Wasted Lives

I sometimes wonder why antismoking zealots bother. I think they’re living wasted lives, trying to stop people doing something they don’t approve of. More or less any other job is productive in some way. Most people do something that’s positive in some small way. But what antismokers do is entirely negative. They aren’t trying to add anything to life. They’re not trying to start something. They’re only trying to subtract something. They’re trying to stop something.

It’s like devoting your life to getting a road closed, or a building demolished, or a newspaper silenced.

What an awful thing to say, towards the end of your miserable life: “I tried to stop people smoking.”  To me, that’s like saying you tried to stop people daydreaming, or playing chess, or listening to music.

Those are the thoughts that swirled up with a couple of recent headlines:

A new report from the Institute of Medicine suggests that increasing the minimum age of legal access to tobacco products will improve the health of Americans across their lifespan and save lives.

The report notes that over the past half a century, there have been an estimated 8 million fewer premature deaths thanks to increased tobacco control efforts in the US. More than 40 million Americans still smoke, however.

Currently, the minimum age of legal access (MLA) for tobacco products is set at 18 years for most states. Alabama, Alaska, New Jersey and Utah have an MLA of 19 years, however. Some localities – such as New York City – have raised it to 21.


Disney has announced that it is banning smoking in all of its PG 13-rated future productions, including Marvel, LucasFilm and Pixar films.

“We are extending our policy to prohibit smoking in movies across the board,” said Disney CEO Bob Iger, during a meeting with shareholders last week. He then clarified that the ban would not apply to instances in which smoking was part of the cultural or historical background of a real-life figure.

“For instance, we’ve been doing a movie on Abraham Lincoln, he was a smoker, and we would consider that acceptable,” Iger said. “But in terms of any new characters that are created for any of those films, under any of those labels, we will absolutely prohibit smoking in any of those films.”

Asked by shareholder Stanton Glantz, a Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, whether Disney would be prepared to support a move to give an “R” rating (roughly equivalent to a UK 18 certificate) to all films depicting smoking, Iger said: “I think it would be a little bit presumptuous of me to commit to doing that today without getting a little bit more of a flavor or perspective on the dynamic that exists at the MPAA on the subject.

At this rate, it’s going to become illegal to mention the words “tobacco” or “cigarette” (because just saying the words “re-normalises” tobacco and smoking), just because these obsessives have got nothing better to do with their lives than do their level best to completely eradicate tobacco and smoking not just from human culture, but also from human memory.

When are ordinary people going to realise that the antismokers are quite simply insane, and embarked on an insane and destructive war?

When are ordinary people going to start rolling their eyes at the next lunatic demand from these obsessives? Because they’re not going to stop. They never stop. Ever.


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36 Responses to Wasted Lives

  1. Frank to be quite honest people just go on about their normal lives smoking or not. Most all of them could care less except to say that’s ridiculous to ban smoking here or there or what is it now.

    I see cops.doctors,nurses/my own step daughter for instance smoking at the hospital she works at even wheeling elder folks outside for a smoke with oxygen on even………..of course the only hazard oxygen represents when lighting up is adding more of one component to having an extra big flame produced. Fuel is the main cause of oxygen mask so called explosions when the Bic lighter has a faulty fuel valve or the valve is adjusted way to high placing an enormous amount of butane or butano inside the mask and around it.

    I even sounds like Disney was doing lip service to glantz. Sounds to me like when Disney one of the farthest leftwing fringe corporations out there wont play ball completely with the Nazis,the Nazis know they are treading on thin ice.

    I don’t see any of it lasting much longer,theyve gone to pure insanity now and after that its usually repeal time.

    BT is going to sue we all know that and Dr Enstroms win in court will have dramatic effects across the junk science industry in the end.

    Of course it all take time to run its course,but historically the end game is tobacco control has lost its glamour and focus its become mere madness now.

  2. Smoking Lamp says:

    Well, the antismokers are absolutely insane. Raising the smoking are above the age of majority (18) is wrong. You can vote, serve in the military, execute a contract, etc. Actually they should lower the drinking age in the various US states to 18 as well. (It was 18 in may states until the Mothers Against Drunk Driving campaigns in the late 80s (I am against drunk driving but draconian age restrictions don’t stop that). I agree that many just ignore the tobacco control rants, but the implementation of new bans seems to keep rolling along. I think continuing to work toward exposing the tobacco control lies, propaganda, and collusion with Big Pharma remains critical.

    • I think your fixing to see states take over local control via pre-emption. Texas is right now considering such a law for their state as to many other things are being advocated out of existence at the local levels via politically charged agendas by special interest groups and Im not just talking anti-tobacco groups but all of them.

      • west Virginia is also persuing laws to take away power of smoking bans from local health depts. and place it in the hands of local councils instead and give special excemptions to bars and casinos and private clubs.

  3. So the UK has no freedom of speech anymore,hate speech is still free speech or was

    A teenager has been arrested on suspicion of sending a racist tweet aimed at Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck.

    The post was made after Welbeck netted the winning goal during an FA Cup quarter-final clash against his former club Manchester United on 9 March.

    Manchester-born Welbeck joined the Gunners for £16m last summer.

    The 15-year-old boy, from the Salisbury area, was arrested on suspicion of racial abuse and released on bail until 13 April, Wiltshire Police said.


  4. Mac says:

    Some people will choose to smoke and drink. Some will die youngish, some will die very old. Some folk will choose to eat a lot of what they like, some will die youngish, some will die very old. This could go on for ever with everything, right?
    Then there are those who will live what the state decrees to be a safe, protected and healthy lifestyle. Surprisingly, some will die youngish and some will die very old.
    However, it’s a 100% certainty we’re all going to die and as the last lap gets underway, some will be wondering what they missed and why, while others will be wishing they’d done just that little bit more.
    So all you, ‘it’s bad for you – I don’t like it so you can’t do it – it’s not healthy – we have to stop it now!’ fellows, let me assure you that while you’re possibly just passed ‘start’ on life’s highway and it looks like a long, almost never ending road ahead with time aplenty to foist your pettiness upon others, try to take on-board wot’s below….
    Trust me, when you get to my end of the road two things will become obvious. One, it’s cluttered to hell an’ back with tin cans that’ve previously been kicked down here and two, when you look over your shoulder, back down the road, you’ll realise just how short a journey it actually was. Then you’ll understand, too late, what a complete and total waste of your brief time it was being so miserable, hating the enjoyment of others and trying to foist your misery on those who had a little zest for life and who were attempting, against all the odds, to enjoy their brief moment in the sun.

    Again, this life isn’t a practise run. This is it; it’s the only go you’re going to get.

  5. wobbler2012 says:

    It takes a special kind of bastard to take pleasure in making the lives of people they will never meet miserable. Look at Glantz for example, a fat odious bastard concerned about making smokers lives as miserable as possible, the wanker.

  6. magnetic01 says:

    Disney has announced that it is banning smoking in all of its PG 13-rated future productions, including Marvel, LucasFilm and Pixar films.

    Disney has caved-in to the antismoking assault. The “getting-smoking-out-of-films-or-an-R-rating-for-films-that-depict-smoking” is a World Health Organization (Eugenics Central) “initiative” with nut-case fraudster extraordinaire, Stantonitis Glands, one of its leading “delusionairies”.

    For anyone interested, I posted a series of comments on this “R-rating” con job a while ago that highlights the shameless exploitation of “appeal to authority”:

  7. magnetic01 says:

    And, of course, Glands, is presented as a “Professor of Medicine”. Some background on Stan of San Fran.
    For those not familiar, Glands is no “Professor of Medicine”. He is a mechanical engineer that was given a professorship of medicine by UCSF to lend “medical weight” to his
    bigoted antismoking ranting and raving. He’s a fraud promoting the logical fallacy of “appeal to authority” along with many of his buddies in Public Health and Tobacco Control.
    According to his online biography, Glands was awarded a Ph.D. in 1973 from Stanford University in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Economic Systems. From this mechanical background, Glands undertook a postdoctoral year at Stanford University in Cardiology (1975), and another postdoctoral year at the University of California (San Francisco) in cardiovascular research (1977). It appears that the connection to cardiology is in “applied mechanical” terms; he has no formal training in medicine. In 1977, Glands was given the academic posting of assistant professor in Cardiology at UCSF; this was upgraded to a full professorship in 1987. Glands is currently a Professor of Medicine and Director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research & Education at the University of California (San Francisco). It appears that the “medical” status serves essentially to “legitimize” the antitobacco status and exploit Glands’s high profile in this area.

    Glands is a glorified mechanic. Astounding is that this extremist, neurotic buffoon that travels the world pontificating on the “benefits” of extreme antismoking measures has been allowed to present himself for the last few decades as a professor of medicine or professor of cardiology. There doesn’t appear to be even one instance where a journalist has asked fundamental questions of Glands – have you had any clinical training in medicine, where did you complete your internship, with which medical board are you certified to practice medicine. The fraud should have been exposed years ago in the MSM along with the academic system in California that bestowed upon him the “professorship”.

    • Edgar says:

      “Glands is a glorified mechanic.” You contaminate your case by this ad hominem. A Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Economic Systems is not a ‘glorified mechanic’. Play fair – precisely because they don’t.

  8. margo says:

    If it’s saving lives they’re after, how about banning joining the army till the age of – say – 60? (foreign lives would be saved, too!)

    • Most of this crap is endorsed thru the whitehouse and to the EU…………Get Obama gone and we will see much of this shit disappear unless we get another progressive in there.

      • Jude says:

        Don’t be too sure of that Harleyrider, in Australia we have our own version of the “tea party” conservatives in government atm, (although not for much longer), they love all the puritanical, nanny state garbage, as much as the supposed left wing parties. Their motives for bashing smokers, vapers, drinkers, fatties etc, may be different, but the outcome is the same. They support the lunatics and fanatics in tobacco control, just as much as any vaguely left wing government has.

        The only difference between the supposed left and right politicians, is that those on the extreme right want to get rich, (and their mates in business), on the backs of the poor. Corruption and greed knows no political boundaries.

  9. margo says:

    Glad to see the Wall of Hate link here, Frank.

  10. magnetic01 says:

    At this rate, it’s going to become illegal to mention the words “tobacco” or “cigarette”…

    In one American school, the very word “cigarette” is forbidden:
    …an incident that occurred as one of my Messiah College student-teachers read “The Tale of Despereaux” by Kate DiCamillo to her fourth-graders.
    As she shared the scene where a father, cigarette in his clamped mouth, sells his daughter, she looked up to find 24 pairs of horrified eyes upon her. She paused, recognizing this was troubling.
    Wisely, she created time for conversation. She assumed that the children were disturbed by the selling of a child. But, in whispered unison, the children warned their young student-teacher that the word “cigarette” is forbidden at their school.
    They insisted that she replace the word “cigarette” with “chicken.” Strikingly, a man with a chicken in his mouth made a strange substitution, but the children were surprisingly satisfied and seemingly unfazed that a child was being sold by her father … as long as he was not smoking.


    In New Zealand, the word “cigarette” had to be removed from a shop front:


  11. John Watson says:

    “The report notes that over the past half a century, there have been an estimated 8 million fewer premature deaths thanks to increased tobacco control efforts in the US. More than 40 million Americans still smoke, however.” Premature deaths? No natural death is premature, people tend to die after parts wear out, or due to disease or in the case of premature babies parts that may not be properly formed and in the case of SIDS children no medical reason is generally found for cause of death, they simply die. Premature deaths are exclusively from external causes, accidents, war or murder and are therefore preventable, however human nature being what it is even the preventable is not always so.

  12. Rose says:

    When are ordinary people going to start rolling their eyes at the next lunatic demand from these obsessives?

    Money from proposed levy on tobacco industry sales must be spent on tobacco control measures

    “Money from a proposed new levy on the tobacco industry sales must be spent on reducing the harm that smoking causes, an all Party group of MPs and Peers says today. The Chair of the All Party Group on Smoking and Health, Paul Burstow MP (Sutton and Cheam: Liberal Democrat) is to introduce a “Tobacco Manufacturers (Producer Responsibility) Bill” on Monday 23rd March, under the Ten Minute Rule. The Bill will mark the start of a cross-Party campaign on how to use money from a levy on the tobacco industry.”

    “The levy should be based on sales data, which the tobacco industry would be required to publish at local, regional and national level. If any of the levy is passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices, this will have some public health benefits, since price increases are known to be the single most effective policy lever in reducing smoking prevalence. However, the benefits to public health will only be fully realised if the proceeds of the levy are used to fund tobacco control action to increase quit rates beyond what might be expected as a result of price rises.”

    It’s hard to imagine what they intend to do to us next with this extra money, they’ve turned decent law abiding citizens into pariahs, banned us from every pub, club,restaurant and hotel in the country, tried to tax us into oblivion, socially isolated us, hidden the packets so we can’t see the prices or choose a different sort, banned smoking on our own property ( cars ) and want us to buy our cigarettes in packaging that is anything but plain.

    ‘What it means is that we are handing someone a packet with a picture of gangrene.”


    • Cautionary words on the threat to vapers and vaping in Sweden, from Atakan Befrits

      Vaping with nicotine in Sweden is now de jure banned following a recent court ruling.

      Import, distribution and sales of nicotine containing e-cig and nicotine containing refills are banned by the Medical Products Agency (MPA) in Sweden, unless they are registered as medical products. This is prior to the implementation of the TPD, which provides for some flexibility on distribution and sales, which will continue for the time being, pending an appeal against the judgement.

      Just like alcohol prohibition alcohol had to be labelled for medicinal use and wine for sacrements only. Guess how many docs wrote scrips for medicinal alcohol in 1920……………..

  13. magnetic01 says:

    For the latest on the fraudster (and others), Glands, see Siegel’s latest thread and comments.

  14. Mike R says:

    Not generally a fan of banstibating in any way Frank, but as to the supposed “it’s a waste of a life getting people to stop doing something” idea, that charge surely sits awkwardly when it comes to let’s say Wilberforce and slavery; to people who dedicate themselves to ending torture; to stopping capital punishment; to bringing down a tyrannical government etc. I doubt we’d say such people who succeed in doing these things have wasted lives; on the contrary….

    • nisakiman says:

      That’s a bit of an apples compared to oranges comment, Mike. People who dedicated their lives to ending slavery, torture, capital punishment etc were fighting something which was inhuman and morally repugnant and which impacted devastatingly on people who were victims of the perpetrators of these actions.

      That’s a million miles away from trying to stop people indulging in a personal pleasure which doesn’t impact on anybody but themselves, if that.

      There is no comparison.

  15. smokingscot says:

    In 2006 Ted Turner insisted that all cartoons shown on the Cartoon Network and Boomerang had depictions of smoking removed… all the way back to the Tom and Jerry, Flintstones and Scooby-Doo stuff.

    It’s old hat and this link just headlines it.


    And they’ve airbrushed cigars from Churchill


    Even the Beatles. Abbey Road & I want to hold your hand


    The beeb’s trying desperately to pass by the fact Harold Wilson did the pipe thing. No way they can do a solitary thing about removing the pipe on any of these!


  16. smokingscot says:

    Bummer. Captain Ranty’s GONE. I shall miss him.


  17. beobrigitte says:

    This post is a little ointment to a very sore wound, thanks, Frank.

    When are ordinary people going to start rolling their eyes at the next lunatic demand from these obsessives? Because they’re not going to stop. They never stop. Ever.

    This is a discussion I am having had for the last few weeks with friends. The healthists are happily accepting dead people as ‘collateral damage for the good of everyone’. When pointing out that without the healthists there would not be ‘collateral damage’ everyone falls into silence.

    As far as I can see; I am still here, as healthy as ever. Smoking and drinking beer. I just miss the ones that are gone; they were kids. They were supposed to be at MY funeral, not me at theirs.

    Fearmongering kills the youngsters, so the old ones – GROWING UP, LIVING HAPPILY WITH CIGARETTES, SUGAR, SALT and whatever – have to stay part of this yuppie-style work force.

    Sorry, BBC, take your health propaganda and shuff it up Arnott’s et al backside. At least they would feel a little uncomfortable – whilst REAL people have to deal with a lot more.

    When I was a youngster, there was no health obsession – we had a LIFE. A REAL ONE.

    Surely, no government in it’s right mind (that is if they get their hands off their dicks and others stop ogling 6-pack males that could be their sons!) kills their offspring with fear propaganda to stay in work past retirement age?

    I, personally will listen to any healthist who can bring back the lives lost to them.

  18. cherie79 says:

    Yes it was terrible news RIP Colin.

  19. Goran Vidalan says:

    Thank the non-existent gods I found this site. I’ve been periodically responding to newspaper article comment sections on my own for ages. Living in Australia the cost of cigarettes has just made me so angry – the proposed cost by the end of the year is AU$250 – 300 dollars for 8 packets of B & H.

    I am older, come from a background of massive physical and emotional child abuse, have been receiving medication and psychotherapy to stave off depression for over 30 years and have been a productive working citizen all my life. The cost of cigarettes – which I know have helped me avoid suicide several times – amounts to sadistic malice by these arseholes – they really are a dangerous cancer on the body politic.

    I survived my horrors but I know that there are people out there being driven to desperation dealing with all sorts of tragedies from mental illness to poverty just waiting to pop. My only hope is that when they do go postal the targets are the witch hunters and not some innocent passers by.

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