Crazy Politicians

I didn’t believe this Breitbart story when I first read it.

The legacy parties’ monopoly of power for so long, guaranteed by the PC consensus that unites them, has meant that, year on year, their shared delusions have become ever more divorced from reality. This week we had a dramatic illustration of this when the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Vauxhall in south London, Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett (his actual name, not a keyboard malfunction) announced he had deliberately become infected with HIV in an attempt to commit suicide.

What??? A Lib Dem candidate has infected himself with HIV? What kind of lunatic would do that? And why the hell is he standing for parliament? And is that his real name?

Unbelievably, it all turns out to be quite true!

For once I feel rather sorry for Nick Clegg. Is he going to ask the guy to stand down?  A paragraph further down offers a clue.

On the same day, Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, declared it would be “hugely unjust” if people with depression were prevented from working as airline pilots. I’m sure we all see his point: the risk that a pilot suffering from depression might deliberately crash his plane, killing 150 people on board, weighs very lightly in the balance against the need to make a sanctimonious statement that will win applause from mental health lobbyists.

I see. It’s okay to make millions of smokers stand outside, but we can’t allow depressed people on medication to be kept off airline flight decks. No, sir. We have to keep things in proportion here!

Clegg, however, may have worries all of his own:

Nick Clegg in real danger of losing Sheffield Hallam seat: Labour’s plan to ‘decapitate’ Lib Dems is working.

Labour is leading the Liberal Democrats by two points in the Deputy Prime Minister’s Sheffield Hallam constituency, according to the latest polling from Lord Ashcroft.

I must confess that the Hyyrylainen-Trett story is the sort of thing that gives me a powerful shove in the direction of something like ultra-traditional conservatism. How I long for the days when parliamentary candidates were married men called Smith with families and jobs and stamp collections and dogs called Rover. I have a growing revulsion for anything ‘progressive’ or, in fact, the teeniest bit unusual even.

The main thrust of the Breitbart article (and in fact its title) is that Our Political Class Is Insane. And unfortunately, I think that it’s quite true. They may not all be as insane as Hyyrylainen-Trett, but they are all pretty loopy. Clegg. Cameron. Miliband. The lot. Well, except Nigel.

The political class now inhabits a different planet from the rest of Britain. It has no interest or understanding of the needs and opinions of real people. Amid a battery of PR consultants brandishing spreadsheets recording the drivellings of focus groups, it is now incapable of communicating with the British people.

That’s not going to stop most people voting the way they always do.


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19 Responses to Crazy Politicians

  1. The guys as crazy as a Lunatic suicide bomber.

  2. I have a growing revulsion for anything ‘progressive’ or, in fact, the teeniest bit unusual even.

    My own sentiments exactly. All any of us wants is a return to normality and if they need lessons in normal Im sure we can hook them right up.

  3. waltc says:

    The brouhaha here this week has been the Religious Freedom act passed in Indiana which purportedly said that the govt can’t force you to act in a way that violates your religious principles. The progressives instantly screamed that this was blatant anti-gay discrimination and would allow florists and bakers by the millions in the state of Indiana to refuse to cater (and floral) gay weddings.

    Nor was this just a hue and cry. The governors of several states, including New York, immediately called for a ban on travel to Indiana by state employees, several Indiana-based corps threatened to pull up stakes and on and on , on the grounds that discrimination of any sort wouldn’t be tolerated. A reporter then went door to door in some Indiana town asking proprietors of all sorts whether they’d refuse to host a gay wedding until finally she found some poor woman behind the counter of a family-owned pizzeria (are pizzerias ever asked to host weddings?) who said she was a devout Christian and wouldn’t be comfortable doing that. Blam! Within literal hours the woman and her family were getting death threats, the store was threatened with vandalism and arson, they were headlined across the country as embodiments of evil, and as of now they say they may be going out of business.

    Not only is this a fine example of strident progressivism –shared with almost equal piety across the political board–and the hypocrisy of their claim to Tolerance For All, but I kept thinking, Wait, you guys who are so worried about discrimination! Aren’t you the same guys who demand that the pizza place (and every other restaurant, bar, building, park and beach ) discriminate against smokers? Why’s it ok to force a place to take business it doesn’t want AND force them to turn away business it does? Such is the state of Doublethink today.

    • Exactly why Freedom of association should be the rule. But with these radicals its their way or the hiway. If a gay wants a catering done its simple find some one who does that sort of thing for gays. Those signs that say we reserve the right to refuse service mean just that!

      Really what the Indiana law did for leftist activists was a rallying cry to force even more of their worldly desires on the rest of us even deeper. If I was governor Id have said so what don’t come here then,we’d prefer not to have your rabble rousing socialist activists in Indiana.

      Its another simple thing for venues to be free to make their own choise smoking or non.

      That’s why freedom to choose for ones self is always the best recipe.

      But not with control freak prohibitionists, who demand we do as they say or we will have the law on your ass and please oh please resist so we can mark you up as a death to our war on you!

      • garyk30 says:

        “Those signs that say we reserve the right to refuse service mean just that!”

        Such a sign is protected by the 13th amendment to the US Constitution.

        The Thirteenth Amendment (1865) abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime, and authorized Congress to enforce abolition through legislation.

        This amendment, which the Supreme Court has interpreted broadly to forbid work forced by the use or threat of physical restraint or injury or through law.

        Involuntary servitude is a United States legal and constitutional term for a person laboring against that person’s will to benefit another, under some form of coercion other than the worker’s financial needs.

        While laboring to benefit another occurs also in the condition of slavery, involuntary servitude does not necessarily connote the complete lack of freedom experienced in chattel slavery; involuntary servitude may also refer to other forms of unfree labor.

        Involuntary servitude is not dependent upon compensation or its amount.

        The Thirteenth Amendment was intended to establish a positive guarantee of personal liberty, expressed in the negative form of a proscription of slavery or involuntary servitude.
        Viewed in historical context and in the tradition of American political thought, the amendment is an affirmation of the idea that liberty, in the most fundamental sense, consists in the right of individuals not to be interfered with in the exercise of their natural rights.
        As a guarantee of personal liberty for all persons in the United States, the amendment established a minimum national standard of equality.

    • smokervoter says:

      Walt, as is usual, that last paragraph is a thing of veracious beauty.

    • Frank Davis says:

      strident progressivism

      I think that the way it all kinda works is that the ‘progressive’ first establishes his moral supremacy/ascendancy by expressing his/her sympathy/solidarity with an established set of underdogs – gays, lesbians, Palestinians, whales, seals, polar bears, etc -, and then uses this moral ascendancy to viciously attack other people he doesn’t much like – smokers, drinkers, fat people, industry, money, profit, global warming denial -. His support and sympathy for the usual, recognised, acceptable bunch of pariahs shows everybody that he’s one of the good guys, and provides him with carte blanche to go whack anyone else. Because once you’ve established that you’re one of the Good Guys, you’re free to attack the Bad Guys with all the ferocity you can muster while keeping a clear conscience.

      Or, putting it another way, being pro-Palestinian allows you to be as antisemitic as you like.

  4. junican says:

    I watched ‘The Debate’ tonight.
    There are things which are ephemeral and uncontrollable by the UK, such as the world economy. You cannot ‘plan’ our economy as though it was a jigsaw puzzle where every part fits perfectly. The reality is that the economy is chaotic. You could even say that the economy is fractal (in the sense that change must necessarily create even morechange elsewhere in the system).

    Given that a system is chaotic, does it make sense to try to control and diminish that chaos?
    No!!! It cannot be done because chaos is the driving force of general stability. Thus, it is the chaotic nature of the climate which causes the overall stability world-wide.

    • Tezpur/New Delhi: Amidst a raging controversy over remarks on smoking by a BJP MP who is a ‘beedi’ baron, another BJP MP Ram Prasad Sarmah on Friday waded into the row, claiming there is no clear proof yet linking cigarette puffing and cancer while wondering whether tobacco contains “herbal medicine”.

      “Whether cigarette smoking causes cancer or not, there is no full proof till now,” Ram Prasad Sarmah, BJP MP from Tezpur, Assam said in Biswanath Chariali, about 75 km from Tezpur town.

      Sarmah, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Subordinate Legislation, which is looking into the rules regarding tobacco sale in the country, said the panel would focus on facts.

      “It is difficult to prove, whether it (smoking) causes cancer or not. Whether smoking, tobacco is cancerous or not or whether it contains any herbal medicine also, it has to be found out. So we have kept it in the committee meeting

      so that doctors can come and testify as witnesses or provide chemical proof, medical proof that smoking causes cancer,” Sarmah said.

      “We are not for or against, we want to look at it impartially without bias, whether smoking cigarettes causes cancer or not,” he added.

      He mentioned that he knew two senior lawyers, of whom one smoked 60 cigarettes and had a bottle of liquor everyday yet died at 86, without cancer while the other at 75 years is alive and smokes 40 cigarettes a day and drinks liquor but is not afflicted by cancer.

      Read: ‘Sugar causes diabetes, can it be banned?’ asks BJP lawmaker, backs tobacco industry

      Sarmah’s remarks come in the back drop of a controversy triggered by ‘beedi’ baron and BJP MP from Allahabad, Shyama Charan Gupta, also a member of same Parliamentary panel, that a lot of chain-smokers had no cancer.

      “I can produce a lot of people in front of you who are chain smokers of beedi and till date they have had no disease, no cancer… You get diabetes due to eating sugar, rice, potatoes,” Gupta, a Lok Sabha MP from Allahabad, had said.

      Gupta’s remarks had come barely days after the Parliamentary panel head Dilip Gandhi, also from BJP, had said there was no Indian study to confirm that tobacco use leads to cancer, leaving the government embarrassed and rival parties and the medical fraternity fuming.

      Meanwhile opposition parties continued to criticise Gupta’s remarks with the JD(U) saying that there is a conflict of interest and questioned Gupta’s continuance in the panel which has to consider issues related to tobacco.

      JD(U) leader K C Tyagi said the World Health Organisation (WHO), of which India is a member, had held that tobacco is injurious to health.

      Read: No Indian study to confirm tobacco use causes cancer, says BJP MP Dilip Gandhi

      He also said that there was a conflict of interest in Gupta’s presence on the panel, which would look into the effects of tobacco on health as he is a beedi baron.

      Tyagi said that as per the Ethics Committee of Parliament, no MP should be part of committee in which his commercial interests are involved.

      NDA ally PMK said both the BJP MPs had made “ignorant and foolish” utterances without any scientific basis and asked the Modi Government to put an end to such remarks “as the country should not be put to shame”.

      “I mean these people should stop these silly utterances and people globally think Indian Parliamentarians have low acumen and that’s not to be,” PMK founder leader and former Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss said.

      Globally-acclaimed institutions, including the Indian Council of Medical Research, had done hundreds of studies linking tobacco use to not just cancer, but to diseases related to kidney, lungs and brain as well, he noted.

      He alleged that people were apprehensive of a “collusion between health ministry and tobacco lobby.” While the tobacco industry’s market size was Rs 40,000 crore, expenditure to tackle tobacco caused diseases were estimated at Rs.1,15,000 crore, he contended.

      Dismissing arguments against increasing the size of pictorial warnings on cigarette packets, Ramadoss urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to give directions to ensure it is increased to 85 per cent as scheduled earlier.

      “It is high time the Prime Minister intervened. I appeal to him to order the Health Ministry to increase pictorial warning to 85 per cent (on cigarette packets) immediately,” he told reporters in Chennai.

      The Health Ministry has put in abeyance the move to increase pictorial warning in tobacco products to 85 per cent effective April 1.

      Ramadoss said that as Health Minister he had withstood pressure from the tobacco lobby and opposition from different quarters and got notified that 40 percent of the space on all tobacco products should have pictorial warning.

      • Rose says:

        Harley, I was very interested to see that Anbumani Ramadoss has popped up again.

        Indian minister ‘incited murder’ – 2006

        Indian health minister Anbumani Ramadoss has been charged with criminal conspiracy in connection with a murder case in southern Tamil Nadu state.”

        Former health minister Ramadoss granted bail in graft case

        August 26, 2014

        Previously –

        Now, Ramadoss wants ban on tobacco products – 2008

        “He said 152 countries had signed a WHO-supported international agreement to ban the production of tobacco products in a phased manner.”

        http: //

        After tobacco, Ramadoss targets liquor industry

        “NEW DELHI: It seems Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss has the alcohol industry in his crosshairs.
        On Friday, on the occasion of the launch of the pilot programme for prevention and control of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cerebral stroke, the minister said (to some ominously), “Alcoholism is going to be a bigger problem than smoking. Youngsters are taking to it as a way of life.”
        http: //

        Tobacco warning diluted: Govt says Ramadoss lied, SC supports govt stand

        “The government said that former Union health minister Anbumani Ramadoss had lied when he alleged the minutes of the GoM (Group of Ministers) meeting on the issue of pictorial health warnings on cigarette and beedi packs had been altered due to pressure from tobacco and cigarette manufacturers and to benefit the tobacco industry.”
        http: //

        A Health Warning for Dr Ramadoss – 2006

        “I’ve come to the conclusion that Anbumani Ramadoss is the sort of minister we can do without. My grouse is not that he’s incompetent, corrupt or half-witted. For all I know he may be an excellent administrator, honest and brilliant to boot. The problem is he has no respect for the rest of us. He treats us like children, even idiots. He thinks he knows best and that he’s always right. I’m afraid ministers who think they’re infallible are a nuisance. They need to be eliminated — much like pests!

        Last week Dr Ramadoss asked celebrities to stop endorsing aerated drinks. With the likes of Shahrukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Sachin Tendulkar in mind, he said: “I urge stars… to desist from promoting these products.” Why? Because the good doctor has decided they’re bad for us and, therefore, we must not be tempted to drink them.

        Earlier, the doctor’s wrath fell upon scenes of smoking in films and television. He believes these glamorise smoking and tempt us to follow suit.”
        http: //

        • Rose says:

          Things are a little different in India, tobacco is still thought of as a herbal medicine.

          Companies Flout Law on Tobacco in Tooth Care Products


          Use of tobacco products as dentifrice among adolescents in India: questionnaire study BMJ Volume 328, pp 323-4

          Up to 68% of adolescents in India use dental products containing tobacco, despite a law barring manufacturers from using tobacco as an ingredient in any toothpaste or toothpowder, reveals a study in this week’s BMJ.

          The authors believe that many companies are taking advantage of a widespread misconception in India that tobacco is good for the teeth by packaging and positioning their products as dental care products.

          Researchers surveyed samples of school students aged 13-15 in 14 Indian states. The use of tobacco products as dentifrice varied from 6% (Goa) to 68% (Bihar).

          Of the specific products, tobacco toothpaste and tooth powder were common in all states. Other dentifrice products containing tobacco included mishri (roasted and powdered tobacco), gudakhu (paste of tobacco and molasses), and tobacco water used for gargling.

          The 1992 amendment to India’s Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 barred manufacturers from using tobacco as an ingredient in any toothpaste or toothpowder, say the authors. But, ten years on, this study shows clearly that the regulations have not been implemented adequately.”

          Tobacco water: A special form of tobacco use in the Mizoram and Manipur states of India

          “Background. Tuibur and hidakphu are watery tobacco products made by passing tobacco smoke through water. These have neither been described in the health literature nor are there any reports of epidemiological studies on these products. We collected information on the use of these products in Mizoram and Manipur

          “In this, water impregnated with tobacco smoke in a water receptacle is poured out through the mouthpiece of a pipe into a tobacco water flask and preserved for personal use. Usually, in one sip, 5–10 ml of tobacco water is kept in the mouth for 5–10 minutes and then spat out. It is either sipped directly from the bottle or through cotton soaked with tobacco water. People initially use tobacco water to clean their teeth or protect themselves from insect bites, but soon start sipping it several times a day and get addicted.3,4

          Tobacco water (tuibur) has been in use since the nineteenth century. A definite record of its use is available since 1907. Men and women alike sip tobacco water. In the past, it was predominantly used by women3,4 and was offered to guests or visitors. It was a form of greeting and it was considered rude not to offer it. It was an essential item at parties in rural areas.”

          “About 90% of the people in both districts believed that tobacco water protects against the bites of insects and paalu (a common insect in the region).

          They believe that it acts as an antiseptic, protects the teeth and has antisnake venom properties.”

        • Rose it appears the man is nothing more than the Mafia……………Literally a crime boss. I bet somebody has the goods on his ass now.

  5. Theres a literal world war raging over those 2 Indian MPs denouncing the propaganda…………

    It could mean an end to everything for tobacco control. If the direct smoking claims were all BS as we know. Then the public and media start spouting even just the hint that it was never proven that alone destroys all their 60 years of medical propaganda and one swoop…….

  6. beobrigitte says:

    Lib Dem candidate DELIBERATELY infected himself with HIV in tragic ‘suicide attempt’
    A PARLIAMENTARY candidate has told how he deliberately caught HIV after developing suicidal feelings following years of homophobic bullying.

    LibDems, this ISN’T something to convince Voters….
    Homophobic bullying? I thought that was stamped out a long time ago! The gay people I know are most certainly confident people with no “threat” to heterosexual people.
    Only recently I happened to say before finishing work: “Right, folks, we’re all straight” (meaning all work done)
    From the back a voice piped up: “I’m not!”
    I laughed for days!!!

    What is even crazier: HIV was once attributed to occur ‘only-amongst-homosexuals’; despite this by now not being true, this guy chooses an illness that: A – is long suffering and B – a cruel death over a rope or a jump in front of a train?
    Suicide? Idiocy seems more likely.
    Clegg, with his ‘people’s choice’ lark, where in the end he compared an amendment of the smoking ban with the death penalty, fits this (?intellectually challenged) youngster’s impression. We just need to find and name the planet they live on.

    For once I feel rather sorry for Nick Clegg. Is he going to ask the guy to stand down? A paragraph further down offers a clue.

    On the same day, Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, declared it would be “hugely unjust” if people with depression were prevented from working as airline pilots. […]

    Right. I do use airplanes a lot. Can I ask for the pilots of the planes I enter to be of sound mental health? Like, the way we all used to be before the government sanctioned scare lobby went riot?
    Let’s all remember: CHIIIILDREN ARE NOT-YET-FORMED adults. Let’s treat them like children – which is what they are. They DO NOT RULE! Less even should we all allow them to be abused by fanatics, such as tobacco control.
    I raised my offspring pretty old fashioned: a lot of talk and the odd smack. No long lasting psychological punishments – a smack is done and over with in a second.
    Children have a place – to be loved and nurtured by the parents but having nothing lost in politics or adult businesses. (They’ll graduate by reaching the required age!)

    That does remind me: 16 year olds are being pushed to cast a vote for a government. Can they go to a pub and order a beer?
    If you want 16 year olds to VOTE FOR A GOVERNMENT, you MUST give them the right to buy alcohol, cigarettes and go to ADULT places.

  7. jameshighamj says:

    Precisely, Frank, they’re off their bloody brains.

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