One Anti and One Pro

Meet Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, President and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation:


RWJF targets smokers, drinkers, and fat people.

H/T Bob Johnson on Facebook for RWJF: Behind the Neo-Prohibition Campaign.

The stated mission of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is to improve the health and health care of all Americans. Behind the rhetoric, however, the foundation seeks to discourage a social drinking culture and drive drinking underground and away from public areas. Using over $265 million over a five year period, it has created a nationwide network of neo-prohibitionist organizations and funded the large majority of studies focused on “exposing the dangers of alcohol.” Most neo-prohibitionists campaigns in the United States can be traced in some way back to the RWJF’s headquarters and most anti-alcohol groups receive at least a portion of their funding from the foundation.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation serves as the biggest single funding source for campaigns to make alcohol less available, more expensive, and less appealing to consumers across the country.

It’s got plenty of money:

The RWJF reported $7,513,607,363 cash on hand at the end of 2008… The RWJF provides grants to public agencies, universities, and public charities for projects that advance their agenda. In 2009, the organization gave away approximately $350 million in grants and in 2008, RWJF spent over $400 million on grants and direct campaigns, including:

Attempts to restrict the operating hours of restaurants, bars, and liquor stores to limit consumers’ ability to purchase and consume alcohol.

Efforts to restrict sale of alcohol at sporting events and prohibit drinking in public.

Development of mandatory server training programs that overemphasize the dangers of drinking.

Efforts to increase alcohol taxes to encourage consumers to cut back on alcohol.

Studies about the dangers of alcohol consumption to scare consumers away from moderate drinking.

Efforts to reduce advertising for alcoholic products.

Advertisements equating alcohol to dangerous illegal drugs by portraying a beer bottle as a syringe.

It buys influence. Among others:

The College Alcohol Study that popularized the term “binge drinking.” Further studies found that many of the student surveyed in the study had blood alcohol contents below .08 (i.e. were not drunk)

Multiple grants to the Rand Corporation to produce studies in support of sobriety roadblocks and limiting access to alcohol.

Jim Gogek, an editorial writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune, who was paid $25,000 a year by RWJF. Gogek wrote an op-ed in The New York Times accusing the Governors of Maryland, New York and New Jersey of being bought and paid for by the alcohol industry because they oppose even higher “sin” taxes.

And, in the opposite corner, meet Nigel Farage:


with 100 days till the election, 100 reasons to vote UKIP, which include:

41. Amend the smoking ban to promote choice for ventilated smoking rooms
42. Opposing plain packs for cigarettes, which has had no impact where trialled

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18 Responses to One Anti and One Pro

  1. Frank, the last Appendix of “Brains” is devoted to this topic and was based largely around a “Special Report on RWJF’s Neo-Prohibitionist Agenda.” from 2003.

    Unfortunately that’s been wiped from the Internet.

    Fortunately, I *captured* it as an iCyte from Wayback about five years ago! See:


  2. Vinny Gracchus says:

    Prohibition is coming! Cigarettes, vaping, cigars, alcohol are on the target list. The bans will be indoor outdoor smoking/vaping bans, plain packages for cigarettes and alcohol. In addition to banning smoking in bars and casinos, outdoor patios and apartments are to be smoke-free, same with beaches and parks (never mind the wind making the smoke nonexistent, just the sight of someone smoking or doing something resembling smoking is a hazard).

    Let’s get as many new cities, states, and national on board the bandwagon as quick as possible before they realize that the tobacco control statements are lies, before they realize the economy tanked and all the lost bar trade was the result of the ban. We need to move quick before they realize we lied. Maybe we can even get a lucrative consulting job after we term out of office, surely someone at Big Pharma can reciprocate for all the business we sent there way. Let’s do this quick and crank up the hysteria while we can.

    That’s what the current blast of ban (bars, casinos, patios, downtown streets, beaches, parks, college campuses, hospitals, look like. Crisis warnings about vaping and e-cigarettes (all based on an incredible, poorly constructed experiment reported in letter to a journal, as opposed to a peer-reviewed experiment or study, that has been widely criticized as being implausible and creating improbable conditions) are issued by health experts and legislators seeking immediate action.

    This madness has to stop. The persecution of smokers driven by this tyrannical ignorance and fascist desire to control all must stop. The media seems incapable of reporting fact. Stories about bans pose as news but are little more than cheerleading sessions for prohibition and bullying of smokers. Smokers are demonized so the zealots can feed their frenzy of intolerance. All of this in the name of health; yet, direct causation of the diseases blamed on smoking has never been demonstrated. Studies showing the possibilities or disproving or questioning second hand smoke risks are censored and hidden. Why lie if your case is so strong? I guess it does;t matter. the damage has been done. The public and many politicians believe the lies. Alternative explanations like infection, exposure to diesel fuel, exposure to radioactive fall out, or radon are discounted as explanations for lung cancer even though the number of smokers has decreased while lung cancers increase.

    The only hope is to stop the forward movement so the public has a chance o see what;s actually happening. UKIP’s platform suggests a way to stop the madness.

    • nisakiman says:

      The media seems incapable of reporting fact. Stories about bans pose as news but are little more than cheerleading sessions for prohibition and bullying of smokers.

      Pat Nurse left this link on Simon Clark’s blog the other day which goes some way to explaining the media bias.

      The National Press Foundation, in collaboration with WCTOH, is offering 20 fellowships for international journalists to attend the conference in Abu Dhabi. The program is a seven-day (15-21 March) all-expenses-paid fellowship that includes three days of educational sessions with leading experts.

      This is from last year, but you can be sure it wasn’t the only one, and you can be equally sure it won’t be the last.

      Who couldn’t resist a seven day all expenses paid jolly in Abu Dhabi? Replete with three days of intensive anti-smoker indoctrination. It’s no wonder so many of our comments in the MSM get ‘moderated’ out of existence.

    • Frank Davis says:

      The effect of all these prohibitive measures will be to stop people spending (because they will have been prohibited buying tobacco, alcohol, sugar, salt, soda, etc, etc, etc), and the economy will be driven into (even deeper) recession. Jobs will be lost, and tax revenues will dry up, as prohibition throttles the entire economy.

  3. Somebody struck a deal on greek debt even though for months and months greeks have been emptying out their accounts they say the banks are stable in Greece………wtf.

  4. Rose says:

    I am still enjoying the UKIP manifesto.

    Today’s news

    “Highways Agency pushes ahead with plans for new generation of ‘stealth’ cameras on Britain’s motoways despite warnings that they will prove to be ‘cash cows'”

    24. Ending the use of speed cameras as revenue raisers – they should be a deterrent.

    It seems to say everything that I would say but more concisely.

    • Rose says:

      UK weather: Manchester Airport runways shut and hundreds of schools close as ‘thundersnow’ hits Britain
      29 Jan 2015

      “Flights have stopped landing or taking off from Manchester Airport and hundreds of schools across the country are closed as Britain is hit by “thundersnow”.

      Forecasters say the UK will be hit by a week of snow and freezing temperatures as the country’s “yo-yo” weather continues.

      The North will be worst hit with “thundersnow storms” striking, while snowfalls of up to 15cm are predicted tonight.

      There are fears the plummeting temperatures could endanger the health of the elderly and vulnerable and cause travel disruption as the snow showers are expected to hit during this morning’s rush hour.

      The Met Office has issued an amber “be prepared” snow warning covering large swathes of Britain, from Liverpool Bay across to the Humber to the western side of the Welsh mountains.”


      Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past

      Monday 20 March 2000

      “According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”.

      “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said.

      19. Ending the burdensome “green levies” that have added £000s to our energy bills

      53. Abolishing the Dept of Energy and Climate Change and rolling retained functions into DEFRA

    • beobrigitte says:

      I am still enjoying the UKIP manifesto.
      I am still amazed with how much of it I agree with!

      UK weather: Manchester Airport runways shut and hundreds of schools close as ‘thundersnow’ hits Britain
      29 Jan 2015

      This is not good news for me. I am setting off again in the early hours….. I wouldn’t mind (the enevitable) departure delays Winter can bring – however, Manchester airport’s smoking lounge (after check in) is on a roof and pretty daughty…. I will have to be content with thinking of the smoking lounge(s) that will greet me!!! And about 2 hours later I will be able to go out again and find ashtrays on the tables. (I am taking the big suitcase since the shopping malls have SMOKING ALLOWED cafes and bars; I’ll be on a spending trip!)

      Perhaps the waiting time at the airport will be a good opportunity to use my phone and go over the UKIP manifesto again and again. It cheers me up no end – and that I can vote for them locally. :) But then, I usually find a lot of people to talk to in airports. Perhaps a lot of people do not know about the UKIP manifesto…

  5. jaxthefirst says:

    I too am amazed at how much of this I agree with. I expected there to be at least a few items that disappointed or sounded a bit barking (in the sense of being pie-in-the-sky unattainable), but pretty much everything on the list I would (if asked) have ticked either the “agree strongly” or “agree” box in a poll. The only item I would like have seen included, which wasn’t, was a commitment to stop all government funding to single-issue lobby groups – the obvious one, of course, being ASH’s generous handouts from the Department of Health, but I’d like them to include all those little shouty-stampy groups like the Alcohol Health Alliance (or whatever they’re called these days), BRAKE, the anti-speeding campaigners, and those which are snapping at the heels of the government to be the next big recipients, like Action on Sugar. I don’t know whether any of these ones actually receive any government funding, but I’d like to see UKIP knocking the possibility of it into a cocked hat, even if it isn’t happening yet, together with the “use” of these nasty little single-issue groups as “advisors” or “contributors” to committees (which are supposed to be comprised just of our elected representatives or public servants), or as providers of services such as offices and meeting rooms. Single-issue campaigners and public servants should be kept completely separate. Always. So it would be good to have seen that UKIP are aware of the damage which these vicious little tinpot, would-be dictators are wreaking on our society and our economy. Even if I happen to agree with the aims of a particular organisation, I feel that those organisations should be reliant on public support for their work – that way we’d get a real idea of exactly how much public support each group actually has.

    But I guess a list of 100 items is probably enough.

  6. Vinny Gracchus says:

    Now they’re trying to raise the smoking age in 21 in California. Just think you can vote, execute a contract and get drafted for military service but they don’t think you should be allowed the choice to smoke (or drink alcohol). See: “Bill would raise California smoking age to 21,”

  7. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is closely tied to the pharma giant Johnson & Johnson who owns many chemicals and drugs, including Nicorette and the sugar alternative Splenda.

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