Tobacco Control Lunges at Parks

With FCTC still in conference in Moscow, Tobacco Control UK is continuing to push for new antismoking measures:

Smoking should be outlawed in public parks, the chief medical officer said last night.

Sally Davies claimed a ban was needed to stop children being set a bad example.

London mayor Boris Johnson called for a public debate:

Mr Johnson said the proposal should spark public debate. ‘One of the glories of London is that we are generally pretty laissez-faire about how people live their lives – provided they do not break the law and provided they do no harm to others,’ he said.

‘If we were to consider a ban on smoking in parks, we would need pretty clear evidence that this would have direct health benefits – in other words, that it would actually save lives. It is time for London to have that debate.’

There’s no need for any debate about this: it’s utterly illiberal and tyrannical. Sally Davies isn’t even citing any public health risk: she just wants to prevent children seeing anyone smoking. She trying to “denormalise” smoking by driving smokers out of sight. It’s a disgusting piece of social engineering.

And if children are to be prevented from seeing people smoking, what’s to stop a ban on mini-skirts, high heels, kissing in public, reading the Sun Page 3, or anything else Sally Davies and her pinch-faced puritan chums don’t approve of? Answer: nothing at all.

However (H/T Harley), Boris seems to have backtracked sharply today:

Boris Johnson has described proposals to ban smoking in parks as “bossy and nannying”, while Downing Street said there are no plans to implement the measure across the UK.

The mayor of London set himself at odds with a recommendation from a health panel he set up that would make thousands of acres of parkland in London and landmarks including Trafalgar Square smoke-free zones.

The suggestion was outlined in a report released today and its author, cancer specialist Lord Darzi, who was appointed to chair the London Health Commission by Mr Johnson, said they could become a blueprint for the rest of Britain.

I wonder what caused that? He presumably knew what the report that he had commissioned was going to recommend before it was published. Perhaps it was only when he heard public indignation mounting, that he realised that it went too far.

People like Sally Davies, Lord Darzi, and WHO Secretary-General Margaret Chan can press ahead with their fiendish schemes of totalitarian control, because they’re not publicly accountable. They don’t have to take note of public opinion, and so they never do (as was witnessed on Monday when the press and public were excluded from the WHO’s Moscow conference).

But elected politicians like Boris Johnson and David Cameron live or die by public approval, and the public are getting mightily sick of nannying bullying public health measures. It’s one reason why smoker Nigel Farage’s UKIP party popularity is rising. And it’s probably also one reason why France’s Marine le Pen (another smoker) is the current favourite to become the next French President. And it’s probably true almost everywhere else.

A public backlash is gathering momentum all over the world, and the incompetence of the WHO and the CDC and the entire tobacco-fixated medical profession in the face of the mounting Ebola epidemic isn’t helping any, as a second Dallas nurse tests positive for the disease.

DALLAS — Three days after a nurse who treated a Liberian man with Ebola contracted the virus, a second worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital has tested positive for the virus in preliminary tests, state and federal health officials said Wednesday morning.

The hospital worker, who has not been identified, was part of the medical team that cared for the Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan after he was admitted to the hospital on Sept. 28 and put in isolation. The worker reported a fever Tuesday and was immediately isolated at Presbyterian hospital.

Oh, and she’d taken two plane trips while incubating Ebola.

Elsewhere, in La Nouvelle Republique, a touching story about a young French soldier’s room that had been preserved unaltered for a century included the line:

Les cigarettes contenues dans le paquet cartonné ont toujours la même odeur subtile de tabac anglais.

The translation in the Telegraph yesterday rendered this as:

the stale smell of tobacco wafts from a cigarette packet,

Perhaps I’m wrong, but I don’t believe that “subtile” translates as “stale”.

According Google translate, it means “subtle”, “nice”, “fine”, or “sophisticated”. But of course nobody can be allowed to use such words about tobacco, can they?

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51 Responses to Tobacco Control Lunges at Parks

  1. wobbler2012 says:

    What worries me is just how quickly this craziness has come along, the smoking ban was just 7 years ago but look at how much further these fucking lunatics want to go. It’s almost every other week that some twat is calling for a ban on something or another.

    Also another thing that really annoys me is looking at some online polls there is a large amount of people out there calling for or supporting bans, don’t these motherfuckers realize that pretty soon these health Nazi bansturbators will end up banning something that they enjoy because these puritans will never ever stop.

    • waltc says:

      No. They don’t. Realize it. And likely when something they enjoy gets banned, they’ll nod and agree that it’s a dirty habit and continue it guiltily on the sneak nonetheless. Because they’re mind-numbed idiots.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      I don’t think we need worry much any longer. In times gone by when bans were put in place all we had was print media. They controlled the debate and the news that no doubt was aimed at putting bans in place back then.

      Today we have the internet a tool used by the Nazis for everything they could get from it.

      But at the same time it allowed the debate/war to brought right into everybodys home or at work or in wherever………..

      Open debate where even the public who doesn’t care can join in and see whats happening.

      Yesterday we saw a Mayor of London give up within hours on a new proposed ban!

      Then the PM coming out against it……………

      Today we see everyday opinion pieces and editorials besides lengthy stories from the Media itself against the bans…………

      As President Johnson said, Weve lost Cronkite weve lost it all and he did not run for reelection……………

      The Nazis are losing the MSM…………………

      The end is near and they know it. Why else would they throw out everyone in the Russian debate and go underground if they weren’t scared to death………..

      They are doing just what you expect a dying corpse to do! Jump and utter insane things!

    • beobrigitte says:

      Also another thing that really annoys me is looking at some online polls there is a large amount of people out there calling for or supporting bans

      I am not too interested in online polls; the smokerhaters ‘have their ways’. I talk to people; only once did a youngster tell me that she was fine with the smoking ban. I calmly asked her a few questions. Her reply was: “Oh, I never thought of that”. To which I, in turn, replied: “Kid, the first thing you were fed was this law NOT to think and not to have questions. Have a little ponder on that.”

      The much encouraged Yuppie-style-behaviour (I really do hate the yuppies, they did almost as much damage to society as the anti-smokers) does not allow for questions. I have a LOT of questions; I always had and I always will. I believe this youngster now has, too.

  2. Emily says:

    We’ve had a park ban in Boston, Massachusetts, since January, in fact a couple of days ago a homeless man stabbed two park rangers after they told him to stop smoking:

    In nearby Cambridge, Mass, they are trying to push a park ban as well, in fact the council votes on it end of this month. We’ve collected about 1,500 signatures so far opposing it and will attend the council meeting in protest.

    • carol2000 says:

      Too bad he didn’t get the anti-smoker rat that squealed on him. But it was in broad daylight, with lots of people around. At least that will help make people hesitate before messing with smokers, on their own anyhow.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        I haven’t had to many incidences with the radical Nazi anti-smokers here. But may 2 times in the last year. Confrontation is usually averted by flashing your holstered pistol…………

        If you even need to do that much.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Emily, I am sure we sat in this park and smoked last August; yes, there were some homeless people there, one of which did immediately spot us as tourists and homed in on us. He was rather entertaining, but my chin hit the ground when he started to sing. Almost Louis Armstrong, so I asked him to sing “you’ve got all the time in the world” – which he did!!! Amazing!!! Then he did ask for a cigarette – I gave him a packet and 20$ – and told him to go and find someone who can help him with promoting this singing voice!
      The other homeless people there were not such characters but in no way did any of us feel threatened.
      Homeless people are such an easy target for the likes of tobacco control.

      • Emily says:

        That was so nice of you! Yes, the homeless are an easy target- they are the ones that suffer the most from park bans, and the public housing bans which target the poor. I will likely bring this issue up at the Cambridge council meeting since they claim that they will rely only on enforcement by “complaints” by citizens.

  3. Cameron was against plain packaging for cigarettes until he was got at.

  4. waltc says:

    Aw for God’s sake, Frank, or someone Over There, submit a Letter to the Editor with that point about the purposeful mistranslation of subtile. That’s ripe for a snarky-while-academic-sounding comment. And a subtle one too. Hey–Just do it! But fast.

    • nisakiman says:

      I left a comment to that effect, but I doubt that any editorial staff will see it.

      I do wonder if the editors ever read the comments under some of their articles. I’m sure if they did, their editorial stance would shift a bit. For instance, in the Daily Telegraph article about Boris and the park ban, all but a couple of the comments were completely against any legislation of this type. Yet the DT and the rest of the MSM continue to write their articles from a standpoint of everyone agreeing with smoking bans and restrictions. If I was a newspaper editor, and I had the advantage of knowing what my readership’s views were on any particular subject, I’m sure I’d be inclined to approach those subjects from the point of view of the people who pay my wages.

      • There was a comment left under that Telegraph article about which I tried to uncover more information, but couldn’t.

        amcgrath • 3 hours ago

        “what do the panel think about his desire to cover london in the fumes from hundreds more flights in and out of the capital?
        yesterday boris agreed with them on the smoking ban. – it’s almost as if he’d say anything to be popular.”

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        They read the comments………….They even fight with you then they ban you when they dont win.

    • Frank Davis says:

      The lesson I drew from this was that TC works very deep in outfits like the Telegraph to ensure that tobacco always gets a bad press, even if it needs deceitful translations to achieve that result. And most likely the Telegraph’s editorial staff have been instructed to ensure that this happens. What else is editorial policy about? A newspaper will have an editorial position on more or less everything from tobacco to Ebola to Ukraine. And the mass media as whole generally share the same editorial policies.

      The lesson is for us to learn: These people will stoop to anything to advance their cause.

      Another example of editorial control is how the media always choose to use the most unflattering photos of the people they don’t like. e.g. Nigel Farage.

  5. smokingscot says:

    Mr. Cook (The View from Cullingworth) posted a fine insider piece about Mr. Johnson yesterday.

    Pointed out that his views changed noticeably once he had become a follower of Mr. Bloomberg. He has many things to say about the person, his policies and his double standards, most of which are not in the public domain.

    Found it highly enlightening, though I do not agree with his allusion that Mr. Farage is cut from the same cloth in some respects.

  6. Interesting idea from Edinburgh to help smokers (or is it to help non-smokers?). Hibs fans welcome half-time smoking plan which is a trial in one stand, but if successful, will be rolled out across the whole stadium:

    Hibernian FC are believed to be the first Scottish football club to relax turnstile controls and allow supporters to leave the ground to smoke lawfully outside the stadium at the interval.

    Armed with digital scanners, club stewards will skim tickets of exiting fans at gates E5 and E10 who can re-enter the ground at turnstiles 37 and 38, where their briefs will be reactivated.

    Hibs get about 10,000 at their games, so it will be interesting to see how maybe a couple of thousand people are going to congregate outside and get safely back in all in the 15 minutes of half time.

  7. prog says:

    ‘He presumably knew what the report that he had commissioned was going to recommend before it was published.’

    Surely, the whole point of commissioning the report was to promote the idea of outdoor bans. He’s only backtracked because he now realises that’d could hinder his chances of becoming Big Boss. The man’s a hypocritical, self-serving bag of bullshit who cares little about anything beyond the M25. Still, he probably believes he’s immune from UKIP, the only party that actually listens to/ responds to those who are pissed off by the current political elite.

  8. Ready when U R says:

    Lets be honest and get some basic truths on the table top.
    Smokers,liberty lovers and other assorted “libertarians” are little more than a coven of chattering
    gibbons ,spitting at shadows and swinging along the fibre optics like demented orang utans.
    Mention ACTION or ASSEMBLY and the silence is overwhelming,the apathy endemic.
    Organise,print,meet,disrupt ,feel a few collars and get noticed
    Or sit back and wait for the inevitable

    • Barry Homan says:

      That’s what I’ve been doing all along.

      • Yesterday, you wrote,

        “Time for Barry to belly-ache again. Reading all this, like I do faithfully, every day, and I’m thinking: that’s all I do. I read this stuff. I’m one smoker out of 1 billion plus, and I do nothing. We’re the biggest army in the world, but we can’t do anything collectively; all these twerpy, little misbegotten creatures with funny names have all the power, and they get more and more as they go along. And still, I do nothing. Just belly-ache. Bravo Barry.

        But I’ll keep reading for lack of being able to take any form of real action. Why do I do even this? What good has it done? Really, people.

        We need to do something.”

        Truth is we need to be organised, as I proposed one week ago on this post – “First International Conference on Smokers’ Rights”.

        I wonder who funded it? Anyway, they could learn from all the other successful ‘rights’ crusades in recent decades. The one I know most about is ‘gay rights’. Not because I’m that way inclined, but I have considered the techniques they have used. One of the more successful seems to have been riding on the back of black folks and their civil rights. It’s comparing apples and oranges, but it’s worked wonders for them.

        So has the media onslaught via homosexual characters. I’ve linked to the ‘blueprint’, The Overhauling of Straight America (pdf) before, written in 1987, about how the ‘gay liberation’ groups would infiltrate the media to normalise homosexual behaviour so that even straights would defend homosexuality “by reflex”, i.e. because they’d been brainwashed.

        Not that I’m for brainwashing anyone even if the other side has been doing it for decades.

        How about a documentary showing the suffering of smokers who go into hospital, especially those detained in mental hospitals and not being allowed to smoke?

        What about a film. It could be a comedy with a serious message, about the day in the life of a smoker. When a co-worker complains about his smoke breaks, he could explain that SHS is a myth, etc.

        Adverts in ‘news’papers for the Smokers’ Liberation Front. It would take money, but there are far more smokers than homosexuals and they took in money for advertising, etc.

        Just take the blueprint for normalising homosexuality and adjust it for smokers, so for “gays” read “smokers” and for “straights” read “non-smokers/anti-smokers”:

        “The second message would portray gays as victims of society. The straight majority does not recognize the suffering it brings to the lives of gays and must be shown: graphic pictures of brutalized gays; dramatizations of job and housing insecurity, loss of child custody, and public humiliation; and the dismal list goes on and on. Give protectors a just cause. A media campaign that casts gays as society’s victims and encourages straights to be their protectors…”

        Stonewall are very active among schoolchildren (in the propaganda sense). They are allowed into schools to talk about tolerance, which translates into promotion. They sent out a video to every secondary school and information to primary schools. I wrote a blog post about that one, but I’ve already used my one link. With the help of a £25,000 grant from the Government, they encouraged teachers to allow the boys to wear dresses to express their feminine side. My friend who works in a library gets Stonewall promo material sent to him, which he puts in the bin.

        They aren’t going to allow people into schools to encourage children to smoke. “Right now, boys and girls. I’m going to pass round this lovely cigarette and I want you all to take a nice deep drag.”

        It’s a different sort of ‘drag’ to Stonewall’s version, but theirs is just fine and so normal.

        What could happen though is what I have seen with drugs – and been very annoyed about – but some of the websites and literature basically invite teenagers to experiment with drugs. They think that giving them ‘the facts’ means they can make an educated choice. The same ‘thinking’ goes into sex ‘education’, the result of which has been more sex and more STDs of course.

        There are ways and means. There are plenty of ‘gay’ magazines. Is there one for smokers? Would smokers buy it? Do enough care? Do enough need to care? Just a £5 monthly donation from one in a thousand UK smokers is £50,000 a month.

        I’m not into pride as a concept, but “Smokers’ Pride” marches, or some catchy title? The opportunities are almost endless! It’s quite exciting.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          The gay movement never went anywhere until it had Political backing from the democrats and even then they didn’t get anything until it was forced down every ones throats via the courts…………..

          That’s not a rights movement,thats a IN YOUR FACE MOVEMENT.
          Nobody bothered to ask is this acceptable to you except at the state levels and the voters said no its not ok with me. That’s where the protection of marriage act came from.

          So a compromise of Civil Union was proposed and passed in many states giving the same so called basic marital rights as anyone else thus protecting the right of marriage itself to a man and woman.

          When force of law is applied like with the smoking bans or with Gay marriage its the same thing. It is forced and not an implied consent of anyone.

          Basic rights yes and property rights to choose as we all need to be able to do whether gay or not or smoker or non. Marriage is for str8s,Civil Union for Gays. Each then finds a place to exist and to co-exist. For smokers we cant even get that much!

          Compromise isn’t a word in the Nazi Vocabulary,its all or nothing with them.

          Because its all or nothing,we win! Smoking will be everywhere yet again in the end.

          As profits slide and revenues for governments drop they will need every revenue source they can find. They don’t like competition nor Nazis causing them more grief……..

          The most stable sources of revenue are Alcohol and Tobacco………..

          Black markets cost the revenue man money and the blackmarkets were caused by tobacco control an their demands of high taxation. This is crystal clear to everyone!

          Enforcement costs and whiney ass Nazis at your door every day is enuf to finally send the brat off to reform school and undo the damage the Brats caused to the neighborhood…….

          In our case the Hood is Worldwide…………

          The End is Here………..

        • carol2000 says:

          The gays got their way because of their connections to HARVARD. That’s how they got their ties to the Democratic Party, as well as their media influence, particularly the Gay Times in New York City (the one at Both Kirk and “Pill,” whose real name was Hunter Madsen, were Harvard grads.

        • The homosexuals got their way, yes because of politicians, but because they and our society became subverted through Marxist-Leninist propaganda spread due to the Fabians’ and others’ mission to destroy the family and therefore society so it completely breaks down for them to remould in their image. And the Freemasons’ mission to destroy all religions, particularly Christianity, to usher in their own Luciferian system hence we now have moral relativism where there are no absolutes and so ‘equality’ gains strength which is like building a house on sand: it’s going to collapse. Yuri Bezmenov explains why the KGB used to spread ‘equality’ in the West because they knew it would make us weak and be able to be taken over. During his many years with the KGB, Vladimir Putin would have learned all this, which is probably the reason he is anti-‘gay rights’ because he doesn’t want his country to be destroyed.

          Mr Bezmenov describing why the KGB spread ‘equality’ in the West:

    • prog says:

      I’d say greater than 75% of smokers accept all the shit thrown at them – i.e brainwashed. I used to try and prise the scales from their eyes (personally and via F2C), but wearied of being labelled called odd and/or tedious. We also faced almost overwhelming apathy by the leaders of Working Mens’ Clubs (WMCIU). Not to mention the rest of the licensing trade orgs and press. As for CAMRA – you reap what you sow.

      Anyway, I don’t really have the opportunity nor will now, seeing that pubs aren’t worth shit. 99.9% of them rolled over without a murmur. The brave licensees who defied got fined or faced imprisonment. Most of these probably lost their businesses to boot. But who stepped in to offer both moral and financial support? The ‘chattering gibbons’ no less.

      The few ‘chattering gibbons’ are doing more to change opinion than the few handing out flyers. And let’s not forget UKIP, the only political party that’s remotely willing to stand up for smokers. Made a few leaps and bounds recently and I think we can assume a lot of that support comes from disgruntled smokers, perhaps even some of the brainwashed.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        Prog if you watch how clubs or veterans halls were done where it came to smoking or even exclusion of certain walks of life from membership. These Clubs or organizations were infiltrated and taken over for the norm. Then after they got enuf control they pulled shady votes in the dark of the nite as in on VETERANS HALL VFW down in Fla. They had 1200 registered members. Mailings were sent out but few replies. The Leadership had gotton in with merely a few votes of those who bothered to show up when elections were held and they took over. Then they did the same thing again passing a no smoking rule with only 43 votes out of 1200 members…………….

        Its been the same all over even with CVS ……………….

        Then you have the Radical Investors who are greens that invest to take over certain companies to force thru social changes they demand………..They tip-toe thru every business they can or use other shakedown operations like Jessie Jacksons PUSH RAINBOW COALITION and then the lawyers to force thru what they want.

        You do this enuf and you end up with major corporations pushing the policies of the progressives and then they move for the small business man and laws…………..They say well so and so is doing it,its the way of the future.

        Its piecemeal collusion on many levels to force societal change on us all and that’s how they do it! COERSION AND TAKE OVER.

        Until it finally collapses back on them………

        • prog says:

          Over here most of the club leaders are a combination of antis, PC wimps and downright gullible fools. Those who opposed them, including ordinary members, were shouted down or ignored. Hence the decline in WMCs. And they can’t blame the recession or high booze prices for it – I went to a meeting in Leeds and thought I was seriously undercharged at the bar. Compared to pubs, prices were 20 years years behind. No, the grass roots membership simply stopped using them because of the ban. Yet they still can’t fecking add two and two together and arrive at four. It’s pathetic.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          That’s what happened to the VFW’s numbers after the ban. People/members show up 4 months after the ban happens and don’t even know it………..then they leave and never return and the Nazis scratch their head and go WHY!

        • prog says:

          This happened a couple of years after the ban when WMCs had already started to get into trouble. And opponents were ill prepared before the ban – pubs were mean’t to be exempt from the blanket legislation but ASH did some last minute lobbying and BINGO! (perhaps the wrong choice of word- bingo halls also suffered).

    • carol2000 says:

      I’ve been doing that for at least 20 years, and I’m still waiting for someone to join me. Worst of all is the fact that people don’t even know that there’s more to the issue than just whining about nannyism, and that they should be demanding that elected officials piut an end to the anti-smokers’ scientific fraud.

  9. Rose says:

    Boris Johnson has described proposals to ban smoking in parks as “bossy and nannying”, while Downing Street said there are no plans to implement the measure across the UK

    Boris is wise to distance himself from the proposal, otherwise some very awkward questions might get asked.

    Worst air pollution in UK is on doorstep of Buckingham Palace
    Feb 2014

    “Grosvenor Place, which runs alongside the Queen’s London residence, had the highest level of the toxic gas nitrogen dioxide in 2012.
    Researchers found 152 milligrams of the gas per cubic metre of air, with a main contributor being diesel engine fumes. The EU legal limit is 40.

    Figures released by DEFRA following a freedom of information request reveal all 50 of Britain’s pollution blackspots are in the capital.
    Other highly polluted areas include Oxford Street near Marble Arch, which registered at 150 micrograms, and Cockspur Street near Trafalgar Square on 138 micrograms.”

    “The government is the subject of legal action after failing to deal with the high level of the toxic gas in the country’s cities.

    Simon Birkett, Founder and Director of Clean Air in London, said: “These levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are nothing short of staggering.
    “The thought that hundreds of thousands or millions of tourists and Londoners in a year may be exposed to air pollution this high is deeply troubling.”

    The UK faces fines of up to £300m from the European commission for failing to reduce high levels of NO2 air pollution from traffic.”

    They got away with it once, but I’m not sure that they would get away with it again.

    Fear of political embarrassment led to government cover up of link between air pollution and lung cancer

    “Delegates attending an international conference in London today to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Great London Smog of 1952, which caused an estimated 12,000 deaths, will hear how governments from the late 50s onwards deliberately downplayed the huge threat to public health caused by air pollution, and sought to shift the blame firmly onto cigarette smoking instead.”

  10. junican says:

    I think that it is true that some of the general public have been brainwashed. Tobacco smoke used to be described as ‘fragrant’, but is now described as ‘disgusting, filthy, stinking, but I doubt that the vast majority are that bothered.
    I seriously think that it is possible to fix polls, especially YouGov, since Keller is a Zealot. I remember smoking questions appearing near the end of a survey which contained questions such as, “How many cows do you think would constitute ‘a herd’?” If Zealots all over the country (and possibly outside the UK also) were primed to answer all YouGov survey to the very end, it is easy to see how a comparatively small group of panellists could distort the ‘verdict’ substantially so that a “70% majority approve of X”. On the other hand, we often see polls in other places, like newspapers, which are no where near as decisive. In fact, many positively reject bans and prohibitions.
    Also, I think that non-smokers (as opposed to Zealots) often just follow the herd. They hardly think of ‘the slippery slope’. Needless to say, they know absolutely nothing about ‘the science’. When the propagandist shout “Smoking is killing you and your children” over and over again, it is hard for a non-smoker not to believe it.
    I met a guy whom I used to be very friendly with this morning. Haven’t seen him for years. He told me that he gave up smoking three years ago. His reason is interesting. He regularly hires a caravan. Smoking is banned in the hired caravan. That was the trigger which decided him to stop – convenience. I stopped playing golf in a similar way. It was a cold, wet day in October and I had just lost two balls in the opening three holes, and I asked myself, “What the f*** are you doing here?” I decided to rest for a few months over the winter – and never went back.
    But people are beginning to change, and are beginning to see through the propaganda. It is a slow process to start with, but has been gathering pace. Vis, the UKIP surge.

  11. harleyrider1978 says:
    • harleyrider1978 says:

      In fairness to Michael Noonan, he’s in an invidious position. Every year he must listen to demands from interfering pillocks to jack the price up by two, three, even five euro. He has to be seen to be doing something to discourage smokers, I guess.

      But what about those interfering pillocks and their ridiculous screeching? Smokers are now the main group in society it’s okay to victimise and treat like pariahs. And the anti-smoking lobby is utterly hypocritical, on a number of fronts.

      Read more: Exclusive: Price of cigarettes to rise to €10 a pack

      Why, for starters, do these prigs call for a rise in the price? If this is such a dangerous, unhealthy practice, why not ban it altogether? Because the economy would take a massive hit if tobacco revenue was cut off; therefore, the system wants people to stop smoking, but needs them to continue.

      Also, I feel eight or nine euro is more than enough of a penalty to pay each time I feel like a pack of fags, but these health-stormtroopers wants it raised even higher. Why is it alright for them to benefit from the billions – I believe it is billions – in taxes paid annually by smokers, yet feel free to harass the same people? Let’s cut the BS: either make tobacco illegal or back off.

      This is to encourage people to quit, anti-smokers whine. Well, making something prohibitively expensive isn’t encouraging anyone to do anything – it’s forcing them.

      I actually don’t blame the Government for this hypocrisy. It’s their job to raise money for the public purse. It’s also their job to protect the public’s health, so they must strike a delicate balance between these two demands.

      It’s these supercilious, unreasonable anti-smoking zealots who get my goat. What, exactly, is their problem with smoking? Sure, discourage it, but wherefore the rabidly fanatical outlook?

      Smoking isn’t the worst habit in the world, no matter what they say. It’s bad for one’s physical health and a drain on the pocket; that’s all. It’s not a social ill in the same way as alcohol, drugs, bad driving or many other things.

      It may have some effect on others’ health, but the atmosphere is full of noxious toxins and carcinogens anyway. Let’s ban combustion engines and petrochemical plants.

      Smoking doesn’t kill or injure innocents the same way as alcohol, drugs, bad driving etc. It’s my choice and my look-out if tobacco kills me; it’s not my choice if I’m mown down by a speeding car or beaten to death by a drunken psycho.

      And another thing: I smoke around five cigarettes a day. I exercise reasonably regularly, eat fairly well, drink infrequently. I’m probably healthier than some overweight, heavy drinking, non-exercising, chips-and-sausages-eating whale, lying on the couch all day.

      Anyway, smoking’s good for your mental health. You’re feeling stressed and panicky about something, you need to chill for five minutes and leave the world outside…what can you do? A massage is too expensive, opium is illegal and can only be got in the Mysterious East, Valium is too akin to something Elizabeth Taylor would do, herbal tea tastes disgusting.

      Whereas for 50 cents, you can light up a fag, inhale that sweet Virginia tobacco and float away on a cloud of bliss. But that’s something else these anti-smoking apes will never understand: the sheer pleasure. Yummy.

    • carol2000 says:

      That’s an official anti-smoker-approved fake opponent, one who’s swallowed all their BS and obediently regurgitates it and has no clue that there’s more to the issue.

  12. harleyrider1978 says:

    Reporters Removed, Restrained At World Health Organization Meeting On Global Tobacco Tax

    Reporters were forcibly removed and restrained Tuesday at the World Health Organization (WHO) meeting on tobacco control in Moscow. Washington Times…

  13. mikef317 says:

    I’ve been hoping that a major U. S. media outlet would cover Ebola and the anti-smoking jihad in Moscow. Here’s an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal.


    Mr. Obama would have done more good by condemning the WHO. Responding to microbiological disasters is supposedly why the WHO exists—and tens of thousands of people may die as a result of the U.N.’s failure of this test of its mission, priorities and competence. “Yes, Ebola is truly an issue of international concern,” Dr. Chan told reporters in Russia, “but tobacco—if we put the evidence on the table—tobacco control is still the most cost-effective and efficient way of reducing unnecessary diseases and deaths arising from using such harmful products.”

    WSJ requires a subscription. Hope the first link works.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Since the 1990s, the WHO has gradually transformed itself from a disease fighter to what Dr. Chan calls “a normative agency” that makes international public health rules and promotes political goals like universal coverage. “That represented a very significant change over prior WHO policies,” says Laurie Garrett of the Council on Foreign Relations, who calls the WHO’s response to the epidemic “just shameful.”

      I call the WHO’s response to the Ebola epidemic disgusting not “just shameful”.

      The World Health Organization ought to be defunded to discipline its ineptitude and frivolity.

      Incompetence as displayed by Margaret Chan requires her immediate removal and she should be personally held accountable for the number of REAL deaths which could have been avoided by acting on the warning issued by Médecins Sans Frontières:

      Prof. Grieshaber wrote in early September:

      The World Health Organization thus pre-emptively blames “the world” if ever the situation should worsen. This is a piece of impudence, because in fact, it should have been the task of the WHO to prevent the spread of the disease at a stage when it was still manageable. According to the organization “Médecins Sans Frontières” who were desperately struggling against it during that phase, the WHO not only did not respond to their warnings for months and tried to downplay the extent of the problem, but also withdrew staff in the time before and even during (!) the Ebola outbreak in Africa. It was not until several months after the outbreak of the epidemic that the WHO decided to declare the international medical emergency.

      The progress of the epidemic so far: The so-called “patient zero” was ascertained retrospectively for December 2013 in Guinea, West Africa. From February 2014, the first cases of Ebola fever in that country were made public, whose Ministry of Health then, on 23 March 2014, officially informed the WHO of an outbreak of Ebola fever.

      On 08.08.2014 the WHO finally uttered a response. Very quietly and almost unheard.
      The WHO so far has not spoken of the number of children in danger of Ebola infection, nor has it published any plans for action of help for the numerous orphans whose parents died at a young age of this disease, nor has the WHO any idea who is going to plant the fields and harvests the crop needed to feed the population.
      My guess is that these ‘trifeling details’ will be left to Médecins Sans Frontières or yet another Bob Geldof to sort.

      The United Nations-run WHO has long been a growing irrelevance, as director-general Margaret Chan spent the week not in Monrovia but Moscow, pontificating at a WHO conference aimed at raising global tobacco taxes.

      It’s not only tobacco tax; the vapers are going to get it, too! After all, there is this “passive vaping detail” to discuss; – vaping reminds of smoking and the chiiiildren can’t be allowed to see it!

      Not only should the WHO be defunded, it’s members should be dragged into a court and be held responsible for the REAL Ebola deaths!! All their private wealth is to be donated to Ebola caused orphans. After all, “it’s the children, our future”, isn’t it Margaret?

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        The WHO,CDC,HHS,NCI etc etc all now basically lifestyle policemen…………not much more to say than that the moneys they get don’t go to what their mission statements are!

        In the real world we’d call that FRAUD………………

  14. harleyrider1978 says:

    Tobacco Quandary: WHO’s Plan to Eradicate What May Save Us From Ebola – Minutemen News

    It’s the tobacco plant that is used to produce ZMapp, the miracle treatment for Ebola.

    Somebody finally puts 2 and 2 together and attacks the WHO with it over ebola!

    Tobacco Quandary: WHO’s Plan to Eradicate What May Save Us From Ebola

    A rather odd convergence of stories and events is taking place this week and they all center on tobacco.

    This week in Moscow, United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) is holding the COP6, the sixth meeting of the Convention of the Parties to discuss the FCTC, the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. That’s a lot of acronyms! I feel like I’m back in the Navy.

    As is typical of the despots at the U.N., a completely inept and ineffective organization, it is unable to make a real contribution to mankind. It must instead look for phantoms to battle – straw dogs.

    To the left, tobacco is a vilified substance. It’s an easy target, so why not go after it?

    First they have to label tobacco use as a global epidemic, which they have. Now, because it’s an “epidemic”, its essential that control of the substance be ramped up – thus the COP6. Through COP6, the WHO hopes to limit worldwide tobacco consumption, the way liberals always do – by taxation, price increases and regulation.

    As an aside: have you ever noticed that liberals, progressives, etc. understand that if you want less of something evil like tobacco or “dirty energy”, just increase its price, regulate it more heavily and tax it to death, yet they can’t equate the same principle to a loss of jobs, production or the private sector? Strange, isn’t it?

    Anyway, true to form, they did just that on Tuesday of this week. The Blaze reported that the WHO, “removed members of the press and public from a meeting in Russia, then quickly adopted a recommendation calling for a huge tax hike on tobacco products around the world, one that would likely harm U.S. tobacco growers in Kentucky and North Carolina.” Remember this – I’ll circle back to it.

    Read More:

  15. beobrigitte says:

    Smoking should be outlawed in public parks, the chief medical officer said last night.
    Sally Davies claimed a ban was needed to stop children being set a bad example.

    In which case Sally Davies needs to immediately go to Liberia; I believe NO-ONE CARES ABOUT THE SMOKING BAN THERE and the LIBERIAN CHILDREN NEED her help.
    If Tobacco Control representatives are refusing to go to Liberia right now in order to ensure that no-one smokes in front of any children (even those orphaned by parents who died from Ebola), they can shut shop and join the dole queue!!!

    London mayor Boris Johnson called for a public debate […]
    […] The mayor of London set himself at odds with a recommendation from a health panel he set up that would make thousands of acres of parkland in London and landmarks including Trafalgar Square smoke-free zones.

    Well, that’s a bit late in the day, isn’t it? Boris, just go back into the park and find someone who wants to get laid there by you.
    The truth is, what do we want with Blumbergs who BUY their way into politics or politicians-wannabe-Blumbergs? Who has to sort the mess they leave?

    A public backlash is gathering momentum all over the world, and the incompetence of the WHO and the CDC and the entire tobacco-fixated medical profession in the face of the mounting Ebola epidemic isn’t helping any, as a second Dallas nurse tests positive for the disease.

    Undoubtedly, this nurse, too, will get the blame for “breaching protocol” although it is hard to understand which bit of the “protocol” they could breach!
    The Spanish nurse (whose HEALTHY dog was frenzily put down rather than tested) was said to “have touched her face briefly with the gloves she was wearing in the room where the Ebola infected patient was”. IF THIS has caused her to get Ebola, we do have a greater problem than we can imagine!!!
    That does remind me of a question I mean to ask: Although the African patient Duncan did die of the disease, how is the first nurse in Texas contracting Ebola doing?

    • Frank Davis says:

      how is the first nurse in Texas contracting Ebola doing?

      Quite well, I believe. She may have been getting antibodies from an ebola survivor.

      • beobrigitte says:

        That is good to hear. However, was Mr. Duncan not given this treatment/did it fail?

        • Frank Davis says:

          I don’t know. I have an idea that he did get some, but I’m not sure.

        • beobrigitte says:

          Neither am I. There is nothing in the news about the treatment of Ebola infected people in Europe/USA.
          There had been roumors going around that Mr. Duncan had an idea that he was infected and he knew the WHO did nothing so he fled to the States in the hope of getting treatment. Others would surely follow this example?

          Currently there seem to be more roumors than facts.

  16. carol2000 says:

    No Smoking Sign Will Help Homeless Problem at WaHi Park, Politician Says. By Lindsay Armstrong on October 16, 2014.
    The Nazis could use some opposition here.

  17. Delphine says:

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