342 Credulous Idiots


Smoking in cars with children present will be outlawed in England from 1 October, after MPs voted in favour of the measure.

The vote passed by 342 to 74. Prof Dame Sally Davies, the chief medical officer, said it was a “significant victory for protecting children’s health from second-hand smoke”.

That’s 342 credulous idiot MPs, who have been persuaded (on zero evidence) that tobacco smoke is harmful to children.

As someone who grew up surrounded by tobacco smoke (and all sorts of other smoke as well), I can report that it’s completely harmless.

More disturbing, H/T Tony, is this report via Nanny Knows Best that the public in Bristol (where a voluntary park smoking ban was recently introduced) are being encouraged to punch smokers:


There seem to be no depths to which some antismokers (in Bristol’s NHS, it would appear) will not sink in order to enforce their demands. Although, as always, they want somebody else to do it.

Not that punching smokers is a new idea. One blogger was recommending exactly that in NYC back in 2008:

That’s why I propose an annual “Punch A Smoker” day. New York City should be the one to start this – we’ve already got some of the strictest anti-smoking laws in the country, and every New Yorker’s got enough repressed frustration in them to take a swing at somebody.

The pithiest comment beneath:

Just let us know when the day is, and we smokers will be ready for antismoking Nazis like you. With meat cleavers.

And before I forget, Sitting is the new Smoking, according to Apple.

The Apple Watch will tell those wearing it to go for a walk every hour, to keep them fit and because “sitting is the new cancer”, according to Tim Cook.

The remarks are part of a general health focus for the app, which will track heart rate as well as other activity data and can feed it to the iPhone for more scrutiny.

The watch gives off a small vibration every hour, just before the hour, according to Cook. That prompts people to move because some doctors believe that sitting is the new cancer, he said.

Business Insider speculated that Cook misspoke and meant to say that sitting was the new smoking, in that it can give you cancer.

The buzzing has worked well in testing at Apple, Cook said at a Goldman Sachs investor event last night.

“We have a lot of people using the Apple Watch at Apple, and ten minutes before the hour, suddenly they all get up and move,” Cook said, according to Macrumors. “It took a little to get used to, but it’s great.”

What a bummer of a watch to have, that nudges you every hour to get some exercise.

And who cares what some doctors believe? Some doctors believe anything.


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51 Responses to 342 Credulous Idiots

  1. Smoking Lamp says:

    ‘Punch a smoker’? Now we have the Antismokers advocating a crime, specifically battery. It is reprehensible that a government funded entity would encourage crime and violence. The bureaucrats being this scheme should be prosecuted for conspiracy and infighting violence. This is fascism at its best. The insanity of this move to denormalize–I mean dehumanize–smokers is pure evil.

    • Vinny Gracchus says:

      Here we have public officials (NHS) and recipients of public funds advocating battery (a crime). Incitement to violence would be an offense, as would the actual battery should it occur. Then I would argue that the instigators would have also been party to conspiracy (another crime).

    • Smoking Lamp says:

      Please forgive the type above, I meant to type instigating not infighting (autocorrect error).

  2. Smoking Lamp says:

    Another global antismoking initiative is the Olympic movement which apparently has been making smoking bans a component of their selection process. This Japanese news article provides a good overview: “Olympic antismoking efforts run into resistance,” http://the-japan-news.com/news/article/0001919703

    This helps explain the Brazilian smoking ban (and may others). Another example of how the global plutocrats are co-ordinating their antismoking–and lifestyle control– regime.

  3. wobbler2012 says:

    This second hand smoke bullshit is the gift that just keeps on giving. :-(

  4. cherie79 says:

    Incitement to violence! Isn’t that an offence? not that any of the antis would ever have the nerve, they run away at the least challenge in my experience. Still it would be worth a punch to see them in court.

    • prog says:

      Potentially, it’s not just non smokers. Way back in the autumn of 2007 I was discussing the ban with a young hot head in a pub garden. He was smoking but said that if anyone smoked in front of him or his kids whilst they were dining in a pub he’d punch their lights out. You couldn’t make this up, but there really are some stupid nutters out there.

      It takes very little to incite a thug who’s looking for any excuse to bully and/or use violence. In the ‘good’ old days it was likely to be along the lines of ‘what are you staring at pal?, you looking at my bird?’. Catch a bully’s eye only fleetingly and it may have consequences. It happened to me once at a youth club dance. I was about 13 or 14, he was much older and much bigger. I only escaped a beating by grovelling. Perhaps that’s all he wanted – humiliation. He got it.

      I very nearly bought the Charles Atlas course (don’t laugh guys – I bet I’m not the only one here who was tempted).


      ‘Five years ago I was a four-stone apology…today I am two separate gorillas’

      • nisakiman says:

        Hah! Yes prog, I certainly did dally with the idea of being able to kick sand back into those bullies’ faces. And there at the back of the comics, in amongst the ‘X-ray specs’ (ooh, see through girls’ clothes!), itching powder, amazing sea-creatures (just add water) and various other wonders was the Charles Atlas course! YESSSS! I can be Tarzan in a few short weeks! Bullies will cower and girls will swoon! HA! Indeed I was sorely tempted also. :¬))

        • Frank Davis says:

          I remember them, but I was never tempted by them. They just used to annoy me, a bit like antismoking ads do now.

        • prog says:

          X ray specs – even I saw through them…

          I think the CA course involved the kind of exercises that lions do – basically, dossing about for most of the time with the odd bit of muscle stretching when they wake up. Lions do seem to yawn a lot, might be one reason they’ve got a strong bite…

          Monty Python did some good spoof ads in their books,
          eg: ‘Intelligent, good looking, self assured?’
          ‘Cocky little bugger aren’t you?’. Along those lies anyway.

          I’ve got them somewhere, must dig em out. The ‘Brand New’ one’s loose cover (with dirty fingerprints) concealed the hard back cover of ‘Tits ‘n Bums’.

        • beobrigitte says:

          I do remember the X-ray specs; the lads in school were after them and we girls quickly cottoned on. After all, if they could see through our clothes, we could see through what is in their pants…..

          The itching powder did work, though. I did manage to have a play fight with the lad who considered himself gods gift to girls and some of the itching powder did reach the parts other itching powders do not reach. I believe the guy still hates me – c’mon!!!! We were kids then!!!!

        • Barry Homan says:

          Here’s Python’s Charles Atlas spoof:

  5. cherie79 says:

    Another thing surely that would be a hate crime?

  6. Lepercolonist says:

    One of our greatest living musicians is the incomparable: Joe Jackson. Here are the lyrics to one my favorite songs: ‘Cancer’.

    Joe Jackson – Cancer Lyrics
    Everything gives you cancer
    Everything gives you cancer
    There’s no cure, there’s no answer
    Everything gives you cancer
    Don’t touch that dial
    Don’t try to smile
    Just take this pill
    It’s in your file
    Don’t work hard
    Don’t play hard
    Don’t plan for the graveyard
    Don’t work by night
    Don’t sleep by day
    You’ll feel all right
    But you will pay
    No caffeine
    No protein
    No booze or
    No caffeine
    No protein
    No booze or

  7. SteveA says:

    The car ban is just another badly thought out regulation by Westminster.
    I can’t smoke in my camper van on the road but can when I pull off the road.
    I can’t smoke when my 17 year old when he is in the car, even though he can legally smoke.
    If he is driving the car on his own he can smoke, if one of his friends is in the car he will not be allowed to.

  8. John Watson says:

    There is a solution, it is the function of the police to investigate allegations of criminal offenses. Since it is apparent that Bristol NHS trust encourages violence against smokers and vapors (since it would be difficult to know the difference at a distance or in poor light) they are indeed conspiring to commit assaults, breaches of the peace, and if the injuries (god forbid) are serious enough conspiracy to murder. Such charges should have been levelled at some newspapers when they suggested shooting smokers, Allegations of Conspiracy to cause harm/ affray or murder between Bristol NHS, Smokefree and ASH should go before the police in the event of attacks of this nature in the Bristol area or locally in others. These laws have been in place for hundreds of years so why not make good use of them? The police do so every day!

    • Rose says:

      Conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace, like putting up signs encouraging others to interfere with people going about their lawful business.

      Or something similar.

  9. waltc says:

    Tried to check this out further since the link just leads to the photo you posted but gives no details about the “campaign.” and no context for the photo. Found nothing except that google seemed to indicate that this (whatever it is) has been going on for maybe 6 years, since some of Puddlecote’s posts about “punch a smoker” are listed as far back as 2009.

    Point: if the photo is actually part of a campaign to get Easily Outraged Citizens to punch smokers and not just a moment in a scripted Punch ‘n Judy show where who-knows-what precipitates the punch (note the punchee isn’t smoking or even holding a cigarette) then, in fact, there ought to be a loud and splashy and maybe even legal response. So the question hangs: a beyond the visual, what’s really going on here? Does anybody know?

    • waltc says:

      Sh-t, is this just my day to be exceptionally stupid? A longer look at the photo and what she ‘s punching is a cigarette, not a smoker. Or as Emily Latella once said: Never mind.

      • Smoking Lamp says:

        Walt, The issue is that they are developing a mindset that dehumanizes smokers and encourages aggression. Since there hasn’t been an actual physical attack on a smoker yet all else is theoretical (other than the misuse of public funds since encouraging division in a community is contrary to the purpose of a legitimate government).

        • waltc says:

          Smoking Lamp, I don’t know about Bristol, but in the wide world there’ve been many physical attacks on smokers– specifically because they were seen smoking by a crazed phobic in search of a scapegoat . And the ” mindset” was created by all the Your Smoke Is Killing Me crap that’s gone on for decades, long before Judy punched a little guy dressed up as a cigarette. The question here, as I see it, is whether there’s an actual campaign in Bristol or by the NHS that specifically directs hotheads to “punch smokers.”

          Elsewhere in the news…
          a new study has the NY Times all aglow. Smoking causes even more horrible diseases than previously thought! The methodology sucks and its suckiness is too obvious to bother mentioning and meanwhile the list of Diseases We already Knew About still includes the long debunked link to cervical cancer, The researchers also pantingly imply –but regretfully can only imply–a link to breast and prostate cancer, but now confidently and improbably include smoking as a cause of diabetes. ( which in fact has been more strongly linked to quitting smoking). The vitriolic Comments, however, indicate that the choir being preached to has been handed yet more fuel for its fire, and worries that the list of diseases from secondhand smoke has also expanded.

          Here you go:
          [Open in new window]

    • Frank Davis says:

      I didn’t find out any more than you did, but I thought it was chilling enough anyway. She’s punching and kicking someone who is dressed as a cigarette, not punching a cigarette. I thought at first it was a mannequin, but it isn’t.

      Whatever way I read it, it comes out nasty. Very nasty.

      And I think that punching smokers is actually what Tobacco Control wants to see happening. They hate us enough, after all. And what would be better for their antismoking campaign than for ordinary citizens to punch anyone who lights up? The blood won’t be one their hands, even if they’ve encouraged it.

      It’s really just a variant of the Shoot A Smoker game that’s around somewhere on this blog.

  10. Monty Cristo says:

    I suppose we could always return the favour by sending him those nice pictures on the front of cigarette packets to his office. I’m sure his staff would love to get the complete set. Maybe if enough of us started to do this in a targeted manner these specimens may get an idea as to just how many votes are involved. His address is:

    Alex Cunningham
    Unit 144
    Stockton Business Centre
    70-74 Brunswick Street
    Stockton on Tees
    TS18 1DW

    • Rose says:

      I have often considered doing just that.

      It’s unfair that only shopworkers, customers and bin men get to be revolted by the ghastly pictures of diseases that anyone can get, while the perpetrators do not.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Actually, the Bavarians did go a step further after the anti-smokers lobbied the smoking ban there in 2010.
      There was a public vote and the antis even arranged coffee afternoons for the eldery – who then could fill in their vote for the smoking ban at the same time. (Nothing is too low for the anti-smokers!!!)
      The whole campaign was led by a simpleton youngster (can’t remember the name) who started a few university courses and never got past the second semester.

      The Bavarians began dumping their ashtrays at this youngster’s front door, and in the town where he lives, pub owners either banned him from their pubs or refused to serve him. I believe this is still happening.

      Sure, we all can send the healthporn pictures to Mr. Cunningham – I’d rather see his face after the general election in May first. Also, I have enough trouble to get enough pictures for a 32 card deck together. (Prof. Ropohl’s idea – health porn poker!!)
      I believe the chiiiildren are legally able to play cards (they sure do and win/loose quite ‘interesting’ stuff!!!)

  11. Rose says:

    I was quite entertained bit of science by press release from the other day.

    Smokers have thinner brain cortex and could have impaired thinking

    “From these data we have found a small link between smoking and having thinner brain grey matter in some regions.”

    “A new study by researchers at the University of Edinburgh looked at the MRI scans of smokers with an average age of 73. The scans, alongside careful image analysis and statistical models, found that those that smoked tended to have a thinner brain cortex.

    Those that had given up for time had a thicker cortex than those that gave up recently, even if they had been smoking for longer, giving scientists hope that the thickness of the layer could recover over time if smokers give up.”

    “As the brain ages, a number of structural and functional changes occur, including atrophy, reductions in cell activity, and increases in deposits of amyloid plaques and tau tangles, which can impact cognitive function.”
    see below.

    How arguing with anti-tobacco protects cognitive function in the aging brain.

    UCLA study finds that searching the Internet increases brain function – 2008

    “UCLA scientists have found that for computer-savvy middle-aged and older adults, searching the Internet triggers key centers in the brain that control decision-making and complex reasoning. The findings demonstrate that Web search activity may help stimulate and possibly improve brain function.

    The study, the first of its kind to assess the impact of Internet searching on brain performance, is currently in press at the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and will appear in an upcoming issue.

    “The study results are encouraging, that emerging computerized technologies may have physiological effects and potential benefits for middle-aged and older adults,” said principal investigator Dr. Gary Small, a professor at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA who holds UCLA’s Parlow-Solomon Chair on Aging. “Internet searching engages complicated brain activity, which may help exercise and improve brain function.”

    As the brain ages, a number of structural and functional changes occur, including atrophy, reductions in cell activity, and increases in deposits of amyloid plaques and tau tangles, which can impact cognitive function.

    Small noted that pursuing activities that keep the mind engaged may help preserve brain health and cognitive ability.”

    Ageing and the brain


    “Ageing causes changes to the brain size, vasculature, and cognition. The brain shrinks with increasing age and there are changes at all levels from molecules to morphology. Incidence of stroke, white matter lesions, and dementia also rise with age, as does level of memory impairment and there are changes in levels of neurotransmitters and hormones. Protective factors that reduce cardiovascular risk, namely regular exercise, a healthy diet, and low to moderate alcohol intake, seem to aid the ageing brain as does increased cognitive effort in the form of education or occupational attainment.

    A healthy life both physically and mentally may be the best defence against the changes of an ageing brain.”

    The neurotransmitters most often discussed with regard to ageing are dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine levels decline by around 10% per decade from early adulthood and have been associated with declines in cognitive and motor performance.

    It may be that the dopaminergic pathways between the frontal cortex and the striatum decline with increasing age, or that levels of dopamine itself decline, synapses/receptors are reduced or binding to receptors is reduced.

    Serotonin and brain derived neurotrophic factor levels also fall with increasing age and may be implicated in the regulation of synaptic plasticity and neurogenesis in the adult brain.

    A substance related to neurotransmitter levels, monoamine oxidase, increases with age and may liberate free radicals from reactions that exceed the inherent antioxidant reserves.”
    http: //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2596698/

    But according to fairly recent discoveries, filling up the brain with monoamine oxidase is a problem smokers are less likely to have.

    • nisakiman says:

      How on earth did they manage to find a group of smokers with an average age of 73, Rose? I thought we were all supposed to be dead well before then?

      • Rose says:

        Well, that’s what startled me, Nisakiman.
        Oh what a tangled web

      • beobrigitte says:

        How on earth did they manage to find a group of smokers with an average age of 73, Rose?

        N = 24

        For the study, the UCLA team worked with 24 neurologically normal research volunteers between the ages of 55 and 76.

        1. – if N=24 the researcher would have failed his/her NVQ level 3 in science.
        2. – what is meant by ‘neurologically normal’?

  12. Rose says:

    Frank, could find a space for this in References?

    I’m not sure what title it belongs under, MAOI – Parkinson’s perhaps.


    Smoking May Act as an Antidepressant Drug

    “The study found that the brains of chronic smokers had neurochemical abnormalities in the locus coeruleus that can be produced by repeatedly treating laboratory animals with antidepressant drugs, he explained.

    Specifically, long-term smoking appears to inhibit monoamine oxidase (or acts as an MAO inhibitor). Monoamine oxidase is the enzyme that metabolizes monoamines — such as norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin, Klimek explained. The locus coeruleus produces norepinephrine. Drugs that inhibit monoamines are antidepressants.

    Nicotine, Ordway added, does have antidepressant qualities, but is not an MAO inhibitor.”

    Why the wicked weed wards off Parkinson’s

    “A SUBSTANCE that may protect the brain against Parkinson’s disease has been found in tobacco smoke, a discovery that could shed light on the causes of this debilitating condition.

    Researchers have known for decades that smokers are less likely to develop Parkinson’s than non-smokers, but not why. Four years ago, however, Joanna Fowler of Brookhaven National laboratory in New York showed that in long-term smokers a brain enzyme called monoamine oxidase (MAO) is 40 per cent less active.

    The hallmarks of Parkinson’s disease–tremors and a shuffling gait–are thought to be caused by a lack of dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain that is crucial for controlling body movement.

    Normally, MAO breaks down such neurotransmitters, but it can also help convert other substances into toxins that poison dopamine-producing brain cells.

    “Intrigued by these findings, Kay and Neal Castagnoli and a team at the Harvey W. Peters Research Center at Virginia Tech set out to identify substances in smoke that inhibit the enzyme. They isolated a compound that blocks MAO’s activity in the test tube, and found that it protected mice from the poisonous effects of MPTP, one of the substances that MAO converts into a toxin, they told the meeting.”

    Parkinson’s Inhibitor Fingered in Tobacco

    “They ground up tobacco leaves and tested representative samples in a test tube to see if they inhibited MAO. From the fraction containing the most potent MAO inhibitor, they isolated a chemical known as 2,3,6-trimethyl-1,4-naphthoquinone.

    To find out whether this was a key MAO-inhibitor in cigarette smoke, Castagnoli’s team examined mice in which dopamine-producing neurons were killed with a compound called MPTP that’s converted to a toxin in the brain, causing symptoms much like Parkinson’s disease. Without the naphthoquinone, dopamine levels in the mice given MPTP dropped 60% below normal.

    Yet when the mice were pretreated with naphthoquinone, dopamine levels fell only 40%. This suggests that naphthoquinone “is a good [MAO] inhibitor–not gangbusters, but a good inhibitor,” Castagnoli says.

    Napthoquinone had previously been found in tobacco smoke, but not linked to dopamine.”


    “1,4-Naphthoquinone, of which the Vitamin K group compounds are derivatives”

    “Solanesol, extracted from tobacco leaves, is used in synthesis of high-value bio-chemicals such as vitamin-K analogues and Co-enzyme Q10 (Co Q10). Solanesol, the starting material used in the synthesis of Co Q 10 and Vitamin K analogues, is also a potentiating agent in these medicines.”


    “Many plants of the Solanaceae family, which includes the genus Nicotiana, of which the tobacco
    plant is a member, contain solanesol; particularly those that contain trace amounts of nicotine.
    These include the tomato, eggplant, potato, and pepper.

    The potential interference due to these sources is negligible, cooking being the only likely potential source of interference. An interference of this type would bias results high, overestimating the contribution of ETS to RSP.”

    Eating nicotine-containing produce like peppers, tomatoes may lower Parkinson’s risk

    “Previous studies have shown that smoking and other tobacco use may lower the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. While it was thought that nicotine may be providing that effect, researchers weren’t sure if different factors in the brain were causing the risk reductions.

    While most people know that nicotine can be found in tobacco, low levels of the compound can be found in peppers, tomatoes and other members of the Solanaceae flowering plant family.”

    FCTC/COP/5/9 Annex 3 page 12

    “Researchers have found a marked decrease in the levels of monoamine oxidase (MAO) in the brains and peripheral organs of smokers . MAO is an important enzyme responsible for breaking down dopamine.

    The decrease in MAO results in higher dopamine levels and may be another reason that
    smokers continue to smoke, i.e. to sustain the high dopamine levels that lead to the desire for repeated
    drug use.

    It has been suggested that this change is likely to be caused by a substance in tobacco smoke other than nicotine.

    Certain tobacco constituents are reported to be MAO inhibitors, such as
    2,3,6-trimethyl-1-4-naphthoquinone …”

  13. Will says:

    Not sure if any of you use twitter but around an hour ago I noticed there were NHS smokefree ad on my timeline? I’m not sure why as it’s pretty obvious I don’t want there propaganda. I replied to it saying “how do I remove this shit from my timeline” and they deleted my tweet – but thankfully I can’t see any more of their nazi adverts.

  14. Facts & Lies about Smoking
    Mme Jeanne Calment, who was listed as the world’s oldest human whose birth date could be certified,…

    Facts & Lies about Smoking.
    “Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trus…


    • Mme Jeanne Calment, who was listed as the world’s oldest human whose birth date could be certified, died at 122. She had begun smoking as a young woman. At 117 she quit smoking (by that age she was just smoking two or three cigarettes per day because she was blind and was too proud to ask often for someone to light her cigarettes for her). But she resumed smoking when she was 118 because, as she said, not smoking made her miserable and she was too old to be made miserable. She also said to her doctor: “Once you’ve lived as long as me, only then can you tell me not to smoke.” Good point! [USA Today, “Way to go, champ,” 10/18/95]
      The oldest people on Earth are all smokers.

      According to the World Health Organization and the statisticians of the anti-tobacco cartel, however, these are (or will be) all premature deaths, for the simple reason that they are smokers. Therefore, these individuals did (or will) add to the smoking-related death epidemic figures that the charlatans of the numerous anti-tobacco organizations keep waving in front of politicians, media, and public.

  15. Now we know they’ve lost it

    JOHNSON & JOHNSON starts ambitious projects to predict who’ll get disease…

    Drug company in push to produce first anti-aging pill…


    • beobrigitte says:

      Johnson & Johnson can keep their anti-aging pill – I like my wrinkles, my age and my less than perfectness. I have an advantage: people have to be interested in me as a person, not as an object now. *Priceless*

  16. beobrigitte says:

    That’s 342 credulous idiot MPs, who have been persuaded (on zero evidence) that tobacco smoke is harmful to children.

    This confirms that an alarming number of politicians lack common sense.
    Had the anti-smokers NOT abused the ‘chiiildren’ it would have taken me a lot longer to ask WHY and HOW I survived my childhood to grow into a very healthy adult and I am set to become a very healthy ‘aged’ person. I am amazed that politicians never think of this simple question. Perhaps they are not very bright, are they?

    More disturbing, H/T Tony, is this report via Nanny Knows Best that the public in Bristol (where a voluntary park smoking ban was recently introduced) are being encouraged to punch smokers:
    This, indeed, is very disturbing. Funnily enough, when mentioning this to people around me today, no-one knew about it. And I know why. Even the anti-smoker sympathisers of the non-smokers reject this incitement to hatred and violence. So it’s only been put up on the internet to intimidate smokers.
    My first response was: ‘I dare you to punch me!!!’ – after all, it took me quite a while (and a lot of cuts and bruises) to really be able to follow my dad’s advice: Make sure your opponents hurts more than you at the end!

    There is no bottom to the pits tobacco control finds comfort in. Nevertheless, MY car is MY property. End of, no discussion.

    This does remind me of an article in one of the daily rags: The WHO has attacked the ENGLISH government for reaction too slow to the Ebola epidemic. According to them the epidemic could have been halted if eveyone had paid up.
    Let’s not forget: it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the WHO to deal with REAL epidemics, that’s what we, the people, pay them for. The lavish, secret, conference in Moskow, deciding the next torment for smokers was far more important to this WHO we need to loose.
    In the meantime the Ebola death toll exceeds 8000 (11 months after onset!) and we get an unenforcable, idiotic smoking ban in cars….. We, the children who grew HAPPILY up around smokers.

    Politicians need to be asked serious questions!!!!

    • Beo they voted that way because they were told to vote that way………not because of evidence or even emotional care………..they did it just because they were likely ordered to do it or else no campaign cash from the party coffers. At leasts that’s how it goes down in America.

  17. Smoking Lamp says:

    And now at the BBC they are preparing the public for the next step:

    “Is a complete ban on smoking next?”

    MPs have this week agreed to introduce a ban on smoking in cars in England. Similar measures are being planned for Wales, while Scotland is considering such a step.

    This follows on from a proposal to introduce plain packaging of cigarettes in England and a number of other crackdowns over the years.

    Some areas are even looking into stopping people lighting up in parks and town squares.

    So what is next? Could an outright ban on smoking be in the pipeline? In this interactive video we look at what has been happening and what could follow.


    • beobrigitte says:

      MPs have this week agreed to introduce a ban on smoking in cars in England. Similar measures are being planned for Wales, while Scotland is considering such a step.

      Actually, Wales has gone a step further; their smoking ban in cars is total.

      Needless to say – Wales no longer will be visited. Obviously it does not need smoking tourists.

  18. RdM says:

    Just aside from all the rightful comments on the incite to hatred, on the Apple Watch scenario;-

    “The Apple Watch will tell those wearing it to go for a walk every hour, to keep them fit and because “sitting is the new cancer”, according to Tim Cook.

    The remarks are part of a general health focus for the app, which will track heart rate as well as other activity data and can feed it to the iPhone for more scrutiny.

    I’d like to mention a favourite Scot author, (or two*) – Ken MacLeod:

    In his dystopian future novel “Intrusion”, citizens wear a monitor ring that reports back to the health centre – excess caffeine, insufficient exercise – a tobacco/alcohol ban in pregnancy – and there is pressure for all mothers to take “the fix”, against genetic abnormalities…

    “Hope saw his gaze flicker to the whisky bottle on a shelf. She knew he wanted a dram, and knew he wouldn’t take one because she couldn’t. (Well, she could, but the monitor ring she wore on the same finger as her wedding band would log the violation with the health centre.) She wished she could persuade him, but knew from her earlier pregnancy that he would not be persuaded. For him it was a matter of honour, or maybe stubborn pride.”

    Read more at http://www.orbitbooks.net/intrusion/

    *Iain M Banks (The Culture books, and The Algebraist, which is where I started then)

    Art predicting life?

    Or just ideas…

    Outside unseen influence agents in the present steering ?

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