The Coming EU Referendum Stitch-up

With Cameron set to call a referendum on Europe, it looks like it’s going to be a stitch-up:

UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s warnings over a “stitch up” referendum have started to become reality, as it emerged today that Prime Minister David Cameron intends to hand the ‘Yes’ answer in a British referendum on EU membership to the ‘In’ or ‘Europhile’ camp.

The BBC reports that while the final wording of the question has not been revealed, it is widely expected that Mr Cameron will give the upper hand – the ‘Yes’ box on the ballot papers – to those who want Britain’s relationship with the EU to remain unchanged.

The move is likely to anger Eurosceptic campaigners, who have previously warned that Mr Cameron’s Conservative government would seek to give undue influence to the Europhiles, given his close links with big corporates who benefit from open door immigration and low-waged, low-skilled workers from the continent.

And there’ll be a high power campaign for a Yes vote:

Make no mistake, the Europhiles will get down and dirty in this campaign as never before. The forces ranged against UKIP and all other Eurosceptic elements will be massive, on a quite unprecedented scale. The sums of money available to the pro-Brussels camp will be virtually unlimited, from the EU itself, the United States liberal establishment, the over-mighty international banks, and all the multifarious sources that routinely fund campaigns promoting the agenda of the global liberal consensus.

It’ll be a bit like the Irish gay marriage vote:

Eurosceptics must realise that the bombardment they are about to undergo will be beyond anything in previous political experience. A small-scale foretaste was provided by the recent Irish referendum on homosexual marriage. The No camp found itself attacked by every political party, every newspaper and media outlet, the vile Twitter mob, international loudmouths, celebrities and even stabbed in the back by Vichy Catholic bishops. That experience could be viewed as a mini-rehearsal for Britain’s EU referendum.

The progressive consensus will throw everything it has at this. Europhiles know that if they can defeat this last British bid for freedom the result will be irreversible. Thereafter, intensified demographic reconfiguration of the electorate and relentless propaganda in schools and everywhere else can be relied on to extinguish the British identity. There will not be another referendum, at least not one with the slightest prospect of liberating Britain from Brussels.

Personally, I think that the referendum is probably already lost. There’s still considerable support for the EU in Britain.

But I don’t think the referendum really matters. I think what really matters is whether the EU can hold together given the mounting centrifugal forces now acting to tear it apart. If the EU disintegrates, the likely outcome will be the return of the sovereign nation states with their own currencies, regardless of any referendums there may have been.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if, in an attempt to forge a common European identity, EU leaders embark on a war with Russia over Ukraine. After all, it won’t be the first time that states have embarked on foreign wars to divert attention from problems closer to home. And President Jean-Claude Juncker is now calling for an EU army.


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11 Responses to The Coming EU Referendum Stitch-up

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    Smoking and Mortality — Beyond Established Causes

    N Engl J Med 2015; 372:2168-2170May 28, 2015DOI: 10.1056/NEJMc1503675
    To the Editor:

    The longitudinal cohort study by Carter et al. (Feb. 12 issue)1 provides evidence of new causes of death associated with smoking. We were surprised by the authors’ statement that among the deaths that were associated with smoking, “a small proportion was due to other, less plausibly causal, associations with outcomes, such as suicide and accidents.” The tables in the Supplementary Appendix of the article (available at show that for current smokers who were 55 years of age or older, the relative risk of death was 4.4 from suicide and 1.6 from accidents among women and 3.2 from suicide and 1.5 from accidents among men. These risk ratios are higher than those associated with other causes of death reported by the authors. Although there have been mixed findings regarding the association between smoking and suicide, we highlight a recent meta-analysis showing that smokers had a risk ratio of 1.81 for death from suicide.2 The association between smoking and accidental death is new, although the risk factors associated with suicide and accidental death are similar.3 In a growing list of studies suggesting putative mechanisms for the association between smoking and suicide, factors include the modulation of serotonin by nicotine and the effects of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors on mood dysregulation, aggression, and suicidal behavior.4,5

    • mikef317 says:

      Typically, the letter to the editor writers try to blame every disease imaginable on smoking.

      There’s nothing new or remarkable about the suicide data.

      If you look at the mortality table on page 102 of the 1964 Surgeon General’s report, there is a line for “accidents, suicides, and violence (i.e., murder)” that shows an elevated risk for smokers.

      Below is a pretty good paper from 1992.


      If you look at mental disorders like schizophrenia and depression, people with these illnesses are more likely to smoke than people without mental problems.

      Nicotine regulates stress, and mental patients are certainly stressed. These people are seriously ill; so it is not surprising that some would commit suicide. This is an alternative (non-medical / chemical) way to explain the data.

  2. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank don’t forget they always STUFF THE BALLOT BOX of course they might even make it appear a close vote or make it a slam dunk for their side. The point here is nothing but national soverighnty matters. Not becoming a subjugated servant slave to a corrupt machine that you may well one day see your sons and daughters having to fight in war to overcome. We all know whats going on and they know what we know. They will cheat and push it thru without regard to any actual vote. Then the courts will back them up because they own the courts.

    That Idea I had about a smokers only town in nowheresville America is really sounding like the path to take. Where we are the law and own everything.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I think you’re right. We’re going to need smokers-only towns and states, where we make the laws, and where we can live as we wish.

      • John Watson says:

        A point I raised here a few blogs back, to which Harleyrider replied that he had been thinking and talking along the same lines. As I said at the time there are smokers in every walk of life, the expertise is out there why not utilise it? Who knows smoking communities with their own legislation and a lower overall tax rate may very well appeal to a significant number of people.

  3. mntvernon says:

    Mr. Davis,
    The formation of the EU was viewed as the second coming of the 1957 Common market. While the union of independent states to form an economic bloc under a unified currency (the euro) sounds like a superb plan the fine print spills into other issues such as immigration, health policy, etc. that make it a steaming pile of dung.
    I recall many print newspaper articles how Charles de Gaulle of France shoved conditions down PM Wilsons throat who then had to sell it to Parliament. UK joined in 1973 and modest economic progress ensued while other European nations joined in. The pivotal point was the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty in 1993 where the creation of Union Parliament whose function grew beyond the original purpose of a single economic blog.
    Now we’ve got the dissident British citizen movement who see the overlording of Brussels as unacceptable. With the last election PM Cameron has heard the electorate and is lobbying the EU to remove oppressive conditions set upon the British Isles. Germanys Merkel and Frances Hollande are not to receptive to an EU member getting special dispensation. Merkel & Hollande have their own headache dealing with the impending Greek crisis and the immediate economic turmoil in Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.
    Nowhere else than than the Russian Federation has this been seen as to their advantage in the way they spin the situation:

    • Rose says:

      I remember De Gaulle, he didn’t appear to like us much or that’s how it seemed to me.

      De Gaulle and the Common Market – 1963

      “Once again the Common Market faces trouble from Charles de Gaulle. Just one year ago he prevented Britain’s entrance into the European Economic Community. Now he is threatening the “disappearance” of the EEC itself.”

      ” If France were to abandon the EEC, it would lose its control over the other five members and accept solitude instead. Such isolation seems irreconcilable with de Gaulle’s announced hope of an independent Europe, led by France and Germany, acting as a buffer between East and West. ”

      “1967: De Gaulle says ‘non’ to Britain – again

      The French President, Charles de Gaulle, has for a second time said he will veto Britain’s application to join the Common Market. ”

      “Harold Wilson waited two days before replying to General de Gaulle’s statement.
      He made a 16-point rebuttal of the French leader’s statement and ruled out any offers of associate membership.
      He also said Britain would press ahead with its application for full membership of the Common Market.
      After General de Gaulle fell from power in 1969, Britain applied a third time, and was accepted. “

  4. Rose says:

    1975 Referendum Pamphlet

    “This page contains the text of the Government produced pamphlet advocating a vote to stay in the “European Community (Common Market)” in the 1975 British Referendum on continuing British membership.”


    ‘Her Majesty’s Government have decided to recommend to the British people to vote for staying in the Community’


  5. harleyrider1978 says:


    Iro I don’t event remember what happened but that I was out flat at the hospital 2 smoking nurses jumped upon my providing life giving CPRwas transportded to Galallatin tn wheren a moslem doctor did a stint that likely lsaved my life/ The problem was that thye were feeding me the drug morphine which makes me means as hell. Then Ihad been taking the bacterial drug clendymyiacin which 1 was told INCREASES THE LEGNTH OT TIME BEETWEEN BREATHING THE HEart rates…………..

    aNY WAY iM STILL FUCKED UP WITH NOW BLOOD CLOTS IN THE RIGHT ARMS as the Nazis wouldn’t stop feedoning the m8ng altering dope. I t go so bad I was fighting the naxis even fist to fist and losing everythine as they just hogtie me harder and then infuse more. For 4-5 days I lay they prisoners before mom fially got them to believe it was the morphinine causing the intenses hate I had towards them. AS I didnt never hurt anyone which was string to help me. I hadn’t slepted since that nitw on the 26 may. tomite was the first sleep ive had also. Any way the muslim who did the work on my right wouldnt chech out my left side after all the torcher.

    he just left. Then a white guy doc shows up and says I need to go to trinity hpospital as nobody at gallatin was going to help and the problem was now they had even tossed out ETHICS. The ire ethics is when you have a uncorforming paitient it doesn’t say FORCE THEM to do your will or even use it as torture yet that’s just what they used it for.

    My hands were bound behind my back in a bed Mu head tied down with a gag. My feet and hands as similarly tied;

  6. harleyrider1978 says:

    My arms after five days covered and not utilized except for torture by the nazis,they even installed a comstant compression BP guages to ckeck my BP with. Problem is they levese peramamnaat damages to yoyr vasuclar stsytem

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