Who Runs The Government?

I wrote last night that the government will always do whatever ASH tells them to do.

H/T Simon Clark, we now perhaps know why.

Breaking news.

Whether by accident or design, public health minister Jane Ellison has just revealed what we all secretly thought.

Deborah Arnott, CEO of taxpayer-funded fake charity Action on Smoking and Health, is actually part of the “dedicated” Department of Health team that was last week awarded the Luther L Terry award for Exemplary Leadership in Tobacco Control.

Here’s the picture Jane Ellison (right) tweeted today:



So Deborah Arnott is now revealed to be part of the UK government. The next revelation might well be that she’s actually the real public health minister, and Jane Ellison is just one of her stooges.

I wonder if we’re going to find out that Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are more or less running the Department of the Environment (or whatever they call it these days). And the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament are running the Ministry of Defence. And the League Against Cruel Sports running the Ministry of Agriculture. And so on.

It may well be that the entire government is being run by zealots from every walk of life. It certainly seems like that. And the MPs we elect never get a look in.

Maybe the Prime Minister doesn’t really run the country either. He recently ruled out running for a third term as Prime Minister. He doesn’t seem to have noticed that he hasn’t had a second term yet. Which seems a bit remiss of him.

I really ought to add that I’m also ruling out running for a third term as Prime Minister


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33 Responses to Who Runs The Government?

  1. castello2 says:

    So, you like nuclear bombs?

    • Frank Davis says:

      Not particularly. But I did notice that CND activist Catherine Ashton was quite happy (in her role as Vice President of the European Commission) to help trigger the Ukrainian crisis.

    • smokervoter says:

      Well, I’m not a big fan of atom bombs but in the right context and circumstances they once had their certain charms.

      The problem is that they’ve gotten so huge, unwieldy and dangerous that they’ve lost their usefulness as a tactical weapon.

      One has to wonder what the world would look like right now if MacArthur, LeMay, Ridgeway et al. had prevailed in Korea.

      At the dawn of 1951 we possessed 450 bombs and the Soviets only 25.

      Presumably the secondhand radioactive cobalt belt (estimated by MacArthur at 60 years) between Red China and North Korea would be damn near dissipated round about this year.

      We wouldn’t be talking about the Yuan replacing the dollar as the worlds reserve currency, that’s for sure.

      The Obscure History of Nuclear Weapons and the Korean War

      Congressman Albert Gore, Sr. (Father of former VP and 2000 Democratic candidate Al Gore, Jr., and subsequently a strong opponent of the Vietnam war) complained that “Korea has become a meat grinder of American manhood” and suggested “something cataclysmic” to end the war: a radiation belt dividing the Korean peninsula permanently into two.

  2. magnetic01 says:

    In the UK, ASH needs to be viewed as an extension of government…. a government agency….. that gives the appearance (i.e., deception) of external, independent lobbying.

  3. ASH is one of the medical mafia’s frontgroups inside your government, and as such an example on how a corporate fascist system operates: Your government and Big Pharma are both funders of ASH’s activities – Big Pharma through ASH International, as can be seen from these two links:



  4. waltc says:

    It’s always like that one way or another. If the ants aren’t actually part of the government, they’re paid collaborator/”advisors” who sit in on behind-the-scenes legislative meetings and craft the legislation that bans/taxes/pillories smokers. It’s clear that’s happened in NYC. Sometimes they’re also paid Expert Witnesses at the alleged public hearings about the legislation they’ve “helped” to create, as they’ve also been paid with handsome grants to do the research that “proves” that the legislation is needed.

    I shouldn’t –but I can’t help but –observe that in that photo Debora Arnott is also “revealed” as a scrawny, badly dressed, tight-lipped sourpuss.

  5. Just got 4 teeth yanked at once both sides of mouth hurtz like a MOFO!

  6. jaxthefirst says:

    Totally OT here, but just reading the news about that terrible air crash in France and the write-ups about the co-pilot who, from the sound of it, actively crashed the plane, although everybody who knew him describes him unfailingly as “pleasant,” “quiet,” “happy,” etc. Now, I’ve seen no reference to his smoking (or non-smoking) status in any of the articles about him; so why does word “Chantix” keep cropping up in my mind – just as it did at the time of the totally-unanticipated and seemingly “random” suicide of Wales football manager, Gary Speed?

    Personally, if I were a Lufthansa director looking to avoid even the remotest possibility of what could, potentially, be a very, very expensive lawsuit, I’d be taking a look into this young man’s smoking status and whether or not he had recently embarked on a course of this notorious drug to quit. Because, if a link is found, this could be Big Pharma’s worst nightmare – not Lufthansa’s.

    • nisakiman says:

      That’s an interesting thought, jax. If that were indeed the case, it could explain this completely irrational and out of character action that has had such devastating consequences.

      However, all is conjecture at the moment. We have some unconfirmed reports about the contents of the voice recorder and no real knowledge of what actually happened. The ‘Wanted to destroy plane’ headline is not based on verifiable fact as yet.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Interesting thought. That hadn’t occurred to me.

      • Rose says:

        It had occured to me, but I assumed that if it was banned for pilots in America in 2008 it would be banned for pilots everywhere by now.

    • If medication of any kind is involved in the crash, it is more likely to be ordinary antidepressants, which many more people are prescribed to than Chantix. These drugs are known to cause violent behaviour, like suicide and mass-shootings:



    • Frank Davis says:

      Daily Mirror

      Johannes Rossmann, who lived a few doors down from Lubitz’s home in Montabaur, said: “He definitely did not smoke.

      He’d split up with his fiancee the day before.

      • Breaking up with a girlfriend does NOT cause sudden violent behaviour, Frank.

        Antidepressants do.

      • Already now it is clear in the Lübitz case that there is a manipulation of the media going on behind the scenes in order to slowly, day-by-day, put more and more blame for the crash on the co-pilot himself, i.e. Lübitz’ character. The medical mafia is extremely good at media manipulation – you should know that as a smoker (!) – in the Lübitz case they know perfectly well that there is a high risk the media at some point will frame the story in the direction that Lübitz’ medication was the culprit in the crash. That would be devastating to pharma revenues, so I think what we witness here (fx. in Daily Mirror) may be just a part of the ordinary damage control.

        If you are interested in media manipulation, (which I think would be a very interesting issue here on your blog) I suggest you read this eye-opening book, written by investigator Scott Bartz, a pharma whistleblower from Johnson & Johnson. He reveals without any doubt how the (still officially unsolved) seven Tylenol-murders in Chigago happened in 1982, and how the leaders of the Johnson-company manipulated the media and the authorities by framing the murders to be an act of a “madman”, who went in to seven street pharmacies where he opened the Tylenol capsules and put cyanide in.

        Today it is hard to grasp how people in 1982 could believe this version, but they did because the media manipulation was brilliantly done. Scott Bartz however uncovers the truth: The Tylenol capsules were poisoned at a Johnson & Johnson (McNeil) factory – this was known all the way by the leaders of the company, but the truthful version was suppressed in the media for obvious reasons: It would have opened Johnson & Johnson to a gigantic compensation lawsuit.

        I highly recommend Scott Bartz’ book. It explains in detail how the Tylenol murder case was covered up and how Big Pharma’s media manipulation works. This is very relevant to smokers today because the techniqe of the media manipulation in the tobacco issue (and the passive smoking issue) is exactly the same. Even the people and organisations involved are the same: Johnson & Johnson, McNeil (owners of Nicorette) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, who has many former directors of Johnson & Johnson on the board, and who has heavy-financed anti-tobacco activities since 1991.


        • Frank Davis says:

          I believe he had suffered from depression some time ago. Whether he was still suffering from it isn’t clear. e.g….

          Today’s Mirror:

          According to The Rheinische Post, the 27-year-old sick notes from more than one doctor were discovered at his apartment in Dusseldorf.

          Other sick notes for more days were also found in the home, while Dusseldorf University Hospital confirmed Lubitz had been a patient of theirs over the past two months.

          They refused to reveal what he was being treated for.


          Dusseldorf University Hospital said that Lubitz had been treated by its staff in February, as well as earlier this month. It said he last went to the hospital for “diagnostic evaluation” on March 10, but declined to say anything about the nature of his condition.

          It did, however, deny German media reports that it had treated him for depression, leading to speculation that he may have been suffering from a serious physical illness that had added to the strain he was under.

          Yesterday’s Telegraph:

          German investigators refused to confirm whether the sick note, or the hospital treatment, related to depression, though Lubitz is reported to have taken time out from his pilot training after suffering mental illness before he finally qualified.

        • Here is a third alternative explanation, that has nothing to do whith Lübitz. Interesting …

          (there is a translate button below the article)

        • Frank Davis says:

          I didn’t understand that. What lies has Merkel been supposed to have been telling? But I picked up a good link from the comments. PPRUNE. And today’s Daily Mail said that Lubitz had “deteriorating blurred vision”.

        • Frank Davis says:

          First report I’ve seen that mentions anti-depressants:

          During searches at his addresses in Germany, police also found anti-depressants and “torn sick notes” – one of them declared him unfit for work on the day on the crash.

        • I will bet you 10 pounds that psychotropic drugs (antidepressants for example) are involved, Frank. I’ve read about many of these cases, and this is a typical one – a “nice”, depressed young man who, when he is prescribed these drugs suddenly can be found in the high-risk group for violent behaviour against himself and others. This is the profile of almost all school shooters in the U.S. And they were all on some kind of psychotropic drug, most often antidepressants, or have just stopped talking them a few days earlier.

          But of course the medical mafia will do anything to cover it up – for a natural reason: The revenues these brain-manipulating drugs deliver are so huge you won’t believe it – but they are extremely dangerous, especially to young men. Please read the links I put in this discussion earlier.

        • Frank Davis says:

          You could well be right:

          A “small mountain” of drugs believed to be antidepressants were found at Lubitz’s apartment.

          Antidepressants are used to treat range of conditions, including anxiety and panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive behaviour, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic pain, as well as moderate and severe depression.

  7. John Watson says:

    If and I think it is a big if Chantix has anything to do with this crash then the Doctor who prescribed it is in very deep legal trouble as in Manslaughter charges. Chantix is a banned substance for pilots, (and members of the Teamsters union in America) IALPA, BALPA, the DOD Naval Bureau of Medicines banned it on the grounds that it alters the mind-set of pilots producing suicidal or homicidal thoughts making their judgement unreliable. It is right up there with the no alcohol 24 hours before flight rules which if broken can see a pilots licence suspended or revoked.

    • Oh you can bet they will be digging for his body and get a blood sample for sure………top priority

    • waltc says:

      Climbing that ladder of If’s…if this proves to be true, I’d give the doctor a pass since he may not have known the guy was a pilot.(Deep into speculation within speculation.). However, IF Chantix is implicated, first –hooray–there goes the drug, there go all the TC experts who so promiscuously recommend it as they dive into the status of dangerous quackhood, and maybe, ok a long shot, but maybe there enters a reappraisal of the whole agenda of Quit At All Costs.

      Ok, I can dream.

      Margo, you’re right that it’s nasty to pick on a woman’s looks, but I!d as easily pick on Glantz and Banzaf for being fat and oleaginous while they preach perfect health. And I’m not sure that in either case it’s irrelevant. Arnott looks like a person (not just woman but a person) who has rarely tasted pleasure, certainly not sensual pleasure, and who, were she American, might define “the pursuit of happiness” as license to hunt it down, corner it in an alley and bludgeon it to death. To some extent, people get the faces they deserve and hers seems typical of prohibitionists.

  8. Pingback: Anti-Depressant-Driven, Suicidal, Homicidal, Lobotomized States | Frank Davis

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