Ukrainian Confusion

For the past few days there have been many reports that Russian troops are moving into eastern Ukraine. These have been denied by Russia. So I have no idea what the situation actually is. But here is today’s Telegraph:

EU leaders warned Russia’s invasion of east Ukraine was at a “point of no return”, risking a “state of war” with Europe and instructed officials to prepare new sanctions to hit the Russian economy.

A summmit in Brussels on Saturday gave the green light to toughened economic sanctions, targeting Russia’s finances, oligarchs linked to the Russian president and the country’s vast mineral wealth.

Dalia Grybauskaite, Lithuania’s president and a staunch critic of Mr Putin’s Russia, called on the EU to get serious as Russia’s war in the Ukraine menaced peace in Europe for the first time in decades.

“Russia is in a state of war against Ukraine and that is against a country which wants to be part of Europe. Russia is practically in a state of war against Europe,” she said.

Jose Manuel Barroso, the European Commission president, said that the EU was prepared for new sanctions against and pleaded with Mr Putin to step back from the brink of outright war between Russia and the Ukraine.


Confirming Europe’s realization just how serious events are, and how far down the rabbit hole Europe’s bureaucrats have gone, French President Francois Hollande, while stressing that a failure by Russia to reverse a flow of weapons and troops into eastern Ukraine would force the bloc to impose new economic measures i.e., nothing new, it is what he said just after that indicated a dramatic change in rhetoric: “Are we going to let the situation worsen, until it leads to war?” Hollande said at a news conference. “Because that’s the risk today. There is no time to waste.”

In the Guardian, Russians start asking: are we at war?

Also in the Telegraph, a Russian political scientist writes:

It seems that either explicitly or subconsciously, all the parties wanted an external enemy or crisis. The West is preparing for a new round of the policy of containment and rejection on the Cold War model. Russia was prepared: results have proved favourable so far and Crimea has been masterfully annexed.

Moscow seems to have decided not to retreat until it achieves its goals. Among them is not just the reunion with Crimea or with other lands, which temporarily strengthens the legitimacy of its power. Its main aim is to end the unfinished Cold War which the West has de facto continued to lead and even to conclude a peace treaty on favourable terms. The minimum aim is to make it impossible or prohibitively costly for the West to further unilaterally expand its influence and control into regions Moscow considers vital to its security.

Mikhail Gorbachev:

“Everything should be done so that the people stop killing each other. After all, this is one people. If states get involved, the scope grows, and everyone meddles there, we might see a horrible slaughter in Europe. But this can’t be allowed,” he said.

And Dmitry Orlov writes about some ‘really basic misconceptions’:

1. They would like you to think that there is a Russian invasion in the East of Ukraine. What’s actually happening is a civil war between the government of Western Ukraine (which no longer rules the east in any definable way) and the Russian population of Eastern Ukraine. Ukraine has been falling apart for decades—ever since independence. The eventual break-up was inevitable, but the catalyst for it was the military overthrow of Ukraine’s legitimate government and its replacement with cadres hand-picked in Washington.

Certainly whether Russian troops have or have not invaded Ukraine, European leaders seem to be determined to tell everyone that they have, and are now talking up the likelihood of a European war. Is that really what they want? Maybe it is? It would divert attention away from Europe’s continuing political and economic crisis, and cement the EU together against a common enemy. As I wrote back in February:

About the only thing that the EU empire hasn’t got, it seems, is an army to rival that of Russia. But if Russia chooses to intervene militarily, that could change overnight. There would be loud calls for an EU army ‘peace-keeping force’ to defend newly-won Ukrainian ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’. And what’s to stop the EU Parliament from voting through a Commission recommendation for an emergency draft of EU citizens into a greatly enlarged EU ‘peace-keeping force’ to deter ‘Russian aggression’, with quotas from each EU member state?

Last but not least Russia wants to know what was on the black boxes on flight MH17. I’d been wondering about that too.


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  1. One of the stranger things about the Ukraine is that it has been showing up on my hit-map as an outrageously major player. In the last month or so that link brought in 286 hits from the Ukraine and 283 from France, but just 146 from the US and only a dozen or so from the UK and other countries. I have NO idea why, nor have I received any communications from anyone in France or the UK that might give even a hint.

    – MJM

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      cadres hand-picked in Washington.

      It appears the UN experiment with UN controlled world Zones is falling apart. The EU was the first and the baby in the basket so to speak. These glorified new Nazis is what I gather Putin likely thinks of them and I wouldn’t Blame him one bit.

      The whole thing is nothing but the UN trying to bully its way into a GLOBAL POWER with everybody under its Control. Via Washington and Merkel as that’s where the Ukraine BS began. CIA paid for and operated protestors to topple the government if we all remember back.

      Putin cant back down and the EU is likely going to be totally destroyed internally by the whole damnable business. Not just over the Ukraine but over Independence minded countries,economic failures and Mostly TOTAL CONTROL OF EVERYONE and their all pissed about it. Weve got hand picked POPES,hand picked government heads,hand picked everything via OBAMA and merkel and telling the rest of us to shove it!

      The same things that brought about the League of nations which was driven by the lefts complete ideology that nationalism was to blame for the world wars and that nationhood has to be destroyed in order to prevent more world wars, A new order and they are on fast track for the 3rd time to make it happen!

      I do believe whether people wised up to this or not is not the matter, its the total control and loss of autonomy and regard to cultures that’s driving defiance to UN demands.

      The people in the past were promised by the warring world powers theyd get their own nations. What they got were LIES and deceit. If we look at the world we see it full of warring factions that wanted nothing but their own homeland no different than Israel did.

      Today we have the same things going on again. Everybody wants their own homeland of their own kind and their own ways with nobody telling them how to live. Then we have the others who want to control everybody whether it be UN driven one world orders or local Jihadists bent on a muslim world. Mutliculturalism will be the reasons for the next big war!

      Forced to bend to the Will of ALLAH from fanatical Tyrants or tyrannical UN authorities or their minions via the banks of the world!

      As the old song goes Freedoms just another word for NOTHING ELSE TO LOSE!

      When its the only thing worth fighting for…………..

    • carol2000 says:

      Those are probably just searchbot hits, like the Googlebot but run by someone else.

      • Carol, that’s possible, but it’s not showing up on any of my other bitly links to Brains etc. Just TobakkoNacht. And given my total lack of attention to search engine wordings etc I’d be surprised if I managed to attract their automatons. Still, given the lack of any communication resulting from all those visits I’d have to agree it’s a possibility.

        – MJM

  2. harleyrider1978 says:


    Police to fine travelling smokers

    DateAugust 31, 2014 – 1:29AM

    Starting this weekend, police will have the power to fine people smoking in designated no-smoking areas. Photo: Jeffrey Chan

    Police will have the power to fine smokers who defy bans at bus and taxi stops, ferry wharves, railway and light rail stations under anti-smoking legislation from this weekend.

    Until now, just 30 health inspectors were tasked with issuing $550 on the spot fines for smoking in public places across NSW.

    Opposition health spokesman Andrew McDonald said few smokers had been caught, because there weren’t enough health inspectors enforcing the Smoke Free Environment Act.

    He welcomed the shift in responsibility to police, which would reduce the burden on the health system.

    “Lots of people are still smoking on trains. It is legislation that hasn’t been properly enforced and that is why people are still smoking,” he said.

    Health Minister Jillian Skinner amended the law on Friday, without a public announcement.

    “Under the amendment, powers were given to the Police to enforce smoke-free bans in relation to transport areas,” said a health department spokeswoman.

    Only about 100 fines had been issued by health inspectors under the law which greatly expanded the public places where smoking was banned in January 2013. Most of the 5178 smokers fined in the past year were caught under public transport laws.

    Smoking is banned within four metres of a public building entrance, within 10 metres of a children’s playground, at sports grounds and public transport stops.

    Read more:

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Lots of people are still smoking on trains. It is legislation that hasn’t been properly enforced and that is why people are still smoking,” he said.

      People are really obeying and want the law ehh! This shows just how tyrannical these Nazis are!

    • “Smoking is banned within … 10 metres of a children’s playground,”

      That’s always nice. Move the parents 30 or so feet away and it makes life much easier for pedophiles, drug-dealers, bullies, and kidnappers, plus, when a child falls and cuts him or her self, the extra distance allows the playground to be more colorfully decorated with bright and cheerful red splotches of blood.

      Much better than the old practice of setting up some benches a meter or two outside the play area for the adults to sit and watch their children closely while smoking if they wished and using the properly installed ash/litter receptacles near the benches.

      Ahh, progress! Nuttin’ like it, eh?

      – MJM

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        Totally agree Mike. In Hartsville tn we had a nanny Nazi styled Gladys Kravitz type one day Try and Bully me about smoking pushing my kids in the swings and she had hers there………..I politiely told her to go fuck herself…………She did and left. Then behind my land was the dog kennel and she got the TV news to come down and do a report on the inhumane conditions of the local dog pound and all hell broke loose after that.

        So I took her to task and told her every dog that sets foot on my property will be shot on site…….My property was 7 acres right across the street from the pound. I and even a few cops sat out there with Riot guns just waiting……………..It was an intimidation ploy and we shot dogs and tossed them into the driveway for her to pick up………you see wild dogs not on a leash and said to be viscous can be destroyed on site………… Lord I murdered a many of them. Because of the Pound it brought in every loose dog for miles around and always on my property they would congregate even chasing my horses and livestock besides my kids!

        Needless to say Miss Kravitz busy body moved out of the state and went back to guess where…………..CALIFORNIA! The bytch can suck on tail pipes for all I care and especially the community feels the same way.

        • harleyrider1978 says:

          I also think she was the Tobacco Control Coordinator for Trousdale county if I remember right. You see they ran this freeking propaganda run around town for about 6 months putting up ”second hand smoke is no joke” signs all over the town and county I think I still got a few from the hundred or so I removed on the roadsides.

          Anyhow I had to go to the County public defenders office one afternoon to pick up my buddies legal paperwork for him and low and behold the back 2 offices were anti-smoking offices and I saw several of the roadside signs in one room. I went to look closer and was politiely told that area was off limits to the public except it was right at the front entrance and a hallway! Then I checked the reverse phone number look up as they were running automated anti-smoking calls to every house in the county then. I got an addy and it was that same building………….

          So I guess I can say I was a great part of her leaving and especially all the local tobacco farmers and city commissioners. Even the health dept. is built right in front of a tobacco wharehouse where we sell on average 2 million pounds a year in tobacco.

          Anyway it doesn’t take much of a Nazi to cause a hell of a lot of trouble………..

          But they can be taken to task……….

  3. roobeedoo2 says:

    Taupe and Torpor:

    torpor (n.) “lethargy, listlessness,” c.1600, from Latin torpor “numbness, sluggishness,” from torpere “be numb, be inactive, be dull,” from PIE root *ster- (1) “stiff, rigid, firm, strong” (cognates: Old Church Slavonic trupeti, Lithuanian tirpstu “to become rigid;” Greek stereos “solid;” Old English steorfan “to die;” see stereo-).

    Incidentally, ‘taupe’ root is ‘a mole’ ;)

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      We aint going to war,Obamas to busy cutting the military to pre ww2 levels and moth balling ships and the like. He hasn’t replaced weapons used in over 4 years. Our arsenal is down to near nothing. He screws veterans left and right,pretty well hates America and lets his terrorist buddies over run the mid east everywhere/ ARAB SPRING remember. He doesn’t bother to do much of anything to ISIL or ISIS depending on who is naming them at the time.

      Likely Owebummer will call for a townhall meeting in Bagdad and sit all the opposing sides down and say ok boyz lets have a beer meeting and sort this mess out………

      Yep he is that damn stupid.

  4. roobeedoo2 says:

    The poll of Clacton is leading the front page of the Mail on Sunday:

    I think that ‘Health’ getting on the list of ‘What are your main concerns’ of Ukip supporters is interesting, I wonder how many are smokers.

    This could be very bad news for all three main parties – Ukip have come second to each of them in a number of by-elections in the last couple of years. If they can be seen to win one … We’re less than a year away from a General Election …the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

    Still, he has to win it first.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Actually all that has to happen is enuf political pressure that the whole damned Nannystate falls apart. Farage could be that fuse to change even without an election.

      • roobeedoo2 says:

        You’re right Harls. I’m not mechanically minded at all (I don’t even drive) but I watched this film a couple of months ago, bloody fascinating

        The further they push us away, the longer the lever and then only a fraction of the weight is needed to move the world. Wouldn’t it be joyous then if the fulcrum were the smoking ban and that 3% who were concerned about ‘health’ made all the difference.

  5. Dave says:

    I’m sitting here in Kiev reading most of these stupid comments and thinking that you are all brain dead. It really is amazing that you all believe the Russian propaganda concerning Ukraine. Look, Russia is invading Ukraine and this has been happening since their invasion of Crimea. Right now, the Russian army is actively attacking the Ukrainian army. During the Russian invasion of Crimea, Ukraine believed in international institutions and thought (naively) that the world would help counter the Russian annexation of Crimea. And that’s why the Ukrainian army did not fire a single shot in Crimea while it was being taken over. The Western “aid” didn’t happen. And for those of you that believe that Crimean residents really wanted to join Russia, you are also brain dead. There is more than enough information to show that only about 30-40% of the Crimean population actually participated in the illegal and farcical referendum of which only about 40% actually voted to join Russia. There is a very good reason for this. The majority of the tourists in Crimea are from Ukraine and this is regardless of the fact that Russians never needed a visa or even a passport to come to Crimea. Furthermore, more than 70% of Crimea;s water comes from a canal from Ukraine. Look closely at Google maps and you’ll see this canal. This means that any existing agriculture in Crimea has died. You may be stupid enough to not understand this but the majority of Crimean residents understand that their life in Russian (which has no land border with Crimea) would be very, very bad. And is how their lives are right now: very BAD. The great majority of Crimean residents (a “Crimean” people does not exist, only the Crimean Tatars are the true Crimean people of which 99% consider themselves to be Ukrainian citizens and want to stay that way), want to remain within Ukraine.

    • Junican says:

      A passionate response, Dave. But your statement reveals the disparity. Just as there are Pakistanis who live in England, but who consider themselves to continue to be Pakistanis, so are there Russians, living in Ukraine, who consider themselves to be Russian.
      But that difference should not matter at all. How did it come to matter? For what difference among ordinary people was death and destruction warranted? Why was the ‘racial’ difference exacerbated and exploited, and by whom, and why?

    • nisakiman says:

      I take it, Dave, that you don’t think either the US or the EU ‘do’ propaganda? Or that this whole mess was not either precipitated or exacerbated by the US and EU funding the overthrow of the incumbent government in Ukraine?

      I don’t doubt that the Russian propaganda machine is in overdrive, but I also don’t doubt that the US/EU are also up to their necks in lies and deception. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the political situation in Ukraine, for the EU to have meddled in that unrest that led to the overthrow of the government was both foolish and megalomaniacal, and is what has led to the current imbroglio. When the bear is sleeping, you don’t poke him with a sharp stick and not expect him to react angrily.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      An EU Ukraine or a Russian Ukraine…………..Seems to me Russia owns it not the EU!

      Now if your a globalist there Dave I can see you wanting a EU made Ukraine!

      But it appears the Globalists are whats under attack not Ukranians themselves.

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  7. John Watson says:

    The alleged abuse of foreign nationals has long been Casus Belli, It was Hitler’s pretext for the Invasion of Poland in September 1939, where ethnic Germans were allegedly abused by Poles, a point I am sure that is not lost on either the Russians or the Ukrainians given the expansion of that war into their countries. That Mr Putin apparently regards the EU as National Socialist is then no real surprise and no doubt hopes that it will unite the former Soviet states, fear is a great motivator.

    It is I suppose inevitable given the track record of both the League of Nations and the UN that war would be the inevitable result, it was ever thus that large influxes of foreign nationals settling in foreign countries leads to tension on both cultural and religious grounds and trying to make everyone the same only provides Casus Belli.

  8. harleyrider1978 says:

    Who is really helping the WHO?

    The World Health Organization (WHO) holds its General Assembly in Geneva this week. The organization faces criticism for its growing dependence on the pharmaceutical industry.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      The way to shut down the WHO is for everybody to quit giving them money and to this day the WHO will not say how much of its budget comes from Big Pharma. 2 years ago WHO was complaining they didn’t have enuf money to run another 2 years if anybody remembers that story.

  9. harleyrider1978 says:

    Why is the WHO pushing anti-tobaccoism………………….get this shit

    Remember, BMGF is the second biggest single donor to the WHO after the United States and yet, here it is, investing heavily in the likes of Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Kraft, Nestle – manufacturers of notoriously calorific products, and pariahs in the eyes of many public health activists. The WHO knows that the world is getting heavier – it says so in its 2012 World Health Statistics Report – so you can see why civil society groups are crying foul over WHO’s unashamed delight at receiving fat wadges of Gates’ cash.

    Spending time navigating your way around the budgets of health organisations may not be a high priority for most, but it is important. It is particularly important to understand the budget of the World Health Organisation, and to appreciate just how little funding that organisation receives. The WHO needs more Assessed Contributions if it is going to do what it does effectively and in the public interest. Voluntary Contributions are preventing the Organisation from doing its job, and it is becoming more vulnerable to the temptation of private financing. Fortunately, the WHO is also one of the very few remaining politically accountable international health organisations, which means we/you can put pressure on your elected officials to change the way they support it.

    When your getting donations with strings attached to do this with the money we give you and that’s it,then add in Bloomberg besides bill and Melinda gates foundation to the tune of a half billion dollars t go out and Bully everybody we said too Bully. Then how about some Bribery money in those orders on how to spend this money in countries we want to screw…………..

  10. harleyrider1978 says:

    The next question would be how much does the Johnson family donate with strings attached.

    What weve got here is outsiders buying political health influence to push worldwide Prohibitions on us all………………. Remember Bloomy bought himself a fatawa religious law against smoking for about 400,000 dollars and he recently went to turkey to pay off the top strong man with another cool tens of millions to screw the turks even more.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      So I guess now we can understand why RWJF’s CEO was making so many trips to the oval office back in 09-10 and likely still doing it………….Rizzo was said to see Obama more than his own kids according to the whitehouse visitor log book. Then when we see Obamacare funds smoking bans thru grants and the stimulus did the same thing bribing the right folks gets taxpayer dollars spent on the same madness that only a few dollars bought thru a sweet bribe. That’s what bags of cash do from the right people call it what you want camapaign donations of just str8 out bags of cash to the right folks or thru the right non-profit and then out there back door and thru another until it makes its way back to the originator in politics.

  11. harleyrider1978 says:

    The Price For Private Funding Of The World Health Organization

    A shrinking budget, and ever increasing influence of private actors could spell the end of the UN agency as we know it.

    In Bill Gates’ speech this past week in front of nearly 60 government ministers and 1,800 delegates at the 64th Assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, the Microsoft cofounder urged countries to invest in vaccines and “save ten million lives” by 2020. The timing of the billionaire’s appearance was highly symbolic, as the United Nations agency is about to “embark on the most extensive financial accountability reforms in its 63-year history”, according to WHO director-general Margaret Chan.

    Dr Chan’s assessment is dire. She says that, having fought on too many fronts and taken on too many commitments over the last decade, the WHO now finds itself in need of reform. It needs to be more selective and strategic in setting priorities. Chan says that even if the institution has already been living on an austerity budget, it will have to go through deeper structural reform if it is to cope with the health challenges of the 21st century, such as the rise of chronic, non-communicable diseases. She said the recent financial crisis had opened a “new and enduring era of economic austerity.”

    The WHO’s total budget for 2010-2011 is $4.5 billion. Of this, $1.56 billion come from voluntary donations (53% from member states, 21% from the UN and other international institutions, 18% from foundations, 7% from NGOs, and 1% from the private sector). A 10 to 15% drop in these contributions has left the WHO with an estimated 300 million dollar deficit for 2011, which it pledges to reabsorb over the next three years. These financial difficulties will lead to job cuts (the WHO headquarters in Geneva is expected to shed 300 jobs from a total of 2,400), less travelling, fewer publications and new recruits, and the merger of certain services.

    It is no wonder then that private-public partnerships are becoming ever more appealing to the WHO. Gates, whose contributions represent almost 10% of the organization’s entire budget, is the best example. The American philanthropist was the WHO’s second biggest contributor after the US in 2008, when he donated $338.8 million. For the 2010-2011 period, his contributions total $220 million.

    The great difficulty facing the cash-strapped institution, of course, is how to make sure that private actors such as Bill Gates do not interfere too much with its health policies. Two years ago, the WHO found itself confronted with a scandal concerning the swine flu epidemic, as it emerged that a certain number of its advisers had close ties with the pharmaceutical industry. Even if the UN agency has tried to protect itself against this kind of conflict of interest, its decision to disclose the names of its so-called flu specialists only after the end of the epidemic caused much criticism.

    Another famous example is Paul Herrling, member of a WHO working group for R&D financing. Proposed by Switzerland and appointed by the organization’s Executive

    Council last January, this Novartis research executive will evaluate a 10 billion dollar proposal – of which he is the author.

    NGOs have been quick to show their concern about the planned changes, even if they are not opposed to private-public partnerships. One of the projects that attracted most attention is Margaret Chan’s desire to establish a Global Health Forum that would include both private and public health actors. “By creating this Forum, the private sector would suddenly be given the same importance as public actors and NGOs. This could potentially lead to a significant increase in the drug industry’s influence on the WHO’s sanitary policies,” says Tido Von Schoen-Angerer, head of the Campaign for Access to Essential Medicines of Doctors without Borders.

    He agrees that companies, especially in the pharmaceutical sector, must be among the WHO’s discussion partners, but he fears that the proposed Forum could chip away at the World Health Assembly’s powers. “Rather than allowing all kinds of private actors to be part of the organization’s governing process, it would be better to emphasize the WHO’s leadership and improve the private sector’s participation in the already existing frame.”

    Rohit Malpani, political councillor for the NGO Oxfam, thinks the private sector – Bill Gates in particular – already yields a certain amount of influence on the WHO. The negotiations have only just begun, but a pressing question has already started to emerge: will the WHO continue to be in charge of the world’s health policy, or will its role be reduced to that of a mere coordinator?

    Read the full article: The Price For Private Funding Of The World Health Organization
    Worldcrunch – top stories from the world’s best news sources
    Follow us: @worldcrunch on Twitter | Worldcrunch on Facebook

  12. harleyrider1978 says:

    The great difficulty facing the cash-strapped institution, of course, is how to make sure that private actors such as Bill Gates do not interfere too much with its health policies.

    In that 2 sentences much is said when its broken down into what it truly means…………….They sold out and likely long ago. Does this mean if we outlawed private donations and corporate donations itd end the lifestyles war on everyone. Not likely as the politics of the machine are still in place.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Meanwhile Gates was the chosen boy to go all over the world to get billionaires to leave their fortunes to you guessed it………………philanthropic causes so the BULLSHIT of prohibition will live on to screw us again and again just like when CARNEGIE,ROTHSCHILDS, WELLMAN, KELLOG, GETTY, ROCKEFELLOR and his ACS,ALA and AHA groups…………..Its a course in human history that if they aren’t stopped their hates and lies will live on to screw more generations of ours.

      Oh they will hiseagain last time and spend a couple of generations rebuilding their destroyed names and groups,go underground change their names and other such shit only to reemerge decades later to begin anew and our grand kids will be fighting the same battles we have been fighting all over again………..Now when people say they hated the robber barons it wasn’t for shit working conditions or crap housing but for destroying their freedom and culture.

  13. harleyrider1978 says:

    ‘WHO says alcohol prohibition doesn’t work’

    BANGALORE: India’s embattled alcoholic beverage industry has pulled out a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report outlining the adverse impact of ‘blunt’ measures like prohibition on alcohol after Kerala last week unveiled a plan to rid the state of liquor.

    The latest threat of prohibition sprung up even as the North-East slowly bids adieu to long-running dry days. It also comes almost two decades after regional political bigwigs NT Rama Rao in Andhra Pradesh and Bansi Lal in Haryana imposed short-lived prohibitions, after winning elections on the same plank.

    The WHO 2014 report on alcohol and health revealed that 50% of the alcohol consumed in India is unrecorded and is part of the non-tax paid, non-commercial and counterfeit activity. It argued that measures such as prohibition led to excessive restrictions creating risks to consumers, constraining commercial and consumer freedoms, and exacerbating black market.


    “We are stepping backwards in a galloping world. It’s a retrograde measure that destroys the livelihood of thousands working in the sector and takes the right of choice away from consumers,” said Deepak Roy, vice-chairman and chief executive of Allied Blenders and Distillers, India’s third-largest spirits maker.

    Last month, Mizoram ended a 17-year prohibition, while its sister state Nagaland is contemplating a similar move. “Mizoram saw both illicit liquor and the black market for liquor sales flourish with ruinous effect on the youth, besides seeing many needless individuals become millionaires,” said G K Karanth, social commentator and former professor at The Institute of Social and Economic Change, in Bangalore.

    The broken federal finances saw most Indian states banking heavily on excise duty collected on liquor which topped Rs 1-lakh crore last fiscal. Kerala receives nearly one-fourth of its revenue from excise fees. Tamil Nadu hopes to collect Rs 27,000 crore this year, making it the largest tax collector on liquor, to fuel its expanding welfare schemes.

    “For many Indian states, dependence on excise has nearly doubled to 20% of their overall revenue in the last four decades. If governments are going to dole out sops to voters then they definitely need the money for it,” said Paul John, CMD, John Distilleries, makers of Original Choice whisky.

    Rising alcohol consumption in states like Kerala and Punjab, the two highest by per capita volume, has evoked a certain social and religious backlash, which has become fodder for provincial politics.

    Kerala’s decision to experiment with a phased prohibition isn’t surprising, and puts the subject back on the centre stage.

    India’s Constitution included Article 47 under the Directive Principles of State Policy that gives states the free hand to call for prohibition on intoxicating drinks and drugs, which are injurious to health.

    Some argue that prohibitions would only result in double taxation. For one the state loses out on excise, while having to increase spends on administrative costs to keep the black market and the emergence of fringe elements in check.

    “Controlling something which has become more or less a way of life now is in a way futile. Even as a political strategy, I don’t see which block of voters would think prohibition as good,” sums up Karanth.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Simply put tobacco in place of alcohol in the above…………… difference is there then this the same reasons prohibition was repealed in the US.

      Some argue that prohibitions would only result in double taxation. For one the state loses out on excise, while having to increase spends on administrative costs to keep the black market and the emergence of fringe elements in check.

      It will be the same reasons tobacco bans and smoking bans get repealed as it always is the same reasons.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        I really find it odd that this story is made in India perhaps they were hoping it wasn’t picked up anywhere else………..its very enlightening to say the least.

        • Rose says:

          There is always someone somewhere who can’t keep his mouth shut.
          Until he resigned in 2009 I sometimes got my news on up coming events from India.

          Now, Ramadoss wants to ban tobacco products – 2008

          “Buoyed by the ban on smoking in public places that went into force across the country on Thursday, a jubilant Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss said his next big wish is to see a ban on all tobacco products”
          Distributing pamphlets highlighting the ban to passengers at a bus terminus here, Ramadoss said “my intention and my aim is to make India a tobacco-free nation. But I do not have the power to do so.”

          He said 152 countries had signed a WHO-supported international agreement to ban the production of tobacco products in a phased manner.”

          After tobacco, Ramadoss targets liquor industry

          “NEW DELHI: It seems Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss has the alcohol industry in his crosshairs.
          On Friday, on the occasion of the launch of the pilot programme for prevention and control of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cerebral stroke, the minister said (to some ominously), “Alcoholism is going to be a bigger problem than smoking. Youngsters are taking to it as a way of life.”

          Tobacco warning diluted: Govt says Ramadoss lied, SC supports govt stand

          “The government said that former Union health minister Anbumani Ramadoss had lied when he alleged the minutes of the GoM (Group of Ministers) meeting on the issue of pictorial health warnings on cigarette and beedi packs had been altered due to pressure from tobacco and cigarette manufacturers and to benefit the tobacco industry.”
          http: //

          A Health Warning for Dr Ramadoss – 2006

          “I’ve come to the conclusion that Anbumani Ramadoss is the sort of minister we can do without. My grouse is not that he’s incompetent, corrupt or half-witted. For all I know he may be an excellent administrator, honest and brilliant to boot. The problem is he has no respect for the rest of us. He treats us like children, even idiots. He thinks he knows best and that he’s always right. I’m afraid ministers who think they’re infallible are a nuisance. They need to be eliminated — much like pests!

          Last week Dr Ramadoss asked celebrities to stop endorsing aerated drinks. With the likes of Shahrukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Sachin Tendulkar in mind, he said: “I urge stars… to desist from promoting these products.” Why? Because the good doctor has decided they’re bad for us and, therefore, we must not be tempted to drink them.

          Earlier, the doctor’s wrath fell upon scenes of smoking in films and television. He believes these glamorise smoking and tempt us to follow suit.”
          http: //

          Indian health minister Anbumani Ramadoss has been charged with criminal conspiracy in connection with a murder case in southern Tamil Nadu state.”
          http: //

          Former health minister Ramadoss granted bail in graft case
          August 26, 2014
          http: //

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