How Many More BBC Attacks on UKIP?

I wonder how many more attacks on UKIP the BBC will air before the General Election? There seems to be one every few weeks at the moment.

Nigel Farage has attacked the BBC ahead of a mockumentary screened on Sunday night that imagined an apocalyptic future in which the EU has collapsed.

In ‘The Great European Disaster Movie’ the Ukip leader is prime minister and has overseen the deportation of all immigrants to have arrived to the UK in the last ten years.

Adding to the chaos, Islamic State is marching on Vienna and Spain has caused a diplomatic crisis with Britain by cutting off routes to Gibraltar.

I watched a bit of it on iplayer, and found it fairly hard going. Which reminds me that there are rumours that we’ll have to pay for the BBC even if we don’t have TV sets.

Do you want to pay for a service you do not want or require? In the latest move by Tory government and state broadcaster the BBC have colluded to bring in a new “TV Poll Tax” that every single person in the country will end up having to pay regardless of whether you have a TV or watch the BBC or not.

The government and the BBC know that people no longer trust the BBC and see it as a government propaganda broadcaster, and are now dumping the TV Licence fee in their millions. People are sick to the back teeth with spoon fed propaganda passed off as “News” and they know the BBC harks back to time that no longer exists, as the modern generation dump the Telly for iPhones and tablet computers.

That way everybody will pay for anti-UKIP and pro-EU and global warming scaremongering, and of course antismoking propaganda. More here:

Opponents of the licence fee have likened it to a poll tax because every household with a television set has to pay it, even if they rarely or never use BBC services.

Soon it probably be anyone who has any device which can access any BBC content at all. That’ll be anyone with a mobile phone or a computer with an internet connection.


The introduction of a universal flat-rate fee to replace the licence fee is expected to be backed by BBC Director General Lord Halllater today.

It means that everyone in the UK would be forced to pay a levy – regardless of whether they own a television. This is how it will affect you:

The current state of play:

A household watching or recording live television – as it is being broadcast- is required to have a permit to do so. The funds go towards paying for BBC radio, TV and online services. Fee income of £4 billion was recorded for 2013/14.

I wouldn’t mind if the BBC at least made some attempt to be even-handed. But it doesn’t even do that.


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14 Responses to How Many More BBC Attacks on UKIP?

  1. cherie79 says:

    I have come to loathe the BBC, occasionally they have a good programme like ‘Missing’ but the others I do watch, about 3, I could live without, the idea that everyone should pay is even worse than the current licence. It should sink or swim by becoming a subscription broadcaster, I pay a lot more for Sky but there are plenty of programmes I like on it. I recorded that EU programme but from all reviews I think it will be getting deleted. I would miss ‘Call the Midwife’ which reminds me of how the NHS used to be in my youth and ‘Last Tango in Halifax’ which was different. It’s their political slant on everything I hate, don’t watch any of it except Andrew Neil who Is forensic and fair.

  2. jaxthefirst says:

    It’s getting quite amusing, isn’t it – all this anti-UKIP propaganda? The BBC’s paymasters, i.e. the current powers-that-be or powers-that-would-be are starting to appear really, really worried by getting their mouthpiece pumping out drivel like this. It would be worrying (to a UKIP supporter like myself) if it were in any way convincing, but it’s so obvious that I really don’t think that anyone is taken in by it. Even people who aren’t keen on UKIP or leaving the EU seem to be able to see it for what it is. Perhaps the media has been hoist by its own petard – like the little boy who cried “wolf,” nobody really now believes anything they say any more. And that goes for the major newspapers as well, who are just as bad.

    Good. It’s about time that people began to recognise how they’ve been fooled and manipulated for last few decades by organisations purporting to “educate and inform” when they do nothing of the sort. Just like they’ve now started to realise how they’ve been either ignored or treated with absolute disdain by those claiming to “represent” their interests. The truth, it seems, is finally dawning on the masses …

    Vive la revolution!

  3. John Watson says:

    The arguments presented against the BBC are equally applicable to all of the MSM, they all manipulate news to the advantage of Government and sponsors (advertisers) in fear of losing access to government press releases or financial gain from advertising.

    We should really be thankful that there is no-one of the calibre of Dr. Joseph Goebbels who while an infinitely lousy human being was a propagandist bar none! We merely have infinitely lousy reporters, gone are days when reporters like Bob Woodward and Carl Berstein patiently checked their facts and reported them, and as all of our generation know brought down a corrupt President and administration.

  4. O/T Singer Wayne Mills murder case in Nashville is starting today………..just announced on local TV.

  5. Breaking: House Judiciary Committee Tells FCC It’s Going To Block Net Neutrality Rules | Techdirt

    While the FCC may have buckled to public demand…

  6. Steven says:

    And who do you think are the second biggest funder of the bbc after the tax’ve guessed it the eu.

  7. beobrigitte says:

    Nigel Farage has attacked the BBC ahead of a mockumentary screened on Sunday night that imagined an apocalyptic future in which the EU has collapsed.

    I did not get very far watching this ‘mockumentary’, it was just too badly done. To me it lacked every component that makes a mockumentary a mockumentary.

    Adding to the chaos, Islamic State is marching on Vienna
    THAT would be caused by the side effect of the last two governments we had/have: the fragmentation of what used to be a cohesive society. Only this morning the BBC proudly presented yet another piece of ‘research’; apparently installing confidence in children makes them less likely to start smoking…..
    I really doubt that the older generations lacked confidence in their youth! They just had to take on more responsibility when young compared to the youngsters now.

    The BBC appears to be hellbent on aiding more social segregation. It’s not only the smokers, the cake lovers, the beer drinkers, the vapers and any group of people who does what not fits into this sad new world image will be under attack and set up to attack everyone else. For such a split community would not be much hope if IS really would march in. In many ways it already has done so – didn’t last week 3 girls make their way via Turkey to Syria to ‘join’ IS?
    The BBC needs to explain what UKIP could have had to do with that. They are not exactly overly present in parliament, are they? We will know after the election whether that will change.

    But then, the BBC continues to bleat. Today it also announced that a 5 year jail term could be imposed to people who do not act/fail to acknowledge ‘child abuse’.
    Child abuse is a term the BBC has not greatly explained, so the anti-smokers are gleefully rubbing their hands together. Seeing a car driver smoking when carrying a bunch of teenagers will be reported to the police for fear to stand accused of ignoring ‘child abuse’. No need for more police, the fragmented community will take care of that.

    THAT is the future according to the ‘health’ lobby infected Lib/Lab/Con – and the BBC.

  8. RdM says:

    Anti-TV Licence Campaign Crusaders Celebrate

    The tax was abolished not because the group won in court, but because a frail 78 year old pensioner managed to convince a hundred thousand fellow New Zealanders that they shouldn’t pay the tax.

    Speaking at today’s celebration of his victory, that pensioner, Ned Haliburton said “we were a small band of dedicated idealists with a three year campaign of civil resistance, that peacefully brought about the scrapping of what we considered to be an immoral and unfair tax.

    “This was a significant victory for a group of people who didn’t say what can one person do?”

  9. RdM says:

    And an interesting UK site, except it hasn’t been updated in quite a few years…

    This site’s purpose is to draw attention to TV Licensing™(the BBC’s funding agents) – their operation, behaviour and conduct.

    It is primarily concerned with how the mechanism of BBC funding unfairly affects those who do NOT use television. This site has been in operation since late 2001 and will remain as long as this extension of the BBC exists and its behaviour continues to embarrass the United Kingdom.

  10. jay says:

    Dear Mr Davis,
    Points of View,

    Well, I watched “Wolf Hall” and it was worth the licence fee alone! I admit that my eyesight isn’t what it used to be and I found the interior shots difficult to make out – but the costumes were lovely. No-one makes a period drama like the BBC! Forty years ago they had the wonderful Forsyte Saga (I chuckle – although I shouldn’t – when I remember that the Vicar complained that Evensong congregation was depleted because they clashed) and now Wolf Hall!

    I wouldn’t trust any other broadcaster with the news – the newsreaders have such reassuring voices and I do feel so sorry for those poor correspondents who have to report from places with such uncomfortable climates such as the polar regions or deserts – I understand that both are caused by this global warming problem that the BBC is so worried about. If the BBC is worried then so am I and I now send a subscription from my pension to the charity that will solve the problem. I attribute my grasp of current affairs to the BBC – those Dimbleby boys are so reassuring, just like their father.

    I mustn’t, of course, forget the wireless. If you want to know what’s going on you can’t beat radio four. That Mr Humphreys gives those politicians what for! He seems to like the Labour ones, though, and I’m not surprised – when Mr Humphreys speaks to them their ideas seem so much fairer and more sensible – so at the next election I’m going to vote Labour. Life wouldn’t be the same without The Archers – so informative about the problems faced by our farmers and village communities – Ruth and David are having a terrible time at the moment – something to do with selling land to people who want the cows to live indoors. I don’t really understand – I live in a tower block. I don’t really know my neighbours – they’re all foreigners who don’t mix (they speak in their own language so I suppose they haven’t learnt English yet). The BBC tells me that it’s a good thing that so many people want to come to England to live and they showed a documentary about what will happen if that Mr Farage gets in. I just wish that Mrs Smith still lived next door – I could go to her if I needed anything.

    Anyway, I’m getting maudlin – and that attitude didn’t defeat Mr Hitler! If the BBC needs to increase the licence fee then so be it – they won’t ask for more than they need and whatever that is they’re worth every penny!

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