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Following from yesterday, and the way things gradually metamorphose into something else, Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore:

His fellow directors were unqualified in science, whereas he has a PhD in ecology and environmental science.  When they decided, against his advice, to campaign to ban chlorine, he split.  “I told them, ‘Adding chlorine to drinking water was the biggest advance in the history of public health. Most synthetic pharmaceuticals and medicines are made with chlorine.’ But Greenpeace had drifted away from science and logic, and its tools now were misinformation, sensationalism and fear, all designed to get public donations.”

Sounds familiar. Tobacco Control is just the same. Except there was never any science or logic to it in the first place.

These days Moore seems to go round the world telling people that the outfit he helped found has become a monster.


The House of Lords has invited the so-called UK Centre For Tobacco and Alcohol Studies to present them with evidence.

This body informed peers that drinking should be subject to many of the same prohibitions as smoking.

It is demanding legislation to impose new restraints on marketing alcoholic drinks, an end to sponsorship of sport by drinks companies, and a blanket ban on representatives from the drinks industry attending meetings civil servants.

It is tempting to dismiss these demands as preposterous. This would be most unwise. The anti-smoking lobby has proved extremely effective in recent years…


Ebola crisis: DEC launches unprecedented appeal for public help

Why don’t they go and ask the WHO to release money earmarked for antismoking campaigns and conferences instead?

And finally an article by Gabriela Segura M.D., which I’ve mentioned before, but in which I don’t remember reading this:

Professor Chris Busby, Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, explains that we are probably only looking at the tip of a very nasty radioactive iceberg. In a meeting which took place in Stockholm 2009, he said:

“The global death yield of the nuclear age to 1992 has been horrifying. According to objective calculations by the European Committee on Radiation Risk (using weapons fallout radiation exposure) there have been (up to 2003) 61 million cancer deaths; 1,600,000 infant deaths; 1,880,000 fetal deaths. There has been a loss of life quality of 10% (in terms of illnesses and ageing effects). The blame for this can be squarely placed at the door of those scientists and administrators (WHO, UNSCEAR, ICRP) who developed and supported the scientific risk models. This is a war crime far greater in magnitude than any that has occurred in recorded human history.”

Not sure how seriously to take Busby, partly because he’s a Green activist who chains himself to railings.

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27 Responses to Various News Items

  1. harleyrider1978 says:

    Cigarette ash can clean arsenic from water

    Scientists have found that discarded cigarette ash can cheaply and easily remove more than 96 percent of poisonous arsenic from water.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      As a result of mining and other industries, the toxin arsenic has contaminated groundwater at high levels in countries such as China, Chile, Hungary and Mexico. The poison is odourless and tasteless so it’s hard to detect, but it can cause skin discolouration, stomach pain, partial paralysis and a range of other serious health problems.

      Technology already exists to help eliminate arsenic from water, but it’s expensive and requires a high level of expertise, which makes it impractical for use in rural and developing regions.

      Scientists have already started trying to use natural waste materials, such as banana peels, to clean up arsenic, but so far most projects have proved ineffective.

      A team of researchers, led by Jiaxing Li from the North China Electrical Power University in Beijing, decided to investigate whether porous cigarette ash might do a better job.

      The scientists coated cigarette ash in aluminium oxide, a simple, one-step method, and then tested it on contaminated ground water. They found the material removed more than 96 percent of the arsenic, reducing it to a safe level according to the World Health Organisation standards.

      Because cigarette ash is already being thrown away around the world each day, this is an extremely cost-effective solution to the public health issue, the scientists report in the American Chemical Society’s Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research journal, where they published their results.

      So now scientists could clean up cigarette butts and arsenic in developing countries at the same time, which is pretty awesome.

  2. legiron says:

    It wasn’t war.
    Here’s your cancer increase since ww!!. The rest of it is all obfuscation.

    • petesquiz says:

      That is a phenomenal video – I had no real concept of quite how many nuclear test explosions there had been – I’d have guessed at about a quarter of the real number!

  3. petesquiz says:

    I was once a member of Greenpeace (many years ago) and what made me realise that they were anti-science was their stance on GM crops when they went and wrecked the experimental sites being used to test whether the technology was safe.

    With regard to Busby and his catalogue of radiation deaths, it would be interesting if someone could combine all of the figures on smoking related deaths, alcohol related deaths, diet related deaths, nuclear related deaths, drug related deaths and the other ‘crazy theories’ to see whether they all add up to more than the actual death figure. I suspect that it would be a bit of an eye opener and provide another nail in the coffin of these crackpot ideas.

  4. carol2000 says:

    Off topic (today anyway): Speaking of global warming, last night I watched the temperature as given by the National Weather Service plummet to 31F (-1C) before 11 pm and remain there until at least 2 am. This morning all those readings have been changed to 33.1F (2C). I’ve heard that for their final report they average in temperatures from other sensors in the area, but the only ones that weren’t below freezing were those right in town. Some were colder Here’s their Mesonet page. I wish I’d grabbed a screen shot last night.,-89.945068,43.624147,-87.665405&density=10

  5. harleyrider1978 says:

    October 30th, 2014

    How Liberal are the LibDems?

    Nick Clegg, that bastion of liberalism, is going around blaming David Cameron’s illiberal policies for the deaths of drug users this morning. Even a LibDem voter on an acid trip could see through Clegg’s conversion to a fearless crusader for the cause of freedom. This is the same Nick Clegg whose party wants to tax fizzy drinks more, tax booze more, change the definition of cider so they can tax it more, ban branding on fag packets, ban houses that are not zero carbon, ban smoking in cars, ban smoking in pubs and restaurants, ban petrol and diesel cars, implement state regulation of the press and regulate goldfish. What would Gladstone say?

  6. harleyrider1978 says:

    ZeroCare just the same as RomneyCare

    Over 214,000 doctors won’t participate in the new plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA,) analysis of a new survey by Medical Group Management Association shows. That number of 214,524, estimated by American Action Forum, is through May 2014, but appears to be growing due to plans that force doctors to take on burdensome costs. It’s also about a quarter of the total number of 893,851 active professional physicians reported by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

    In January, an estimated 70% of California’s physicians were not participating in Covered California plans.

    Here are some of the reasons why:

    1. Reimbursements under Obamacare are at bottom-dollar – they are even lower than Medicare reimbursements, which are already significantly below market rates. “It is estimated that where private plans pay $1.00 for a service, Medicare pays $0.80, and ACA exchange plans are now paying about $0.60,” a study by the think-tank American Action Forum finds. “For example, Covered California plans are setting their plan fee schedules in line with that of Medi-Cal-California’s Medicaid Program-which means exchange plans are cutting provider reimbursement by up to 40 percent.”

    2. Doctors are expected to take on more patients to make up for the lost revenue, but that’s not happening, because primary care doctors already have more patients than they can handle. “Furthermore, physicians are worried that exchange plan patients will be sicker than the average patient because they may have been without insurance for extended periods of time, and therefore will require more of the PCPs time at lower pay,” says the study.

    The study also points to two reasons that doctors might not get paid at all:

    3. An MGMA study indicates that 75% of ACA patients that had seen doctors had chosen plans with high deductibles. Given that most of the patients are low-income, doctors are concerned that the patients cannot meet the deductibles and they will get stuck with the bill.

    4. HHS requires that insurers cover customers for an additional 90 days after they have stopped paying their premiums: the insurer covers the first 30 – but, it’s up to the doctor to recoup payment for the last 60 days. This is the number one reason providers are opting to not participate in the exchange plans. Currently, about a million people have failed to pay their premiums and had their plans canceled.

    So, Obamacare is asking doctors to take on sicker patients for less money, with the risk of not getting paid at all? No wonder doctors are running from these plans!

    ROMNEYCARE was being sued by Hospitals and Doctors over not getting paid at all and even in some cases they only paid 40% on the dollar of the bill sent. That was 5 years at the state level in Mass. Even in Tennessee the same thing went on with TENNCARE and still does. Every 6 months or do the latest provider goes bankrupt and the state sends you a new care card with another newly minted provider…………They’ve literally been thru about 12-14 new health care providers in tenncare since it was first created and already the Federal Government has bailed out ZEROCARES providers……….Now they have a 78% increase in premiums coming due in the next few months and Obama wont release the actual figures until after the elections……….Go figure!

  7. harleyrider1978 says:

    Number of the Week: Total World Debt Load at 313% of GDP

    $223.3 trillion: The total indebtedness of the world, including all parts of the public and private sectors, amounting to 313% of global gross domestic product.

    Advanced economies tend to draw attention for their debt at the government and household levels. But emerging markets are gathering debt at an increasing pace to drive their economic development.

    In a comprehensive report on global indebtedness, economists at ING found that debt in developed economies amounted to $157 trillion, or 376% of GDP. Emerging-market debt totaled $66.3 trillion at the end of last year, or 224% of GDP.

    The $223.3 trillion in total global debt includes public-sector debt of $55.7 trillion, financial-sector debt of $75.3 trillion and household or corporate debt of $92.3 trillion. (The figures exclude China’s shadow finance and off-balance-sheet financing.)

    “Increasingly, ‘debt’ is seen as a dirty word,” the ING research team said in a report released this week. “But in most cases, it should not be. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the rise of U.S. indebtedness coincided with improvements in technology and the globalization of trade, human labor and finance. Computers allowed for speedier processing and better and more transparent access to credit risk data.”

    “Debt can become dirty when the rise of debt service costs exceeds income and a borrower’s long-term ability to make payments and often when rapid growth of debt and/or lack of adequate transparency disguises creditworthiness issues,” they write.

    Global trade has played a leading role in driving debt dynamics as emerging markets increasingly supplied low-cost labor and raw materials in recent decades. But emerging-market debt has grown only slightly faster than economies. A decade ago, total emerging-market debt was $18.8 trillion, or 214% of GDP. (Now it’s $66.3 trillion, or 224% of GDP.)

    Per-capita indebtedness is still just $11,621 in emerging economies (and rises to $12,808 if you exclude the two largest populations, China and India). For developed economies, it’s $170,401. The U.S. alone has total per-capita indebtedness of $176,833, including all public and private debt.

    They dont even bring up the 1.6 gazillion dollars of debt in the derivatives bubble where debt gets dumped to and called an asset!

  8. harleyrider1978 says:

    rustyaxlenut • 9 days ago

    Meanwhile, back at the Rusty Axlenut Institute of Applied Intelligence, a study by Senior Research Fellows Dr.’s, I.M. Fat, and U.R. Sweet, proved conclusively that exposure to preposterous phony studies causes stress that leads to early sexual dysfunction, the heartbreak of psoriasis, orange Cheetos fingers, excessive flatulence and an obsession to collect dead flies in cardboard match boxes. The condition can lead to early death from starvation as the sufferer refuses to either eat suspect foods, or take medication listed as having serious side effects.

  9. margo says:

    You’ve got Chris Busby wrong, Frank. He’s not a ‘green activist who chains himself to railings.’ He’s a radiation scientist who works tirelessly (often for nothing and often in the face of threats against his life) to research and inform the public about radiation. He is continually being slagged off and ‘smeared’ by people with vested interests in the nuclear industry who work equally hard to ensure that the public remain ignorant and misinformed. Busby is quite eccentric, as you might expect given that he’s a courageous and honest scientist.

    • Frank Davis says:

      He’s not a ‘green activist who chains himself to railings.

      It’s what he said himself in the video. He’s definitely a Green, because he said so several times. And I’m sure he also said he’d chained himself to railings.

      See transcript of conversation where he speaks of “chaining ourselves to nuclear power stations”.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        Kinda like that anti-war activist over in Gaza who blocked Israeli tanks and soon became tank track grease.

  10. beobrigitte says:


    Ebola crisis: DEC launches unprecedented appeal for public help

    Why don’t they go and ask the WHO to release money earmarked for antismoking campaigns and conferences instead?

    Indeed, why isn’t the WHO releasing the huge amount of money earmarked for anti-smoking campaigns and conferences BEFORE appealing for pubic help? It’s answer will be that “the generous donors have specified their donation to be used for fighting “the-devil-tobacco”.

    To my knowledge, none of the generous donors to the WHO have as yet made a statement.*

    I just spotted a new entry in Prof. Grieshabers blog titled:
    Die WHO setzt Prioritäten.
    [The WHO sets priorities.]

    *In his blog Prof. Grieshaber points out that Gates Foundation HAS MADE a donation (in September) for Ebola:
    So, there CANNOT be that the WHO “underestimated” the epidemic – yet it had a SECRET conference in Moscow (13.10.14 – 18.10.14), at the cost of $1.6 million that would have been of REAL use to organisations, such as Doctors Without Borders, to attend.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Yep nobody cares about Ebola much less the WHO and all their BS anymore.

      Gates and Bloombergs true worth is the value of the market place on their prospective businesses not in actual cash. If a market decline happens and I mean a dramatic drop. These 2 wont be able to pay all that blackmale money out to keep the agenda moving alone as tax dollars dry up everywhere for tobacco control.

      • prog says:

        They only started to ‘care’ about Africans when Ebola became a threat to The First World.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          Ebola would never be a threat to the first world if we kept them bottled up where it originates until the outbreak is over. But since Ebola is a tropical disease it wont flourish in north America at all………….And its not even been found in south America as natutally occurring either. Meaning its localized to just Africa.

        • prog says:

          It might get a foothold in some of your sub-tropical regions.

        • beobrigitte says:

          But since Ebola is a tropical disease it wont flourish in north America at all………….And its not even been found in south America as natutally occurring either. Meaning its localized to just Africa.

          Ebola is a virus – and our body temperature is 36.4 – 37.0 (degree Celsius), so, no, the virus will not stay confined to e.g. West Africa. Remember the Marburg virus? A close relative to Ebola; a small outbreak occurred in the 60s in rather cold Germany.

          Luckily for everyone else the laboratory didn’t let things slide (or attended silly ‘NON-LEGALLY-BINDING FCTC’ meetings) and they did identify the carrier (monkeys imported from Uganda) quickly.

          Gates and Bloombergs true worth is the value of the market place on their prospective businesses not in actual cash. If a market decline happens and I mean a dramatic drop.
          ‘Sainthood’ is good for sales!

    • nisakiman says:

      Yes, one wonders how many face masks, gowns and bottles of bleach (about all they’re using for protection in the affected areas) $1.6m would have bought.

      It’s nothing short of criminal.

  11. harleyrider1978 says:

    China: smoking out the nanny state

    Thursday October 30, 2014

    If the war on tobacco is driving you to distraction you should visit smoker-friendly China, writes Ruari Clark.

    Anyone interested in civil liberties should come and live in China. But not for the reasons you might suspect. If you do you’ll leave thinking life in Britain leaves much to be desired.

    Yes, China is a one party state. Its citizens – subjects is probably a more accurate term – have few if any political freedoms. Nobody suggests this should be replicated in Britain. But the lack of political freedom is accompanied by a refreshing freedom from the repressive and absurdly irritating policies of the British nanny state. A paradox certainly, but true nonetheless.

    Smoking is the most obvious example. If I want to light a cigarette in England I have to do so hidden down a manhole lest a passer-by think I’m infringing their ‘right’ to clean air. (Come to China and tell me you have that right.) The very thought of smoking one of my noxious tobacco products indoors would ostracise me from nearly every social situation. Don’t you know passive smoking kills?

    If I drop my finished fag in Britain I run the risk of being fined £80 or sent on a ‘re-education’ course. In China, when I open a pack of cigarettes, twenty lighters are held to my face by expectant pedestrians. For some reason people seem to want me to smoke. Maybe it’s because they can see that as an adult I’ve decided to buy a perfectly legal product. Shocking.

    No smoking bans here. Be it bar, restaurant or club, nobody minds the odd light up. Indeed the only place I’ve seen an enforced ‘No Smoking’ sign was in a plush hotel catering for Westerners (one form of cultural imperialism the Left don’t give a damn about).

    Ashtrays are helpfully provided nearly everywhere and even if I do have to drop a fag end in the street nobody cares because, guess what? It’s not a big deal. Then again it might have something to do with the thousands of people the Chinese have sweeping the streets day and night. This is an initiative I’m sure the good people of ASH would be happy to partake in. At least then their government funding would be put to good use.

    Then there’s the price. In England buying a pack of cigarettes requires most people to mortgage their house. In China the cheapest pack of 20 is 40p. Forty pence. True, it’s probably all paper and glue. But it tastes glorious in spite – because – of it. Yes, many people in China are very poor. Yes, people in Britain are much better off. But why does that give the government the right to tax tobacco the way it does?

    Is China a model for other countries around the world? No. But if the Chinese can get it right on tobacco why can’t Europe? Why can’t the enlightened and democratic people of Britain mind their own business? Give me a communist who leaves me alone over a liberal who insists on brushing my teeth at night every day of the week.

  12. vlad says:

    A primary school teacher who broke into a house and stole cash to fund her heroin habit is to be formally struck off from the profession.
    Read more:
    Since when is being addicted to heroin called ‘having a heroin habit’ ?! The author is either taking PCness to a new level of ridiculousness or he’s just plain dumb.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Vlad to dig deeper at the actual problem we must look at drugs as a economic theme.

      If the addiction keeps one from working it means they cant buy the drug for the next fix.
      Then we have to take the street value of the drug into consideration to determine the amount of crime or theft needed to sustain the drug habit for that person.

      What the problem amounts to is being illegal causes the price to be high and because of that creates crime to supply the habit.

      If its legalized and you can get it cheap the crime part pretty much disappears overnite.

      That’s just looking at hard Narcotics. The biggest drug market is Pharma pain killers.

      They just changed the law via ZEROCARE that docs can no longer write out pain killer scripts for refills any longer. You now have to go each month for a refill script.

      You can imagine what that just did to office visits……it doubled and tripled the schedule for appointments for nothing but refills and no actual need for backlogging the system.

      Now it may take you 6 weeks instead of 1 week to see your regular doctor…….

      But what Ive seen happening is doctors are writing out post dated scripts to cover the backlog. Its all they can do.

      Oh they get that office visit fee another imposed cost of zerocare for nothing but a hand written script and for nothing else and costing everyone more costs and longer wait times.

      Then ZeroCare also limitied ER docs from handing out more than 2 pain pills in the nite. They cant write you a script for pain pills either when they know you may need a few days worth over just a infected tooth until you can get to a dentist. Or over back pain where you cant sleep………..

      The progressives cures for societal problems only breed blackmarkets and make criminals out of non-criminals……..

      That’s pretty much it in a nutshell!

      • prog says:

        ‘The biggest drug market is Pharma pain killers.’

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          yep overdoses occur for everything under the sun………Especially in those who are suicidal. But for the overwhelming people who use the drugs within the amounts prescribed they get screwed by the few who abuse it. Then cost everyone more time,money and inconvience just to get what you were already getting.

          What happens when my 74 year old mom cant get her meds for pain when she couldn’t get an appointment before they ran out………….She ends up with me or my sister in law taking her to the ER. Then she gets told sorry only 2 pills you will have to see your regular doc for more…………..after 7 back surgeries and a colostomy bag she aint in very good shape anymore.

          I for one wont watch her suffer or anyone else because of a stupid change of law……….

          Its ridiculous when your trying to help the ailing.

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