction. As such, it is crucially important that pregnant women and young children in particular get adequate levels of iodine.

      IDD can easily be prevented at low cost, however, with small quantities of iodine.

      One of the best and least expensive methods of preventing iodine deficiency disorder is by simply iodizing table salt, which is currently done in many countries.”

      “The use of iodized table salt in the United States today prevents iodine deficiency. However, the Great Lakes, Midwest, and inner mountain areas of the United States were once called the “goiter belt,” because a high number of goiter cases occurred there. A lack of enough iodine is still common in central Asia, the Andes region of South America, and central Africa”
      http: //

  5. harleyrider1978 says:

    POLL: UK Public Backs UKIP Policy On Easing Smoking Ban

    Breitbart News

    The introduction of smoking rooms in pubs and private members’ clubs would be welcomed by a majority of the British public, according to a new …

    • beobrigitte says:

      Yep. UKIP did get an unpresedented number of votes last moth.

      Pity is that Breitbart is not the mass media.

      PS: Harley, still take it easy; AVOID STRESS at all costs!!!! Read/watch stuff that makes you LAUGH and helps you RELAX!
      Once you are past 7 – 14 days post cardiac “event” without secondary symptoms you are on the road to recovery.

      Get well, soon! (And for F*ck’s sake, stay away from stress and health fears!!! I do remember in the 70s my uncle – neversmoker – was provided with an ashtray after a heart attack but the rest of the family members were told to keep anything and anybody causing stress, away. My uncle lived to the age of 89!)

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        My great uncle at age 64 had a AMI I found him got him to the hospital and he lived to age 97……………….He died last year in Evansville Ind. He never forgot me either.

  6. Rose says:

    Press Release from CRUK, interesting in that it reflects the dawning recognition that despite decades of belief, nicotine might not be what it’s cracked up to be.

    Someone has been trying the old additives with scary chemical names that the public won’t understand thing as recommended by Simon Chapman in 1983.

    From Cancer Research UK
    10 June 2015

    Tobacco additives may have helped ‘promote addiction’

    “Tobacco researchers identified additives that could have made cigarettes more acceptable and addictive, according to a new analysis of tobacco company documents.

    It suggests that chemical additives, called pyrazines, were identified and began to be included in the ‘recipe’ for some tobacco products in the 1960s and 70s to make low-tar, or ‘light’, cigarettes, taste richer and smoother.”

    So what are pyrazines?

    “Pyrazines are important contributors to the flavour of various roasted, toasted, or similarly heated foods. They are common constituents of foods and are thought to arise primarily from heat-induced condensation between amino acids and sugars”


    “Thirty-four of the substances in this group have been reported to occur naturally in foods (Maarse et al., 1996). Quantitative data on natural occurrence have been reported for 17 of the substances (see Table 2) and indicate that intake of these substances is predominantly from food”

    “Consumption of the parent substance pyrazine (No. 951) from food is about 36 000 times greater than its intake from use as a flavouring agent (Stofberg & Kirschman, 1985; Stofberg & Grundschober, 1987).”

    1.6 Conclusions

    The Committee concluded that none of the flavouring agents in this group of pyrazine derivatives would present a safety concern at current estimated intake.”

    • Rose says:

      “According to Professor Linda Bauld, cancer prevention expert at Cancer Research UK, the findings are not unexpected.

      “It’s not surprising to see reports suggesting that a tobacco company may have been altering its deadly products to try to keep smokers hooked – it fits into the familiar pattern of manipulation we’ve come to expect from an industry responsible for millions of deaths worldwide each year,” she said.

      Nicotine dependence is primarily caused by nicotine prompting the release of a brain chemical called dopamine – which is involved in pleasure, arousal and mood change.

      But growing research suggests that nicotine alone can’t account for the intense addictive properties of smoking tobacco

      A study of pyrazines in cigarettes and how additives might be used to enhance tobacco addiction
      http: //

      They did indeed research additives in the 60’s and 70’s because at the request of the American National Cancer Advisory Board and especially Ernst Wynder who suggested voluntary action by the tobacco industry to reduce the nicotine and tar content of cigarettes. When they did, the new “light” cigarettes tasted of nothing and nobody wanted them so they resorted to additives, which in the UK they finally got permission to use, additives in cigarettes being banned here at the time.

      “Wynder called for voluntary action within three years to reach the current sales weighted average of 18.4 mg. tar and 1.27 mg. nicotine.
      As “further inducement”, he proposed that all cigarettes below 12 mg. tar and 0.8 mg. nicotine could be labeled as “light”.
      Wynder said “the greatest progress both qualitatively and quantitatively, will come through, the managerial process.”

      ( It’s not just anti-tobacco who can read tobacco documents )

      Then the story gets even more muddled and expanded to include vaping too.

      Where there’s a smoking addiction, there’s more than just nicotine: researchers

      “Specifically, pyrazine stimulation of receptors in the lining of the nose may enhance learned behavior, when acting either alone or in combination with other sensory stimuli (nicotine).”

      “As a result of this research, they call on government agencies to regulate pyrazines and similar ingredients in cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Vaping may appear to be less damaging to your health than smoking; still, the chemical involved suggests it is far from safe.”

      Simon Chapman

      “Citations are included from patent office registrations of new chemical applications to tobacco processing and from the specialist chemical literature.
      Both these sources are virtually unintelligible, let alone normally accessible to the average person but are rich in potential for anyone willing to translate them into news items with popular interest .

      Polysyllabic chemical names should be checked through a reference book that lists common usages and toxicological data for chemicals .
      Look for usages that will connote revulsion or concern .
      For example, well known chemicals found in tobacco include cadmium (as in car batteries), ammonia (as in toilet cleaners), cyanides, formaldehyde and so on ……” (p.15)

      • Some French bloke says:

        Strange how the same kind of “polysyllabic chemical names” used in other contexts, e.g. ads for cosmetics, far from sounding ominous, suddenly seem reassuring and only connote efficiency.

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

    Tobacco food additives making the taste of tobacco better is no different than man finding out salt made meat and food taste better or preserve it……..then came the great race to the orient to obtain all the SPICE TRADE……….Marco Polo anyone

    • Rose says:

      Yes, but spices were also used to disguise the poor taste of inferior meat. I have smoked tobacco without any additives for years now.
      Young as I was, I remember people complaining about the taste of the new cigarettes in the 70’s when additives were first allowed, that was another thing that sparked my curiosity about the plant.

      This was still available online in 2007

      “Prior to 1970, the use of additives in tobacco products was prohibited without special permission from the Commissioners of Customs and Excise, under Section 176 of the Customs and Excise Act, 1952. This permission was given only within very strict limits and mainly in respect of flavourings in tobacco products other than cigarettes. The prohibition extended to the importation of tobacco products containing additives as well as a ban on the production of cigarettes with additives for export.”

      “The rise of additives in tobacco products is intimately linked with the strategy to reduce tar yields. The amount of tar and nicotine in smoke is measured by a standard smoking machine in which the cigarette is smoked with a fixed puff volume and frequency with tar and nicotine residues collected on a filter and weighed. Governments have insisted on reducing tar levels as measured by this approach, hoping that this would reduce tar exposure to smokers — and therefore lead to reduced harm.”

      “The tobacco industry argues that one of the key purposes of additives is to make lower tar cigarettes more palatable.

      The ISCSH accepts this and notes:
      “Some smokers find existing low and low to middle tar brands unsatisfying, but if those who smoked middle or middle to high tar cigarettes could switch to low tar brands whose acceptability was improved by additives, the dangers of smoking could be reduced.
      The Committee recognises the potential value of using flavouring additives in this way.”

  8. jaxthefirst says:

    “… I’d set the building ablaze, and sit watching it until the last embers ceased glowing.”

    Not forgetting, of course, to light a cigarette in the first few flames, so that you could sit back and really enjoy the spectacle!

  9. beobrigitte says:

    That’s how strong my hate is.

    I did assume that my intense dislike for anybody/anything anti-smoking would at some point reach it’s limit and therefore would level off at some point.
    Perhaps I am more capable of ‘intensely disliking’ as I previously had thought? There have been enough reasons for me to HATE people in my youth for what they did to me and I did think that this was my ‘intense dislike’ threshhold.

    The anti-smokers, with their secret lavish ‘conferences’ (tax payer funded) definitely push this threshold to levels above this threshhold and beyond.

    Has the WHO EVER apologised, let alone HELPED the family members of the >8000 people who died of Ebola last year?
    Sure, in the BBC documentary Frank watched ( the WHO speaker smilingly admitted that the WHO FAILED these people, but at the same point, without taking another breath this WHO speaker pointed out the failings of the world at the same time and lamented the lack of money the world governments were “supposed to” provide.

    There is plenty of money to persecute smokers who do not cause people to die!!! (We never have.)

    We DO NOT PAY ‘the World’ in order to combat/inform/take action when there is yet another mutated virus running riot. We pay the WHO to act.
    Isn’t it a pity that the WHO was too busy with caviar, champagne and a secret conference in Moscow to pay attention to the Ebola Epidemic that killed >8000 people within 11 month?

    How strong my hate is? I learned last year that it can rise well above what I thought was my threshhold!!!!!

  10. Rose says:

    But on a solemn note Gilmore explains that people choosing to stand outside to smoke, shivering in the cold, demonstrates that tobacco is a “drug of addiction

    No, all it demonstrates is that they are law abiding people and you should be deeply ashamed.

    • Jude says:

      This is an excellent point Rose, thank you for making it. I also think that most people are not only law abiding but genuinely polite and considerate of others, but for smokers, and now vapers, this has been used against them from the beginning of the hate campaigns.

      I see constantly the mouth foaming puritans loudly exclaiming about “smokers, (and vapers), blowing smoke in my face” , and various similar accusations, but have never actually seen a smoker or vaper do this, apart from once where the smoker was under extreme duress, having a lunatic screeching directly into their face about how filthy, disgusting etc, that they were for smoking outside a building.

      In my experience, both as a vaper and former smoker, the vast majority of smokers and vapers have always been considerate of others, and law abiding, which has in some ways been the very thing that has allowed the ANTZ extremists to persecute them so successfully. However, I do think the situation is changing, not that smokers or vapers are becoming less considerate of others, but that the extremists are being exposed for what they are. I have heard it said frequently lately, the question, “why are they continuing to punish smokers, and now vapers, when there are all these laws already in place” , and where in my state, there is already a 95%+ voluntary compliance rate?

      The ANTZ have destroyed the pubs , they’ve ostricised smokers and vapers, they’ve had all advertising banned, they’ve got their “propaganda packaging”, they have allowed the governments to rake in billions in sin taxes from an ever decreasing number of smokers, etc etc, but they still want to bash those few who are left. Vaping, and the lies put out by public health, has brought this hypocrisy and bullying into stark relief. There are now non-smokers asking these questions, because even those without a dog in the fight are starting to see that this is about religious fanaticism, (along with greed), that is at the heart of the ANTZ propaganda and hate campaigns, not some sort of health issue. Its my belief that this is the beginning of the end, and the ANTZ know it, vaping has just accelerated this ending.

      • Rose says:

        smokers and vapers have always been considerate of others, and law abiding, which has in some ways been the very thing that has allowed the ANTZ extremists to persecute them so successfully

        I agree that was our downfall, politeness, consideration and worse still, a strong belief in fairplay, a concept we now know is entirely foreign to TC.

  11. harleyrider1978 says:

    Im taking a few months off from the fight,relaxing and enjoying just rest and no stress. Its great I feel like Im 20 years younger save the ribs and sternum hurting and that bit of chest crap im coughing up from that URI crap I had prior to.

    In fact my wife broke her foot in 3 places so she is stuck home with me too…………….
    Im now a General Hospital BUFF………………et. watching soaps ME! LOL

    • Rose says:

      Good idea, Harley and I hope you feel a lot better very soon and best wishes for a speedy recovery to your wife.

      BTW, how do you break your foot in three places? I need to know what to avoid.

  12. lecroixkwdjer says:

    Reblogged this on Contra la ley "antitabaco".

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