Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

Has anyone tried out Google Glass? They’re smart glasses that beam images into one eye. And the people that use them are – apparently – called Glassholes.

earth-5mar2015I got interested in smart glasses today. I’m currently in process of upgrading my orbital simulation model (right) to 3D. When it’s working, I’ll be able to coast in orbit around the Earth, looking down onto it, like watching it from the International Space Station. And I’ll be able to stand on the surface of the Earth, and see the stars turning overhead, and maybe the International Space Station going by. There are any number of possibilities. I’m hoping to post up a few nice videos once it’s working.

But what I’m developing isn’t actually true 3D. It’s really just 3D for one eye, like you see on TV. If I wanted a true 3D view, I’d have to generate two images, one for each eye, from slightly different positions in space, and present them to the respective eyes. I was wondering whether there was some way of doing this. Which was when I remembered Google Glass.

Google Glass doesn’t beam images into both eyes, but the Epson Moverio BT200 does. And it has a built-in mirror functionality:

MOVERIO MIRROR: Wirelessly connect the BT-200 to computers, smartphones, tablets and televisions that support Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™. You can then enjoy the content from your other devices on the Moverio…

Although I’m not sure whether it would allow me to enjoy one piece of content in one eye, and another in the other eye.

But at £569, it’s quite a lot of money to splash out to just occasionally watch 3D images generated by my orbital simulation model. Was there any other use for it? Maybe there was? I don’t have a TV set, but I regularly watch YouTube stuff sitting at a desk in front of my computer. If I could watch using smart glasses, lying in bed or sitting in a comfortable chair, it might just begin to be worth forking out that sort of money.

But there may be a snag:

Where Epson’s latest Moverio becomes actually useful is with entertainment. As long as you don’t wear glasses, you can put these on and comfortably wear them for several hours. There’s an attachment included that allows you to embed lenses, but that can get expensive. If you want to use the glasses to stream a movie, for example, you can kick back and enjoy an HD film in either 2D or 3D.

What sort of glasses? I wear glasses for most of my reading (I’m wearing a pair right now), but I can read without them in bright sunshine. And I have no problem with distance viewing.

Which is why I’m wondering whether anyone has tried these things. But since the Moverio is an augmented reality device, which allows you to see out of the glasses as well as watch movies, I’m guessing that eyes will need to be gazing into the distance, which would mean no glasses necessary in my case. But I may be wrong about that.

Other data:

Screen Size (Projected Distance) 40 inches at 2.5 m – 320 inches at 20 m.
LCD Pixel Number 518,400 dots (960×540) x 3.
Camera: VGA
GPS: Yes, in Controller
Compass: Yes, in both Headset and Controller
Gyroscope: Yes, in both Headset and Controller
Accelerometer: Yes, in both Headset and Controller
Microphone: Yes

Perhaps I should just find somewhere where I can walk in and try them out… But they’re such new and unusual devices that most retailers don’t seem to stock them.

P.S. One augmented reality app for something like this might be one that would put star names onto stars in the night sky as you looked up at them. A similar app would be one to walk round a museum or art gallery with, and be given details of whatever you happen to be looking at. I’m sure these devices have a future.


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11 Responses to Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

  1. I just need a set that Identifies a smoke Nazi a mile away……….Then have a ambush waiting

  2. Altria : Something is Smoking

    Altria group is dominant in the US Market with market share of Appx. 50%. There is a decline in smoking rates, and the regulations are increasing. Normally, when the price of a product is raised, demand for that product declines (Economics 101). But this rule, however, does not seem to apply to cigarettes. Product demand remains no matter how much prices are raised. It is safer to invest in Altria type companies since people prefer the same brands over and over again.

  3. wobbler2012 says:

    The Google Glass didn’t really take off because people look like complete idiots wearing them, they have put the whole project on hold. It’s another crap idea from Google to go along with that Google Waze.

  4. Study: Smoking bans causing some to relocate rather that kick the habit
    Updated: Thursday, March 5, 2015

    CANADA (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – Researchers in Canada did a study on the rise of smoking bans and their effectiveness and found that many who are addicted still choose to smoke at home.

    They say the government initiative to encourage people to kick the habit, for some, just meant relocating.

    Researchers say greater inspiration to quit comes from having friends or family who set an example or being around a non-smoker.

  5. Rose says:

    Advert just seen on the front page of Conservative Home

    Voters Across The Political Spectrum Want Plain Packs

    75% Conservatives
    75% Labour
    80% Lib Dems

    and 64% UKIP

    Help Protect Children

    More info
    Cancer Research UK

    So much for a free vote.

    • Id be watching for an armored car with pharma bags of cash likely even with names on them in parliament soon………

      • Rose says:

        After they vote for all these things the public didn’t want, because the public were never really asked, they look all surprised when they get booted out of office.

        Tony Blair’s 10 Years Of Tobacco Control – 2007

        “Implementation of all effective tobacco control policies requires sustained unwavering governmental commitment.
        The short-term political costs may seem substantial, but the potential health gains are huge.”

        • Money actually saved by government imposing smoking bans ” ZERO” It costs them money thru enforcement cost and lost revenues due to massive blackmarkets.

  6. National Front Set To Be Biggest Party In France As Polls Put Them On 29 Percent – Breitbart

    Having topped the polls in last year’s European Election, Marine Le Pen’s National Front is set to become the biggest party in France with the French Prime Minister…

    UKIP it will be the same way

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