A Modern Hitler Youth

H/T Smoking Lamp for this report:

Children are telling their parents to put cigarettes out at the school gates.

Carterhatch primary school, in Carterhatch lane, is the first school in the borough to ban parents from smoking by the gates and pupils devoted a whole day to learn of the health risks of smoking.

‘No smoking at the gates’ was launched by parent governor Marina Haque, as children designed a plaque to remind parents not to smoke by the school.

Ms Haque said: “Although a ban on smoking at the school gates cannot be legally enforced, children will be asking their own parents politely to stop smoking there.

“A plaque designed by the children reminding people not to smoke will be unveiled at the school gates. At all times the children will be polite when they approach their parents and we are confident that they will cooperate with the children’s wishes.”

Cllr Ayfer Orhan, Enfield Borough Council’s cabinet member for education, children’s services and Ppotection, added: “Children are the best advocates to be saying ‘don’t smoke near our school’.

“This pioneering approach is a bold move and a great example of the successful work going on in our schools which is helping to develop healthy attitudes and changes to life styles.”

Smoking Lamp remarked: “The antismoking movement has transformed itself into a culture war complete with a modern day version of the “Hitler Youth’. “

I completely agree. And once you’ve got children telling parents what to do, it’s a short step to having children report on their parents. In fact, they probably already are doing exactly that. From Dictatorship and Political Police: The Technique of Control by Fear by E.K. Bramstedt:


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31 Responses to A Modern Hitler Youth

  1. roobeedoo2 says:

    For what it’s worth …

    This is easy to counteract by parents that smoke and have no intention of being bullied into giving up. For me it was ‘video games will turn you into a killer’, for others it may be ‘sugar is the new tobacco and will kill you just as quickly’.

    It’s easy for schools to program kids to hate tobacco because kids don’t use it. But it’s just as simple for parents to dismantle that program as soon as the bullying starts at home by equating your tobacco use to your kid’s particular ‘vice’ – video games in my case. You need to give them a dog in this fight.

    Smokers – they are your kids; when the bullying starts, deal with it. And it’s actually a niffy way of teaching respect.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Smokers – they are your kids; when the bullying starts, deal with it. And it’s actually a niffy way of teaching respect.

      Back in the 90s it did start. And I dealt with my kids as SHOULD be expected of their parents. (Parents have: A. Far more life experience and B. pay the bills.)

  2. harleyrider1978 says:

    Something along the lines of the Hitler Youf:
    Proctor (1997) continues that “throughout this period, magazines like Genussgifte (Poisons of taste or habit), Auf der Wacht (On Guard), and Reine Luft (Pure air) published a regular drumbeat against this ‘insidious poison’ [tobacco], along with articles charting the unhealthful effects of alcohol, teenage dancing, cocaine, and other vices. Dozens of books and pamphlets denounced the ‘smoking slavery’ or ‘cultural degeneration’ feared from the growth of tobacco use. Tobacco was branded ‘the enemy of world peace’, and there was even talk of ‘tobacco terror’ and ‘tobacco capitalism’ …. The Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls both published antismoking propaganda, and the Association for the Struggle against the Tobacco Danger organized counseling centers where the ‘tobacco ill’ could seek help” (p.456-457);

    “Hitler Youth had anti-smoking patrols all over Germany, outside movie houses and in entertainment areas, sports fields etc., and smoking was strictly forbidden to these millions of German youth growing up under Hitler.” (www.zundelsite – January 27, 1998.htm)

  3. harleyrider1978 says:

    anybody know a goodway to get sternum and cracked ribs to quit hurting

    • waltc says:

      Ah so that’s what landed you in trouble. Codeine. Tramadol. Or if you don’t want drugs, try Ice packs first or if that doesn’t work, moist heat, and with either enough whiskey that you no longer give a damn. Get well soon.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        Thanks Waltc

        • margo says:

          Yes, I’ve also been wondering what happened to you, Harley. Very painful. Painkillers and time will fix it. I hope you’re better soon.

      • beobrigitte says:

        Harley – best stay away from drugs. I came off a rail years ago and cracked a couple of ribs.
        My recipe:
        During the day a bit of tightness helps. Used my mother’s elastic bandages (she was a world cup winner in getting deep vain thrombosis – she was a never smoker, btw) during the days and woke up a lot in the night. I quickly discovered that a swig of Glendiddich did aid my sleeping.

        Brace yourself for a not comfortable time for the next 12 – 16 weeks. It’ll pass. HONESTLY!

        Get well soon!

        PS: In case you got this injury in a fight – I do hope that the opponent looks (and feel) far worse!)

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          It was from CPR 2 TIMES after taking that damned BIAXIN on the 4th day………………I got my lawyer call yesterday…………..

        • beobrigitte says:

          Harley, the sternum bit will be ok quickly, the cracked ribs will take quite a few weeks. Hope you are gradually recovering; take it easy, avoid STRESS for a good while!

          I didn’t know about the AMI risk then and he didn’t say anything either.
          Your medic has a few questions to answer!!!! Hope your lawyer asks them.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Frank I was 4 days on this anti-biotic when I had an AMI…………….

      Antibiotic clarithromycin and heart attack risk

      By Tim Sandle Sep 1, 2014 in Health .

      Copenhagen – The commonly prescribed antibiotic drug clarithromycin has been linked to a heightened cardiac events risk, according to the British Medical Journal’s newly-published study

      Im fixing to sue the shit out of them.

      Look WHO’S Pet baby favorite medicine it is and many more that can be linked to the same outcomes.

      The research has revealed a small, but significant, link between clarithromycin and heart attacks. Clarithromycin is part of the macrolides antibiotics group. It is on the World Health Organization’s “List of Essential Medicines”, a list of the most important medication needed in a basic health system
      This group of antibiotics has a side-effect where they extend the heart muscle’s electrical activity levels. Because of this, it is considered that these antibiotics make arrhythmic events, which can lead to heart attacks, more likely to happen.
      Researchers, the Daily Mail has reported, have sought to establish how individual macrolide antibiotics impact on patients’ heart rates. The main focus was to see if the antibiotics triggered cardiac-related deaths and, if so proved, then to what extent.
      For the research, the scientists obtained some five million patient data sets, involving adults in Denmark aged from 40 to 74. The data related to the time period 1997 to 2011. By comparing clarithromycin results with another antibiotic – penicillin – the scientists established that, overall, there were 285 cardiac deaths during the time period covered. 18 of these involved patients taking clarithromycin.
      The main finding was that the clarithromycin use – cardiac death risk link was considered to be 76 per cent greater when compared with penicillin. Following the finding, some medics are calling for more research into the association between the drug and the risk of heart attacks. The research has been reported to the British medical Journal, in a study titled “Use of clarithromycin and roxithromycin and risk of cardiac death: cohort study”.
      Clarithromycin is one of the more commonly used antibiotics in many countries and many millions of people are prescribed this drug each year. The new finding seems to warrant further research. Anyone taking the antibiotic should continue to do so, and seek professional medical advice if they are concerned.

      Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/life/health/antibiotic-clarithromycin-and-heart-attack-risk/article/400575#ixzz3cRsbByAM

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        Biaxin Heart Attack – BigClassAction.com


        Biaxin and Heart Attack Biaxin (Clarithromycin) is in the antibiotic family typically prescribed to treat respiratory infections, ear or skin infections.

        • smokingscot says:

          That class action’s way old, however it seems the person who prescribed your medication is either a brain dead moron or a very evil person.

          I’ve taken a very quick shuftie at this drug, made by Abbott Labs (real big company) and at patient complaints after using the muck. It goes on for 20 pages and a 1 rating means avoid at all costs.


          I know it doesn’t resolve your problem, but hopefully it’ll stop your Doctor from prescribing it again.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          Actually I asked my doc for it after I heard it was good for recurrent lyme disease…………I didn’t know about the AMI risk then and he didn’t say anything either. I just know that on the 4th day I had gotton so weirded out feeling I had a AMI from it. It was with everydose I felt worse and worse. Seems it causes a blockage of fluidy buildup at valve openings and the blockage disappears upon compressions and then once they stent to look at it with a camera the doc scratched his head,THERES NOTHING HERE……………Then he asked me about drug interactions which led to the Biaxin link coming out.

        • smokingscot says:

          So it was you who asked for the quickest and most convenient way to treat Lyme Disease.

          Really Harley, you’re your own worst enemy!

          I’ve looked at a score of places that offer some form of natural treatment for Lyme disease and this one not only makes sense, it also offers sensible advice to people who are under enormous stress – even if yours is largely self inflicted. You cannot take on the whole of TC on your own.

          Big numbers of Q10, fish and fish oil (NOT COD LIVER OIL) – also big numbers of Sauerkraut, Kimchi, and Kvass. I ADORE Kimchi, though not that keen on Sauerkraut. Mrs. Harley can do Kimchi dead easy and its cold enough in your area to allow it to ferment outdoors.

          And do try to cut back on the red meat, especially the processed garbage like hot dogs, burgers, salami and ham.


          And do get the old motorcycle out and just ride yourself better.

      • beobrigitte says:

        You had a WHAT????

        Antibiotic clarithromycin and heart attack risk

        That does remind me…. All the money is going to pharmaceutical exploits to aid the anti-smokers’ idiotic ideas. Little is being invested into antibiotic research – we all know that these days the only effective antibiotics left do have serious side effects. There are precious few effective antibiotics left. It costs a lot of money with no guarantee of success. Pharmaceutical companies have executive directors (and their lobbied causes) to pay….

        What will our stupid tory government do? Feed tobacco control…..
        If there will be a choice left for us – I take the one of my body. It’s no good if this wonder antibiotic saves me for 5 minutes only for me to die of this wonder antibiotis’s side effects….

  4. Stevel says:

    The thing is these are just children parotting what they have been told. They have no experience of the real world.I remember getting the no smoking sermon from a work collueges 10 year old son back in the 70’s.I told him to come back and talk to me when he was 50.Found out years later that he died of a heroin overdose at the age of 22. As my father allways said “mind your own bussiness and bussiness will mind itself”

  5. Smoking Lamp says:

    Thanks for posting this. The scariest part is the exploitation of children by school authorities. Educators play a key role in forming and transmitting societal norms. In this case they are forming a norm that health trumps social bonds–and foremost that health trumps familial bonds. This implicitly totalitarian, fascist trend must be stopped.

  6. waltc says:

    It’s been part of the program here for years. It started with an in-school program called DARE, tho I forget what the acronym stood for, that was originally about hard drugs and preaching the evils of pills and weeds. I remember vividly a case from the mid 90s that made the news about an 8 yr old boy who, in the context of a series of DARE lectures given to his class by local cops, reported his father for smoking marijuana. Upshot: a swat team raid on the house, father jailed, mother evicted, and (not sure) but I think the kid was taken over by the state. Newspaper interview had crying kid saying he only told the cops about his dad so the cops would come over and tell him to stop smoking on account of the weed being bad for his health. Somewhere or other I kept that clipping.

    As for tobacco, Kids are already asked in unannounced classroom questionnaires to tell about their parents’ private lives and habits including drinking, smoking and sex. Short step from there to the smoking parents losing custody for child abuse.

  7. prog says:

    ‘No smoking at the gates’ was launched by parent governor Marina Haque, as children designed a plaque to remind parents not to smoke by the school.’

    The school is in Enfield.

    ‘In her final year of a degree in Public Health at the School of Health, Sport and Bioscience, Marina has also been working as a volunteer with Enfield Council’s Public Health team for the last six months, involved in day-to-day activities as well as project planning and outreach work. She was recently instrumental in organising the Tobacco Control Alliance Conference.’


    • nisakiman says:

      Ah, so the bigger picture emerges…

      • prog says:

        It’s pathetic – gets a Mickey Mouse qualification from a second rate college (probably at taxpayers expense), then let loose to brainwash and promote divisiveness.

        It makes it somewhat worse when your it’s one of your group shitting on you. I wonder if the other parents actually realise she instigated the bullying.

    • beobrigitte says:

      ‘In her final year of a degree in Public Health at the School of Health, Sport and Bioscience

      I take it this subject was introduced as a university “degree” because it’s an easy subject to reduce the standard 30 hours attendance, 60 hours reading to fit in with the studends having to have a job to feed themselves whilst their student loan just caters for university tuition and partly for their accommodation.
      It’s a Mickey Mouse degree, landing those who enter it in massive debts without future prospects.

      Marina Haque is one of them. Tobacco Control offers them unattainable prospect.

  8. idenisovich says:

    I left a comment over at the Independent. Others might care to join in the fun. Mine was quite mild , a bit generous even and I didn’t use the H word once.

  9. beobrigitte says:

    Smoking Lamp remarked: “The antismoking movement has transformed itself into a culture war complete with a modern day version of the “Hitler Youth’. “

    I completely agree. And once you’ve got children telling parents what to do, it’s a short step to having children report on their parents.

    As Robeedoo already commented – it’s on the parents to take on the parent role.

    The last few days I was wondering about this role reversal – ADULTS stating that “they can’t control their ‘addiction’ “. By addiction is meant food. But when told that a gastric band/bypass was only possible when the patient shows to have lost about 2 stone in 6 month, 90% of the “addicts” CAN control their eating habits with the view of getting this (rather risky) operation.

    THIS IS CHILD BEHAVIOUR. Mass media conditions us ADULTS to be like CHILDREN? Who other than the fearful healthists benefit from this?

  10. jaxthefirst says:

    Every time I read one of these ghastly stories, I find myself thanking my lucky stars that I chose never to have children. These days, in fact, children are themselves banned from my home, my car and my company. If I have to speak to them for a few minutes I’ll do so politely, even nicely, but any situation which involves spending a large amount of time in the company of children is, these days, avoided as keenly as are events or places which are proudly proclaimed to be totally non-smoking. “Family friendly” these days has become as much of a deterrent as are the words “non-smoking throughout” – mainly because the two so often go hand in hand.

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  12. Harleyrider1978 says:

    So hitler and the muslims of his Reich are on the march again!

  13. I thought this was here already, but if so, then my eyes are missing it:

    That’s the Smoke Free Air school rally that REALLY will remind you of Hitler Youth rallies!

    – MJM

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