Mystery Solved

The mystery of how I got invited on TV may have been solved: Simon Clark:

Sadly I had to decline the offer of sharing a sofa with Philip and Holly or Eamonn and Ruth because I’m travelling to Glasgow (more on that later) and as I keep telling people, I can’t do everything!!

Instead I suggested some alternative commentators (the usual suspects)…

If he personally didn’t suggest me, then one of the usual suspects must have.

But there was no way I was ever going to be sharing a sofa with anyone. I live too far from London.

Anyway, here’s the encounter between Simon Clerk and Deborah Arnott earlier this week.



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29 Responses to Mystery Solved

  1. wobbler2012 says:

    Arnott lives in la-la land and Soubry is so fucking stupid she must be the only person in the UK that took up smoking because of the way the pack looked. Man these fuckers really get my goat.

  2. John Watson says:

    Deborah Arnott actually lied during that interview, Firearms are a legal product designed to kill when used as intended, tobacco is a natural product and has never been designed. As an ex-serviceman I know which of the two I would use to kill. Oh and thank you for your advertising cigarettes Deborah an offense under the statute you organised!

  3. “But there was no way I was ever going to be sharing a sofa with anyone. I live too far from London.”

    NOTE TO SELF: Send apology to Lana Del Rey. The arrangement she’d asked me to make for her with Mr. Davis is evidently unworkable.


  4. waltc says:

    What an insufferable ****. Her. But that’s a good example of what can happen with an ant for a host and a **** for an opponent. Note her technique. Interrupt. Talk on and on to eat the limited air time. Mug disparagingly when your opposite speaks. Rattle off every quick eternally repeated sound bite (so you reinforce it) that can roll off your tongue ( “…only product that when used as intended…”) and state empirical lies authoritatively . Once you know how TC is likely to act, you can prepare for it and outfox it. Maybe. Sometimes.

    • Smoking Lamp says:

      Good assessment of her tactics; I’d like to see her in the dock on trail facing a solid barrister, supported by a team of instructing solicitors armed with knowledge of tobacco control lies!

      • Their only tactic is the we said so tactic submit to authority some call it…………

        Same BS when the Nazis use the SG REPORT OR some other high sounding name or title. But when you can easily destroy that authorities credibility with facts they cant wiggle at all. The last thing any prohibitionist wants is the credibility of their high fancy authoritarian figures destroyed,that would lead to total collapse of all of it………..if it hasn’t already been done. Insane claims can only be believed for so long an even the insane can see thru it too!

    • Those tactics are SO standard for them that I wonder if they’ve all taken some sort of media training course at their conferences or some such. Seriously: the description you gave is absolutely dead on and very succinctly and perfectly put!

      – MJM

  5. Zaphod says:

    Simon is an decent bloke, but he has never been up to the task.
    Every lie she tells needs to be nailed, hard and fast.
    He is too easily distracted.
    As long is he is available, the media will always use him; to create the illusion of balance.
    I’m sorry, but Simon is actually a liability.

    • annabellc says:

      I agree. I’ve met Mr Clark and, nice enough chap though he is, I’m afraid he is not very authoritative, appears weak, and certainly doesn’t seem capable of nailing their lies. I don’t know who appointed him but there must be someone out there who is more forceful in their arguments against these bigots.

  6. Rose says:

    I do wish that when Deborah Arnott does her little piece about Forest being funded by the tobacco industry, Simon Clark would say where ASH’s funding comes from, because that’s important too and puts her following remarks in context for the television audience.

    Government ‘fixing health consultations’ with taxpayer-funded groups – 2009

    “Yet only a handful of those 96,000 respondents came from individuals submitting their personal views. Almost 70,000 came from those collected by pressure groups entirely funded by the Department for Health.

    Among the groups submitting block responses were SmokeFree NorthWest, SmokeFree Liverpool and SmokeFree North East, which were all set up by the Government to lobby against the tobacco industry.”

  7. Jude says:

    Never trust a person with no lips, have a look at the ANTZ as a group, and spot the one that actually has lips. The arguments and lies told by Arnott are the same that we were barraged with in Australia. Teen smoking actually increased after “propaganda packaging” was brought in here, and sales of cigarettes increased because tobacco companies, free from the shackles of having to pay for advertising, were only able to compete on price. Good for smokers, bad for ANTZ, but then they just lie about it anyway.

    Chop Chop and illicit cigarette sales have had a huge increase as well, which is exactly what was always going to happen, but ANTZ just stick their fingers in their collective ears and shout lalalala, and lie about it afterwards.

    Solution, buy yourself a stylish cigarette or tobacco case, and bin the propaganda packaging after transferring your product to the nicer container.

    • nisakiman says:

      Never trust a person with no lips…

      You know, that’s the only other time I’ve heard that apart from when my mother used to say “He’s cruel and heartless – he’s got thin lips.” About someone she may have met. She also used to say “I don’t trust him – his eyes are too close together”.

      I used to laugh and tease her about it when she said it, but she’d say “You mark my words – I know.”

      Who knows, maybe she was right!

      • Jude says:

        My Mum used to say the same thing, and there is definitely something to her warnings. Its also noticeable that you rarely see particularly attractive people with ANTZ views either.

        Purely anecdotal, but I’ve noticed over the years that whenever I’ve had some busybody, or “prodnose” (I love that term), its always been someone who is unattractive, (both in looks and personality). The most unattractive trait is the sense of entitlement they radiate, and which they believe entitles them to criticise my choice of smoking, or even now vaping, based on nothing but their own puritanical views. This is the tragedy of state sanctioned lies and hate campaigns, and all decent people should reject these things.

        • Jude says:

          Should read …..Purely anecdotal, but I’ve noticed over the years that whenever I’ve had some busybody, or “prodnose”, approach me,…..

  8. The Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Raymond will not be going smoke free. (Jason Schreiber/ Union Leader Correspondent)

    Post’s smoking ban snuffed


    Union Leader Correspondent

    RAYMOND — A plan to stop members of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4479 from lighting up has gone up in smoke.

    An official with the New Hampshire VFW determined that the Raymond VFW’s vote to ban smoking at its post was invalid because it wasn’t done properly.

    The decision means the VFW will remain a smoking establishment as it has for many years unless members renew the effort to go smoke free in the future.

    “It will resurface again. It’s just a matter of time,” said James England, adjutant for the Raymond VFW who supported the ban.

    The 67-to-31 vote to go smoke free was thrown out after it was reviewed by the judge advocate for the New Hampshire VFW.

    Following the recent vote and the complaints that followed, Post 4479 Commander Ray Marotte decided to have it reviewed at a higher level.

    While some argued smoking should no longer be allowed, others oppose a ban and say they’re worried that it would stop some members from attending post events.

    According to England, the judge advocate who reviewed the vote found it didn’t follow national bylaws.The vote was taken through ballots turned in by members of the VFW and its men’s and women’s auxiliaries.Under VFW bylaws, the vote should have taken place in person at a meeting of VFW members only, Marotte said.

    The auxiliaries also aren’t allowed to vote on such a policy change.

    “What it really comes down to is to change that policy we’re going to have to have a majority of VFW members themselves come in and push for that to happen,” England said.The post held its monthly meeting on Wednesday, but there was no discussion about the smoking issue.

    “Nobody wanted to bring it up,” said Marotte, who oversees the meetings as the post’s commander.

    While the ban is dead for now, Marotte said any member could raise the issue again.“You’ve got people on both sides that are adamant about it. They have their own minds, and they’ll do what they want to do,” he said.The smoke-free initiative was first proposed by former adjutant Joseph Saxon in December.

    The post has a non-smoking section, but there’s no wall separating it from the smoking side.

    Shannon Wallace, a VFW member from Raymond and head bartender, said she doesn’t think another smoking ban proposal will be brought up again any time soon.

    “Our regular customers are happy about it. Most of our regular customers are smokers,” said Wallace, who is also a smoker.

    – See more at:

    • My local veterans hall is probably 80% smokers……… most of them likely are nationwide.

      • Rose says:

        By their very nature, veterans knowing what real danger is , are not going to scared of a little bit of burning leaf.

      • Rose I had a 500 pound live bomb drop 2000 feet to the left of our spotting tower back in 1981 on the pinecastle fl impact range. It blew out the windows and ear drums of a few of us. AO1 Harrel yelled hit the deck when he saw the miss drop happen. I thought we were gonners when I saw the trajectory. Luckily all I got was one busted ear drum and a bit of shock after wards besides a few glass cuts.

        Another time I had a burst of 20 mm machine gun fire strafe my tower beside the straffing banner……..I made it to the bunker below 100 foot below me as the rounds hit the tower and dog house above. Total 40 rounds hit it and only seconds behind my mad dash for cover………..

        Other than that it was dead as hell……….

  9. beobrigitte says:

    I can’t bring myself to watch this ‘Arnott-Gestell’ again…. And I can’t physically get drunk as much as I would need to be to watch it again.

    Did ITV do such an interview? Whom did they speak to?

    • garyk30 says:

      Watched the whole bit of nonsense.
      One person was debating and Deb was shoveling shit.

      I wish that he had called her on the “1/2th die because of their smoking’.

      He might have said:
      “Remarkable, she has just said that only 1/2th of smokers’ deaths from lung cancer are caused by smoking!”

      Seeing her twist on the end of that rope would be enjoyable and might have wiped that smug smile off of her face.

  10. prog says:

    If only Tobacco Co’s could put a smug shot of Arnott on packs with the warning ‘Quit smoking and you can look as healthy as me’.

    Smoking rates would soar.

    • Some French bloke says:

      @ Prog. Being reduced to a mere tool in the hands of the Tobacco Control Industry (been bought off, additional proof that the integration of state and economy is real, at least as much as it has ever been in the Soviet Union), so-called Big Tobacco is unlikely to do that.
      You’re right in implying that only negative publicity – however inept and regardless of consequences – can emanate from the TCI, but all their material, verbal or visual, has got to be either fake, spurious, or otherwise fallacious.
      The ‘next logical step’ after medical porn would then have to consist in a pic like this one (substituting a 2015 ‘Gestell’ for the 2007 one), with the caption or speech bubble: “Take up smoking and you can look as sickly as me.”

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