We Are Margaret Chan’s Chickens

H/T Taking Liberties for this article from Tobacco Reporter (page 20) on the recent secret FCTC conference in Moscow:



I see. You don’t allow Big Tobacco into the debate, because that’s like appointing foxes to look after your chickens. But why exclude members of the public?

Simple. Because that would be like appointing chickens to look after your chickens.

In the world of Margaret Chan, the public are just so many chickens being hunted by the fox of Big Tobacco. And that leaves only Margaret Chan and Tobacco Control to look after her chickens.

For make no mistake, we are Margaret Chan’s chickens. She owns us.

Cluck, cluck.

Anyway, opposite page 20 is page 21, and look what’s on it:



A cigarette ad! A menthol cigarette ad! In bright, attractive packs.

I think they might be a Greek brand.

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18 Responses to We Are Margaret Chan’s Chickens

  1. Tom says:

    “Light Up A Lucky, It’s Light Up Time !!”

  2. Tom says:

    New job opportunity has opened up in San Francisco, California, USA – at UCSF, a special program designed to train the next generation of tobacco control experts at UCSF main campus.

    This will allow the lucky chosen candidates to end up working with the likes of Margaret Chan and sit in on UN secret meetings, making secret legislation, to rule the world.

    Here is the information if anyone wants to apply (for real, or mockingly):

    UCSF Postdoc Fellowships in Tobacco Control Research (San Francisco, CA)

    Compensation: Postdoctoral trainees will receive an annual salary commensurate with their experience, approximately $44,000 – $53,096

    Non-profit organization

    The purpose of the fellowship is to prepare individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds in medical, biological, social, behavioral, and policy sciences to join the next generation of academic leaders in tobacco control. Upon completion of training, fellows will be well positioned to be active participants in crucial policy debates about the future development and implementation of tobacco control interventions. The need for tobacco control experts continues to grow with the continuing diffusion of smokefree laws, Congress’ recent legislation granting the US Food and Drug Administration authority to regulate tobacco products, implementation of health care reform with its emphasis on disease prevention, and the implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the world’s first public health treaty.

    The fellowship supports two years of postdoctoral training in all aspects of tobacco control research. Our program stresses the skills needed to conduct research in diverse, collaborative transdisciplinary settings. We emphasize leadership in catalyzing the integration of multiple disciplines and translating science to policy and clinical practice. Postdoctoral fellows will have exposure to diverse training including both didactic coursework and individualized mentoring to build a personalized research program. Fellows have come from medicine, public health, nursing, economics, anthropology, political science, law, sociology, psychology, and cell biology. Prior tobacco research experience is relevant, but not necessary for acceptance.

    We offer individual mentorship with UCSF faculty along with courses in tobacco specific topics, health policy, cancer control and prevention, grant and scientific writing skills, career development, interdisciplinary research, and biostatistics. UCSF is a global leader in tobacco science, a World Health Organization collaborating center, and home of the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library. We place a high priority on developing a fellowship program that reflects the diverse communities we serve. We encourage qualified applicants from all backgrounds to apply.

    Postdoctoral trainees will receive an annual salary commensurate with their experience, approximately $44,000 – $53,096, $2000 above the current NIH stipend scale. Learn more about the Center, the fellowship program, current fellows, and faculty and their research interests at http://www.tobacco.ucsf.edu.

    Applications are due JANUARY 14, 2015 for fellowships beginning July 1, 2015.

    To apply, please visit: http://tobacco.ucsf.edu

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      approximately $44,000 – $53,096

      You cant rent an apartment near UCSF on that meeger amount…………I guess they want homeless folks to take the job.

      • Tom says:

        I think it is probably more a small stipend than actual salary since its more about getting that all important PhD in Tobacco Control, the idea being once they have their Doctorate Of Tobacco Control, then they will have more than enough filthy lucre thrown at them to make up for the meager stipend while enjoying UCSFs smoke free campus and the honor of carousing with Stanton Glantz for free. Glantz himself sponsored a similar position a few years back reporting directly to him and I bet this one might too.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          Last I heard even California TC Nazis were running out of money and begging for private donations………..

  3. junican says:

    And her view of Ebola is….? Just a passing thing which only kills a few thousand now, which she sees as nothing compared with the ephemeral ‘tobacco epidemic’.
    Right. The wholesale decimation of the WHO, including herself, since it is an ‘epidemic’ of failure, would obviously be a good thing.

  4. harleyrider1978 says:

    Stolen from SiegelsBlog

    Samantha Ehlinger – November 14, 2014
    Teens using e-cigarettes worry health officials
    McClatchy Washington Bureau – http://www.sunherald.com/2014/

    …the overall percentage of teens using tobacco products hasn’t increased since 2012, health advocates were hoping to see a decrease.

    So, it depends on whether we are talking about (all) traditional tobacco products or just tobacco cigarettes. And whether there is a “marked” decrease or a (statistically) signigficant decrease.

    AND this is without considering the other legal (Adult) choices that they “worry” about, such as alcohol and in some states marijuana. After all, the Surgeon General’s nicorette gum chewing boss says it’s just like alcohol.

    In the above McClatchy press report, a represntative of the innefective D.A.R.E. program weighed in: “….by vilifying traditional cigarettes, he said it might have left an opening for tobacco companies to market supposedly “cleaner” substances. So, there is plenty of room to worry (Gruber) for more money for dubious studies to support $R$egulation.

  5. carol2000 says:

    An interesting article about chronic cough that’s caused by “a sensory neuropathy of the vagus nerve.”
    J Thorac Dis. 2014 Oct;6(Suppl 7):S748-52. doi: 10.3978/j.issn.2072-1439.2014.04.22.
    Arnold’s nerve cough reflex: evidence for chronic cough as a sensory vagal neuropathy.
    Ryan NM, Gibson PG, Birring SS.
    Arnold’s nerve ear-cough reflex is recognised to occur uncommonly in patients with chronic cough. In these patients, mechanical stimulation of the external auditory meatus can activate the auricular branch of the vagus nerve (Arnold’s nerve) and evoke reflex cough. This is an example of hypersensitivity of vagal afferent nerves, and there is now an increasing recognition that many cases of refractory or idiopathic cough may be due to a sensory neuropathy of the vagus nerve. We present two cases where the cause of refractory chronic cough was due to sensory neuropathy associated with ear-cough reflex hypersensitivity. In both cases, the cough as well as the Arnold’s nerve reflex hypersensitivity were successfully treated with gabapentin, a treatment that has previously been shown to be effective in the treatment of cough due to sensory laryngeal neuropathy (SLN).

    Hmmm, sounds like a new product line to me: “Arnold’s Cough Drops, With Gabapentin.” How’s that for marketing genius? Actually, if I stick a cotton swab in my right ear, it does make me cough! But not my left ear.

  6. Rose says:

    Today’s little entertainment at the governments expense.
    Or, why invent something to say when the answer is perfectly obvious, or, does the spokesman for the House of Commons have a sense of humour.

    MPs criticised for picking leaves off Parliament’s trees – because it is cheaper than raking them up

    “A spokesman for the House of Commons said: “The leaves are removed each winter as a more time-efficient alternative to raking fallen leaves.
    “It is not possible to separate the cost of removing leaves from the trees in New Palace Yard from the wider cost of the gardening contract.”

    Now look at the picture.


    See the trees on the left, someone has been doing the autumn pruning to keep the ornamental trees in shape.

    “Miss Honeybun told The Daily Telegraph: “I am not picking leaves off the trees, I am cutting them individually down to the second bud so they keep their shape. I am doing some mini-pollarding but they do look nice after they have done.”

    “I wouldn’t pick leaves off. These are lime trees are so old and they have not been ‘pleached’ for years, so we have to keep their shape. We do it once a year. We are basically keeping them in the shape you see every summer. They have got quite shallow roots.”

    If the House of Commons explanation is not a wind up, you can begin to understand why they fell for the secondhand smoke theory.

  7. magnetic01 says:

    The G20 Circus Summit is in Queensland, Australia.

    The city of Brisbane has been “locked down” for the event. Everything about the event appears to be terribly controlled. [It’s one thing that Australia appears to be good at – organizing/controlling events] Even protest groups were organized/controlled. They were required to register with authorities and, I think, required to conform to a timetable for protests. A number of leaders even had their own cars air-lifted in for the 2-day event.

    Obama gave a televised speech at the University of Queensland. He specifically requested that the younger generation (university and high school students) was well represented in the audience. There was much rhetoric about this being an exciting time to be living. The [captive, in awe] audience broke into strong, enthusiastic applause at two points in the speech, issues that Obama saw as vitally important – 1) action is needed on climate change; 2) protecting the rights and freedoms of our gay/lesbian fellow citizens. He urged the young to stay vocal on these issues. [The Obama administration has also been the most rabidly antismoking to date]

    At another venue, UN chief, Ban Ki-moon also gave a speech as part of the G20 circus. It was riddled with terms such as “international community”, “global economics”, “global vision”, “global responsibility”. He also emphasized that “climate change is the defining issue of our time”.

    Elected leaders of sovereign nations are no longer that. They are now “world leaders”, defined so by a network of supranational organizations. They and government bureaucrats attend numerous [5-star] conferences around the world each year. They answer to supranational organizations such as the UN. They have become a part of a global, unelected, elitist clique. It is the vision of these “global” nut cases that is being inflicted on countries around the world through mesmerized and pampered (at taxpayer expense) national leaders. It’s they who decide what’s important and not important, what’s desirable and undesirable, what’s “moral” and “immoral”.

    It was worth a palm slap to the forehead when Australian prime-minister, Tony Abbott, claimed that the G20 meeting should give citizens a feeling of confidence. Things being in the hands of these world leaders (and a string of unaccountable supranational organizations and “charitable” NGOs) was good because they “knew what they were doing”.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      abbott also said climate change would not be on the table for discussion 2 weeks ago yet ZeroMan tries to push his dead issue anyway. All I can say is its going to be awfully lonely at the Whitehouse these next 2 years……………..

    • Frank Davis says:

      They are now “world leaders”,

      I thought they were Masters of the Universe.

  8. roobeedoo2 says:

    Margaret Chang = Mrs Tweedy

  9. beobrigitte says:

    Ah, the secret FCTC ‘conference’ in Moscow….

    On day two, the global health organisation banned all media, including those who received credentials from the FCTC. COP6 delegates then voted to raise cigarette tax rates, which the FCTC initially recommended to be set at 70 per cent, but chose to instead let the parties decide increases individually.

    By the end of the week, the organisation had also recommended that all party members end all duty-free and tax-free sales of tobacco products, tax smokeless products at rates equal to combustible cigarettes and ban all types of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) or e-cigarettes.

    Who can be individually held accountable as this unelected body made decisions concerning a legal industry as well as the public, excluding the affected industry and the public? Perhaps there would not have been much caviar but much going home if the public had had access?

    I thought the WHO almighty was going to allow us chicken to use ‘cigalikes’?

    Apropos chicken… The Margaret Chan&friends’ chicken ‘nurturing’ led to these


    On page 14 of the Tobacco Reporter there are news. The IS (Islamic State) has back peddled on the smoking ban to increase it’s popularity……

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