Lost in Wonderland

I read this yesterday:

THEORETICAL Quantum Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami admitted today that he, and his peers, have absolutely ‘no fucking idea’ what they’re doing, and claims they were no nearer than prehistoric man to figuring out the Universe.

“We have been just winging it to tell you the truth,” explained the 78-year-old in an exclusive interview with WWN. “Seriously, I haven’t a clue what’s going on. Either does anyone else in my field. We keep proving stuff that never actually happened”.

“Our cover is blown, what can I say? He added.

Dr. Goswami’s comments came after yet another alleged breakthrough in quantum mechanics which claims the universe has existed forever, as opposed to being created by a ‘big bang’.

“Over the years there have been just a handful of us pretending to know something about the universe that no one else does,” he went on. “But this is all lies to feed the charade. I’ve had some great times during the years; travelling the world, and giving talks on our pretend finds”.

When asked how he got away with it for so long, he replied: “I found out a long time ago that everything can be proven with a mathematical equation. Now, I mean everything; from unicorns, fire-breathing dragons, God and even the G-spot. None of it is true. Me and the handful that know the truth have been riding the Quantum Physicist celebrity wave for quite some time now, but it must end – before someone gets hurt”…

It’s a spoof, of course. Although I only realised that about half way through.

But today I realised that, actually, I wouldn’t be too surprised if something like this turned out to be the truth of the matter. Which was why I almost believed it until I was half way through.

Quantum physics (which I don’t pretend to understand) just seems to produce more and more particles. Muons and quarks and leptons and stuff. And to my way of thinking, that means it’s getting more and more complicated, rather than simpler and simpler. And one of the last times when things got more and more complicated was when the Earth-centred Ptolemaic model of the solar system started to need more and more wheels within wheels to make it work. Things only got simpler again when the Earth-centred Ptolemaic model of the solar system was abandoned in favour of the Sun-centred Copernican model, with the planets moving in Keplerian ellipses around the Sun, and all the wheels within wheels vanished.

And then, a week or two back, some of these boffins said that maybe the Big Bang never happened. Since that’s been the reigning dogma for about the past 50 years, you have to wonder whether, if they were wrong about that, what else they might be wrong about.

We live in an era of bad science already. There’s all the junk healthist questionnaire-driven “science”. And there’s the equally suspect computer models and massaged data of  climate “science”. What if it turns out that quantum physics had also got lost in some sort of wonderland, much like the Ptolemaic astronomers? If it happened once, it could happen again.

There are certainly quite a few people who believe that it did. In the book Quantum, by Manjit Kumar, a very readable account of the rise of quantum physics, it’s suggested that some of the early contributors to the field, like Albert Einstein and Erwin Schroedinger, ended up walking away from the new physics, and even wishing they’d done something else. And modern writers like the mathematician Claes Johnson argue that physics took a wrong turn when, 100 years ago, Max Planck resorted in desperation to using quantum units of energy to explain the phenomena.

I don’t know, of course. But that little spoof article somehow crystallised the thought that the quantum physicists had all got completely lost, and were getting more lost every year.


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25 Responses to Lost in Wonderland

  1. No less than what I read on an astronomers blog of college students and professors about 2 years ago. Everything they say they know was made up by the usual statistical method of if this links to this then this must also link to the other………..a foundation of BS built upon other BS.

    At least Einstein said its a theory,but he provided a test and a means to prove his theory true.

    Nobody in what since Jonas Salk has bothered to team up and put a real research team together to prove a claim and provide the end points to the claim. After that happened lifestyle epidemiology became the entire focus forget proving anything we just want to CONTROL THE WORLD…….by any means we can use.

  2. Really a particle speed of light collider…………….its nothing but a massive magnet………….energized big enuf it might change magnetic north lol.

  3. Is the U.S. Government Putting Too Much Trust in Giant Pharmaceutical Companies?

    There’s no such thing as perfect medicines and medical procedures. Once in a while there are cases wherein the patient is at the receiving ends. The results would be from mild skin rashes and in worst cases, death.

    Just recently we hear of a lot of things which unfortunately resulted to the death of patients who placed their unequivocal trust in their doctors and the medical instruments and procedures only to suffer from them

    The current superbug infection is one of those drug company failures. It’s said to have come from a contaminated medical scopes. This happened in the nation’s most renowned hospitals among which include the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center.

    The present state of flu virus vaccine is another failure of the drug companies we can consider. Health officials have been extolling the vaccine’s effectiveness at the outset of this flu infection season only to accept in the end they are just a little better than a placebo and in other cases they are just nothing but placebo.

    This is another betrayal in the trust of the patients on the part of the medical system of the country. There seem to be too little or no control that our government has in regulating the giant drug corporations to the detriment of the citizens.

    The latest on measles vaccines is still in debate. The big question right now is why people are still infected by measles despite receiving the MMR vaccines.

    And if you take into consideration what’s happening in Berlin, Germany, right now, it’s even worse there. Considering that 95 percent of the people were vaccinated, still the measles infection was able to contaminate more than 500 people and the death of one child.

    Does nothing work anymore? Are we being victimized by the greed of giant pharmaceutical companies? Are the governments of the world putting too much trust on the big business rather than being strict about the production of medicines? It seems that we are just seeing the tip of an iceberg.


  4. Nightlight says:

    Like all sciences, physics has grown its own parasitic layer of self-promoting quick buck artists, especially in what I call ‘quantum magic’ field where lots of nonsense and fraud is peddled.

    One advice — don’t invest into the so called “quantum computing.” That’s one of the biggest sellers from the ‘quantum magicians’ (even google has wasted few millions dollars on one of those). It’s based on far fetched speculations and at best it amounts to analog computer i.e. you have to set-up an expensive custom tailored complex and expensive physics experiment for each “calculation” by such computer. It’s like calculating function cos(x) by building a high precision pendulum then measuring its angle dependence on time t, then calculating cos(x) using formula angle(t)=angle0*cos(2*Pi*t/T), where you have to calculate the argument x=2*Pi*t/T using regular computer. Each cos(x) to 5 digits would cost you few hundred dollars in running lab costs, ignoring the capital investment into precise pendulum and instruments. Then if you wish to calculate some other function, you need to design and build another physics experiment.

    • Barry Homan says:

      I remain fascinated by the theory of multiple universes, first postulated by Hugh Everett about 60 years ago. Max Planck had previously done all those experiments with light, studying the behavior of light particles. That eventually lead to tests done with single, isolated light particles, which still behaved as if zillions of other light particles were present, which they weren’t. Hugh Everett said there were in fact other light particles affecting the isolated ones, but these other particles existed in a separate, parallel universe. He concluded that multiple universes existed, but could generally only interact with each other at the quantum level – the tiny, close-up world light particles.

      • garyk30 says:

        We do have the Universe of ‘Dark Matter/Dark Energy’ that exists alongside our visible Universe.
        There may be some ‘Dark Matter’ critter right beside you. :)

        • garyk30 says:

          Or inside of you. :(

        • Rose says:

          Or as an integral part of you.

        • Except for maybe a microscopic portion right behind our retinas, most of our brain is composed of dark matter. That used to be a very important condition for remaining alive ‘n kickin’, although trepinators and brain surgeons sometimes meddled successfully with it.

          – MJM

        • Its kinda like having multiple personalities……………theres always a new somebody somewhere just already in the space taken us. Magic just pure magic!

        • Mike this should send shivers into your dark brain matter………….

          Head Transplants Are Real. And A Terrible Idea.
          Daily Beast‎ – 2 days ago

          An Italian doctor says head transplants could be possible in the next two years. But just …

          Scientist says he’s two years away from being able to safely remove your head and put it on a new body

        • Some French bloke says:

          safely remove your head and put it on a new body would be best described as a ‘whole body transplant’. I recall watching an ABC News report about that procedure in the late 1990s. Trials were supposed to be imminent at the time.
          BTW, Peter Jennings (ABC News’ anchorman) was reportedly ‘killed by the evil weed’ in 2005, 20 years or so after quitting. He was himself convinced of it, and presented it as fact. Does not this remind of Dr. Spock’s ridiculous explanation for his COPD (ex-smoker L. Nimoy at least had the excuse of being just an entertainer)?
          According to some, Jennings “asked too many questions about 9/11” and “The CIA may have had to make an example of him to other reporters, using one of their various ways to make people get cancer.” Unfortunately (for us at least), it didn’t occur to him to investigate the link between smoking and LC more closely… And the CIA may have been the place to go first: after all they’re a better source of information about the aetiology of cancer (they know how to cause it) than the CDC or the ALA (they’re rubbish at preventing it)!

  5. prog says:

    Apparently, after the big bang the universe expanded faster than the speed of light. Perhaps because it had nowhere to go (so to speak).

  6. “one of the last times when things got more and more complicated was when the Earth-centred Ptolemaic model of the solar system started to need more and more wheels within wheels to make it work.”

    Great call! And very true.

    Prog, yeah, that “faster than the speed of light” universe creation thing is certainly a bit of a stretch. They might as well be saying, “Well we know by science that God made the start of the universe happen *this* way. Ever since then however, He/She has kept their furschlugginer nose out of our affairs.”

    – MJM

  7. Popular Dublin cafe fined for breaking the smoking ban

    A DUBLIN city-centre cafe has been fined €500 for breaking the smoking ban.

    RocknBlues Ltd, the owners of the Blucaffe at Aston Quay, Dublin 2, were also ordered to pay €320 in legal costs.

    Health Service Executive (HSE) officer Michael McAleer told Judge John O’Neill he inspected the cafe on July 2 last and “observed a number of people smoking” in a room at the front. Their smoking area was enclosed, Dublin District Court heard.

    Two windows were open and the room was separated from the rest of the cafe by a partition wall.

    Counsel defending said that previously the smokers had been going out on to Aston Quay but “there was problems with people getting bags stolen.” The owners thought by opening the windows in the room at the front of the cafe they would be compliant with the laws banning smoking indoors at a workplace.

    The defence said they have given an undertaken not to do it again.

    The company, which was prosecuted by the HSE, pleaded guilty to a charge under the Public Health Tobacco Act 2002. Judge O’Neill noted they had no prior convictions


    13 years after the ban was passed and in downtown their openly smoking…….lol

    • nisakiman says:

      Yes, but isn’t it pathetic, Harley. Actually prosecuting the café for not throwing good paying customers out in the cold.

      They should be ashamed of themselves. But of course they won’t be, because they’re mindless zealots.

      • My point was 13 years later they still say screw the government and their smoking ban right in downtown………..that’s a hoot and means nobody backs the ban.

        • Good point on the blatancy of it harley, but that “nobody” is, unfortunately, probably a LOT larger now than it was twenty years ago. The amount of “attitude change” (a.k.a. “brainwashing”) that has gone on is depressing. It really does point toward the Orwellian future where people become unable to use language to even THINK of a concept. (E.g., if there’s no word for “freedom.”)

    • Funny how there’s enough police muscle to enforce a smoking ban, but not enough to deter purse snatchers and thieves, eh?

  8. Comprehensive Study Finds 64.7% of UK Laws Made in Brussels

    Research from Business for Britain published today takes a detailed statistical approach to the question of who makes Britain’s laws. On the one hand we had Nick Clegg claiming in his debate with Nigel Farage that only 7% of British laws were made in Brussels. On the other side Nigel Farage, quoting Viviane Reding, the former European Commissioner for Justice, claimed 75% of legislation originates from the EU. Turns out Nigel was far closer…

    Today’s report‘s key findings:
    •Between 1993 and 2014, 64.7% of UK law can be deemed to be EU-influenced. EU regulations accounted for 59.3%t of all UK law. UK laws implementing EU directives accounted for 5.4% of total laws in force in UK.
    •This body of legislation driven by EU regulations consists of 49,699 exclusively ‘EU’ regulations, 4,532 UK measures which implement EU directives and 29,573 UK only laws.

    Analysis of the EU’s influence on British law is continually hijacked for political purposes, leading to disputes over the true number:

  9. RdM says:

    Tom Bearden has some interesting stuff… it’s a large site.
    I’ve been aware of it and reading it on and off for years… have a wee look to start

  10. RdM says:

    Plenty of mysteries to yet be solved;- time, gravity, even magnetism. Virtual photons?
    Here’s an interesting little read on magnetism:

    The Selected Correspondence link is worth browsing through too, if you have time… ;=}))

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