A Few Fragments

Via Facebook, an antismoker stumbles upon smoking at an Israeli wedding.

Is this a thing: Smoking on the dance floor at a wedding? My wife and I attended the nuptials of a friend’s son a few weeks ago.

It was a lavish affair, with an endless appetizer bar and a DJ crew that could compete with the best Tel Aviv clubs. But as the hundreds of young people grooved to a beat that was just a bit more melodically challenged than my hip but middle-aged sensitivities could relate to, I was overwhelmed by the cigarettes.

It wasn’t everyone, but it was a lot. At times, it seemed every third dancer was waving around a lit stick of tobacco.

Since I regard antismoking and antisemitism as joined at the hip, I find the very idea of an Israeli smoking ban particularly jarring.

And occasional commenter (and ISIS survey volunteer) Lecroix Kwdjer in Spain has a (Spanish) blog: Contra la ley “antitabaco” (Against the anti-tobacco law) Sample:

Admito no haber sido nunca muy sociable, pero antes de la ley del tabaco lo era un poco más. Ahora veo los bares desde fuera y me son ajenos. No son sitios a los q ir. Son curiosidades asépticas. Me siento expulsado del mundo, a pesar de que mucha de la soledad que mantengo es auto impuesta.

I did a fair bit of Spanish translation a few years back. “Me siento expulsado del mundo“: I feel that I have been expelled from the world?

I must add it to my blogroll.

Someone else’s cartoon.



Last week they were saying the Ebola epidemic was winding down. Now they’re saying it’s winding back up again:

LONDON (AP) — The number of Ebola cases in West Africa has gone up for the first time this year, the World Health Organization says, warning that the coming rainy season could complicate efforts to contain the disease.

In an update published online Wednesday, the U.N. health agency said there were 124 confirmed cases last week, up from 99 the week before.

WHO said there are continuing problems tracking the spread of the virus. Only 21 percent of new cases in Sierra Leone were from known contacts, meaning health officials have no idea how the majority of new patients are being infected and where the virus might be lurking.


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37 Responses to A Few Fragments

  1. Reinhold says:

    Lecroix Kwdjer in Spain has a (Spanish) blog

    Ah I see, you too discovered it only today, Frank. So did I.

  2. Lepercolonist says:

    “Since I regard antismoking and antisemitism as joined at the hip, I find the very idea of an Israeli smoking ban particularly jarring.”

    Instead of a yellow star of David patches, maybe a patch with a cigarette should be issued by our government to identify those filthy smokers ? The whole world is going off the rails….

    • nisakiman says:

      …maybe a patch with a cigarette should be issued by our government to identify those filthy smokers ?

      I’d wear mine with pride!

      In fact a while ago, Legiron had a little stab at getting a suitable ‘smokers’ logo drummed up – it’s still at the top of his page, I believe (yup, just checked. It’s on the banner as ‘smokesign’.).

      I seem to remember the idea was to settle on a simple but instantly recognisable logo that would be a proclamation of being a smoker, and not ashamed or browbeaten about it. I thought it was a great idea – I could see T-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs etc etc being suitable recipients for the “I’m a smoker and if you don’t like it you can fuck off” artwork.

      I still think it’s a good idea – an antidote to the ubiquitous ‘No Smoking’ signs we see everywhere. I think the idea should be resurrected and a few more of the more artistic among us encouraged to submit their ideas.

  3. lecroixkwdjer says:

    Thank you for mentioning my blog, Frank :) So far it’s very amateurish, I barely know how to use WordPress. But I like writing and I hate the ban, so I keep on going. I felt no one, to the best of my knowledge, provided a blog for people upset about the smoking ban in Spain (though Derecho a Fumar has an excellent FB page with thousands of followers). I remember your blog brought me comfort when I found it back in 2011, I think it was. I have been coming here ever since. So I wanted to pay it forward.

  4. Here in Kentucky/Tenn its been like an epidemic of flu like symptons since October. Its like an unending path of viral BS. One week its this then the next its that. Whole school systems shut down and even some businesses had shut down due to whatever it is. Peak flu season is always January/Feb and Im thinking this crap is gonna last well into spring or longer. Its just not ending.

  5. Smokers against discrimantion” Türkey

    Sigara Yasakları Kalksın
    Tütün tüketme özgürlüğünü korumak isteyenlerin sayfası


  6. yazının tamamını orijinal dili olan ingilizcede okumak için tıklayınız!

    “I see it is the person pretending to be a NAZI with NAZI. This type of person with a oygenik perspective on life, in this perspective, the community is sick and weak individuals adjusted to be improved! In the past this sick and weak people, Jews, Gypsies, gays and others were! Now the same point of view are the ones sick smokers! ”

    the English-language original, all of the article to read it click here!

  7. Joe L. says:

    Is this a thing: Smoking on the dance floor at a wedding?

    From the sound of this, you’d think this person was only born in the past 5 or so years. Has the antismoking brainwashing actually caused people to forget that not very long ago, this “thing” was considered perfectly normal and acceptable behavior practically worldwide?

  8. chris says:

    Having been persecuted does not immunize an individual or a group from persecuting others. Ask a Palestinian.

    • I guess if we had smoking Palestinians and smoking Jews from Israel at the peace table their would be at least something in common and a stake in peace talks. When your peace teams are nothing but anti-smoking Nazis on both sides of the table you aint gonna get nowhere.

  9. waltc says:

    I’d have to go over to the clash site and check (too lazy) but I think Audrey has long had a T-shirt for sale with “smoking section” written across the chest. Or somebody does.

    • Smoking Scot says:

      Yup, Front page, about 70% down, $17 a pop plus postage.

      Kind of meaningless outside NYC.


      • nisakiman says:

        Yes, it needs to be universal and instantly understandable. Perhaps this (unfortunately not very common) sign:

        • Lebanon interior minister supports amending smoking ban: restaurant owners

          The syndicate of restaurant owners said Saturday that Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk supported th…


        • Bills on smoking, beer, casinos advance in Ky

          Smoking Ban: House Bill 145, which would ban smoking in all workplaces and indoor public places, passed the House Health and Welfare Committee Thursday and sponsor Rep. Susan Westrom, D-Lexington, is optimistic about its chances. But if the bill gets a House floor vote, it appears dead in the Senate.

          Susan Westrom screamed if you want to know why the ban is dead in ky ask the Farm Bureau whose lobbyist I talked to last year and sent a wealth of information to that he took to office after office last year. He was so amazed to hear what I told him he said EMAIL ME IT TODAY NOW! I did……………….lets hope it ends as its looking like its falling apart finally.

        • Ky gaming revenues were down 40% last year for charitable organizations across the state. Problem is I looked up the actual locations it fell and you guessed it. In the city locations where smoking was banned…….In fact 4 veterans service groups shut down bingo operations and sold the bingo buildings in Lexington.louisville and in Henderson. The other I couldn’t locate right off but I believe it to was in Louisville.

          Down in Lousianna the bingo hall in one city lost 60,000 dollars in 3 months so they shutdown and built outside the city and reopened and did fantastic…………So when the NOLA paper ran the story about the state police study on lost revenues was put out,it wasn’t lying at all. But hell look at the UK’s bingos and other such businesses…………gone or nearly abolished because of the ban and in Ohio volunteer fire depts. GONE after their bingo was obliterated by the ban and one VFW even went to a password thru the door to even get into is bingo hall………………

        • beobrigitte says:

          Love that sign!!!! Gonna try and get it to put up all over my house!!!! (Even though I do not smoke upstairs – for no reason. I just never smoked when in bed reading for hours)

        • Smoking Scot says:

          @ Nisakiman

          Nah, too brash and in your face. And it’ll look naff on ladies with implants.

          Much prefer – big time – your first effort. As well as the other contributors.


          So much so that I have, terribly thoughtfully, empowered others to use them in a very positive way, without the least concern about copyright infringement!


        • nisakiman says:

          Yes, I agree it is a bit ‘in yer face’, but it does convey the message in every language to smoker and non-smoker alike without any question.

          What! You infringed my copyright? I’m deeply offended, and will be taking this matter to my lawyer forthwith! :)

          I must say, the inserts are a great improvement on the originals. However, when the joyless ones manage to get the medico-porn plastered all over the packs, you’re going to have to re-jig the images so they cover a larger area of the pack.

          Ho hum – it’s a never ending battle…

  10. beobrigitte says:

    But as the hundreds of young people grooved to a beat that was just a bit more melodically challenged than my hip but middle-aged sensitivities could relate to, I was overwhelmed by the cigarettes.

    I do remember dancing with a cigarette – and all the girls plonking their hand bags into the middle….
    What is the problem?

    But then, my hips are still ok. And I still would smoke on the dance floor. That is, I can’t now. And to create atmosphere, there is plenty of artificial smoke being pumped into these venues. Give me an ashtray, I’ll do that for free!!!!

    Without an ashtray in a comfortable smoking room (?own dance floor) I won’t be found being out dancing, anyway. I consider mayself being a valuable customer who tips generously. Kicking a customer outside the door into all wind and weather tells me that my money is not wanted in this country.
    So I spent a lot last week in Austria. Love that Greek place!!!!! We even went dancing where there are ashtrays on the tables!!!! Showed a few Austrians pictures taken recently in traditional English pubs.
    I also finally figured out why Munich airport has so many NICE “Winston” smoking lounges – people check in late and do not shop. Those who know they can have a cigarette check in early – and look in shops. I did get a bit carried away at the Pandora shop and the perfume shop before buying a meal + coffee and going for a cigarette near the gate.

    Smokers are voters – and shoppers, too.

  11. Rose says:

    No smoking on the dancefloor, ever, no one wants holes in their chiffon, patches of melting velvet or a nasty smell of burning feathers.
    Smoking is a relaxing pleasure to be enjoyed sitting at a table beside the dancefloor with a drink and surrounded by good company.

    Always smoke responsibly

    • Marvin says:

      You sound like a government health warning, which side are you on?
      Do your clothes and hair stink when you’ve been out “dancing” and you have to give ’em a scrub? Get ready for the copy and pastes now from 1632.

      • Rose says:

        No, Marvin, but I have been known to wear feathers, velvet and chiffon.

        • Marvin says:

          Good grief….were you a stripper?

        • beobrigitte says:

          Marvin, when there were ashtrays on pub tables there were plenty of jobs for students. These days these (female) students do work as strippers to pay for their university fees.
          I guess, the pharmaceutical industry did not keep their promise to better the funding from tobacco companies.
          Btw, do you have a daughter at university? She might be one of the many who quickly figure out that stripping pays much better than a degree in curry science.

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