The Strategic Vote is UKIP

Powerful piece by Gerald Warner:


“Eve of poll” is one of the holy days in the liturgical calendar of the political class. It is a red-letter day for politicians, exhausted after weeks of cack-handed lying, evasions and insincere drivel. It signals to them that within 24 hours they will be free of the necessity even to pretend to heed the concerns and wishes of the mug punters who compose the electorate.

Take a careful look at that abject creature, decked out in a gaudy rosette such as ornaments prize-winning sows at agricultural shows, polluting your doorstep. Smirking, cringing, sweating, patronisingly admiring your roses, he has only one desire: to carry out your commands. Concerned about immigration? Why didn’t you say so before? Not one more Rumanian will enter Britain if you return him to Parliament. HS2? Okay, he may have supported it in the last Parliament, but he is now re-thinking his position. Same-sex marriage? Just because he voted for it, that doesn’t mean he likes it any more than you do.

Fast forward a week, or even 48 hours, and the supplicant will be transformed into a braying, opinionated, arrogant dictator, embarking on five more years of imposing on the citizenry the PC prescriptions favoured by the swarming pathogens on the slime-green benches. Throughout that period of electoral reprieve he will never again speak to, much less listen to, a normal, average Briton. His sentiments on returning to the gothic halls of the rats’ nest on the Thames will be: thank God we don’t need to have anything to do with the grisly electorate for another five years.

Enough already. Does anyone with a shred of self respect believe we can allow this travesty to continue? The most perfunctory look at what has been done to our country, over the past half century, by the supposed servants of the public furnishes the most damning condemnation of this rotten system. They have radically transformed the demography of Britain, against the known wishes of the electorate, supplanting the indigenous population with alien cultures and threatening with criminal prosecution anyone who might have the temerity to protest against it…

James Delingpole agrees, it seems:

My dilemma, I know, is one that will be shared by many on the Thatcherite right. We’re natural conservatives, at least with a small “c” if not a large one. Yet if we vote for this particular lot of Conservatives we are tacitly endorsing a party we have long since ceased to believe in. Our party – the Vichy Tories, as the great Gerald Warner calls them – has been hijacked by spineless, vapid, closet, discreetly Europhile social democrats, led by David Cameron, (dis-)ably encouraged by a damp rag of squishy ‘modernisers’ including Oliver Wetwin, Nick Boles, William Hague and many others too depressing to mention.

And this isn’t snorting right-wing curmudgeonliness. This is plain, observed reality.

As “Conservatives”, the Cameroons have failed on any number of levels.

Under the banner “Vote Blue, Go Green”, they have slavishly endorsed the European Union green agenda, committing Britain to hopelessly unrealistic, economically-damaging “carbon”-reduction targets, driving up energy prices and funding with money the taxpayer simply cannot afford white elephant projects like offshore wind at three times the cost of conventional energy production…

And speaks up for UKIP, for whom I will be carefully drawing a cross on the ballot paper tomorrow.


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48 Responses to The Strategic Vote is UKIP

  1. jltrader says:

    ”Concerned about immigration? Why didn’t you say so before? Not one more Rumanian (sic) will enter Britain if you return him to Parliament.” Yeah, they will be replaced by Indians, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and nationals from various African countries who as we all know have much more in common with British people than Romanians (deep sarcasm). As a Romanian national I feel I had to point out how ridiculous I find headlines criticizing immigration by picking on Romanians while there are several areas in England where looking at the people around you’d think you are in Africa or South East Asia, not Europe.

    • Edgar says:

      Sorry, JL, but Romanians are changing the nature of Britsh life, along with all the others you mention. A unique way of life is being systematically eradicated by unfettered immigration and some of us are really pissed off with that. It’s not racism, or antiRomanianism, that causes us such despair: it is that we are victims of a form of genocide: the English man and woman are being wiped out by insipid bureaucrats and three-faced politicians whose weapons are enforced diversification and political correctness. But, as you have no doubt observed, the tolerance shown so far is wearing very thin and who knows what the future holds? If I were an immigrant to this country, I doubt whether I would be feeling very secure just now.

      • nisakiman says:

        The problem is not immigration, per se, but with the cultural baggage that immigrants bring with them. My impression of JL, for instance, is that he has come to the UK with the intention of making the best of what UK has to offer. He has learned to speak the language fluently and is interacting with the local community (us, in this instance). He does not appear to seek to impose the Romanian culture he comes from on those around him, although I’m sure he retains and values it. As such, he should be welcomed as a worthy addition to the country. And that applies to immigrants from anywhere in the world, whether it be India, Pakistan, the Middle East or any of the African nations.

        The problems have arisen because immigrants have come to UK, formed ghettos, and then sought to impose their cultural values locally; cultural values that are completely alien to the British people. This is wrong, and should be resisted.

        I think Walt hits the nail on the head when he says that in this PC world we live in, you can get away with casting aspersions on Romanians (or Russians, Bulgarians, Slavs, Poles etc) because it’s harder for people to accuse you of using racist invective,

    • waltc says:

      @JLT. Knowing nothing about the British immigration situation, esp immigration from Eastern Europe, I merely posit that it’s a hell of a lot safer in these very weird times for a columnist to use Romanians as his example than to dare to use Africans, Pakistanis or disruptive followers of Sharia.

  2. smokervoter says:

    Just 500 smokervoters in Thanet South could well make the difference between retaining the amazing Nigel Farage as a voice of reason against the maddening Nanny State or losing him.

    How so, you might ask? It appears than he and the Tory candidate are battling over 70% of the vote. At a bare minimum he needs 35.5% of the vote (vs 34.5%). By my calculus that might amount to a 17,600 to 17,100 outcome. Whew! That’s what I call close.

    Simon Clark points out that there’s around 14,000 registered smokervoters in the constituency, but in all likelihood around 9,000 (or 65%) will show up to place their cross on the ballot.

    Let’s say that Mr. Farage grabs 55% of those votes, or 4,950.

    Now let’s up that turnout figure to 70%, as motivated smokers finally decide to spread their wings. That’s an extra 845 participants. If he grabs 55% of them as well, that’s 465 extra for the good. Throw in 35 marginal non-smoking euroskeptics and the job is done. There’s his 500 head victory.

    There’s two things smokervoters need to concentrate on to get back into the game and slow down the momentum of the infernal War on Smokers. Turnout and preponderance.

    “Could we please get these awful people off our back” – Nigel Farge wearing a smoking jacket on a street bench in Stony Stratford.

    I’ve never heard the problem with the Nanny State so succinctly addressed in all my lifetime. It is crucial that he stays on in politics and as head of the UKIP. If you live in Thanet South and you smoke – vote tomorrow (today?) without fail.

  3. Russtovich says:

    “the English man and woman are being wiped out by insipid bureaucrats and three-faced politicians whose weapons are enforced diversification and political correctness”

    Not to pick on the Romanians, but it’s everyone who doesn’t conform to the status quo.

    To quote Sir John Glubb (from “The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival”):

    “I do not wish to convey the impression that immigrants are inferior to older stocks. They are just different, and they thus tend to introduce cracks and divisions.”

    Also from the above mentioned:

    “Any regime which attains great wealth and power seems with remarkable regularity to decay and fall apart in some ten generations.”

    The UK is in its Twilight Years (not to be confused with the movie series).

    If it’s any consolation, the U.S. is well on its way to the same end (and so too is Canada, considering the frightful provincial election results from Alberta yesterday).


    • Edgar says:

      In T. E. Lawrence’s ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom’, the Arabs are portrayed as fatalistic people: for them, everything ‘is written’, the future is as unchangeable as the past. Lawrence is the Englishman, or as one Arab refers to him ‘He for whom it is not written.’ I don’t accept that England, the USA, or Saudi Arabia for that matter, are in their Twilight Years (although the UK could indeed be on its last legs.) Five years ago, you would have been hard-pressed to find a UKIP supporter in the area in which I live (solidly Labour). At this election, in this constituency and the 20 around it, the proportion of votes for UKIP was a quarter to a third of those cast for the Labour Party. In the country as a whole, there were 3.9 million people voted for UKIP. That is a phenomenon that may wither, or it may continue to grow. Who knows? Certainly not the good Sir John (who, it seems, trained the soldiers of the Arab Legion and, judging by the book you quote, may have been infected by the ‘It is written’ virus).

  4. harleyrider1978 says:

    I America going to south America could be a very real option as their cant be many Hispanics left there. They’ve all crossed the bloody border. Now if by chance the government comes out and says no more welfare…………they will all be gone in a fortnite.

  5. harleyrider1978 says:

    Australian Anti-Smoking Efforts Back-Fire
    Thursday, 7 May 2015, 12:05 pm
    Press Release: New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

    Australian Anti-Smoking Efforts Back-Fire

    The Taxpayers’ Union is urging the Government not to make the same mistakes Australia has in relation to anti-smoking efforts which have caused a spike in illicit tobacco sales and left a revenue hole of $1.3 billion in Australia’s government accounts.

    At the end of March KPMG published a report showing that high excise taxes and plain packaging have led to continued growth in the consumption of illicit tobacco, which now accounts for 14.5% of total Australian tobacco consumption.

    Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director, Jordan Williams, says:

    “This report on Australia’s experience should serve as a wake-up call to the New Zealand Government currently reviewing tobacco control measures. It is very clear that simply ramping up tobacco taxes and bans on branding won’t work. Worse, these measures appear to have simply played into the hands of criminal gangs, which in Australia are now the fourth largest provider, supplying 14.5% of the market.”

    “Of particular concern is evidence that consumption of tobacco products has increased since the introduction of plain packaging in December 2012, from 17.3 to 17.5 million kilograms per year. It appears that those who warned that plain packs would simply lead to competition on price, and an invitation to those importing illegal product, may have been right.”

    “We all support measures which reduce harm, but raising tobacco taxes isn’t the answer when the benefit is questionable and it is clear that those who benefit are the criminals supplying illicit tobacco. We call on politicians to honestly assess the actual effectiveness of these measures rather than continue to use tax on smokers as a virtue-signalling political tool.”

  6. Any suggestions as to the best way Americans can keep up with the reporting on UK’s voting as the polls close? I know that over here there’s a lot of “exit-polling” done that gives a pretty reliable indicator in any race that’s not excruciatingly close, and the various networks with various computer models and standards tote up and call “Winner!” fairly accurately before most votes are even counted. Do you guys experience the same thing?


    • Frank Davis says:

      If you can’t watch BBC (because it’s “geo-blocked”) you might be able to get Channel 4 or ITV Or there’s the BBC World Service (radio), which I suppose can’t be geo-blocked since it’s intended for the,um,… world.

      • Heh, I remember discovering the short-wave band on my parents’ big old console Victrola Radio when I was a young teen! I found Radio Moscow and thought I was listening to secret broadcasts from the COMMUNISTS! LOL!


      • nisakiman says:

        I don’t know about channel four because I’ve never tried, but if I try to get ITV via my ISP, it gets blocked. I use a proxy server in UK to watch BBC (which works as well for ITV) – which in reality is just the F1. I don’r really watch any other television. It’s a bummer now that BBC only gets to screen 10 races live during the season. Fucking Murdoch. I can stream Sky F1, but it’s pretty rubbish, with lots of stop-start and pixellating. BBC via the proxy is just like watching proper TV.

      • marieengling says:

        I can watch ITV in Denmark, Channel4 is blogged by my antivirus program.

  7. jaxthefirst says:

    They don’t do exit polls in quite as organised a fashion over here, MM. They do them, and sometimes make a vague “exit polls so far indicate …” type of statement, but I don’t recall them ever being particularly accurate countrywide – only usually in the few areas where they’ve been done. My suspicion this year would also be that there are a whole lot of “silent” UKIP voters who simply won’t say that they will/have voted UKIP because they don’t want to be on the receiving end of the inevitable onslaught of unwarranted criticism from the ranks of the “let’s keep the status quo” brigade who couldn’t vote for anyone alternative if their lives depended on it. It’s much easier to stay infuriatingly silent on the matter. Not to mention the fact that, I believe, many people who are going to vote UKIP know full well that the more polls say “early indications suggest that UKIP stands to gain xxx votes in the forthcoming election” the more likely it is that the more traditional voters (who might not normally bother voting, particularly if they are in a safe-ish seat) will rush to the polling station in order to keep the nice, safe, Tory/Labour swing that they know and love so much, going. There’s nothing like lulling one’s opponents into a false sense of security to ensure eventual success!

    Probably your best bet (if you have the time and the inclination) is to tune into one of the UK news channels (such as the BBC) who are covering the whole thing and who will be giving “running totals” as the results get announced in each area. It goes on for hours, (yawn!) and, of course, here it runs throughout the night, but for you guys over the pond it’s at a much more civilised time (afternoon/evening), so if you feel inclined to bore yourself to death watching the whole thing, then time-wise you probably could! Alternatively, I suspect that there’ll probably be some on-line service which will be showing results as they come in, but I couldn’t for the life of me tell you which service that’ll be. Or Twitter, if haphazard, might be worth keeping an eye on to monitor results.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Remember Harry Truman the nite before the returns came in……………..

    • nisakiman says:

      The BBC News website will for sure be running a live feed. They update as news comes in on a live scroll. MJM will have no problem accessing that page, as it’s an international website.

  8. Rose says:

    It’s my birthday today and I have been looking forward for ages, win or lose, to adding my own small dot to the purple rash slowly spreading across the country.

  9. Good points Jax! And I hope you find a VERY nice present coming out of the polling boxes Rose!


  10. Major cock up in Darlington.
    UKIP candidate left off the ballet papers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nisakiman says:

      Heh! They really must be worried!

      But seriously, what do they do in a situation like that? Add UKIP at the bottom by hand?

  11. harleyrider1978 says:

    Protecting the brand: British American Tobacco instructs Herbert Smith Freehills for plain packaging challenge –

    British American Tobacco (BAT) has gifted Herbert Smith Freehills (HSF) with a major disputes mandate, and instructed the firm as the tobacco giant challenges the UK government’s plans to bring in plain cigarette packaging.

    The London-headquartered BAT has further instructed Hogan Lovells to advise on intellectual property issues, while barristers brought in includes 39 Essex Chambers’ Nigel Pleming QC and One Essex Court’s Geoffrey Hobbs QC.

    BAT constitutes a longstanding client of HSF, with City partner Philip Pfeffer advising on numerous judicial challenges to tobacco control regulatory measures including plain packaging, graphic health warnings, and ingredient bans. New York partner Benjamin Rubinstein also successfully represented the tobacco major in a decade-long civil racketeering lawsuit, filed by the US justice department against multiple US tobacco companies, seeking $280bn in disgorgement of past profits.

    BAT is one of several tobacco giants vowing to fight the UK government in court, after Parliament approved the Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Products Regulations 2015 which includes a ban on cigarette packet branding. Set to come into force in May next year, tobacco manufacturers will be forced to sell cigarettes in plain packets with uniform size, shape and design featuring only brand name and health warnings.

    Prior to a debate in the House of Lords, BAT confirmed it would ‘commence a legal challenge against the UK Government, if the House of Lords supports MPs who voted to implement plain packaging for tobacco products’.

    BAT’s corporate and regulatory affairs director Jerome Abelman said: ‘This legislation is a case of the UK Government taking property from a UK business without paying for it. That is illegal under both UK and European law.’

    ‘Legal action is not something we want to undertake, nor is it something we enter into lightly – but the UK Government has left us with no other choice after running what can only be described as a flawed consultation process. Any business that has property taken away from it by the state would inevitably want to challenge and seek compensation.’

    BAT intends to argue that plain packaging violates a number of UK, European Union (EU) and international laws, including EU trademark laws, as well as World Trade Organisation rules regarding international trade.

    In December 2012 Australia became the first country to introduce plain packaging while last month Ireland’s president signed into law the Public Health (Standardised Packaging of Tobacco) Bill.

    Other firms acting on behalf of Big Tobacco include Arthur Cox which is currently representing Japan Tobacco in its dispute over plain packaging legislation against the Irish government.

  12. harleyrider1978 says:

    An American Physicist’s Scathing Letter To Professional Group Over “Global Warming Fraud”

  13. Frank Davis says:

    Breitbart London is doing a live blog starting 9 pm GMT

    • Unfortunately, some stuff has come up and I’m going to be afk for most of the the critical hours I’m afraid, but I’ll be checking back in as soon as I can!


  14. harleyrider1978 says:

    Fox news is calling conservative win but 10 seats shy of majority. I hope ukip gets those seats.

  15. harleyrider1978 says:

    U.S. government declares that vaping is not addictive (nor is smoking)
    by Carl V Phillips

    by Carl V Phillips Sorry for the blog silence. I have been immersed in working on papers, with some interruptions to give testimony and interviews. I happened to stumble across this page from the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) that addresses the question, “Is there a difference between physical dependence and addiction?” As […]

  16. harleyrider1978 says:

    Note the change of tone and choise of words

    Our community wants and deserves a healthier place to live and work. With a smoke-free city up for vote on May 12, we need our city leaders to say yes and improve our health care outcomes. We want clean indoor air for all.

    There are a number of

    for diseases and illness that are uncontrollable, so it makes it even more imperative to address and prevent the risk factors that we can control, and smoking is one of them.

    Let’s look to our neighbor, New Orleans, and the precedence they have set for our state to become a leader for smoke free ordinances in the South.

    Karen Wyble

    2016 Go Red for Women Chair

    American Heart Association

    risk factors
    risk factors that we can control

    Not the normal CAUSES BULLSHIT goes righ along with Carls latest assesssment

  17. harleyrider1978 says:

    Heres a sweety for mikes wall of hate

    23 hours ago

    @harleyrider197843 Take your spam and get fucked you knuckle dragging barbarian, smoke in your own trailer home around your ugly ass fat tatted mastadon wife you ignorant hillbilly piece of shit.

  18. smokervoter says:

    I’m sure this is probably a well-worn news bite amongst everyone here alrerady but…

    Ukip deputy leader Paul Nuttall said: ‘We are going to get more than two seats tonight. We’re buoyant and confident.

    ‘I think Nigel Farage has won and I think he’s probably won by a bigger margin than what people think.’

    Calling for electoral reform, he added: ‘If we get four million votes tonight and that is possible and say we roll in with six or seven seats I think the issue of electoral reform will have to be back on the agenda.

    Dear god, I’ve got a spreadsheet which attempts to calculate the British smokervoters’ power potential that I think is fairly accurate and I’m seeing that if the British smoking electorate swings by a puny preponderance of 51% for the UKIP that is 3,429,700 votes alone.

    UKIP should have had no problem getting five million votes.

    When are smokers the world over going to stop voting for their oppressors? Would/should US Blacks have voted for George Wallace when he ran for president?

  19. smokervoter says:

    Worse yet, that 3.43 million represents almost exactly one-third of the overall total (I’m using 10,346,000). So, two-thirds of smokers either can’t be bothered to vote or vote for their enemies. In other words, a scant one out of three are willing to stand up for themselves.

    Maybe those polls which claim 70% of smokers hate themselves and want to quit are right.

    Oh no, I’m listening to a right-wing radio broadcast here (actually a RINO sonofabitch, but there’s nothing else on right now) who just said that Farage is losing and losing badly.

    How would anyone know, they don’t announce the results until 6AM BST or 10PM out here in wild west time?

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