Sanity and Insanity

I keep seeing stuff like this:

Europe commits economic suicide – agrees to massive emission cuts.

Eric Worrall writes: The European Union has just committed economic suicide, by agreement a landmark deal, to cut CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030.

Given that European emissions, by any rational measure, have been rising steadily, this would at first seem to be an impossible goal.

But anyone who is expecting a rational re-appraisal of European environment policy – don’t underestimate the blind determination of Europe’s green elite, to fulfill their dream of an emission free Europe. They will, in my opinion, happily bomb the European economy back into the stone age to achieve their ridiculous goal.

and this

Richard Lindzen – Professor Emeritus, MIT, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

“This year is the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I: a war where Europe demonstrated its capacity to harness hysteria in the service of suicide.  It is only fitting that the EU is celebrating this anniversary by harnessing the hysteria over speculative global warming (a phenomenon that has actually been hiding for 18 years), in the service of economic suicide by calling for a roll back of the industrial era despite the clear evidence that such action will serve to increase unemployment, ruin competitiveness and increase poverty.”

and wondering if everyone has simply gone mad. And perhaps they have? Perhaps they really have?

Have a listen to Ted Turner talking about climate change. It’s only a minute long. And remember that this is the guy who gave $1 billion to the WHO:

I think the guy is insane. He comes over like some drunk in a bar, jabbering about UFOs or Area 51 or Nibiru or something. The kind that make you mutter some excuse, finish your drink quickly, and hurry away.

But it’s guys like him that are the movers and shakers in our world. And they’re mad people. People who have collectively gone mad. People who are frightened of carbon dioxide and tobacco smoke, FFS.

It’s why I’m increasingly thinking that the next election is really going to be a choice between sanity and insanity.

And in the UK, the Labour party and the Conservative party and the Lib Dems all seem to me to be insane to greater or lesser degrees. It only seems to be UKIP that seems to be the voice of sanity. And maybe one or two sane politicians in the otherwise insane mainstream parties. I’m not trying to plug UKIP: I’m trying to plug sanity.

It’s not really about the EU or immigration or even the smoking ban. It’s about whether we’re governed by sane, commonsensical people – or governed by mad people.

It’s not just a problem in the UK. There’s the same problem in Europe, and in the USA, and Canada and Australia.

But I think that in the UK most ordinary people are actually pretty sane. They’re mostly not frightened of carbon dioxide. They’re mostly not frightened of tobacco smoke either. But more or less every day they see their government doing something that’s just barking mad. I think they must be getting really sick of it. I know I am.

And so I’m hoping that next year the British people are going to start voting for sanity. Or at least stop voting for insanity.

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33 Responses to Sanity and Insanity

  1. beobrigitte says:

    I think the guy is insane.

    This guy is away with the mixer; no sane person thinks, let alone TALKS such utter nonsense!!
    “We’ve got to stabilize the population … We have too many people that’s why we have global warming … Less people use less stuff”.

    Turner’s affinity for, and generosity to, the U.N. is reflective of his belief that “I’m a global citizen. Slavery: my fault. Inequality: my fault. Global environmental degradation: my fault. Population explosion: my fault. But, I think I can do something about all it, although it’s wearing me out.”

    Ted Turner invested in the anti-smoking brigade; so he must know that smoking does NOT kill. If it did he would encourage smoking, wouldn’t he? After all, he wants to “stabilize” the population…

    But I think that in the UK most ordinary people are actually pretty sane. They’re mostly not frightened of carbon dioxide. They’re mostly not frightened of tobacco smoke either. But more or less every day they see their government doing something that’s just barking mad. I think they must be getting really sick of it. I know I am.

    So am I – and many others, too.

  2. harleyrider1978 says:

    Europe commits economic suicide – agrees to massive emission cuts.

    Seems I said the same thing about 3 or 4 days ago……………

    It appears Cameron sold the UK out yet again

    EU reaches agreement to cut emissions by 40 per cent

    The outcome is expected to be welcomed by the UK government who voiced support for an “ambitious” 40 per cent emissions reduction target ahead of the talks, but opposed a nationally binding renewable target saying member states should have the freedom to decarbonise in a “flexible way”.

    President of the European Council Mr Van Rompuy, tweeted that the agreement was the “world’s most ambitious, cost-effective, and fair” climate energy policy.

    EU Commissioner Connie Hedegaard said: “The EU climate action commissioner is very proud that the 28 EU leaders, despite economic uncertainty and other severe international crises, were able to get their act together on this pressing climate challenge.

    “A binding 40 per cent CO2 reduction effort domestically in Europe is not an easy task. It can only be achieved through a major transformation in all parts of the society.”

    She added: “In order to get Europe on the right track towards a low-carbon society, it is extremely important that the leaders also accepted the renewables target binding at the EU level just as the Commission proposed.”

    Martin Schoenberg, head of policy at Climate Change Capital, the environmental asset manager and advisor, said the 40 per cent target was the “minimum needed to signal continued political commitment to decarbonisation” but added the deal was a “major achievement”.


    harleyrider1978 says:

    October 24, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    The deal just killed any chance for EU financial come back is what it did………….

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      But one must remember in order for socialism or communism to have an environment to thrive in it must be one of TOTAL ECONOMIC STRIFE………….That’s the first step for it to gain a foothold and attract new converts. Hitler knew this and so did Lenin who indeed thrived on it and succeeded at the time. While they tried it in other countries in the U.S. it failed miserably even for the Depression. Oh they tried and it even brought on the RED SCARE with FDR’S own wife deeply involved in the communist party and making so many visits to communist meetings FDR told her to stop it and his own VP at the time was fired over his communist ties and FDR brought in Truman to replace him………..

      So Id say the EU wants to create economic strife at least as long as they make it seem they are the salvation and without them WORLDWIDE DEPRESSION will be the result.

      Yet with 2-3 Gazillion in printed and mouse click currency in the world to atone for soon the end will come fast hard and deadly!

      Don’t think for a second those non-stop printing presses wont come back to haunt us all.

      The piper always gets paid,just like the Devil.

  3. harleyrider1978 says:

    Frank I had a thought hit me today. In 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell what deal really went down for it to com down…………Not that I really think Reagan sold us all out to the socialists or progressive facist scums. But I do think the UN had a deal already set up and the only thing keeping the one world EU styled government from happening was the IRON CURTAIN……………

    Like I say it was a passing thought,intuition maybe who knows,but its when all this shit started really coming together is whats so damned scary.

  4. waltc says:

    On barking mad government (mine) and Ebola. After NY and NJ govs ruled that returning health workers from Ebola-land would be under mandatory hospital quarantine for 21 days, they were, w/I 24 hours, forced to recant under pressure from the Feds and annul their own law. After declaring, truly, that landing-strip temperatures were inadequate indices and that voluntary quarantine was unworkable in these dishonorable times (see the doctor who did the town, the NBC doctor/reporter who just had to go out to buy gourmet takeout even tho a member of her crew had Ebola, , the Dallas nurse who flew to Ohio) by last night, they were saying the opposite with dead pan faces to cover their chicken asses. I.e., temperature tells all and voluntary is fine,.

    The kickoff to the whole unseemly episode was the detention of a newly returned nurse who arrived from Ebola-land with 103 fever at Newark airport and was carted from airport to hospital. While it’s quite true she was held in a nasty improvised quarantine tent somewhere outside on the hospital grounds — and surely they could have moved her to a better facility– she threatened to sue on civil liberties grounds and called in the ACLU to be officially outraged. The CDC, which changes its “guidelines” seemingly on the hour, is now screaming about how unfair it all was and how decisions on quarantine should be “based on the science” which also seems to be changing on the hour. At any rate, the nurse was released from the tent and allowed to go home –to Maine, I believe, if she promises to be a good girl.

    Getting back to business, one point stands out. Like it or not, States do have police powers that trump civil liberties when it comes to Matters of Health. From whence springs the legality of the smoking bans which certainly wreak havoc with the civil liberties of millions of people. . The rationale for which are hardly “based on the science” (or at any rate, based on all the science you can buy.)

    A note on yesterday re CNN. Tho I can’t find the clip, I believe that after a few years, they dropped the no smokers, if not the no smoking policy. Can anyone confirm that?

  5. waltc says:

    Sanity; don’t know the date on this but Go, Nigel

  6. What you’ve done, Frank, is identified many of the World’s problems in one concise piece. And it all leads to the same conclusion. The one I have been banging on about.

    But these people know exactly what they are doing. Turner actually scared me like I was watching a horror film when he started talking about depopulation in such a cold, calculated and factual way.

    It’s too many of the saps out here who are mad for not seeing through the charade by now, but they gather their ‘news’ from the likes of Turner’s networks. Turner is probably just a low-grade elite – $1 billion is absolutely nothing. But he knows the endgame: a World government and massive depopulation.

    This is why the EU will readily sacrifice our economies and futures. To impoverish us is to empower the elites even further. Labour’s Climate Change Act 2008 committed the UK to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050 (compared to the 1990 ‘baseline’, which seems a weird way to arrange it) so we have these apparent drunks saying and doing crazy things in every country. But they are specially groomed for the job and being drunk with power makes them feel so good that they’ll go along with anything to keep their positions.

    It’s the reason that UKIP scares me because the same people run everything popular and because the elites write the script and plan many decades ahead, they know what public opinion will be, so they can arrange the ‘opposition’ before the real opposition gets started.

    I also vote UKIP in the hope that I’m wrong and that it is so full of ordinary people who believe in freedom and UK sovereignty that they won’t allow the leadership to renege on anything if and when the time comes for them to take the reins of what’s left of the UK.

    But the grassroots support of the mainstream parties is at odds with the leaderships, because those leaders are chosen/compromised for their ability to craftily fool the voters. And the people are still stupid. Most like comforting lies and the “devil you know” so don’t want change. That’s why a very large minority/small majority will believe anything, like the need to destroy our industry to ‘save the planet’ and these same people probably won’t mind that vast numbers of old folks will die of cold in future winters due to exorbitant prices and intermittent power supplies. Not just old folks either from now on. Whole families will be found dead, their bodies huddled together in their living room in a last-gasp attempt to stay alive after they lost their jobs and the benefits system collapsed – and the forecast of a new ice age was correct!

    I’m going off at length again; I can’t seem to help myself. People can’t add 2 + 2 and get 4 now. They’ll believe any tripe that comes out of the idiot box if it’s said by someone in a suit and a posh accent. They esteem as worthless their own lifetime of experiences and intelligence in favour of what the ‘experts’ trot out to declare imminent disasters of Biblical proportions unless we all ‘tackle’ climate change and the obesity ‘ticking time bomb’ and the smoking ‘epidemic’ and the ‘bigotry’ and the vastly increased threat of war by the existence of sovereign nations, etc.

    Turner knows what he’s doing. He’s a lapdog really. Probably trying to suck up to the real elites hoping to dine at the Captain’s table when it’s all over. Not that he’ll likely still be alive then, although they are moving quickly.

    They are mad – barking mad – but psychopaths can’t understand that. And the masses have also lost their mind on too much bread and circuses provided by the likes of Turner and his ‘entertainment’.

    But people never change. Juvenal (from whom we get ‘bread and circuses’) warned the ancient Romans that they were losing their duty to hold their leaders to account. E.g. in Rome they had a grain dole – free grain for the Romans and expensive entertainment laid on to keep the natives satisfied enough not to bother revolting. Seems it’s exactly the same in the West today.

    In its review of Edward Gibbon’s “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”, one sentence in Wikipedia perhaps sums up why the Empire collapsed:

    According to Gibbon, the Roman Empire succumbed to barbarian invasions in large part due to the gradual loss of civic virtue among its citizens.

    A case of déjà vu.

    • Frank Davis says:

      But these people know exactly what they are doing…. Turner knows what he’s doing.

      I don’t think he does. I don’t think he has a clue. I don’t think any of them do.

      You always think that everything has been carefully planned in advance. And I never do. That’s why you’re a creationist and I’m an evolutionist. You think you’re watching an unfolding plan, and I think we’re caught up in a chaotic process that’s far too complex for anyone to understand, let alone plan or control.

      • carol2000 says:

        You don’t have to be a creationist to believe that our thoroughly mortal rulers plan things in advance. A basic understanding of how things work is sufficient. You just have to pay attention, and most of all, realize that by the time these things show up in prime time, they’ve already been in the works for a long time. And that if bad ideas keep on advancing, it’s because those with power want them to.

      • carol2000 says:

        Think of society as an enormous pyramid with the powerful people on top, and people interact mainly with those on their own level. The powerful people all interact with their fellow powerful people, and to them, the world really does look like a global village. If they decide they want to impose something on the masses, they can and do all work together to do so. Meanwhile, to the proletariat on the lower levels, the world looks like a big confusing place full of lots of people like them with no power, of whom they only know a tiny few. But they’re told a fairy tale that they control things by the democratic process, so they wonder why things look so out of control.

        • prog says:

          Ever since humans assimilated into communities there was always some bastards who offered to protect them from other bastards in return for subservience and ‘taxes.

        • Frank Davis says:

          Everybody plans things. But that doesn’t mean that the plans will work. In fact, the plans almost always go wrong, every single time.

          The powerful people all interact with their fellow powerful people, and come to share the same delusions as them (e.g. the dangers of tobacco smoke, carbon dioxide, etc, etc). They come to live in a bubble with a set of beliefs and assumptions that ordinary people don’t share. They become mad. They lose touch with everyday ordinary common sense.

          And their power is restricted to raising taxes and making laws and conducting wars. They have a set of brute force weapons, none of which are any use at “winning hearts and minds”. The result is that they are now losing hearts and minds. And they are terrified of public opinion turning against them. Which is why they’re always trying to spin their way out of the fixes they get themselves into.

        • smokervoter says:

          The flawed and dynastic Republican George Bush Jr. vetoed SCHIP and a Republican congress sustained him. That temporarily saved me another $365/year until Obama and the Dems took over because they got more votes. Those annual $365’s really add up.

          If Obama and Dick Durbin (D) and Tom Harkin (D) had their way, I’d be out yet another $365/year to pay for free Universal Pre-School Education (a.k.a cradle to kindergarten antismoking indoctrination). Presently it won’t fly through the Republican-held House of Representatives. Those annual $365’s really add up. Better pray they hold onto their majority come November. Better show up and vote Republican.

          Cha-ching, that’s $365 back in my pocket where it belongs and with no thanks to the Democratic party.

          If I’d had my druthers, Steve Forbes would have been the Republican presidential nominee in 2000. I was both horrified and disappointed with the party’s eventual standard-bearer. I got outvoted, it’s that simple. Votes do count.

          The prospect of another Bush-Clinton matchup in 2016 sickens me to the core. I’ll vote Libertarian along with the other 1% of the electorate.

          Or move to Moldova and change my name to iessalb.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          bastards in return for subservience and ‘taxes.

          PROTECTION RACKET the same as any MAFIOSO………….

      • smokervoter says:

        And I’ll switch to either Marengo King Style Filters or maybe Doina’s. Tough choice.

        • nisakiman says:

          “These products have a great popularity among different categories of smokers with low incomes that prefer tobacco products with strong impact, relative concentration of tar, nicotine, strong sated aroma and the taste of the tobacco smoke causing specific (extreme) sensations, and also feelings of impact completeness and satisfactions while smoking.”

          Moldova sounds like a great place. I didn’t notice any fawning PC excuses on the Marengo website – just stuff like I quoted above. That was about their non-filtered fags. On the subject of one of their filter brands:

          ” The commodity group of cigarettes MARENGO includes three versions of elite class smoking products with high quality indicators in Premium price segment: MARENGO Forte, MARENGO Legato and MARENGO Piano. Cigarettes differ among themselves in the design data, applied materials, flavor fortress and the maintenance of harmful substances in smoke.

          Specified products are classified as cigarettes of American Blend type and correspond to the European level of quality, and also requirements of the European Union Instruction and Parliament for the maximum permissible maintenance of TAR, nicotine and CO in the tobacco smoke.

          In cigarettes MARENGO Forte, the maintenance of TAR, nicotine and CO does not exceed, accordingly, 8,0; 0,6 and 9,0 mg for one cigarette, in MARENGO Legato – 5,0; 0,4 and 7,0 mg/seg., and in MARENGO Piano – 2,0; 0,2 and 4,0 mg/seg.

          These indicators are provided at the expense of complex use of high technology for tobacco mixture processing and the modern equipment for cigarettes manufacturing, application of qualitative materials, original design of products, and also high qualification and practical experience of experts and the workers involved in production process.”

          “Elite class smoking products with high quality indicators.”

          Heh! Lovely! I’m going to have to look out for their products, even though I’m a RYO man.

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  8. Jay says:

    After Cameron’s brush yesterday with a jogger, I heard someone who was being interviewed on radio say that the incident was handled propely because in some other country the guy would’ve been tortured – and I thought WTF! We arrest a guy who happened to be using the same bit of pavement as David Cameron and who unwittingly ran into him and we’re proud that we only arrested him??! Not so long ago the guy would’ve apologised before going on his way. Then, for the umpteenth time I heard the piece about Michael Fallon getting it because he used the wrong word when talking about migrants (the offending word was “swamped”!). Daily we have storms in a teacup while there are really serious goings on which are made light of/swept under the carpet/excused.

  9. Vince Harden says:

    :) Speaking of the great UFO threat,which the ratz should be up in arms about as their existence is a statistical certainty & many people claim to have met/seen them,Canada’s ex-defense minister has warned everyone of it on many occasions.The WHO,EU etc. will undoubtedly get on this right away!

    This should do;

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Just like the ZOMBI APPOCALYPSE……………

    • beobrigitte says:

      Aliens…. It would be arrogant to state that we are the only ones and that there is no life on any of the many planets in our universe. If some of these aliens manage space travel etc. I’m sure they are NOT interested in this backward planet we live on, less even in us. If aliens have landed they must have had engine trouble. They fixed it and got the hell out of here!!

      – A shadowy “cabal” comprised of “the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, and The Trilateral Commission, the international banking cartel, the oil cartel, members of various intelligence organizations, and select members of the military junta” control world affairs and are scheming to create “one world government.”

      – “Canada, too, is included in the grand plan” for one world government.

      I call this shadowy cabal Tobacco Control and, indeed, it wants to rule the world. However, (and unfortunate for us all) tobacco control members albeit being inhumane do belong to the human species.

  10. harleyrider1978 says:

    Failure to pay could result in a fine of up to €250,000 per day, a sum which could double if the bill remained unpaid after a year, EurActiv understands.
    The bill is in fact more than the €2.1 billion referred previously. The total due on 1 December is actually €3.591 billion, EU sources explained.

    Budget row escalates as UK bill could reach €3.6bn

    Published: 28/10/2014 – 07:58 | Updated: 28/10/2014 – 09:332David Cameron (Credit: [World Economic Forum/Moritz Hager]/Shutterstock)The row over a hefty top-up to the UK’s contribution to the EU budget worsened Monday (27 October)…

  11. beobrigitte says:

    Europe commits economic suicide – agrees to massive emission cuts.

    Talking about cuts….
    In the news the BBC announced that we might even encounter power cuts this winter. Perhaps they expect the windturbines to freeze up? After all, much is invested in these rather noisy, unsightly and wildlife destroying monstrosities… Funnily enough, a friend told me that their village chief is planning on planting some of them – nowhere near his home, of course!

    And then, our “green energy” has a side effect:

    Neodymium is found most often in monazite and bastnasite. Due to the fact that these minerals also contain lanthanides and other rare earth elements, it is difficult to isolate neodymium. The first isolation process involves extracting the lanthanides and metals out of the ores in their salt form. This step is carried out using sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and sodium hydroxide. To further isolate the neodymium from other lanthanides and metals, procedures such as solvent extraction and ion exchange are used. Once neodymium has been reduced to its fluoride form using these processes, it can be reacted with pure calcium metal in a heated chamber to form pure neodymium and calcium fluoride. Some calcium contaminants remain in the neodymium, and vacuum processes are used to remove any of these contaminants. It is an expensive and potentially environmentally harmful process.

    and a DM article 3 years ago:

    CO2 emission? “Global warming”? In the face of the above (HEY, we’re using wind turbine to safe the planet – just sod the countries in which components for our “green” energy is being mined! And, never mind rare birds….

    I still do wonder why this:
    keeps being ignored.

    (Frank, there will be a comment in the dungeon in a minute… :) )

  12. caprizchka says:

    As a complete nutcase, I feel compelled to speak on behalf of insane people, who are being unduly tarred by the new crop of Nazis who insist on uniformity in their insanity. I presume that the deliberate impoverishment of huge populations actually does have a planning element for purposes of retaining money, resources, and all material power within their own dynasties. I don’t believe that “one global conspiracy” applies, however, but rather competing pyramid schemes of numerous dynasties/investment schemes.

    Apparently, some of these people actually care what the little people think, which I find quaintly refreshing. Others, less so. Naturally, a bit of tobacco might help the hopelessly deluded to get a grip. It sure does help me!

    Perhaps Turner is in fact under the grip of mind-control, fear, and threat of marginalization or blackmail. While I disagree with notions that the world needs more people, I’m not keen on being rounded up myself and made into sausage. I’m afraid that it turns into a dreadful paradox wherein those most obsessed with longevity invariably mistakenly engineer their own demise. The “insanity” in this case is the notion that one can actually cheat death through “hygiene.” Perhaps those with the most hysteria will wash themselves to death. One can only hope.

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