The Smokers and Vapers Liberation Front

Slightly following on from last night’s post, I’ve been getting emails from the Conservative party recently. Here’s one. It starts:

We want to hear your views on the economy, the next election and what matters most to you and your family.

Please do take this opportunity to tell us what you think about the big issues facing our country by taking our quick survey today.

The results will help the Party as we prepare for next year’s crucial election campaign.

So please fill in our survey today:


We want to hear which issues you think are most important for your family and for Britain. Please answer the questions below and press ‘SUBMIT’.

1. Which of the following issues are most important for you and your family? (Please select a maximum of THREE responses)

〉 Childcare
〉 Immigration
〉 Schools
〉 The level of taxes
〉 Opportunities for the next generation
〉 The NHS
〉 The environment & climate change
〉 The EU
〉 Crime & anti-social behaviour
〉 Tax credits & benefits to support working families
〉 The cost of living
〉 Care & support for the elderly
〉 Britain’s deficit & debt
〉 Unemployment
〉 Affordable housing
〉 University and tuition fees
〉 Welfare (making work pay)

I won’t reproduce the whole thing, but it’s check-boxes all the way, except for one text window where you can give the name of another political party you might vote for.

And none of the questions were about the smoking ban, of course.

Basically, after saying they want to ‘hear’ my views and give me an opportunity to ‘tell’ them, they offer no way whatsoever of doing so. I am just presented with a list of pre-determined issues which might be ‘important’ to me.

Actually, ‘climate change’ is quite important to me, but not in the way they might imagine. It’s not so much that I worry about it, as that I’m sick to death of hearing about it.

This sort of survey casts a net with such a wide mesh that it will only catch the standard big issues. It won’t catch angry smokers like me, or anyone who is concerned about anything that is in the least bit out of the ordinary or off the radar. They all get airbrushed out. They cease to exist.

But no doubt the machine that processes this survey will in due course spew out reams of ‘evidence-based’ charts and tables and graphs for Conservative boffins to chew over, and to use to map out new policies, set new goals. And all done using the latest cutting-edge computers and statistical packages and laser printers.

But the resulting map of the political world they get will be about as much use as a map of the world which only showed the largest continents, with anything smaller than Greenland left off it, and the continents only shown as blobs. Hardly any use at all at plotting a course anywhere, never mind preparing for next year’s crucial election.

Which I predict the Conservatives will lose. They’re far too out of touch.

But I thought that one way to try to get to them might be to use the little text window to enter the name of another political party I might vote for. Such as the Smokers Liberation Front (or maybe that should be the Smokers and Vapers Liberation Front). Or the Cigar, Cigarette, and Pipe Smokers All-Nite Party. The machine that processes the ‘data’ they get from their survey probably records the name somewhere, and automatically generates a list of the the most favoured parties. It’d be quite fun if enough people were to return the completed form, with the ‘Smokers and Vapers Liberation Front’ entered as 100% certain to get their vote. It might even end up topping their little political hit parade.

So my completed-as-suggested survey has been sent off. And yes, I did tick the climate change box.  And they replied!



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18 Responses to The Smokers and Vapers Liberation Front

  1. jaxthefirst says:

    I have to confess that when I’m presented with “we want your views” items such as this (which isn’t often), I’m sometimes tempted to deliberately tick all the boxes for things which I couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss about like (in your example) childcare, affordable housing and university fees – none of which affect me in the slightest – in the hope that if lots of other people do the same then the boffins back at “election campaign HQ” will all rush away and formulate a strategy which is so completely off-track and unattractive to everyone that they are almost guaranteed to lose thousands of votes in the next election. This is particularly tempting when the party in question is sweating buckets at the prospect of losing voters to UKIP – for whom I wholeheartedly intend to vote if they stand in my area in the next GE, which seems likely.

    But usually, the temptation to chuck the thing straight into the bin wins.

  2. It’s a lovely idea: dozens of boffins poring over the data containing the heartfelt desires of the people. There are no boffins. There are no computers computing. It is pure propaganda to pretend they care about what we think.

    I could be wrong. They might have boffins drawing out the information, but only so that the Tories know which issues to lie about (most often) to attract votes.

    They’re bought and paid for, like the rest of the mainstream political chiefs all over the Western World, so they are set on a predetermined course and what we want doesn’t enter into the equation – at all.

    I did one of these “surveys” after I saw one of their sponsored Facebook notices. It was very similar (if not identical) to the one you completed. It was only after I’d filled it in that I realised that it was just an exercise to get my email address to send me more bumph about how much they care about me, my family and my concerns. [Patriots, Christians, smokers, climate change ‘deniers’, etc., need not apply.]

    The fact is that they already KNOW what matters to us – and it’s why two of their own MPs stood down and joined UKIP and why that party’s popularity keeps rising.

    They already know that people are sick to the back teeth of the EU, unfettered immigration, the cost of living, the nanny (tyrannical) state, “crime” (like the way criminals are let off lightly and the way the CPS operates and the existence of the European Arrest Warrant and the European Court of Human Rights and so on) and yes, sick of hearing about climate change and how we must be legislated and taxed to death because of it. Of course, they want us to be so terrified of it that we’ll accept further loss of fossil fuel power stations with no back-up to help deliver Labour’s “legally-binding” and treasonous 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 which the Tories have been happy to go along with.

    Other “minor” issues not mentioned, but which are an issue for millions, are the TV licence fee and halal meat…an almost endless list.

    They should have made a space for your own personal concerns as they won’t even read them, but the gullible will think they care, even after four and a half years in government, stomping all over our rights, handing over our country and money to anyone who wants it, subverting our culture, dumbing down schools, increasing the national debt despite vicious cutbacks to benefits and legal aid, while the promised cuts to the thousands of fake charities is never mentioned (that I have seen).

    As usual, I’m probably using 100 words where ten would do, but like I said, it’s a cheap PR stunt; their treacherous road is already mapped out and it is the same as Labour’s and the Dim Lumps’ and the SNP’s and the Republicans and the Democrats…

  3. junican says:

    When I first joined YouGov as a panellist, I was honest and careful with my answers. I really thought that it was altruistic. Since then, I discovered that The Owner is part of ASH.
    OK. I delight in giving the ‘wrong’ answers. It is ever so amusing.

    • I joined too many years ago and racked up about £15 worth of earnings before giving up (about 50p an hour, probably), but I think they only pay once you reach £50, so I earned absolutely nothing per hour.

      If you don’t tell the truth at all times, how can the companies and political parties help us? Don’t you realise how much they care? They go to the expense of hiring pollsters. I should try to get back into it and get my fifty quid and that’s no lie.

  4. cherie79 says:

    I didn’t even bother answering it. I had another Yougov with a single question on smoking at the end of a long survey, wonder why they do that?

  5. waltc says:

    Usually when we get these generalized q’airres, the bottom of the page is a plea for donations so I’m inclined to agree with Stewart that it’s a ploy. That said, they do cover smoking: “anti-social behavior” and if you tick it they’ll thank you for favoring bans.

  6. carol2000 says:

    It gets worse than that. I and others have sent actual letters to Congress, and received in reply a form letter response: “Thank you for informing us of your views on bovine growth hormone,” or some such irrelevant reply.

  7. smokingscot says:

    Seems it’s only available to a select few and only via email.

    If anyone can find a direct link to it, do share.

    (I’ll probably go with “UKIP or the BNP because they want to amend the smoking ban”. (Actually there’s more – Liberty GB and English Democrats)).

    • Barry Homan says:

      I can’t believe people like the one who wrote this. Shark food, it’s all they’re good for.

      • nisakiman says:

        And did you check the comments? Brainwashed, sanctimonious holier-than-thous, almost to a man/woman. They were so obviously a lost cause that I didn’t even bother to comment myself, even though articles like that are a red rag to a bull to me, and usually elicit a robust response.

        • Barry Homan says:

          I wonder just how many comments are from authentic readers – I smell plants. Heck, the author probably composed a few himself. How gullible does he think we are?

  8. Dis you catch this yesterday in the Mail Online Frank ?

    Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) is probably the most effective organisation in the anti-smoking lobby, and is very clear that it is a campaigning group. In 2013, ASH was given £150,000 from the Department of Health, £447,074 from other charities, £125,000 from one legacy and possibly only about £6,000 from voluntary donations.

    So, however worthy ASH’s intentions, it’s not obvious that it is a charity whose purposes are widely supported by an enthusiastic public eager to donate. There’s nothing wrong with lobbying. But the issue is whether an organisation that is mainly focused on campaigning deserves to promulgate its opinions under the banner of being a ‘charity’ while using its charitable status to avoid paying tax on its income.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  9. Typo…I meant DID and not DIS. Guess I got a bit excited at the Mail running down ASH.

  10. harleyrider1978 says:

    W. Brangham, PBS NewsHour > Jack Listerio • 4 hours ago

    Jack, I appreciate you watching and your vigorous commentary, but referring to the officials in Westminster as Nazis is inappropriate. Regardless of what you think of their position or their actions, let’s save that term for when there are actual Nazis afoot, ok?


    W.Brangham, Thank you for running this story it brings to life the true nature of whats going in the nation and the world at this time.
    For an in depth knowledge you must realize the problem started with the FCTC world anti-tobacco treaty pushed thru via the United Nations and the WHO Collaborative.
    When I speak Nazis its not without cause or justification.
    We have many terms associated with Nazis and its a derogatory term aimed at those who push control of people or masses of people. We have the safety Nazi form which m sure your well aware of among other terminology in other agendas pushed for control of we the people.
    If you had followed Nazi propaganda techniques and its eugenics movement youd easily see the correlation of the term long ago coined NICOTINE NAZIS.
    As you must know hitler and his ilk created the passive smoking propaganda during the mid 1930s for their own anti-tobacco war on smokers even pushing the exact same laws we see in effect today.

    [ It comes as little surprise to discover that the phrase “passive smoking” (Passivrauchen) was coined not by contemporary American admen, but by Fritz Lickint, the author of the magisterial 1100-page Tabak und Organismus (“Tobacco and the Organism”), which was produced in collaboration with the German AntiTobacco League. ]

    A friend if mine Michael J McFadden has recently a written a book on the subject not that Im plugging it here but it goes in depth and deeply explains how todays anti-smoking movement is a carbon copy of the Nazis own war on smoking. The term is we placed and earned by those pushing the same styled laws as hitlers own Reich did.

    It goes much deeper than just a Nazi connection.

    The point here is if the actions of the Westminster Board are so closely identical to Hitlers own agenda and laws the Nazi Moniker not only sticks but belongs as an earned name for such actions and agendas.

    Lets remember we fought Hitler to end hitlers Nuremberg styled laws and his world domination and agenda that he surely would have forced upon Americans too had we the free world not fought to end those laws, One of those laws were his anti-smoking.

    Why would we allow those same styled laws to be enacted here in America knowing full well they are apart of the Eugenics moement in America and worldwide thru the UN.

    Freedom is the freedom to not only smoke where one desires within reason of flammable sources like gasoline pumps and combustible zones where flammable vapors may be stored. Other tan that there is no reason for such restrictions.

    SHS/PASSIVE SMOKING is propaganda creation the same as Hitler created thru his medico’s at universities across Germany and others in Europe during and before occupation.

    Its not just a smoking issue and criminalization of a legal act but to where it will lead too as the below will show you.Its not just about smoking but about anything the healthists desire to attack next.

    How would you feel if you took your mother or whomever to eat and they may be obese and the law stated you would refused service because of the anti-obesity law…………

    I kid you not such has been attempted here in America:


    2008 Regular Session

    To: Public Health and Human Services; Judiciary B

    House Bill 282


    SECTION 1. (1) The provisions of this section shall apply to any food establishment that is required to obtain a permit from the State Department of Health under Section 41-3-15(4)(f), that operates primarily in an enclosed facility and that has five (5) or more seats for customers.

    Now would you sir then be screaming the FAT NAZIS!

    Or should we for sake of argument let the Nazi paralells just simply pass and forget historical facts and let history repeat itself in the formerly free world.

  11. Pat Nurse says:

    If vapers fought for our rights and not just show loose support when it suits them, I’d be minded to agree we should have a joint campaign. However, they need to bang on about how deadly our product is to promote their own. I have really tried to come over to their side but on those issues that affect us uniquely there is deadly silence from them. When challenged they always respond with they do support us but our fight is not their fight. To me, actions have always spoken louder than words. Fight for the right to smoke, the right to vape follows. Fight for the right to vape and it’s done at our expense and on condition that it eventually replaces smoking. But of course we poor pathetic smokers do need the ecig to save our pitiful lives don’t we. Bitter? You bet. I can’t see any way we can win any place in our communities now. It’s all about the vape wooing tobacco control over and they’re doing it if they still have a few morons to convince yet.

  12. beobrigitte says:

    I often wonder how many vapers REALLY DID feel that they HAD to give up smoking; switching their cigarettes for an e-cig, then swapping tobacco flavour for whatever flavour, then gradually reducing the nicotine content of the e-liquid?
    How many vapers vape just for the fun of it, and/or buy cigarettes/tobacco that ‘fell-off-de-bach-of-a-lorry’/when abroad on holiday?

    Most vapers are found amongst the first. And they thought they would get a medal from The Tobacco Control Club for giving up the “deadly” habit (it is so “deadly” not not many of the baby-boomer generation survived childhood, let alone grew OLD?)…..
    The vapers KNOW they have been conned when they were smokers, but ADMITTING to be THE fool-that-never-questioned-holy-tobacco-control is another thing. It’s humiliating.
    Gradually the vapers are waking up and some take on the ‘blamage’ – it is becoming easier to find the genuinely dedicated vapers who will stick with their e-cigs regardless.

    In short, vapers have not had as much time as we to get used to being ‘denormalised’ – the latest ‘grand idea’ (refer to 13.10. – 18.10. 2014, Moscow) where the caviar overdose induced the next step: BAN of e-cigs + TOBACCO TAX on e-liquid…

    The current vapers are us in 1989…

    For amusement:
    In the past 2 weeks I have been extremely busy: dealing with a disaster (burst pipe); travelling, thus tobacco shopping; etc. etc. Last weekend I went to the local shops and spotted a new VAPE SHOP.
    The Lady was really nice but did not have what I would have liked to enhance my “Mod” with; neither did she sell PG and VG seperately. Nevertheless, she did ask what flavour I prefer. I said: “Tobacco”. She replied: “Ah, you are still on tobacco….” Here I did cut her short with: “Of course tobacco!!! I have NO INTENTION to give up smoking, I just decide WHERE I buy my tobacco. I put £30/week aside and use this for travelling + more tobacco from friendlier places.
    BTW, the government might not for much longer to be friendly to you; I believe the WHO had a caviar week in Moscow lately. Do go and find out what our government is expected to do! And…. the sheep (tories) and whingers (labour) will comply!”

    I shall visit her again next week and place a dated order. I do hope she understood the underlying point: She can shut shop if caviar-margaret-et “charities” get their way.

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