The Emerging Oligarchy

Continuing on Bloomberg, Boris Johnson wrote today:

Omigosh. Can that be true? It says here that the legendary American zillionaire Mike Bloomberg is poised to make an entry into British politics. In fact, he is said to be toying with the job currently held by your columnist. Bloomberg for Mayor, they say – Mayor of London! What with one thing or another, I didn’t have time to ring Mike up and get to the bottom of it, not on Easter Sunday; but the story does not seem to be a complete invention.

Mike’s cause is being championed by no less a figure than Steve Hilton: remember him – the Cameron guru who pads around without any shoes on. Steve rightly admires the former New York mayor’s can-do spirit and astonishing record of achievement. So do many others, including me. Nowhere in the text is there what you might call a formal dementi from Bloomberg himself. My friends: there is only one conclusion. This is a test.

Someone, somewhere is mounting a Draft Bloomberg campaign, and they are sticking their fingers in the wind, testing the waters and generally running it up the flagpole to see who salutes. And I want you to know, therefore, that I am standing to attention and signalling my wholehearted approval. Mike, old friend, this is the big one. I had hoped that you would run for President, but you have mystifyingly decided to let that chance pass. There is therefore only one way to excel your epic 12-year career at the helm in Manhattan; there is only one great municipal job that could conceivably count as a promotion; there is only one way to graduate upwards from the position of Mayor of New York, and that is to become the leader of a city that has regained its status as the greatest on earth.

So Boris Johnson is endorsing Bloomberg. Whom he calls Mike, and greatly admires.

It doesn’t seem to occur to Boris that there’s the little matter that Bloomberg is a US citizen, not a British citizen. He seems to think that you can fly in anybody from anywhere, if you admire them enough, and you’re on first name terms with them.

This isn’t about Bloomberg. It’s about foreigners. Here in Britain a lot of people are getting sick of foreigners coming in and taking our jobs. What’s the difference between the arrival on these shores of Bloomberg and some immigrant Romanian pickpocket (aside from the fact that I’d prefer an army  of Romanian pickpockets to Michael Bloomberg)?

There’s a very cavalier attitude to nationality and national sovereignty on display here.  I suppose that it’s because these Masters of the Universe see themselves as citizens of the world, rather than citizens of their mere country of birth. Boris – who is of Turkish and German ancestry – was born in the USA, and until recently had both a US and a British passport.

Boris Johnson to give up US passport – removing potential obstacle in becoming Prime Minister

He seems to think that he has to be fully British to become Prime Minister, because otherwise his allegiance might be seen to lie elsewhere. Actually, I think that he should have relinquished his US passport when he became firstly an MP, and secondly Mayor of London, for the exact same reason.

It’s part of the erosion of the nation state that is taking place in the EU. National identity is being slowly erased. At the present rate of erosion, we can expect there to be perhaps a Dutch prime minister of Spain, and a Norwegian prime minister of Italy. How would Americans like an English mayor of NYC? Or a Romanian one?

If I was an American, I wouldn’t. I’d want Americans in American public life, like I want English people in English public life. How else can people be represented except by their own people?

I’m seriously beginning to believe that a global oligarchy has emerged (as I discussed recently), mostly of super-rich people who can buy their way anywhere, and who all know each other on first name terms, and who regularly meet up at Davos, and who particularly admire the sort of poisonous little reptile like Michael Bloomberg who has the gall to subvert democracy and impose a smoking ban on NYC purely on his own initiative. And they admire that, because that’s what they’re all doing themselves. Because they’re not interested in representing anybody.

Michael Bloomberg is one member of the oligarchy, and Boris Johnson is another member, and so also it seems is Steve Hilton, and almost certainly David Cameron and half his cabinet. I bet Nick Clegg is too. They have no allegiance to their own countries. Their real allegiance is to each other. Which is why Boris Johnson will so rapidly endorse for Mayor of London a Michael Bloomberg that most Brits have never heard of.

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30 Responses to The Emerging Oligarchy

  1. Smoking Lamp says:

    Clearly there is a global oligarchy that seeks to reinforce its control. The question remains though: why is this global elite so committed to antismoking measures?

    I ask this in light of a recent report that claims that the lifetime risk for cancer is 1 in 2. That is 50% of persons (in this case in the UK) will get cancer. This applies to all persons) smokers and non-smokers alike. Not only that, the risk for men and women both increased: “[the study] compared the lifetime risk of developing cancer for those born in 1930 with those born in 1960. They showed that for men, the risk has moved from 38.5% for men born in 1930 to 53.5% for men born in 1960. For women, the change is similar, with an increase from 36.7% for women born in 1930 to 47.5% for women born in 1960.” (See “My Lifetime Risk for Cancer Is 1 in 2,” .) Now those born in 1930 likely smoked more than those born in 1960 and smoking rates continue to decline. Nevertheless smoking is blamed for the onset of virtually all diseases these days–especially cancer.

    Since the decline in smoking should be reflected by a decline in cancers I have to ask what is actually happening. I also have to ask why is this inconsistency ignored by public health, politicians, and the public at large?

    • nisakiman says:

      That’s easy, SL. They just invoke the ’30 year lag’ clause (which of course can be 20 years or 40 years, according to how they want to play it).

      • peem birrell says:

        There’s the competing risks issue, everyone has to die of something, and after you’ve eliminated all the causes of death that can be cured (infectious diseases mostly) people die of what can’t be cured (cancer and cvd).

        BTW ‘I want English people in English public life’ is precisely the sort of careless attitude that has led to the growth in popularity of the otherwise appalling SNP.

        • Frank Davis says:

          What’s “careless” about it? As far as I know, all countries require their political representatives to be either born there or otherwise naturalised. There’s been a persistent rumour that Barack Obama isn’t really American, and the rules have been bent. I’ve no idea whether there’s any truth to it.

          The SNP reflects the re-emergence of a Scottish identity in the face of a British identity. Many of them feel more Scottish than British. We may all be having problems with identity these days. I certainly don’t identify with any of the main UK political parties. None of them speak for smokers like me.

        • gainny says:

          Replying to Frank:

          American blogger Nicholas Stix calls Obama “The John Doe calling himself ‘Barack Obama'”; to me, he is “the International Man of Mystery.” It was clear early on that nothing about him could be verified. Birthers come in many flavors, in large part because so little can be pinned down. No hospital in Hawaii claims him; there are three or four false “birth certificates”; Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie went looking for the birth certificate and came up empty-handed; the story of his being deserted by his father at the age of two is impossible; the Selective Service card is a forgery; he is associated with a string of Social Security numbers, including one from a state he was never in; nobody in his college class remembers him—the anomalies go on and on. Is he even a citizen? Who worked this magic behind the scenes? The rot is bipartisan. I’ve become persuaded that most of them are criminals, susceptible to bribery, blackmail, and threats.

        • beobrigitte says:

          There’s the competing risks issue, everyone has to die of something,
          Indeed, everyone has to die.

          and after you’ve eliminated all the causes of death that can be cured (infectious diseases mostly)
          It is not easy to share your optimism with respect to infectious diseases. The ability of microbes to ‘adapt’ is quite alarming. Antibiotic resistent bacteria are not rare.. And looking at various new strains of virae should set off alarm bells.
          I do know that nicotine has anti-bacterial properties.

          people die of what can’t be cured (cancer and cvd).
          I worry much more about the infectious diseases. The current death toll of the ‘West-Africa-strain’ of Ebola is >8000 over a time span of 15 month. There might not be anything in the news about it but this does not mean the Ebola epidemic is over. What will be the next strain? Who knows?

          With respect to cancer: the term is a collective one; there are many different ‘types’ of cancer. Giving all of them the same (mainly chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy), in the last 20 – 40 years little advanced, treatment somehow is not very encouraging.
          The Labour years focussed on ‘prevention’, although none of the party members had an idea HOW to. But ‘PREVENTION’ does sound like progress and there (fake) charities, e.g. ASH (their pet hate in mind), kept the fashionable ball rolling.

          If all the money WASTED on this ‘prevention’ lark had been put to good use, cancer treatment would be in sight.
          CVD is mostly an old people ‘disease’. Even the ancient Egyptians had it. No statins shall ever cross my lips.

      • prog says:

        Also because people are living longer, thus increasing the odds of suffering from age-related diseases, which, lets face it, is a bloody long list. I read somewhere that the WHO’s target for reduction in NCD has increased by 25%. Reducing the odds of contracting horrible illnesses at a relatively early age is one thing, but one or more of them are going to get most of us in the end. Certainly of death is 100% so one could be forgiven for asking them what the officially approved of cause of death should be. Personally, I think they’re scaring many people into early graves.

        • Remember Lifestyle warfare is a war on freedom not disease.

        • The longer you live the more likely you will get a cancer hense the age factor.

          For those cancers blamed on smoking from the beginning they don’t strike in any measurable numbers until the 75-85 age range……….

          This seems to be across the board in every culture nearly.

          It all says one thing,the Nazis took old age diseases and renamed them smoking related in the 1950s and 60s,yet they still aren’t done. Simply because its a war on smoking and smokers it was never about health.

        • prog says:

          Yes, but I don’t think the useful idiots are clued in.

    • Frank Davis says:

      why is this global elite so committed to antismoking measures?

      I was wondering about this yesterday. And my guess was that when the world has become your playground, you treat it as a playground. And in a playground you can make whatever rules you like to govern the games people play. They can be whatever you want them to be. They can be whatever you like. They’re just your own personal preferences.

      Or, instead of seeing the world as a playground, they see it as a garden. These people see the world as their back garden. And there are a) too many people in their garden, and b) they make an awful mess everywhere, So someone like Bill Gates is concerned about population control (which has the same ring to it as tobacco control). As also is the Duke of Edinburgh, and probably the Prince of Wales..

      I don’t think there’s any conspiracy here. I think it’s simply that wealthy elites develop their own shared culture, their own set of values, which are rather different from most other “ordinary” people. They are a new aristocracy, and they see it as their calling to advance their own enlightened values. However, many of their beliefs are the platitudes of recent centuries. For example, eugenics.

  2. Bloomies over in uraguay today screwing with their lousy 3 million people but where big tobacco nearly owns the country as its the biggest money business there……….and also a point country suing in international court of plain packs and trademark issues.


      Michael Bloomberg is a man on a mission. This, of course, isn’t the first “noble cause” he’s latched on to but the “evil” of tobacco is something he feels particularly strongly about.

      In co-operation with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mr Bloomberg has just launched a multi-million dollar fund to help smaller countries fight legal battles with tobacco companies, among them the small South American country of Uruguay.

      Uruguay has considerably fewer smokers than Michael Bloomberg’s usual backyard of New York but this country of just three million people has become an unlikely battleground between anti-smoking campaigners and big tobacco. Its government is embroiled in a long running and expensive legal battle with the cigarette industry over its anti-smoking laws.

      And the former Democrat, come Republican, come Independent once touted as a potential presidential nominee has stepped into fray.

      “We are in this to help countries that can’t afford to defend themselves against an industry which will try to kill a billion people this century,” Bloomberg tells me, pulling no punches in his New York headquarters.

      “If that isn’t a noble cause I don’t know what is. You can talk about saving society but you have to translate that into action.”

      Smoking in the developing world

      Although tobacco consumption is falling in the west, the opposite is true in the developing world. That’s why Gates and Bloomberg have set up this fund.

      In Uruguay itself the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so to speak. A country, which used to have the highest smoking rates in Latin America, is witnessing tobacco consumption decline rapidly. Silvina Echarte, from the Health Ministry’s dedicated anti-tobacco strategy group, says this is all down to new, aggressive laws.

      “We have numbers, we have scientific evidence saying that these kind of policies and the enforcement of these kind of policies have been effective,” says Echarte.

      Those laws include directives which mandate that 80% of a packet must be covered in health warnings and there’s a complete ban on tobacco advertising and promotion.

      Most egregiously, say the tobacco manufacturers, a company cannot sell more than a single variation of the same brand: Marlboro Red and Marlboro Light, for example.

      That legislation goes too far say the cigarette companies and that’s why the test case between the tobacco giant, Phillip Morris International (PMI) and the government is seen as so important; the right of an individual country to pursue its own aggressive health policies against the commercial freedoms of the cigarette companies.

  3. DenisO says:

    Just a thought; America rebelled against a British king who’s native language was German, and before him there were others, as all European royalty were related, on purpose, for centuries. Every royal family in Europe had cousins in Russia, Prussia, Austria, France, Austria, Spain, etc.
    and the succession of Kings was determined not from the Countries, but from the royal seniority system. The Hapsburgs controlled the system, until it ended with WWI.

  4. Lepercolonist says:

    The Romanian pickpocket may steal your wallet but Michael Bloomberg will steal your freedom.

  5. Why U.S. Economic ‘Statistics’ Get More and More Absurd

    Many recent commentaries have noted a distinct devolution in the numerical lies which the U.S. government calls its “economic statistics”. Numbers which used to be mere exaggerations (i.e. used to somewhat mirror the real world) have now become literally perverse: opposite to reality.

    As U.S. “retail sales” collapsed at the end of last year (and now into this year) with a string of negative numbers, we’re told that somehow U.S. “consumer spending” surged by 4.3% in the fourth quarter of 2014, something which is mathematically impossible, since the two numbers must mirror each other.

    With the U.S. economy showing even more obvious weakness than in previous years of this fantasy “recovery”, we’re supposed to believe that the U.S. economy just enjoyed its strongest quarters of growth in well over a decade. The economic lies are not merely far-fetched, they are totally ludicrous

    This begs the question, why pervert these “statistics” to such silly extremes? The answer will come immediately to readers the moment they turn on their business news, and hear about yet more “record highs” in the U.S.’s bubble-markets.

    At this point, it’s necessary to turn the attention of readers to the themes of two previous commentaries which are of particular significance. The first commentary concerns the method by which all our markets are marched up and down like yo-yo’s, in near-perfect synchronicity – something which is absolutely/mathematically impossible in legitimate markets. Indeed, even in “rigged” markets there is only one means by which these markets can be led-by-the-nose, ever hour of every day: via a computerized Pied Piper.

    The second commentary of note concerns the most likely time these bubble-markets will be torpedoed, allowing the sheep to be fleeced, and allowing Warren Buffett to ‘invest’ his hoard of money, which is now well in excess of $60 billion. Even in the Wonderland Matrix, no bubbles can be inflated forever. At some point the bubbles must be “popped”, or they will simply burst on their own – in an uncontrolled/uncontrollable manner.

    The premise of the second commentary is that the U.S. 2016 election cycle the most likely time for the One Bank to engage in its bubble-bursting/sheep-shearing orgy. It’s also precisely the same pattern in which these financial psychopaths have engaged in the last, two great bubbles they manufactured: the dot-com bubble, and the even larger (and much more-fraudulent) U.S. housing bubble, where the preordained crashes also matched the U.S. election cycle.

    The reason why this Old World Order likes to stage its crashes at the end of U.S. presidencies is both simple and obvious. Despite the fact that the bankers control both halves of the U.S. Two-Party Dictatorship (and have controlled them for over a century), the binary-minded Zombies of the U.S. population still suffer from the delusion that they are being given “a choice”.

    Given this mentality, the timing of these “crashes” becomes elementary. The bubbles are burst near the end of one presidency, in order that the mouthpieces of the Corporate media can demonize that outgoing president as the villain/scapegoat – while the stooge representing the other half of the dictatorship is depicted as some sort of White Knight, riding to the rescue. In practical terms, it’s nearly identical to the system of government of the old, Soviet Union.

    That’s “the Plan”. But standing squarely in the way of the plan is economic reality. And the “reality” is there has been no “economic growth”, and no “new jobs”, in this never-ending/non-existent “recovery”. Thus the extreme, teetering bubbles of (in particular) U.S. equity markets never had any substance, except for the Federal Reserve’s money-pump.

    The Fed forcibly injected (officially) $4 trillion into U.S. markets via its fraudulent “quantitative easing”. But the Fed has supposedly ended this gratuitous money-printing (also mathematically impossible), meaning that in visible terms, all that is propping-up these bubbles are the economic lies of the U.S. government.

    Even then, if our markets (most-notably U.S. markets) were being manipulated in the “old-fashioned manner” (i.e. via the direct, hands-on manipulation of human participants), then it would not be necessary to push these lies to such ridiculous extremes. But as has been previously proven by both theoretical reasoning and empirical evidence, our markets are not manipulated “by hand” any longer.

    The Master Trading Algorithm of this crime syndicate handles virtually all such crime these days, and has been doing so for close to a decade, since our markets began to move in this impossible synchronicity. Here readers need to understand that while in many ways this means of manipulation is virtually omnipotent, there are limitations. Specifically, as with any computer program, it runs on data.

    If human actors were manipulating these markets, then such manipulation could (at least in theory) continue through simply a steady series of “good” economic lies. However, put these same markets under the control of a computer program, with the intention of pushing the bubbles higher and higher until close to the 2016 election-window, and “good” numbers are not good enough.

    To get this computer program to continue to manipulate these bubbles higher and higher requires that the economic lies pretend that the U.S. economy is getting “stronger and stronger”. Hence we hear media drones babbling that mantra of “stronger and stronger” – even as we saw a complete collapse in holiday spending, in the world’s largest “consumer economy”.

    The bankers don’t want their economic lies to be seen as not merely dubious, but ludicrous to the point of being laughable. It’s “bad for business.” One of the few ways in which brainwashing can be shattered is through continually exposing the brainwashed mind(s) to perverse stimuli. “Big lies” are O.K. Perverse lies risk unravelling their entire Wonderland Matrix.

    But the bankers have a Plan, and the Plan calls for the bubbles to keep going higher, until at least toward the end of this year. Then we can have (perhaps) a few months of teetering “uncertainty”, and then KA-BOOM! Old-man Buffet gets to cash-in with his mountain of money, before going to his “final resting place” (wherever that might be).

    • The statistical manipulations used by the government on anything including economics or whatever are all the same style studies and invented terms just like they use in the lifestyle junk science studies………..Its all a pack of lies.

      They even used the same madness in global warming BS……….Its all they do. Everything is a fraud and when it all comes tumbling down its going to be a cultural and economic and scientific reawakening back to reality………..

      • Mam your 10,000 dollar home is now worth 400,000 dollars do you have your 50,000 dollar taxes for me today!………..Oh what do you mean I inflated your values,whats that there are 24 million repoed homes being kept off the market to create a plastic real estate market in values…………That’s a LIE mam…………..

        Pfft taxman says as he walks away…………..I bet she thinks Im a carpet Bagger too!

        • smokingscot says:

          @ Harley

          Surprised I was to see this very afternoon (Europe time) that Bloomberg TV and CNBC both carried live coverage of Rand Paul’s announcement that he’ll run for President.

          Quite a change from the way they treated his father. Thankfully.

      • DenisO says:

        I’m continually amazed at the “scope” of this site. I’ve pretty much held-back from commentating, except on what i consider urgent matters (cancer). Harley’s comments make a lot of sense, and I tend to agree with most of them, or once did.

        For a “smoking” site, I would point-out that the “herd’s behavior” and tendencies are well-known, and are reflected in the “feel-good” policy that makes tobacco a feared “devil”. Herds need to know enemies, and tobacco users are an easy scape-goat. To think there are “elites” behind it is a waste of brain power. It’s the politics of control. The clients of the American Left are, for the most part, ignorant, poor, inner-city drop-outs that are easily bought for their votes, as well as University”elites” who are more ignorant. The Left doesn’t expect educated people to believe their numbers and enemies. Even the not-too-dumb Americans are soothed by happy-talk, and are too busy trying to survive to get alarmed, most of the time.

        Don’t upset the herd and they will continue to survival-graze, and remain under “control”. They’re told what is soothing, and who their enemies are, including smokers, but to think that Americans believe the economy is solid and recovered, is way off base. That includes their belief the economy is healthy or that Climate Change is real. The Demorats are in trouble because few Millennial’s have real, full-time jobs, and see no prospects of shedding their stupid college education debts. The pablum is being fed to them to sooth them, and to hope they’ll vote against the alternative Party next year.
        Little people gravitate toward power, and they are the ones that try to help camouflage reality to be near the centers of power. Few serious investors believe the economic lies. Job increase numbers are part-time ones that don’t include the lost full-time jobs from Obamacare and other dumb restrictions on businesses and people.

        Warren Buffet is rich, but he doesn’t have a hoard of cash that can truly affect markets. His wealth is in stock he and his insurance companies hold. He can’t liquidate it, even if he was inspired to be the villain some people want to believe he is. Neither is he such a great investor; he makes mistakes, but wisely sticks to under-valued, low-risk conservative companies.
        In a zero interest, weak, high tax economy, where but in stock markets can investors hope to get any yield, even if it is risky? The only real choice is to bet commodities like Metals and Oil will come back, but when is an unknown, and there are more sellers, as the economy drags, than buyers because of pressure to pay corporate debt, mainly.
        The economic numbers are nonsense and that is nothing new. It has always been such.

  6. Australia’s plain packaging a failure, says Democracy Institute

    Scholarly, private, and government research data show that Australia’s plain packaging experiment has failed to reduce smoking, yet it has damaged small retailers, while simultaneously boosting the…

  7. Philip Neal says:

    Boris Johnson announced that he was going to renounce US citizenship years ago, when he was an MP. I will believe that he has actually done so when I see a report in the past tense.

  8. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Damn stomach flu bug danger danger

    • beobrigitte says:

      May I dispense some advice?

      1. DO NOT buy bottled water. (It comes much fresher out your taps and has not been sitting in plastic bottles with a suckle top).

      2. If someone buys you bottled water, pour it down the sink. Don’t give it to the house plants. (Why would you want to kill them?)

      3. 1/2 a glass of water with a spoon full of sugar + a sprinkle of salt will work wonders.

      4. Get some camomile tea. (Hate the stuff as much as 3.)

      5. do a 1/1 dilution of Tawny Port an Brandy. Drink it.

      Points 3. and 4. are from my mum – 5. I have recently learned from one of my English friends. It’s a wonderful addition to the tort…. erm camomile tea and salt/sugar water.


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