Bloomberg For London Mayor?


Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is “considering” running for the same job in London.

The American billionaire, who was given an honorary knighthood by the Queen last year, is reported to have the backing of the Conservative Party.

Sources close to Mr Bloomberg say he is passionate about replacing Boris Johnson when his second term finishes in 2016.

The 73-year-old has extremely close links to the capital which he has in the past described as his “second home”.

Along with business interests in London, where he owns a £20 million house in Knightsbridge, he has undertaken a considerable amount of charity work which helped lead to his knighthood.

He is also on the boards of the Serpentine gallery and Old Vic theatre.

The father-of-two made his fortune as the founder of the financial data and media company Bloomberg.

A source close to the former New York Mayor told the Mirror: “Mike has enormous affection for London and the UK.

“You only have to look towards his track record over what he achieved when he was in City Hall in Manhattan to see what he can do.”

Well, exactly. Smoking bans, soda bans.

If Mr Bloomberg were to run, he would need fast track citizenship – which usually takes five years.

However due to his links to Britain, including investing more than £500 million as well as having two daughters with British citizenship, insiders do not think it “would be a stumbling block”.

Mr Bloomberg’s ex wife, Susan Brown, was born in Yorkshire. They were married for 18 years before divorcing in 1993.

Actually, with his money, I think Bloomberg could probably become a British citizen inside 24 hours. It would probably take a bit longer to acquire a peerage, a seat in the House of Lords, a coat of arms, and a family tree going back to the Norman Conquest. About a week, I imagine.

In another variant of the story, however, top UK Conservatives have been trying to persuade a reluctant Bloomberg to run for London mayor.

Some powerful Brits have been trying to persuade the billionaire philanthropist to run for mayor again … of London, according to the Sunday Times of London.

Steve Hilton, a top adviser to British Prime Minister David Cameron, told the paper:

“It would be an incredible coup for London if Mike Bloomberg could be persuaded to run for mayor here … His kind of pragmatic, problem-solving leadership is exactly what London needs.”

The Tories, a British political party, are “considering drafting” Bloomberg as their candidate for the 2016 London mayoral election, the report said.

In the Mirror online poll asking “Would you back Michael Bloomberg for London mayor?”, the response tonight stands at 75% No.

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21 Responses to Bloomberg For London Mayor?

  1. wobbler2012 says:

    Jesus Christ that nannying bastard would try and ban everything, it would be a disaster.

  2. Thinks maybe a assassination is in the works somewhere.

  3. jaxthefirst says:

    God, what a hideous thought! Please tell me this is just a figment of your fevered imagination, Frank ….

  4. Lepercolonist says:

    Into the abyss, Brits. What a horrible, bullying, megalomaniacal, a*hole mayor. Please no.

  5. If that cunt comes here, I’m off to America. Fuck. That. Shit.

  6. audreysilk says:

    Take heart. NYC’s own NY Post reports:

    “But Bloomberg aides called the whole thing bollocks.

    “’You can quote me on the record ruling it out,’ former Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson told The Post.

    “’He is flattered, but he loves New York City too much to leave it — and knows how tough it will be for anyone to follow Boris.’”

  7. Smoking Lamp says:

    Hopefully this dies before gains any traction. After destroying smokers nights out in New York, he would expand his campaign in London. Smoking patios and roof-top bars would be on his target list (actually they already are in London and everywhere else).

    Beyond the enormous ego (or should I say hubris) that accompanies the desire of the plutocratic class to rule as a global oligarchy is the fact that they have actually foisted a global oligarchy on the world. Institutions such as the FCTC erode the sovereignty of states. Bloomberg and his ilk are the new aristocrats. Their influence must be checked!

  8. waltc says:

    As of now (12:30 AM EST) it’s only 71%againsr. Go over there and give em hell. Shoot for 98% to send a message

  9. Smoking crackdown at hospital caught more medics than patients

    South Wales Evening Post

    More than 1,000 people were caught smoking by a special “enforcer” brought in after complaints about people facing a wall of cigarette smoke.

    • beobrigitte says:

      “These people are reminded of the no smoking policy and offered information and advice on how to give up.”

      First of all, how much does this ‘enforcment officer’ earn? Does this hospital emply only one of them?
      I thought all hospitals are strapped for cash and an ever increasing number of staff (according to the BBC last week) is being signed off sick with burn-out syndrome?

      Soooooooooo…… hospitals have the cash for bullying/intimidating/reprimanding etc.etc. smoker staff but there is no cash available for easing staff’s work load(s)?
      Btw, a friend’s daughter had her routine antenatal appointment on GOOD FRIDAY….
      This annoyed me as much as the yearly boxing day shopping ads. No, I do NOT want to go shopping and do NOT want to be given a routine appointment on Good Friday!!! And, if visiting someone in hospital, the LAST THING I want to encounter is someone whingeing about my cigarette OUTSIDE. ESPECIALLY on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday!!!

      People will take craziness to the next level continuously until the ‘productivity’ madness stops. Then we all can spend our spare time again meeting in a pub with ashtrays on the tables.

  10. Top 20 Political Spenders in the U.S. Restaurant and Beverage Industry

    March 5, 2012 by News Desk

    Since 1990, the food and beverage industry has contributed $106.5 million to political campaigns at the federal level, with 69 percent going to Republicans. The industry, for two decades, has concentrated more than half of its lobbying contributions on Republicans and in the 2008 election cycle, it gave nearly $16.3 million overall.

    What’s more, the industry spends tens of millions a year on lobbying expenditures — paying for lobbyists and various message campaigns. Lobbying expenditures spiked from nearly $22.1 million in 2008 to nearly $56.8 million in 2009.

    All of these figures are compiled and kept by the Center for Responsive Politics, a national non-profit organization that is the premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics.

    Here’s the center’s most recent list of top contributors in the Food & Beverage category. OSI Restaurant Partners is the company for Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, Bonefish Grill and Roy’s. Darden Restaurants is anchored by Red Lobster and Olive Garden.

    One additional note: Featured fifth in this list is the National Restaurant Association, which is a perennial heavy hitter, giving close to $1 million in the 2008 election cycle.

    Food processors and grocery chains are tracked in a separate category.

    OSI Restaurant Partners $426,900
    Darden Restaurants $374,150
    Coca-Cola Co. $354,426
    McDonald’s Corp. $329,886
    National Restaurant Assn $317,350
    PepsiCo Inc. $257,238
    CKE Restaurants $211,466
    NV Restaurant Services $92,400
    American Beverage Assn $88,500
    YUM! Brands $80,065
    Brinker International $79,688
    TACO PAC $71,750
    Starbucks Corp. $60,228
    Pepsi-Cola National Brand Beverage $58,100
    Waffle House Inc. $53,250
    Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers $52,500
    Wendy’s Co. $50,502
    Russell Stover Candies $50,100
    Assn of KFC Franchises $44,250
    Pizza Hut Franchisees Assn. $43,500

    • Every single one of them after being targeted by leftist groups and government threats went smokefree…………..

      • You should see how civil rights cases were used to sue most of the above into submission like so many big American corporations thru the years………..If shakedown didn’t work they got informants hired into the businesses to set up activities to incite lawsuits.

        • I warned my brother of these activites a few years back and told him higher only smokers,white and with no pet peaves about crazy causes……….protect yourself and your business from these folks. Use head hunters to get background checks on the se folks to make sure they aren’t members of civil rights groups or others that will shake you down to their demands and payoffs.

  11. smokingscot says:

    Interesting how they managed to deny Mohamed Al Fayed British citizenship twice. 1995 and 1999. Methinks that’ll eventually be picked up by the media, leaving Boris a fair amount of spin to concoct re the Bloomberg rot.

    Got a soft spot for our Mohamed. Okay he was on the wrong side of the independence fiasco (as was Sean Connery), but he did undertake to commission a Statue of Liberty (more of a statuette on account it would only be 8 ft high) and even volunteered himself to become the first Scottish President. (If our Alex gave him a Scottish passport – which he undoubtedly would… if he’d won).

    Delightful eccentric. We could do with many more

  12. Heres Americas Nigel and he is against smoking bans

  13. beobrigitte says:

    Bloomberg For London Mayor?
    […] […]
    A source close to the former New York Mayor told the Mirror: “Mike has enormous affection for London and the UK.

    Can he keep his affection for his £20 million house in Kensington? That way he does not have to meet all the homeless people in London.

    Bloomberg is what becomes of these yuppie creatures – becoming rich and screwed up.
    Btw, is it true Bloomberg is only 73 years old? My mother looked younger at the age of 86….. I guess, some things you just cannot buy – your genetic set up.

    Would I want this Bloomberg figure in the UK? Do I want a hole in my knee?

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