The Euro is like Hotel California

Plain Packaging seems to have opened up splits in the Conservative party. Taking Liberties has the details. Guido Fawkes wrote earlier today:

Word reaches Guido that there is serious consternation amongst a number of senior Tories over the way in which last week’s surprise announcement about plain packaging was squeezed out like an awkward fart. Usually reliable sources suggest Osborne is set to raise it at Cabinet this morning, with Jeremy Hunt in the sights for a proper going over. In an increasingly rare moment of agreement between the Chancellor and the Home Secretary, Guido hears Theresa May is pretty annoyed too about how the move was snuck out with little or no wider consultation of Cabinet colleagues. Big Phil Hammond is also said to be against the Labour-backed measure, sceptically telling the BBC last week that he “will want to look very carefully at the evidence.

The Telegraph:

Up to 100 Tory MPs are planning to vote against Government plans to force tobacco companies to sell cigarettes in plain packaging, The Telegraph can disclose.

In a move that will cause embarrassment for Prime Minister David Cameron weeks ahead of the general election scores of Conservative MPs will vote against the plans….

The Cabinet is understood to be split on the measure, with Theresa May, the Home Secretary, and George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Secretary, not forewarned about the plans….

One source said that Jeremy Hunt, the Health secretary, has justified the plans by telling colleagues “we were under pressure from Labour to do it”.

Another Tory MP said the plans were not the policies that should be backed by a right of centre political party: “We need some authentic Conservative bloody policies.”

Not sure what the outcome will be, or even why 100 Tory MPs are up in arms. For all I know they’re angry that Plain Packaging wasn’t brought in earlier.

Meanwhile, in Greece:

It’s no secret what Yanis Varoufakis thinksGreece should do with its debt.

The economics professor at the University of Athens, who announced his appointment as the country’s finance minister in a posting on his personal blog on Tuesday, has been arguing since the beginning of the crisis that Greece should default while staying a member of the euro area. As well as on his website, Varoufakis shares his opinions with 128,000 Twitter followers.

Greece should have never joined the euro area, but now that it’s in, a departure would be like falling from a cliff, he said. “The last line in Hotel California explains where we are: you can check out any time, but you can never leave,” he told Bloomberg Radio in May 2012.

And immediately after complaining last night how I had never figured out how to model climate, I had a new idea about how it might be done. I’ve spent much of today working on it. Without going into detail, it involves covering the Earth’s surface with several layers of ‘cells’ of air, like huge ping-pong balls, that expand when they’re warmed. From my investigations today, I’m fairly sure that these cells would behave in accordance with the Gas Laws, and would be able to demonstrate convection, wind motion, high and low pressure areas, and maybe even tidal effects too – all done using the laws of gravitation and motion which currently underpin my orbital simulation model. Very little new physics would be needed.

The down side looks like it could well mean that my model would run very slowly, if thousands (or even millions) of air cells are needed.

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24 Responses to The Euro is like Hotel California

  1. There comes that point when the anti-smoking issue becomes a political liability,lets hope its finally here.

  2. Frank at the Hotel Calif they had pink Champagne on Ice and drugs. The champagne’s all gone and the drugs have run out…………………whats to keep Greece or other countries in the EU. The stimulus is only going to buy up 20% of the debt. With Greece default and the Drachma devalued to near nothing is their hope and salvation…………Its going on as we speak the currency wars have escalated to a near panic.

  3. Rose says:

    Ukip to pledge 35p tax rate for middle classes, end of pub smoking ban and plans to ditch Human Rights Act and slash foreign aid as it unveils 100 policies in 100 days

    • Smoking Scot says:

      @ Rose

      Here’s the horse’s mouth:

      The headline numbers are 41 and 42 for smokers.

      But I do so like 6, 12, 15, 54, 55, 66 and 67. Oh, and maybe about another 88 or so!

      • Bill Could Make It Easier For Counties To Get Rid Of Smoking Bans


        There’s a heated debate at the state capitol right now over a proposed piece of legislation that could make it easier for some counties to get rid of indoor clean air acts, or smoking bans.

        Smoking indoors is a thing of the past in Kanawha County restaurants and bars, and the county says there’s proof it’s benefiting public health. Smoking rates have dropped 10 percent and WVU study found local hospitals have seen 37 percent fewer heart attack patients since the smoking ban started. And that’s not all…

        “We’re protected from second hand smoke. Our families, our kids, are able to dine and enjoy a nice atmosphere in terms of clean, indoor air,” said Nasandra Wright, Kanawha Charleston Health Dept. Environmental Health Services Director.

        But now, a group of West Virginia lawmakers are taking steps that could help counties get rid of smoking bans. Instead of letting public health departments enact and enforce those bans, House Bill 2208 would let county commissions vote on them. Delegate Larry Faircloth is one of the bill’s sponsors and says he’d like to see it taken a step further.

        “I’d like to see us amend it to where we make it a referendum, not a special vote, but something that can go on the ballot in a general election to let people decide. That’s the way it should be, you know. We’re a government for the people, by the people. That’s the bottom line,” said Del. Larry Faircloth, (R) Berkeley Co.

        Critics say this whole push is being driven by casinos who claim smoking bans are causing them to lose business. Health experts say economics are behind that, not smoking bans and that getting rid of clean air acts would be a huge mistake.

        “It would be bad. We’ve been working on this since 1992 and we did try a statewide back then and didn’t get anywhere. So the communities decided to do it, and it’s been successful. They’ve taken their time, and we’d hate to see it go back, and put us back in the dark ages,” said Hersha Arnold Brown, American Cancer Society WV State Gov. Relations.

        Supporters of the push to eliminate smoking bans say what’s most troubling–is the bigger message the bans send.

        “For them to come into a rpviate place, privately owned, and tell people what they can and can’t do–what’s to stop them from coming into your home. That’s the real question. Nothing,” said Del. Faircloth.

        One of the bill’s original sponsors has backed out, and a committee meeting to talk about changes to the clean air act was canceled Tuesday. But that hearing is expected to be rescheduled soon.

      • Rose says:

        Thank you, Smoking Scot.

        That brightened up my morning no end.

      • beobrigitte says:

        Thanks for that, Smoking Scot!

        41 and 42 are the most important to me!!!!!

        Actually, I am astounded that I agree with most.
        For example:
        55. Scrapping the arbitrary 50% target for university attendance
        To insist that 50% of the population attends university means that university education no longer is higher education. Students are lumbered with a substantial amout of debt and no prospect of a well paid job at the end. Most of the time the ‘graduates’ end up doing (UNPAID) ‘intern’ jobs in the hope at some point to get a paid position; with a bit of luck above £15 000 p.a. Otherwise they have the option of “zero hours contracts”.
        Are there any months in the year where we have “zero bills” to pay?

        54. Introducing an Apprenticeship Qualification for students who don’t want to do non-core GCSEs
        Let’s face it, we have plenty of proud graduates in nonsense degrees. We have NO officially qualified builders and employing any of them is a huge raffle.

        Lets face it, 80% – 90% of the population isn’t university material. Labour, deal with it!
        Those who are and miss the opportunity (hey, my dad died when I was 15. We all had to earn a bit of cash to keep us afloat!) still have the adult route I took.
        (UKIP just needs to be a bit clearer about keeping the adult education route open.)

        4. Scrap tuition fees for students studying Science, Tech, Engineering, Maths, or Medical degrees
        I did have to take out a small student loan (interest free) which was manageable to pay back on getting work. Nowadays I would not consider university as ca. £30 000 debt are unrealistic. With a debt like that people like me at the time will fold.

        Even this:
        8. Stopping our endless, foreign wars
        9. Promoting a British identity, as opposed to failed multiculturalism

        I fully agree with.

        The whole of Europe meddles in too many wars, often making the long term result far worse for everyone. And war is expensive – in every aspect!

        I live amongst Brits – I chose to do so. Therefore it is logical that I join the Brits. Brits joining me as a foreigner that I still am, seems weird.
        Being British and living with Brits does not remove people of all nations working together happily, does it? We CHOSE to life amongst Brits and are (albeit tax paying) guests in this country which will also pay a pension to us if we paid into the system long enough!

        Actually, this does remind me of one time pointing out to my friends who were having a moan about the demanding foreigners in this country that I am a foreigner, too….
        They looked at me and one of them said: ” No, you’re not. You’re our German Scouser.”
        (In a way they are right, I find myself being VERY defensive for the people here!)

        I could go on about many of the rest of the policies…. In each I actually see sense, although for some of them I would have to ask a question or two.

        In any case, UKIP will provide me with a comfortable smoking room again!

  4. Smoking Scot says:

    O/T. Further excellent news from Greece.

    The new government is mighty pissed off that they were not consulted by the EU and do not agree with further sanctions on Russia. In fact they’d very much like them reversed.

    Remarkably the fact that the EU has just agreed to give a further Euro 1.8 billion of our cash has yet to hit the newswires. Very odd. But they did and only this place carries it so far.

  5. Radical Rodent says:

    I suspect that you are more likely to produce a reasonably accurate climate model than any of the scientivists presently fooling us working on it. Keep on, good sir!

    • To many variables that change continuously to make any model be accurate………..I mean they are even saying solar flares effect earths weather patterns……….how can anyone take all the effects and predict anything. They cant and likely never will as our own solar system moves witin the milky way and even that would have impacts on it too……….its just to much to even consider. Perhaps one day but then one would have to be able to predict the entire universes movements to have that portion solved…….

      • Edgar says:

        The effect of the rest of the universe can be reduced to heat in minus heat out, and that means that only the Sun matters, really.

        • Edgar how can we say that when gravitational forces universe wide and actually space wise work on each other by mass. Even our own solar system revolves around and within other heavenly bodies and those on others pulling and repelling besides tossing out things that lose balance. To me space is a balancing act of all opposing forces and those forces act upon everything else likely even imposing enuf force on the sun itself to cause rapid expansions of solar winds and flares…………

        • Edgar says:

          It is true that gravity is universal but only the Moon and the Sun have any observable effect on the Earth. However, the energy that might be transferred between these objects is constant in time and, therefore, cannot be driving global warming (there would have had to be a warming trend through all of the Earth’s history). In any case, the tidally-driven recession of the Moon indicates that energy is being transferred from the Earth to the Moon, not vice versa. Solar flares, also, have been happening for a very long time. They certainly do affect local weather but probably do not have a significant effect on climate. It’s pretty certain that the one and only extraterrestrial factor that affects our climate is the electromagnetic radiation from the Sun: heat in. The heat out bit is also very simple: it is the radiation (mostly infrared) dumped into space from the warm Earth. The problem is: what effect does a change in the composition of the atmosphere have? Can a small increase in concentration of CO2 cause the atmosphere to retain more heat? I don’t know because I haven’t done the experiment I mentioned yesterday but I doubt it. Indeed, I can provide an argument that increasing CO2 would lead to a cooling of the atmosphere. Increasing the concentration of CO2 will increase its atmospheric partial pressure. This must occur at the expense of another atmospheric constituent whose partial pressure must fall. The easiest molecule to condense out of the atmosphere is water, so CO2 would drive out water vapour. But, since water vapour is a much bigger contributor to the greenhouse effect, the Earth would cool slightly. This argument shouldn’t be taken too seriously: things are a lot more complicated than that (not least because CO2 is soluble in water, so the ‘driving out’ of the water could be accompanied by the driving out of CO2, too) but did anyone take into account partial pressures in their models? The science is far from settled and, to a traditionalist like me, actually looks phony.

  6. Radical Rodent says:

    Oh, yes – and vote for anyone OTHER THAN the LibLabCON! UKIP offer the most viable option, but if you cannot put your X next to them, anyone else will do – especially the Monster Raving Loonies.

  7. Well Facebook banned me commenting on stories yet again and gave me no emails nor warnings for any rules or nothing…….all my comments on 2 papers have disappeared and everyone is wondering where they went too Terrell A Fugate · Top Commenter darn! I got a notification jack had replied to my comment, but all his comments have disappeared. I’ll be very disappointed if jack is a bot.

    • I called the sunherald and they said they didn’t do it and the man even interviewed me for half an hour on the second hand smoke BS………I mentioned Frank and Chris snowdens blogs as good resources for back up info for what I had already told him. He is really curious why and how facebook could ban somebodys comments as he had even read them and nothing broke any rules at all yet the Nazis comments stand and another man reports on that story in the sun herald

      Charles Schwab · Top Commenter · Ventura Community College

      Jack Listerio….where the heck have you been…..someone who actually posts facts… and Alasandra had quite an interesting go-round today….congratulations….

      • Now when 7 of us from the facebook groups worked on the NOLA story and th had moderator a Nazi removed nearly all of the pro-smokers comments and even said as much and to the anti-smokers to contact her if we showed up again even after being banned via our IP’s by NOLA itself. She removed over 300 comments from us in that one story that had nearly 800 comments………..

        • Vinny Gracchus says:

          Harley, They are censoring the posts. They flag the comments they don’t like and then they get deleted. It happened to me in New Orleans (on many sites) and Toronto. I still have responses awaiting moderation from weeks ago when newer posts by antis get posted. I notice they specifically target the posts that have substantive links to studies and reports that refute their claims. They are shaping the comments to influence the debate.That is censorship and information operations.

        • Aint it the truth Vinny but it says one thing for sure if they cant stand debate they’ve already lost the war.

  8. 80 Conservative MPs To Vote Against Plain Packaging – Breitbart

    Up to eighty Conservative MPs may vote again the government’s proposals for cigarette ‘plain packaging’.

    • Guido Fawks blog

      Plans to Try Unseat Jane “Plain Pack” Ellison Under-way

      There is a growing Tory backlash against Health minister Jane Ellison over her plain pack ambush. “Four letter word, starts in S and ends in T” was the ringing…

      There is a growing Tory backlash against Health minister Jane Ellison over her plain pack ambush. “Four letter word, starts in S and ends in T” was the ringing endorsement of one colleague, “she is not a Conservative” claims another, whilst another simply added “she’s a wrong ‘un”. One Tory MP even claims:

      “It challenges the imagination that such a grubby little measure could come from members of a party who only 25 years ago waged the moral battle of ideas against Communism heralding the freedom of individuals to choose. Now they have morphed from noble liberators to little nannies.”

      The Bill will pass with support of Labour and the Liberal Democrats, though Guido hears that Ellison may not have the last laugh. Not only will there be a huge rebellion on the right, plans for a very well funded campaign to unseat her in her marginal south-west London seat of Battersea are already afoot, with a freedom-loving candidate being sought. Applications on the back of a fag packet…

  9. Brazilian who turned 126 years old last week could be oldest living person – Telegraph

    A Brazilian man aged 126 years old is thought to be oldest living man ever documented, according to reports

    A Brazilian man whose parents were African slaves could be the oldest living person ever documented after receiving a birth cerficate showing he turned 126 (in July 2014).

    Despite smoking a packet of cigarettes a day for the last 50 years, he still walks without a stick, eats four meals a day and has no health problems


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