Zombie Climate Science

Ever since the Climategate scandal broke in Nov 2009, I’ve had the impression that climate scepticism has been rising, and climate alarmism has been on the retreat, But the alarmists still keep plugging away with their zombie science. Multiple stakes seem to have been driven through its heart, but it just gets up and keeps shambling onwards.

For the past couple of weeks the UN IPCC has been holding another shambling-onward conference in Lima. As far as I can make out, very little has come of it. But there will be another one next year in Paris. And Climate Depot‘s Marc Morano thinks the US will at last sign a climate treaty there:

Morano: “I congratulate the UN for finally bringing a willing U.S. to the table to sign a new UN climate treaty. A lame duck President Obama and his Sec. of State, John Kerry, are desperately seeking a climate change legacy and will pretty much sign any paper that is put in front of them next year at the Paris UN meeting. You can feel the air of optimism permeating the conference here in Lima.

For first time since 1990s, the U.S. is absolutely committed to signing a treaty. The UN climate process is facing a U.S. willing and committed to sign a new agreement – at all costs and pretty much regardless of details.

Make no mistake, come hell or high water, the U.S. will be signing a UN agreement next year in Paris. It is virtually preordained.

And this seems to be the trouble: while lots of people (like me) are sceptical of climate science, it seems that “world leaders” are all signed up to it, much in the way that while lots of people (like me) don’t like smoking bans, “world leaders” are all signed up to them too.

Perhaps there’s a simple explanation: “world leaders” are all control freaks. They wouldn’t have climbed to the top of the greasy pole of political power if they weren’t desperate to control things. And these control freaks have decided that the terrestrial climate is the next thing that needs to be brought “under control”. Because, y’see, everything must be brought under control. Top down control.

The president of the Royal Society, Paul Nurse, is (I suppose) another sort of “world leader” (and control freak) who is fully signed up to global warming alarmism. In Breitbart UK he’s reported as saying:

“Most people in the UK grasp the basics of climate science and the need to take sensible actions about global warming.”

Really? Most people grasp the basics of climate science?

I’ve had a number of tries at understanding climate science. My last shot at it was about a year back, when I built yet another computer simulation model. But every time I do this, I run into a new set of questions for which nobody seems to have any answers.

Climate science, I’ve begun to think, consists of a number of competing (and contradictory) theories. Some people think that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has no influence at all on climate. Some people think it has an influence, but only a small one. And of course climate alarmists believe that it has a large and dangerous influence. And all of them have their own theoretical models to back their claims. If these competing theories are comparable to anything at all, it would seem to be to competing religious sects.

My view these days is that nobody understands climate science. It’s just too complicated, and there are too many unknowns. For example, nobody seems to know how to model clouds. In some of my models, the influence of clouds was decisive. For if solar radiation is mostly reflected off clouds back out into space, the Earth will cool. And if the clouds are removed, the Earth will heat up. But, somehow or other, clouds bubble up. Maybe it’s some sort of thermostatic process, whereby as the Earth heats, water evaporates and forms clouds that cool the Earth. And as the Earth cools, clouds condense into rain, and the Earth starts heating again. Or maybe not? Maybe that’s all wrong…

Anyway, I thought I’d ask my readers whether they reckon they’ve got a good grasp of the basics of climate science, like Paul Nurse thinks they have.

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30 Responses to Zombie Climate Science

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    The problem with it is the Senate will never ratify it to begin with just like the FCTC treaty signed bu never ratified and it wouldn’t matter if it was. By the times all the lawsuits were over there wouldn’t be any treaty left.

    Article VI, Section 2, treats treaties differently from laws. There is a textual distinction in the clause between laws “made in pursuance [of the Constitution]” and treaties “made under the authority of the United States.” See State of Missouri v. Holland (1920). The effectiveness of national treaties was a special concern of the Founding generation. This language ensured that treaties entered into by the United States prior to ratification of the Constitution—most notably, the 1783 treaty of peace with Great Britain and its guarantees against confiscations of Loyalist property—took precedence over conflicting state laws. The phrasing does not in any way imply that treaties are “supreme” even if they are not made in pursuance of the Constitution. The Supreme Court has declared that neither a treaty approved by the Senate nor an executive agreement made under the President’s authority can create obligations that violate constitutional guarantees such as found in the Bill of Rights. Reid v. Covert (1957).

  2. harleyrider1978 says:

    Really? Most people grasp the basics of climate science?

    Really just like SHS they grasped and wondered how did man ever evolve if this were true!

    Climate Fraud was created for the same reasons as the SHS scam……….Control of everyone and everything.

  3. harleyrider1978 says:

    Stanford smoking: University lacks courage of 1,477 others to go smoke-free


  4. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank from what Ive read of late the weather is wholly dependent on the sun and its solar winds heating one geographic area more than another creating el ninos effects………….

  5. carol2000 says:

    Off topic – I wanted people to see this before it disappears.
    From the Anthropology Department: Boston Brahmins
    “A Boston Brahmin is a member of Boston’s traditional upper class… Members of Boston’s Brahmin class form an integral part of the historic core of the East Coast establishment, and are often associated with the distinctive Boston Brahmin accent, Harvard University, and traditional Anglo-American customs and clothing… The term effectively underscores the strong conviction of the New England gentry that they were a people set apart by destiny to guide the American experiment as their ancestors had played a leading role in founding it…”
    They’re the oligarchy that controls the US government (and use it to inflict their junk epidemiology on the rest of the world). Also known as “the New England Establishment,” their range extends into New York City. Here are two old birds in their ancient nesting ground in the boardroom of the Massachusetts General Hospital.
    Aren’t they precious?

    • smokervoter says:

      Precious indeed.

      Boston Brahmins came out west en masse to find themselves round about 1967 and put down roots in the Bay Area/Santa Cruz up north and Hollywood/Santa Monica down south. It wasn’t long before you’d go to a booze-free party that featured boring organic vegetable H’oerderves served with an unseasoned humus dip and everyone in the house spoke with a Boowaston accent.

      They thought we mere native California surfers and bimbos made great conversation pieces but lacked their intellectual depth and commitment to meaningful social change. We were too busy with sex and hamburgers and milkshakes and waves and dirtbikes and Coors beer and Winston cigarettes and fun, fun, fun till her daddy took the T-bird away. And they were partially right, I didn’t give two hoots about my chakra

      And the next thing you know they wanted a smoke-free world.

      Nouveau Puritans I called them.

      • carol2000 says:

        At the University of Wisconsin they’re called “Coasties,” and they call the natives “Sconnies.” They really are puritans under the surface. They have the same mentality that they are the Elect, and entitled to rule over everyone else.

  6. waltc says:

    What I know about climate science is that it’s agenda driven, demagogic, manipulated, and to a great extent relies on fraud and suppression. “Climategate”comes to mind. Any proposition that starts out as Global Warming with dire predictions of a scorched earth, learns it ain’t happening, and changes its name to Climate Change which supposedly accounts for both warming and cooling, deluges and droughts, has to be chicanery, right on its face. But it’s a beautifully well-protected chicanery, protected by both the governments and the press as well as the academics and the insider ideologues who’ve got a stake in it.

    Same, as we’ve all noted, with shs. But on yesterday’s thread people were again saying that We’ve got to get the truth out — as tho it’s never been tried. Both truths (about G W and SHS) are up against the same juggernaut. Alvan Feinstein, former head of the epidemiology dept at Yale, laid it out in testimony to congress in the mid90s and it boiled down to” Try it and they’ll break you.”. Look what happened to Enstrom, for just one example of far too many. Look at guys like Phillipe Even who can’t tell the truth until they’ve retired. A few days ago, Stossel was taken apart for timidly venturing that there’s insufficient proof of shs harm. And the dozen or so court cases that have deconstructed the shs science have been roundly lost because the courts give deference not only to the Noted Scientists — the SG’s and the Glatntz’s– but to the legislatures that rely on the same crap. (And Carol, don’t climb on your high spavined mare and claim, sight unseen, that the court cases didn’t cite reams of opposing science; I was there, and they did.)

    Before the truths can out, there has to be a major change in society, which, in turn, will change its politics and its media. UKIP could be a start. And tho much as I’d like USIP, I don’t see it on the immediate horizon.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      The last time they tried this one world order crap it led to 2 world wars………..
      It seems that Alcohol Prohibition is what finally ended the take over at least for awhile when it finally made everybody say this is horrible together.

      I guess we may have to see more Eric Garners dead by police and or roaming gun battles over tobacco territory before it ends…………That’s If the media will report it. We know truth is squashed and disinformation is only reported. But the MSM seems to be moving away from the craziness and reporting although slowly but for sure they are more stories putting down the BS.

    • carol2000 says:

      “But on yesterday’s thread people were again saying that We’ve got to get the truth out — as tho it’s never been tried.”

      It has never been tried. Those who supposedly “tried” were just Anti-Smoker Approved Fake Opponents who don’t really attack their scientific fraud. Their real role is to get their butts kicked, in order to intimidate others and make them think the anti-smokers are invincible. You are proof that it works, primarily because you think those limp noodles like Feinstein and Enstrom are the real thing.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        Carol you couldn’t see an ally if it bit you in the ass!

        • carol2000 says:

          You’ve got it backwards. You are unable to recognize when somebody is just making a fool of himself. That has never been your strong suit, to put it diplomatically.

  7. Lepercolonist says:

    If Galileo were alive today, he would have lost tenure because ‘the science is settled’.

    • junican says:

      Galileo was hounded. He faced an inquisition and confined under a form of house arrest for the rest of his life. Isaac Newton also faced great opposition. He refused to publish his ‘principia mathematica’ for about fifteen years because of the bad blood.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        All were hounded. Snokers faced an inquisition and confined under a form of house arrest for the rest of their lives. Non-smokers also faced great opposition.

  8. harleyrider1978 says:

    Citizen Outrage! Spain Passes Strict Anti-Protest Law!

  9. harleyrider1978 says:

    FOX NEWS just said world just went into an economic recession

    Federal Reserve Bank Policy Can’t Heal Economic Malaise

    It is a myth to think that monetary authorities by a stroke of a keyboard can create economic prosperity or that monetary policy can be fine-tuned with every twist…


    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Institutional changes that widen the scope of markets (private exchange) and limit the power of government to the protection of persons and property are the key to prosperity. Economic and personal freedom and responsibility under a genuine rule of law — not a powerful central bank that manipulates interest rates, politicizes the allocation of capital, and lacks any monetary rule to guide policy — are the fundamental conditions for expanding the range of choices open to individuals, which is the true measure of development.

  10. harleyrider1978 says:

    City’s anti-smoking effort goes too far

    The warning is right there on the label of the product itself: Smoking is bad for your health and can cause cancer.

    But does that mean any effort to combat smoking is OK?

    Even with the best of intentions sometimes government can go too far with new rules attempting to govern human behavior.

    Mayor Nutter’s administration is on an aggressive campaign to end cigarette sales in the city. The campaign is somewhat ironic since the mayor and other city leaders recently helped push a new $2-per-pack cigarette through the state Legislature to fund local the city’s financially distressed public schools.

    The new cigarette tax was projected to yield more than $80 million yearly to help bridge a school budget gap.

    “I see no conflict whatsoever with these efforts,” Nutter recently told reporters. “Having healthier people, kids not starting to smoke in the first place, is the number one goal. We are not trading the health of our citizens for continued or increased funding.”

    The city health department through its website — http://www.SmokeFreePhilly.org — has launched a campaign to get retailers to stop selling cigarettes. The site profiled nearly a dozen shop owners who have all stopped selling cigarettes.

    This is troubling. How does the city justify banning the sales of a legal product.

    The city’s deal with CVS is even more troubling.

    CVS has phased out tobacco products.

    But as the Tribune recently reported, CVS could make up some of the lost cigarette-revenue through its deal with Philadelphia and other municipalities to join the Preferred Health Network, a CVS–sponsored healthcare provider service. The company charges its network members an additional fee if they get their prescriptions filled outside of the network.

    The preferred health network takes effect Jan. 1 and unfairly pushes city employees who are not covered by union-offered health benefits to make use of pharmacies that do not sell tobacco products.

    The city is penalizing city worker for choosing other pharmacies which sell a legal product. City employees who choose not to get their prescriptions filled at preferred health network pharmacies will incur an additional $15-per-prescription charge that will be added to prescriptions filled at non–network pharmacies, in addition to any applicable co-payment.

    The administration also announced, effective Jan. 1, city employees who receive their health coverage through the city will be subject to a $500 annual increase to their health care benefit costs if the employee or their covered spouse or life partner has used tobacco products during the last year.

    The administration argues that the deal is in step with the city’s other healthy–living initiatives, and doing business with a pharmaceutical chain that has forgone the sale of cigarettes is the morally acceptable course.

    But the city is actually steering business to company over another and penalizing the personal choice of its employees.

  11. harleyrider1978 says:

    Sofia Health Inspectorate Steps Up Checks on Indoor Smoking Ban

    The Sofia Health Inspectorate will increase the number of checks on the implementation of the indoor smoking ban in restaurants, clubs, bars, discotheques and cafes, reports Dnevnik.bg.

    The increased number of complaints about violations of the ban in various establishments in Sofia, has prompted the Inspectorate to step up the checks, as well as to start publishing daily information on the results on its website.

    Inspections will also be carried out during the weekends. Up until recently, the Inspectorate’s phone number was working only in business hours Monday through Friday. Now inspectors will be taking complaints on the mobile number 0889 822 626 around the clock.

    In spite the fines for such violations, the owners prefer to pay the fines and turn the blind eye to the smoking clients. Late in the evening and at night the staff in some of Sofia’s bars, clubs, discotheques, cafes and restaurants even provides ashtrays upon request.

    The indoor smoking ban in restaurants, clubs, bars, discotheques and cafes, office buildings, cinemas, theatres, hospitals, schools and other public buildings entered into effect on June 1, 2012. It is violated on a regular basis throughout the country. Various parties in Parliament have tried to cancel it throughout the years, the most recent being in the end of 2013 by the nationalists from Ataka. This autumn the MPs from the party tried raising the issue again, but the Health Minister Petar Moskov, an avid smoker himself, said he was firmly against and the ban must stand
    – See more at: http://www.novinite.com/articles/165419/Sofia+Health+Inspectorate+Steps+Up+Checks+on+Indoor+Smoking+Ban#sthash.Uu3ZGbLQ.dpuf

  12. harleyrider1978 says:

    Smoke-Free Knoxville recruiting new members

    KNOXVILLE (WATE) – A group dedicated to preventing and reducing tobacco use is looking for new members.

    Smoke-Free Knoxville is working with the Knoxville-Knox County Community Health Council (CHC) and Knox County Health Department (KCHD) to implement prevention programs in the area.

    “This is an exciting time as we work with Smoke-Free Knoxville and the health council to plan innovative programs, especially since we have new funding from the Tennessee Department of Health through the tobacco settlement agreement,” said KCHD Public Health Educator Kathryn Burklund.

    Burklund says joining Smoke-Free Knoxville is an opportunity for the community to have a voice in tobacco prevention programs and how they are executed.

    The group says they will primarily focus on eliminating smoking during pregnancy, reducing infant and child exposure to secondhand smoke and preventing child and adolescent tobacco use.

    Smoke-Free Knoxville meets on the second Wednesday of each month at Knox County Health Department’s main location on 140 Dameron Avenue.

  13. harleyrider1978 says:

    Juliette Tworsey

    1 min

    “Congested sidewalks — rendering areas like Bourbon Street virtually impassable — packed with people who stubbornly demand a cigarette when drinking, regardless of any law. Shuttered storefronts where cigar, hookah or e-cigarette shops used to be. And the exodus of even more businesses to neighboring parishes. These are some of the unintended consequences that could follow the City Council’s proposed ban on smoking in bars, casinos and public places.”

    “Bars and casinos are not pristine environments where patrons go for quiet solace and the puritan experience.”

    Indeed, the ban is overly broad; it even bans vapor(!). What a nice precedent that would set. Can you imagine? No cooking, no more candles, no more restaurants, no more outdoor grilling. I predict a disaster if this passes….more conflict with the police, etc…it’s inevitable in a place like New Orleans.


  14. harleyrider1978 says:

    Gruber Thinking in Climate Science: Disconnect Between Academia And The Real World.

    Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball There are many parallels between the Jonathan Gruber story and what has…


    • harleyrider1978 says:


      Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball

      There are many parallels between the Jonathan Gruber story and what has occurred in climate science. Gruber used a computer model to produce justification for a US national healthcare system. This parallels the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) use of computer models produced to justify the need for international climate control. They both claim their models are accurate and solid as the basis for draconian policy changes. They both fail to understand that playing with models in a university requires they satisfy research and scientific standards. We don’t know if they do, because so much of what they produce that is critical to proper analysis, such as computer codes, is proprietary. Gruber’s models are proprietary, even if the taxpayer pays him and they are the basis for public policy. They both fail to understand that a different set of standards and responsibilities are applied when you take your lab work in to the public forum.

      From The University To the Real World

      There are social consequences, as Gruber discovered when he appeared before Congress on December 9, 2014. Paul Driessen has written on the consequences often on WUWT. Gruber’s appearance underscored the distance between academia and the real world. It is a distance I have experienced and confronted during my 25-year academic career. A distance demonstrated by Gruber and throughout the 6000 emails leaked from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia and countless other horror stories that never reach the public.

  15. harleyrider1978 says:

    The scam is dying before our very eyes your just not being told about it dying

    Lima Conference Close To Collapse? German Enivironment Minister Already Departed Lima Yesterday…”Hangover Mood”

    By P Gosselin on 13. Dezember 2014

    The Lima Climate Conference has been extended another day as countries are still unable to reach an agreement on how much to cut emissions and who has to pay how much. But there are mounting signs that the talks may have fallen apart.

    This morning NTV German public television writes that German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks already left Lima Friday evening, even leaving an hour before the official end. The title of the NTV article: “Sobriety in Lima – Hangover mood at the climate conference.”

    The NTV first reports on all the hope and optimism that had led up to the Conference, but that the realities of clashing national interests and responsibilities quickly dampened the mood as the conference wore on during the second week.

    NTV writes:

    In Lima it was already clear on Friday that important questions still could not be resolved. ‘The road to success in Paris remains remains long,’ German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks observed. The Treaty’s bindingness will first be decided in Paris in any case.”

    Already it appears that negotiators in Lima may be headed only to a watered down document full of intents, declaring that the parties agree to try to agree in Paris next year.

    Hendricks’s early departure

    There are no details as to why the German Environment Minister left already on Friday with the business unfinished. NTV writes:

    The German negotiation leadership is now in the hands of State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth. The environmental protection organization Greenpeace criticized the Minister’s departure. ‘I find it already remarkable that the German Environment Minister has departed early, after Germany had played a spirited and progressive role,’ said Stefan Krug, head of the political representative in Berlin. ‘At such moments, when the negotiations are so precarious, it is extremely important that ministers remain engaged with their colleagues behind the scenes in order to strive for a solution.’”

    NTV also writes of disappointment by German socialist EU Parliamentarian Jo Leinen: “Unfortunately it looks like we will be going home with a document that will contain many vague and soft formulations.”

    That may very well be the case. But don’t expect the coming UN press releases to say so. Expect them to declare a breakthrough and success.

    UN Climate Circus no. 20.
    – See more at: http://notrickszone.com/2014/12/13/lima-conference-close-to-collapse-german-enivironment-minister-already-departed-lima-yesterday-hangover-mood/#sthash.vaxIl4i0.dpuf

  16. smokingscot says:

    Any time I see the abbreviation COP, my hackles rise. We saw one in October in Moscow; a non-representative group, mostly singing from their own song-sheet, with a chorus thrown in for good measure by self created groupies, universally paid for from the public purse.

    With COP 6 and Tobacco Control they had the quite brilliant idea of excluding the press, interested parties, including Interpol, and even went to the extreme of throwing out “delegates” from their so called “Conference of Parties” who had the temerity to challenge their orthodoxy.

    COP 20 in Lima states who or what should attend and these are:

    – Government/world leaders

    – CEOs and senior executives of corporate businesses

    – National, regional and city leaders

    – Financiers and investors

    – Associations, Alliances and industry experts


    Nothing about the general public, nor the press (though both are there)

    And I’ve just seen one on television, from an “Alliance” – a talking head from Australia, representing one of the large charities – Oxfam I believe. The naivety of some is truly breathtaking.

    Nine years ago I may have deferred to these “experts”. I may have given them the benefit of the doubt. Not so now. Now I let my gut rule and that tells me it’s another sham. “Solutions” to a non existent problem.

    In our case – tobacco – market forces were finding a perfectly acceptable solution, however that was halted – quite deliberately – with the ban.

    With respect to our use of fossil fuels and of not doing very much about our forests, I’m of the opinion that market forces and justifiable government intervention have been doing a passable job.

    But this is at an early stage. BMW didn’t produce its i3 because of subsidies; they’ve done it because there’s a real demand – and even have a range extender to cater for those who might want to go long distances once in a while. Look around and you’ll see we’re pretty good on a personal level, from fridges to kettles to cars to washing machines we’re choosing efficient and economical.

    (That said there’s a big issue about the use of a BMW i3‘s by the chief honcho in Peru – flown in specially for the occasion. It’s on the above link.)

    From what I’ve seen of FCTC (a legally binding treaty) we face largely unqualified “experts”, gross misuse of resources, lack of accountability, mission creep and the manipulation of the democratic system as well as freedom of speech.

    Furthermore as the market attempts to cater to the new world order, e-cigarettes are being derided by Tobacco Control to the point it’s now Tobacco and Nicotine Control. That’s Mission Creep.

    That’s what they’re shooting for at COP 21. (Climate change and policy. Paris December 2015). They want the rich countries to subsidise “third world nations” and for us to take the greatest hit on emissions reductions. And the outfit that’ll oversea this humongous transfer of wealth, well none other than UNEP.


    No, I didn’t know who they were either. Doesn’t matter really, none of them are accountable to us, the twits who’ll have to pay through our taxes.

    The only good thing about this is Tobacco Control set the template. It’s corrupt (and loathsome). The good thing is many “CEOs and senior executives of corporate businesses” as well as “Financiers and investors” who have done their research will know this. They did not attend Lima, they won’t be in Paris. They’ll be working feverishly to ensure they remain competitive in the real world.

    And will Ed Davey (head of the British delegation) still be Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change in December 2015? Certainly he was one of the 9000 delegates who helped pump millions into the hospitality industry in Lima.

    Perhaps it doesn’t matter. The EU was there… in vast numbers, and they’re sold on the whole thing.

  17. smokingscot says:

    Sorry, forgot this.

    Airbus ain’t sold one single A 380 in the past year. That’s the horrific double decker… thing.

    So they may just go ahead and scrap the whole project.

    Market forces at work.


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