Creeping Fascism

Well, that didn’t take long. Last night I wrote:

The next revelation might well be that she’s actually the real public health minister, and Jane Ellison is just one of her stooges.

H/T Taking Liberties, Deborah Arnott has gone one better and become Jane Ellison:



Moving on from one health fascist to a whole army of them, Chris Snowdon reports:

The medical establishment’s bid for world domination continued today, with the Royal Society for Public Health (whoever they are) demanding the right to decide which shops are allowed to open and where they should be allowed to position their goods. In the same way as Lord Darzi has a fascist desire to turn public parks into ‘Beacons of Health’, this mob wants to live out their Albert Speer fantasies in our town centres.

We believe that business has a responsibility to ensure that what they offer doesn’t undermine the public’s health

Do you? Is that what you think? Because I think it should be up to us what we buy and we can “undermine” our health if we damn well please.

And we want to ensure that local authorities have the powers they need in order to curtail those business practices which may undermine the public’s health and the great work that many public health teams are doing.

Eurgh. The totalitarian tendencies of the ‘public health’ lobby are on full display in this document. There is no aspect of life that they don’t want dominated by lectures and harassment. For example…

On a healthy high street businesses would create opportunities for health optimisation. This could include signposting customers to health services, high street employees engaging customers in healthy conversations, health promotions in local shops, such as health shopping trolleys and outreach activities in pubs and bars, including smoking cessation or health checks.

“Engaging customers in healthy conversations”? What does that even mean?

This what comes of making “health” (which translates into longevity of life) the only measure of value. So next we are to have people having “healthy” conversations on “healthy” high streets. I think these people are monomaniacs, and deeply sick.

And so to simple fascism, with Brendan O’Neill:

And on it goes. Across Europe, from Britain to Scandinavia, from the former Stalinist bloc to the Mediterranean countries, people are being arrested and convicted and fined and jailed for expressing themselves. Not for violence or theft or criminal damage, but for expression; not for action, but for speech; not for behaviour, but for thought.

And those cases are just some of the better known ones. There are hundreds more incidents from the past few years where people in Europe have been arrested under public-order or hate-speech legislation for the crime of saying shocking or offensive or simply non-mainstream things.

Christian preachers who have argued that gay sex is evil; historians who have called into question the Armenian genocide; young Muslims who have expressed support for certain Islamist groups in the Middle East —such people, and many others, are being arrested in their hundreds in 21st-century Europe.

Some are let off, some are punished. But the clear message sent by all this heavy-handed state intervention into the arena of thought and speech is that there are certain things you cannot say; certain views you cannot hold; certain opinions you must not express.

So if you want to see regimes which still, in the 21st century, punish people for singing songs or which destroy decadent art, you don’t have to look to the Islamic State.

It is happening here, all around us, on this apparently Enlightened continent. Freedom of speech no longer exists in Europe.

O’Neill also mentions Holocaust Denial as one form of forbidden speech. I’m no sort of Holocaust Denier myself, but I must say that I have always regarded this to be a very stupid thing to forbid – because the likely effect will be to make everybody into Holocaust Deniers, as what they’re forbidden to say becomes what they must say.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least that there are Holocaust Deniers. It may quite simply be impossible for some people to reconcile the Holocaust with, say, a belief in an idea of the existence of an advanced European civilisation, or the perfectibility of human nature, or something like that. So they reject the Holocaust in order to preserve their belief system.

And in fact I wish that Holocaust Deniers were right, and that it did never happen. But the reasons they put forward for their denial (when they are allowed to express them) always seem to me to lack substance. For example, one historian (whose name escapes me) said that the reason for his scepticism grew from the fact that there were no written records of the genocide. There were no train schedules, no written orders, etc. I suppose that for historians who rely on such records, the absence of them must be the equivalent of absence of evidence. But for a non-historian like myself, the absence of such evidence is completely unsurprising. It’s a bit like denying that there was any conspiracy to assassinate JFK, because there are no minutes of the meetings of the conspirators, no records of purchase of telescopic rifles, no detailed plans for the positioning and coordination of the assassins. Once again, I’m not surprised there aren’t any. But that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a conspiracy. Nor does it mean that there was one.

But if I’m not a Holocaust Denier, I’m most certainly a Global Warming Denier, and even worse a Smoking-Causes-Lung-Cancer Denier. And at the present rate of creeping fascism, I can expect to have my blog closed down, and myself sent to prison.

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24 Responses to Creeping Fascism

  1. Frank Looks like they are a leftover from the last prohibition movement aka Victorian Age

    Royal Society for Public Health

    The Royal Society of Health, also known as the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health, was established in 1876 following the landmark Public Health Act of 1875. Previously known as the Sanitary Institute (1876–1904) and the Royal Sanitary Institute (1904–55), it was born into a period of great change within the areas of public health provision and sanitary reform to which it contributed significantly. During its first fifty years, the Society became the leading public health organization both in Great Britain and the rest of the world. It was soon renowned for events and conferences on pioneering and topical issues, and developed qualifications for people working in public health professions. By the 1950s, the Society was a leading authority in its field, and was regularly consulted by governments and the international press on health-related issues. Since the 1970s, the Society has focused its activities on the most successful areas of its work – examinations, certification, and the journals Public Health and Perspectives in Public Health.

    Members of the RSPH are entitled to use the post nominal letters MRSPH. Fellows of the RSPH are entitled to use the initials FRSPH after their names. Fellows of its predecessor organisation RSH were allowed to use the initials FRSH after their names.

    The RSPH is a national Qualifications Awarding Body with some 100,000 people qualifying through the RSPH each year. The Society has almost 1,600 approved training centres. The organisation is also an Accreditation and certification Body, recognised by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS). The RSPH also manages the national NGO Forum for Health and looks after the database of practitioners on health promotion. Working closely with the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) of the Royal College of Physicians and the Institute of Health Promotion and Education (IHPE), the RSPH leads the implementation of the ‘Shaping the Future’ initiative in health promotion. Additionally, the Society acts as the host for the Network of Health Promotion Academics. RSPH staff provide technical advice to the World Health Organisation and increasingly work on public health initiatives overseas.

    The RSPH publishes two peer reviewed and much respected journals, Perspectives in Public Health and Public Health, both of which have rapidly improving impact factors. Alongside the journals, the Society runs an active programme of national conferences and events.

    The RSPH has its headquarters at two sites in London and can be contacted through its website,, or by telephone on 02072657300.

    • It appears they’ve been telling everyone what to do or over 100 years…….

      • RSPH staff provide technical advice to the World Health Organisation and increasingly work on public health initiatives overseas.

        Id say guilty as charged

        • The queen should immediately abolish their royal charter

        • 26 March 2015

          RSPH publishes league table of “unhealthiest high streets”

          Our league table ranks 70 of the UK’s major towns and cities based on the proportion of businesses found in their main retail area that either support or harm the public’s health. Towns and cities in North and Midlands were found to be more likely to have higher concentrations of businesses which may harm the public’s health.

          The league table forms part of RSPH’s Health on the High Street campaign which aims to make high streets healthier, by encouraging businesses to take steps to promote health while also giving further powers to local authorities in the areas of planning and licensing. Based on public and expert opinion, the Society has identified bookmakers, payday loan shops, fast food outlets and tanning salons as having the most negative impact on health, and pharmacies, leisure centres, and health services as having the most positive impact. Businesses were scored by over 2000 members of the public* and experts, on the extent to which they encourage healthy choices; promote social interaction; provide access to health advice; and promote positive mental wellbeing. Based on the scoring and the prevalence of these different businesses in each town or city, they were ranked.

          Places with the unhealthiest retail areas:
          I gather the below are UKIP towns
          1. Preston
          2. Middlesbrough
          3. Coventry
          4. Blackpool
          5. Northampton
          6. Wolverhampton
          7. Grimsby
          8. Huddersfield
          9. Stoke on Trent
          10. Eastbourne

          Places with the healthiest retail areas:
          These are Labor towns
          1. Shrewsbury
          2. Ayr
          3. Salisbury
          4. Perth
          5. Hereford
          6. Carlisle
          7. Cambridge
          8. Cheltenham
          9. York
          10. Bristol

    • smokingscot says:

      I have to assume exceptions will be made should charity shops predominate in a High Street near you.

  2. Boy it gets even more NAZIFIED

    RSPH is now calling on the next Government, to introduce a range of measures to make high streets more health promoting, including:
    • Local authorities to be given greater planning powers to prevent the proliferation of betting shops, payday lenders and fast food outlets;
    • Public health criteria to be a condition of licensing for all types of business;
    • Mandatory food hygiene ratings linked to calorie and nutrition labelling for fast food outlets;
    • A limit of 5% of each type of business on a high street in order to avoid oversaturation and provide affordable choice;
    • Legislation to enable local councils to set their own differential business rates to encourage healthier outlets and discourage those that are detrimental to health.

  3. Lepercolonist says:

    “But if I’m not a Holocaust Denier, I’m most certainly a Global Warming Denier, and even worse a Smoking-Causes-Lung-Cancer Denier. And at the present rate of creeping fascism, I can expect to have my blog closed down, and myself sent to prison.”

    Thought crime and hate speech laws are completely totalitarian. We are a free society with a long history of justice. These are not real crimes. Our criminal codes should be for actual crimes.

    Saying someone is a denier is the wrong word. It connotes a closed mind. It is used by cultural Marxists and fascists to demonize people who are trying to find the truth. Most historians use the more proper word : Revisionists. Nearly all the Holocaust revisionists main problem is The Gas Chamber Extermination Program. They do not ‘deny’ that other horrible crimes were committed against minorities. World War II military history written before 1975 is incomplete. That is the year when it was disclosed of the Enigma Code being decrypted. History needed revised to be accurate and more factual.

    People want to know the truth. With scientific proof, if possible. I do not see the proof that cigarettes ‘cause’ cancer. Or that humans are responsible for all global climate change. Notice it’s climate change now. After the last 15 years of cooling, warming doesn’t sound good.

    I am a Smoking-Causes-Lung-Cancer Revisionist.

  4. waltc says:

    I did literally lol when I got to “healthy conversation” ( let’s have a chat about the virtues of vitamin C while you’re buying your sweat shirt) but maybe you haven’t heard about the recent proposal, from the CEO of Starbucks to have the baristas write “race together” on customers’ paper cups and from there “start a conversation” about race. Just what I want before morning coffee: a conversation with high school dropout about race relations in America. Luckily, the idea collapsed under a ton of razzing Twitter, but forced “conversations” (where the only thing to say is “couldn’t agree more” ) seems to be the hot new universal brainstorm in the febrile minds of our masters.

    My next guffaw came at ” outreach activities in pubs and bars, including smoking cessation or health checks.” If you think the smoke bans closed a lot of bars, wait’ll you see what happens when drinkers are accosted by armies of Arnotts handing out pamphlets and samples of Chantix, checking your blood pressure and intruding a healthy conversation about cholesterol. Come to think of those armies would be totally routed and wind up toothless, bootless and in traction. So. Bring it on!

    • Jude says:

      Its almost word for word, (just exchange “health” for “god”), the propaganda techniques used to train those religious people who come knocking on your door while you’re trying to enjoy a Sunday sleep in, or accost you in your local shopping centre with pamphlets on how the world is going to end. My Dad used to take great delight in watching them walk up the street to our house, and then turn the lawn sprinklers on.

      I used to put up with strangers telling me how to live my life, in the days when I was young and timid, now they get told to f*ck off. I’ve grown out of my timidity, and will not suffer fools anymore. I’ve better things to do with my time than humour the humourless.

      • Frank Davis says:

        the propaganda techniques used to train those religious people who come knocking on your door

        With the slight difference that the members of this particular cult infest the health services and much of government. And we pay them.

  5. Smoking Lamp says:

    This is really scary. The ‘healthists’ are looking to enforce a global totalitarian regime based on Puritan values. Propaganda, behavior modification, re-education and an inner circle at ASH serving as a Politburo for the UK. All as their operational tempo and reach increases. Not content with tobacco control and the FCTC they are now attacking vaping and moving to curbing alcohol use and advocating an FCAC too. It really is time to mobilize resistance.

  6. 80% support,that’s the biggest whopper Ive heard TC ever claim. Even in the US the highest made up poll result was never over 70%

    Czechs Plan to Shed ‘Chimney of Europe’ Tag With Smoking Ban

    Bloomberg) — The Czech Republic, the last European Union member to still allow unrestricted smoking in restaurants, is preparing to outlaw the practice, the health minister said.

    Support for the ban is rising in the country of 10.5 million, where restaurants aren’t required to separate smokers from nonsmokers, Health Minister Svatopluk Nemecek said in e-mailed response to questions. A bill drafted by his ministry may be debated in parliament as early as April.

    “Czech society is definitely more ready than at any other time before,” said Nemecek, who took over the ministry in January 2014. “I believe the political situation is also favorable.”

    The ministry’s bill seeks to outlaw smoking not only in restaurants but also at concerts, dance clubs and other public spaces. In its current form, the ban would also apply to electronic and herbal cigarettes, increase penalties for serving alcohol to minors and oblige restaurants and bars to offer at least one non-alcoholic drink cheaper than beer.

    Opponents of the bill, including members of the ruling coalition ANO party that submitted a rival draft, argue that the proposed ban is too strict. ANO’s version focuses strictly on banning smoking tobacco in restaurants and bars.

    Public Support

    More than 80 percent of Czechs want the state to tighten smoking regulations, according to last year’s survey by STEM/MARK pollster.

    “It pains me to hear my country described as the chimney of Europe,” Jiri Hlavaty, the owner of Czech textile company Juta who also serves in the country’s Senate, said by phone. “We’re completely out of sync with the rest of the EU.”

    Previous attempts to pass a stricter anti-smoking measure have failed, the result of strong lobbying from the local tobacco industry, according to Kristina Mauer-Stender, a program manager for tobacco control at the World Health Organization.

    “It’s been a long process that has so far amounted to virtually nothing,” Mauer-Stender said by phone. “The current law is weak, and enforcement is also weak.”

    The Czech unit of Philip Morris International Inc., one of 13 companies listed on the Prague bourse, didn’t respond to repeated requests for comment.

    “I’m sure the law draft has already activated the tobacco lobby, which will undoubtedly do its utmost to support the business,” Nemecek said. “I hope parliament will resist those pressures and protect public health.”

    To contact the reporter on this story: Ladka Bauerova in Prague at

  7. According to the Toronto Star Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli “boasted” yesterday that hydro bills are going up because of all the money the government has invested in green energy.

    ____ The Liberals told voters Greener power would NOT result in higher charges. 325% higher since they took power in 2003. The Liberals should cancel any increases that exceed the rate of inflation.

    ____ Eventually these green investments will payoff in lower hydro rates, moreover the investments will help fight greenhouse gas emissions which are leading to global warming.


  8. magnetic01 says:

    “The medical establishment’s bid for world domination” = eugenics.

    This deranged quest has been going on for decades. In the last 10 years there have been more and more Departments of Global or Population Health popping up; there are terms like “global health governance” being flung about. And now they’re talking about the required composition of the “high street”. We’re getting right to the “Therapeutic State”. The Socratic maxim of “the unexamined life is not worth living…” has been transformed into “the medically unexamined life is not worth living….” And, the questionable adage of “only the good die young” has been replaced by the as questionable “only the good die very, very old”. Over the last few decades we’ve witnessed the medicalization of everyday life.

    These [medically-dominated] Public Health folk are dangerously deluded. They are shallow, megalomaniacal, narcissistic, neurotic, bigoted, pathological liars with a “god complex” (delusions of benevolence and omniscience). This shallowness needs to be examined. The medical folk are obsessed with the physical state, i.e., physicalism; health has again been perversely reduced to a physical, absence-of-disease phenomenon. People obsessed with their physical state to the point where it occupies pretty well all of their time – as suggested by allusions to the [medical] “Therapeutic State” – is not a healthy situation at all. It’s sick mentally, socially, morally, and ideo-politically. There are dimensions to health other than the physical.

    We wouldn’t have heard this sort of social-engineering talk, as to the extent of control, a few decades ago. Something has happened in the recent past where these deluded miscreants now have the gall to even propose this sort of repugnant social-engineering. People should be wary because these nut cases have created a Public Health infrastructure on a global scale. Government health bureaucracies are loaded with these petty dictators that have hog-tied their nations to globalist (e.g., WHO) treaties and programs. It makes little difference which political parties get into power. Politicians are advised by the same unelected government bureaucrats. For example, a seemingly normal politician is made Health Minister. After a few sessions with their health bureaucrats the politician is spat out as a rabid antismoking zealot able to effortlessly parrot the standard slogans.

    We seem to have no grasp that the eugenics catastrophe of early last century was led by the medically-aligned. This was supposed to be one of the critical lessons: Health is not just a physical phenomenon; the medically-aligned should not be allowed to monopolize the definition of health; the medically-aligned and social engineering is a dangerous mix. Yet here we are again.

  9. magnetic01 says:

    Post-graduate degrees in Public Health are a dangerous “education”. These courses rest on the medical model and teach fixed, ideological stances, e.g., anti-tobacco is a “given”. Students undergo a crash course in “bio-statistics”. And with this “education” students are let loose to “fix up” the world. These folk don’t understand too much about history, or philosophical systems of thought debated over millennia, or science. They’re really not very bright; they don’t understand too much of anything. Yet they have been coached into believing that they are the “fixer uppers” of the world. This is a recipe for disaster. This is how we’ve gotten to these nitwits now arrogantly proposing more of the “Therapeutic State”.

    Welcome, new students to the Public Health® Master’s course. You are important people. You are here because you want to help the world. Put aside every pre-conception you may have about health and help. It has been shown numerous times that if tobacco and alcohol are eradicated, and if people’s diets and physical exercise are overseen by the government, we can almost guarantee a disease-free and crime-free life.

    Your most noble goal, then, as a Public Health® advocate, is bringing this circumstance to fruition. And we have time-tested methods towards this end:
    1) Extortionate taxes;
    2) Denormalization/normalization techniques;
    3) The bastardization of science and of statistical and causal inference.

    As the course proceeds, we will delve more deeply into these time-tested methods. By the time you graduate, you will be able to apply these methods as second nature. With your newly-acquired knowledge you will be able to conduct research that always arrives at the required conclusion and for which there is a never-ending supply of funds. Importantly is that your policy indications will appear as science-based. You will be well-equipped to pressure decision, policy, and law-makers into making “responsible” decisions. You will also be trained to disregard any criticism that you might encounter.

    As your career progresses, you will be rubbing shoulders with the world’s elite. You’ll enjoy fine cocktail parties, dinners, and recreational activities at 5-star events. You’ll become part of a highly important world network; you’ll be “connected”. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

  10. magnetic01 says:

    Required interview with any Public Health advocate on their social engineering aspirations.

    Interviewer: Do you believe you’re god?

    PH Advocate: Don’t be ridiculous.

    Interviewer: Well, you seem to believe that you have a definitive world view that not only should all abide by but all should be forced (e.g., laws) to abide by.

    PH Advocate: Science tells us…..

    Interviewer: So, science is god?

    PH Advocate: No. Doctors also tell us…..

    Interviewer: So, doctors are god?

    PH Advocate: No. We’re only trying to help people.

    Interviewer: But you haven’t told us why your view is “helpful”. What makes your view superior to anyone else’s? You still haven’t told us why you’re trying to play god. You’re wanting to dictate more and more how people conduct themselves….. even to total control. Yet, the fact is you’re not god. Maybe what you have is a “god complex”. That sounds more like it.

    PH Advocate: [silence]

  11. My god is government,my beliefs are communistic,my idol is Lenin Mao and Hitler.

    You will notice I pray towards Brussells 5 times a day on my knees. As I bend over serving Brussells I hope a new lover will aspire to my position………..

  12. Rose says:

    I feel sorry for the children, they are too young to have anything to compare this flood of healthism with and so may think this situation is normal.

  13. magnetic01 says:

    Public Health is an ideological/financial lackey for the medical industrial complex. Ask how much time [medically-monopolized] Public Health spends on clearing up the medical establishment of major, long-standing problems.

    Background on iatrogenesis:

    The latest on iatrogenic effect:

  14. Greg Burrows says:

    Frank, I think the person or historian you are thinking of Is David Irvine who wrote the “Destruction of Dresden” This in 1963 which was a best seller, I read this when I was young in about 1973, he was classed as a competent historian until he started on other issues which you have mentioned.

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