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The Ukrainian crisis just ratcheted up another notch.

Ukraine accused Russia of a “direct invasion” on Friday as a convoy of more than 200 aid trucks crossed onto its soil without consent and made its way towards a rebel-held city.

Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine’s president, said the Russian trucks had entered his country without checks by customs officials or border guards, in a “flagrant violation of international law”

The USA is condemning Russia:

Pentagon Demands Russia Remove Convoy “Immediately” As NYT Reports Russians Firing Artillery In Ukraine

The Russian military has moved artillery units manned by Russian personnel inside Ukrainian territory in recent days and is using them to fire at Ukrainian forces, New York Times reported, citing NATO officials. The Russian move, NYTimes reports, represents a significant escalation of the Kremlin’s involvement in the fighting there and comes as a convoy of Russian trucks with humanitarian provisions has crossed into Ukrainian territory without Kiev’s permission. The US is now getting involved, as WSJ reports,

– Pentagon calls on Russia to ‘Remove Vehicles Immediately’ From Ukraine

– Kirby says “very concerned” by Russian convoy in Ukraine.

And NATO is condemning Russia too:

NATO’s secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, criticized the Russian moves in a statement issued in Brussels on Friday.

“I condemn the entry of a Russian so-called humanitarian convoy into Ukrainian territory without the consent of the Ukrainian authorities and without any involvement of the International Committee of the Red Cross,” Mr. Rasmussen’s statement said.

European leaders don’t seem to be saying much.

Russian ‘aggression’ is always being denounced in the media these days. But the way I see it, it’s been the EU’s expansion eastward that is the real cause of this crisis, and Russia is just trying to preserve its historic sphere of influence.

Still in Russia, there doesn’t seem to be very good compliance with their new smoking ban.

17% of respondents – they continue to “smoke” everywhere and, if necessary, pay for it fines.

And Russians have been taking notice of a survey carried out by the UK’s F2C in 2010:

But the key observation staff to analyze these figures: the younger generation of Britons far more aggressively opposed to smoking bans than their fathers and grandfathers. It is also more intelligently, very familiar with the falsification of the facts about the harm of passive (and active) smoking, well-versed in the particulars available on the Internet on this topic, including specialized medical.

I didn’t know that. But then I have almost zero contact with young people.

Yet it’s them who are going to have to live their whole lives under these obscene laws, if they aren’t repealed. I was lucky: I’d reached the age of 60 before they were introduced, so lived most of my life in freedom. Perhaps I shouldn’t be too surprised if they’re more aggressively opposed to smoking bans than their elders. After all, they’ve got a lot more to lose, and they’ve also been brainwashed for a much shorter period than the rest of us.

Aside from that, I’m impressed by the speed at which ordinary Russians put together a resistance movement with multiple websites before their ban was enacted. In the UK, it took me about a year from after the ban was in place before I even found F2C.

In other news, H/T Smokervoter for this article about the CDC proposing workplace smoking bans over the entire USA, indoor or outdoor.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is seeking to ban all tobacco use at every work place in the country, including businesses that operate primarily outdoors.

I’ll leave it to my American friends to explain whether or not they can do that.

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42 Responses to More Russian News

  1. Marie Engling says:

    I Denmark smoking has been banned in all workplaces since 2007 indoor.

  2. I have been surprised to note that in the past month or two the bitly link to my TobakkoNacht page has racked up the following numbers from various countries:

    France 284
    Ukraine (!!!) 252
    US 132
    China 45
    Turkey 19
    UK 15

    (and a dozen or so smaller ones)

    No idea at all what’s triggering all the recent action from France and Ukraine. Also a bit surprised at the action from China and Turkey, though China might be explained just by virtue of its having a billion people!

    – MJM

    • Marie Engling says:

      Wauw, Michael. Congratulations :)

    • Some French bloke says:

      Ukraine (!!!) 252

      May we have a figure for Russia, for comparison?

      There’s a dire lack of French language Internet resources for those doing research on the subject in these parts, although, looking more closely at national statistics than the ‘misocapnists’ would have us, some have rumbled the hoax regarding tobacco and LC:

      But the guy still thinks smoking is ‘dangerous to the lungs’. No progress since the time of James I’ Counterblast (1604)?

      As for the Union pour les droits des fumeurs adultes, it never panned out (Frank should delete the link to it on the right), and this Nathalie Masseron chick seems all but untraceable these days.

  3. Some French bloke says:

    Russia is just trying to preserve its historic sphere of influence

    Let them PROVE that by kicking out all TC representatives before their October get-together, and repealing all those recently-introduced (after all “they’ve also been brainwashed for a much shorter period than the rest of us“) obscene regulations…

  4. junican says:

    The observations about the attitude of young people to the smoking ban lines up with my ‘study’ of hundreds of young people in Magalluf, Mallorca. In particular, I asked a couple of young women, who were sitting outside a pub/disco near me, ‘how they coped with all the anti-smoking propaganda’. One of them said to me, “Well, that’s life”
    I am still not quite sure what she meant, but I think it was that the young are used to hearing/seeing blatant propaganda and ignore it. That would make sense.
    I went to the pub tonight. There was a group of young people in. Several of them were outside smoking frequently. They did not seem to have a care in the world.
    I have said many times that all the “NO SMOKING” notices would have the opposite effect to what was intended.That is, they publicise smoking. Hospitals especially are plastered with ‘adverts’ for smoking.

  5. cherie79 says:

    I noticed in town yesterday there were a lot of young people smoking, more than I have seen before. I think they have just had enough of bring told what to do. I got talking to a boy about 19 while waiting for a taxi and he told me his patents and grandparents all smoked and were all alive and well so he didn’t believe any of the hype. Maybe there is hope yet.

    • Barry Homan says:

      Here in Aalborg,Denmark, I ride past a local school in the bus every day – I always see heaps of teenagers, age 14-18, standing right outside the school entrance, just before class starts. It’s the typical teen hanging-out, and the majority of them are smoking cigs, a few have e-cigs. Nobody hassles them, period. In fact, the school has placed two wall-mounted dispensers for their cig-butts, on either side of the entryway. Everyone’s cool, nobody’s getting their panties in a knot over anything.

      Denmark has not yet adapted very well to smoker-hate and demonization.

  6. harleyrider1978 says:

    I might just donate CASH for a NEW BERLIN WALL…………….KEEPING THE EU OUT!

  7. Russtovich says:

    I won’t go into the smoking thing (btw, all for anyone being allowed to smoke for what it’s worth) but with regards to the Russia into Ukraine thingy; why is this any better or worse than the US (and the UK etc.) interfering in Syria? Each is a revolt against the standing government; so why was it ok to aid the Syrian rebels and not ok to aid those in the Ukraine? (of course this is not meant to bring into question the fact that our aid to Syrian rebels is now being used in Iraq by IS (or ISIS/ISIL or whatever they are calling themselves these days). :)

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      The EU and the UN want to annex the Ukraine into the EU…………..Obama and Merkel via the CIA paid for the earlier protests that toppled the original government now here we are!

      That same EU led prtostestation was also firmly pushing for smoking bans everywhere in the Ukraine. They had a law but it was flouted everywhere. So the EU anti-smoking Nazis madea propaganda video supposedly in the UKRAINE that everyone even for all the fighting were still obeying the smoking ban law around the country……..which was a total lie after we got tweets and other video feeds coming out.

  8. XX Pentagon calls on Russia to ‘Remove Vehicles Immediately From Ukraine, or we will refuse to send you any more Hershey bars! So THERE!’ XX

    • Rose says:

      That’s probably a risk that the humanitarian aid convoy is willing to take after being stuck at the border for a week.

      “Residents of the city have been without running water and electricity for more than a fortnight, and many homes and businesses have been destroyed by shelling.”

  9. mikef317 says:

    Re the U. S. CDC (Centers for Disease Control) regulating workplace smoking nationally – HELL NO THEY CAN’T (but their proposal could never-the-less cause a lot of damage).

    There is already an agency that can regulate workplaces nationwide. In the 1970’s Congress created OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). It controls chemicals that people are exposed to at work. Despite being sued multiple times by anti-tobacco zealots, OSHA has refused to declare secondhand smoke a health hazard. (Unlike the medically oriented CDC, OSHA is part of the Department of Labor, so maybe that limits the number of screwballs on the payroll.)

    All bans in the U.S. are at the state or lower levels of government (or at the whim of business owners who can declare a smokefree workplace if they choose). States can limit what cities are allowed to do, or let them do what they please. At any time, the U. S. Congress could change all of this by passing a national law specifically on workplace smoking.

    The CDC proposal is exactly what you should expect when a government agency is run by an anti-tobacco fanatic. Instead of worrying about Ebola, the CDC is battling tobacco. Back at the start of the secondhand smoke craze the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) also had dreams of nationwide regulation. (A typical bureaucratic power grab, and another bunch of anti-smoking crackpots.)

    There’s a very big difference between “recommendation” and “regulation.” Unless there’s some obscure clause in the law (and I certainly haven’t read the laws that established all these damn agencies) I don’t see where the CDC can do anything except whine (at great length) about the evils of tobacco. (I’d rather see them whine about having their budget cut.)

    I only read the forward to the CDC document. It is “excellent” – “scientifically sounding” – propaganda. I know it’s propaganda. Most Americans won’t. Activists (in and out of government) will spread this far and wide, demanding yet more laws against smoking, and the people who can pass laws (or restrict smoking in their businesses) won’t have the slightest idea that they’ve been given a very large piece of pseudo-scientific crap.

    Bottom line, no the CDC can’t regulate, but yes, they can do a lot of damage.

    • mikef317 says:

      I re-read Smokervoter’s link. My comment was only addressed to inside bans, but these lunatics also want to ban smoking OUTSIDE the workplace – building entrances, the sidewalk, parking lots – basically anywhere NEAR a “workplace,” and in all “work vehicles.”

      None of this is the business of the CDC.

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        Mike there at the end of their rope at CDC theres already a NIOSH bulletin on SHS in the list that I linked…………Its a hopeless cause for them. I think they really know its over now and this is there last ditch worthless effort. Even in N.C. this morning the outdoor ban craze is being attacked by major media even in OREGON and their beach ban.

        They still try and maintain the indoor lunancy while knocking the outdoor bans. But as we know its all or nothing with the Nazis. As Dr Spiegel said a few years back,Bloomberg risks it all with the outdoor bans……………..

    • carol2000 says:

      “The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970External Web Site Icon established NIOSH. NIOSH partners with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA is part of the U.S. Department of Labor, and it develops and enforces workplace safety and health regulations. NIOSH is part of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It has the mandate of helping to assure ‘every man and woman in the Nation safe and healthful working conditions and to preserve our human resources.'”
      “OSHA National Alliances” include the American Heart Association, and the American Industrial Hygiene Association (guaranteed to ignore infection). “Through the Alliance, OSHA and AHA are committed to utilizing their collective expertise to advance a culture of awareness, prevention and action while sharing best practices and technical knowledge to reduce death and disability from heart disease and stroke and address employee wellness programs in the workplace. These efforts will include a focus on providing information for individuals with Limited English Proficiency (LEP).”
      https: //
      “On September 27, 2007, Alex Barbieri, Senior Case Manager, AHA gave a presentation on AHA’s Start Program, a wellness program for the workplace, at the Association of Occupational Health Professionals, another Alliance Program participant, Congress of Presidents in Savannah, Georgia.” [This page hasn’t been updated since 2008]
      https: //

  10. Rose says:

    And Russians have been taking notice of a survey carried out by the UK’s F2C in 2010

    And I’ll bet the Ukrainians have been reading the news about the continuing disaster in other countries that have joined the EU. After all, if they read the British newspapers, nearly all of us are desperate to get out. Reams and reams of legislation, social engineering, austerity, poverty raiding bank accounts.

    “The European Union and Ukraine share an objective which transcends bilateral cooperation: gradual progress towards political association and economic integration.”

    Russia might seem a better bet, better the devil you know?

  11. Rose says:

    If we knew then what we know now, we might have put up more of a fight.

    “This page contains the text of the Government produce pamphlet advocating a vote to stay in the “European Community (Common Market)” in the 1975 British Referendum on continuing British membership.”


    “Another anxiety expressed about Britain’s membership of the Common Market is that Parliament could lose its supremacy, and we would have to obey laws passed by unelected ‘faceless bureaucrats’ sitting in their headquarters in Brussels”


    “With Britain, there are nine other members of the Common Market. The others are Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands.”

    “Fact No. 2. No important new policy can be decided in Brussels or anywhere else without the consent of a British Minister answerable to a British Government and British Parliament.”

    “All the nine member countries also agree that any changes or additions to the Market Treaties must be acceptable to their own Governments and Parliaments.

    Remember: All the other countries in the Market today enjoy, like us, democratically elected Governments answerable to their own Parliaments and their own voters. They do not want to weaken their Parliaments any more than we would.”

    Now we can get outvoted by the other 27 countries.

    The internet is a wonderful thing.

  12. c777 says:

    Convoy has now returned over the border.

    Nothing will happen today, Merkel is in Kiev, Germany has been chosen as the intermediary in this.
    Land for gas?
    The breakaway regions should get their wish, otherwise Kiev and the EU are the ones acting like invaders.
    Lets have a UN observed referendum eh?
    But I doubt if the EU would take a chance on that.
    If not, its war.
    And I doubt if the EU has the mettle for it.
    But Russia does.

    • XX And I doubt if the EU has the mettle for it.XX

      Nor the Metal. Main battle tanks. Germany has a mere 400 (+ 1,600 reserve (A lot of them butchered for parts to keep the actives running!), GB, 227, France, 407,Norway 52. Poland 831. Slovakia 30, Czeck Republik 123 Latvia 3. Belgium and the Netherlands NONE!

      And that is not taking into account, that at any one time, due to servicing, and repair work, only around three quarters of that number are battle ready any way!

      And they would probably be the front line!

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        FT did you get your figures from Janes weapons online………………I know we keep over 5000 armored Vehicles at Ft Knox in mothballs at the ready. I use to be a former track vehicle mechanic on m-60 tanks back in 1976 at the ripe old age of 17!

        • Janes yes, but not direct. It is a site that use Janes to compile their figures. I left out the U.S and Canada, for the simple reason, the Russians could be having borscht and Wodka in Kensington (London) before the Fort Knox tanks were even loaded onto the transports.

          Of course, the U.S/Canada have tanks here, already, but as the break down did not take into account how many were “in theater,” I did not add them.

  13. harleyrider1978 says:


  14. harleyrider1978 says:

    Court maintains fine shopping centre Lisse for smoking covered terrace

    The Court in Rotterdam has fined 600 euros for a shopping mall in Lisse maintained. The fine was imposed because inspectors of the Ministry of health found that smoked was on a covered terrace at the Mall.

    The community of owners of the Mall was opposed to the fine. The Association pointed out, inter alia, that the terrace was connected with the outside air and that could also open and close the roof.

    The Court’s summary judgment States: fine. Tobacco Law. the fact that [name] is not completely covered, that covered parts can be drawn back, that from the outside air ventilation takes place and that [name] borders [names], which itself also not or not fully covered, not as a result of which the covered parts of [name] should not be classified as indoor shopping centre. The statement that the chain stores complex has different owners is divided, not as an administrator does not provide any argument on the plaintiff to responsible for compliance with Article 11a, paragraph 4, of the tobacco law in conjunction with article 3, paragraph 1, introductory wording and point (b), of the decision.

  15. magnetic01 says:

    A belated comment on the CDC.

    The eugenics era of early last century was dominated by a variety of “hygienism”, e.g., racial hygiene, reproductive hygiene, worker hygiene. “Hygiene” in this context is synonymous with the contemporary use of the word “health”. The eugenicists believed they should have control over all these aspects of life.

    As mentioned in many earlier posts, contemporary, medically-monopolized Public Health, particularly with its reliance on “lifestyle epidemiology”, is eugenics that now goes by the name of “healthism” (“hygienism”). And, not unexpectedly, there is a current version of “worker hygiene” as seen in the CDC’s “Total Worker Health™” program. It’s nothing short of abominable that the CDC has even trade-marked this revisited derangement.

    We know that at the root of the eugenics catastrophe was the definition of health as only a physical, absence-of-disease phenomenon. See comments here

    The WHO definition of health instituted in 1948 acknowledged that there were other dimensions to health, e.g., psychological, social. Yet we have the CDC which revolves around a physical, absence-of-disease version of health attempting a control of how persons conduct themselves at and away from work. It’s a population-level (herd-level) approach, a eugenics standard. The idea of “individual autonomy”, a centrality of relatively free societies, does not exist in the CDC framework. The CDC believes, incoherently, that it’s qualified to dictate lifestyle for the entire population. It’s dictatorial where organizations such as the CDC believe they own the population; it’s entirely at odds with a relatively free society. If Public Health actually adhered to a multi-dimensional view of health and within the context of a relatively free society, the CDC, and particularly the CDC, would have been pulled up in its population control aspirations (including tobacco-use prohibition) decades ago. But herein lies the problem. The WHO, a medical organization, and medically-monopolized Public Health are suffering the same dangerous superficiality and corruption. Medical domination has again reduced health to only a physical, absence-of-disease phenomenon and on the basis of flimsy, long-odds (relative risk) statistics. We’re right back to the perverse eugenics framework of a century ago.

    Most importantly is that this biological reductionism attracts no scrutiny whatsoever. We could well ask what’s happened to academia across the West that it can’t even recognize contemporary eugenics (i.e., behavioral) let alone provide critique. This is quite extraordinary. One would have thought that somewhere in all those universities there might have been at least a handful of folk that could recognize the standard hallmarks of a eugenics assault. But it’s sad (and mind-boggling) to say that there don’t appear to be any. I don’t think Americans – and a host of countries that follow America’s lead – have any idea how far they’ve deteriorated. It’s like a blindness or amnesia has overtaken them en masse. And it’s to their great shame because America has been down this most sickly path in the not too distant past and has obviously learnt not one thing of value. So much for the “land of the free and the home of the brave”.

    Everywhere we turn “health” is depicted as only a physical phenomenon. So-called “health advocates” are typically medically aligned. At the behavioral level it concerns anti-tobacco, anti-alcohol, dietary prescriptions/proscriptions, physical exercise. Calls for greater and greater control along this dimension come from the same medically-aligned network of organizations. This onslaught involves the typical eugenics “personnel” – physicians, biologists, pharmacologists, statisticians, and, more recently, behaviorists. It involves the same physicalism/materialism (biological reductionism) that produces a perverse, sterile definition of health stripped of the art, detail, and humanity of living. It involves the same reliance on flimsy population-level statistics that were pioneered by eugenicists early last century for population control. It revolves around “prevention”, the cornerstone of the eugenics framework. There is the same utter obsession with longevity for its own sake. It involves the same constant call for a “healthier” or “better” society. It involves the same primacy of the medical establishment and social-engineering intent where all should be coerced to abide by this superficial, “medicalized” framework, i.e. medical imperialism. It involves the same denormalization and mass propaganda techniques, a constant playing on the primal fear of disease and death, to achieve social-engineering goals.

    • Some French bloke says:

      One would have thought that somewhere in all those universities there might have been at least a handful of folk that could recognize the standard hallmarks of a eugenics assault.

      Clearly (if mind-bogglingly) a case of ‘generalized secrecy’ on a global scale.
      Also means that thousands in ‘cacademia’ have read Orwell’s 1984 like it was the latest by Stephen King…

  16. magnetic01 says:

    Agree entirely, mikef317. The CDC has long been an antismoking activist organization. The CDC became involved early in the antismoking onslaught with its entirely questionable SAMMEC smoking “death toll”. It’s provided funding for antismoking lobbying. It also has significant Pharma links.

    The CDC along with the Office of the Surgeon-General have been the two main organizations hijacked and exploited for “appeal to authority” in the quest for the smokefree “utopia”. For an example, see comments:

    Here’s the latest agenda-driven trash that involves the deranged trio (citing themselves) of the CDC, the Office of the Surgeon-General, and Stantonitis Glands:

    “The CDC today updated its official fact sheet on smoking in movies.

    Among many other important things, it says: “Giving an R rating to future movies with smoking would be expected to reduce the number of teen smokers by nearly 1 in 5 (18%) and prevent one million deaths from smoking among children alive today.”

    It also says: “In 2012, the Surgeon General concluded that exposure to onscreen smoking in movies causes young people to start smoking. Because of this exposure to smoking in movies: 6.4 million children alive today will become smokers, and 2 million of these children will die prematurely from diseases caused by smoking.””

  17. woohoo02 says:

    I think Putin should just take over the bloody country, there is a World War on the way anyway. I want it out of the way Before the kids are old enough to fight!!

    • woohoo02 says:

      effing hell , how hopeless that sounds, I hope the UK will Rise and defeat the current tri-party system before this shit escalates, and if not, the troops will undertake a coup-d’etat ,and in light of the Lee Rigby episode, will not be pretty!!

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