More Bullying

H/T Roobeedoo for this story in the Mail:

House wine to be no stronger than 12.5% under Government deal with the alcohol industry to cut binge drinking

House wine in bars and pubs will be no stronger than 12.5 per cent, under a Government plan to curb binge drinking,

Ministers held talks with the alcohol industry at the Home Office yesterday in an attempt to cut Britain’s drinking problem. The Government wants to cut the amount of alcohol drunk in Britain by a billion units a year.

Under an agreement struck with the industry pubs and bars will stock house wines below 12.5 per cent and ‘promote lower-alcohol products to customers’.

Cut price deals for alcohol in shops and supermarkets will also be targeted, while super-strength beer will be stopped from being sold in large cans.

Conservative MP Philip Davies tonight attacked the proposal. He said: ‘It is complete nonsense. This is the nanny state running riot.

‘Why should the overwhelming majority of responsible drinkers be denied the drink of their choice because of a lunatic minority.

‘This is a sort of nanny state measure I would expect from a Labour government – not a Conservative government.

‘The people running the Home Office are clearly nanny state socialists.’

More bullying and stealing.

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33 Responses to More Bullying

  1. People, particularly kids wanting to get drunk and/or compete with each other in drinking games/contests, will simply drink more of it. When I went to college we drank very little wine or hard liquor for some reason, but I’d say a solid majority of the students put down well over 100 gallons of beer per year, and a fair minority probably put down over 200. Drinking games like Buzz, Whale’s Tails Prince Of Wales, etc were rampant (Not to mention such fun pastimes as taking a drink every time someone said “Hi Bob!” on the Bob Newhart show,) And hey, if you were too blitzed to be able to form or hear coherent words, you’d simply slap mugs together and have a chugging contest.

    The idea that Britain’s “drinking problem” can be solved with 12.5% wine is absolutely ludicrous.

    HOWEVER… if they released pub owners from draft slavery as Smoking Enforcers and most pubs returned to welcoming smokers, you’d probably see less drinking at home and pre-pub, and more drinking in the controlled pub atmosphere. I imagine it’s the same over there as it is over here: if a customer starts getting beyond a certain point, the bartender simply practices selective attention and suchlike to slow them down. Here, you might see a bartender start pouring lighter drinks, but over there you’ve got all the bottles measured out with little gizmos, right — so that option wouldn’t be as available (Heh, unless someone was SO blitzed that you could get away with serving them tap water with an olive in it as a martini! LOL!)

    – MJM

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      Mike did you work for the Government before! LOL

      you could get away with serving them tap water with an olive in it as a martini! LOL!)

  2. jaxthefirst says:

    … and ‘promote lower-alcohol products to customers’

    I’m sure that’ll go down as well as the last time low-alcohol or no-alcohol beers were introduced onto the market. Most of the people I know who tried those, way back in the 1980s when they first came on the market, declared them “absolutely disgusting” and never tried them again. To be honest, if someone doesn’t want to feel the effects of alcohol (such as if they are driving or if they are teetotal), in my experience they’ll simply drink coffee or a soft drink, which can be enjoyed on their own merits, rather than a wishy-washy poor imitation of a real alcoholic drink. The kind of people who’ll drink these things will be exactly the same kind of people who vape instead of smoking, i.e. those who’d like to be brave enough to stand up to the nannies and just go on doing what they enjoy, but haven’t quite got the courage. So they just pretend to be naughty and rebellious in the hope of appeasing the nannies whilst fooling everyone around them that they’re actually really cool rebel-types. Yeah, right. In other words, exactly the kind of people who’ll drive any remaining customers out of pubs even faster than the smoking ban …

    • Rose says:

      Just before the ban, the pub I used to visit started serving really good coffee, bliss! I could finally give up drinking their rubbish lemonade.

      But the Ban put a stop to all that. I am a proud Englishwoman and will not be told where to stand by a far away government I voted against.

    • west2 says:

      The market for low and low alcohol beers has changed a great deal since the ’80s. There is now more variety and better products both for beer and wine. This is good for those who are either teetotal or need to abstain for various reasons. Some of those reasons may be temporary such as taking medication or being a designated driver.

      As for pretending. I’m not sure some are. Some have fallen for the propaganda and agree with it. This is not rebellion. it is conformity.

      The rebels support all round choice. Unfortunately those rebels sometimes get flak from all sides!

  3. junican says:

    The tobacco control salami slicing system in action again. I fear that we shall have to put up with this ‘Adam and Eve temptation by serpents’ for some time as yet. It will be interesting, historically, for future analysts to observe the actions of analysts. There is just the possibility that an independent observer might just say, “Erm … Just a moment. Erm ….. The Doctors Study PROVES that no one under the age of 50, or thereabouts suffers as a result of smoking, despite their wartime experiences and diesel fumes or atom bomb experiments. Such things as war sufferings do not exist.
    The smoking ban is an obscenity, if only because it required citizens to become policemen.
    It must fail eventually for that reason.

    • harleyrider1978 says:

      I remember watching on BBC news on PBS here in America back in about 2006 they said we are going to attack binge drinking we the government. They had run a series of short clips showing drunken brawling UK young adults around bars up and down a street in London. Pissing in the streets harassing passer-bys and passing out on the curbs………….

      It simply appeared to me to be a good old fashioned get together and party just they didn’t have a bonfire like we had. But then they get lots of bonfires after a good old soccer ball game I hear in the UK.

  4. nisakiman says:

    Given that most red wines weigh in at around 12.5% (slightly less for white wines), and normally only get into the 14% bracket (which, let’s admit it, isn’t going to make much difference to how drunk you get on two or three glasses) when you move up the price range, I fail to see what they expect to achieve with this stupidity. Unless, of course, the idea is to establish the precedent, and once established, to gradually reduce that ABV figure until it gets down to Lambrusco levels of 8 or 9%.

    As a red wine drinker, I tend to go for the higher ABV wines, as I find they have more body, which is to my taste. I rarely buy any wine that is as low as 12.5%, finding them a bit ‘thin’. As for reds at 11%, I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot barge-pole.

    However, all that misses the point, which is: “What the fuck has it got to do with the government and the quisling alcohol industry what strength house wines are? And what the fuck business of the government is it how much I choose to drink?”

    They can fuck off with their ‘deal with the alcohol industry to cut binge drinking‘, (the latest glib soundbite which is anyway a mythical construct of the febrile yammerers in the temperance movement). I for one will be taking no notice.

  5. “The Government wants to cut the amount of alcohol drunk in Britain by a billion units a year.”

    Which equates to about one bottle of 14% ABV wine per adult every six months.

    Therefore, as Junican says, it’s just the start of the salami-slice tactics. Actually, it’s started already. There are warnings on Tennent’s Super lager to “drink responsibly” when drunks buy it deliberately to get blitzed.

    At least someone in government has a sense of humour…

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  7. prog says:

    Most drones won’t really notice little nudges like this. Really, whoever checks the alcohol content before ordering house plonk? I’m no drinker but I get the feeling that the level of alcohol consumption is largely dependent on mood and circumstances, rather than on the number of glasses/bottles drunk. Ok, some don’t know when they’ve had enough to avoid getting totally pissed (judgement clouded by alcohol of course) but the truth is that the vast majority don’t really ‘binge’, don’t end up rolling in the gutter at chucking out time, but merely consume enough to feel relaxed among friends. And why fucking not? Isn’t this what pubs should be ultimately all about? How they were before the big lie closed 1000’s of pubs and ruined countless 1000’s of social lives?

    • Frank J says:

      It was always my experience that if you ended up in the position of ‘rolling in the gutter’ in any pub, you were chucked out well before chucking out time!

      I dunno but maybe today’s school of young ‘managers’ haven’t the faintest idea about drinking.

      • prog says:

        Strange thing is that there are laws already in place to deter public drunkenness, yet usually the police just stand by in case of any scrapping. I think publicans can also been fined for selling alcohol to anyone who’s pissed.

  8. I feel they have lost the plot as to what “binge drinking” even IS!

    BINGE drinking is going out once or twice every few months, or even longer in between, leaving the house Friday after work, and visiting every pub in the county, and not been seen again until shift begin on Monday, and remembering nothing in between.

    It is NOT going for one or two pints per night after work.

    WHY do the MSM go along with this?

    Because, as opposed to the old fashioned REAL journalists, they are all Motherfucking fairy arsed queer bastards, who get pissed at rumours of a tin of Brasso visiting the town.

  9. harleyrider1978 says:

    3.2% BEER for everyone! That’s the official allowance the government allows sold on military bases.

    • nisakiman says:

      Christ! I bet those boys develop some over-sized bladders on a night in the bar!

      • harleyrider1978 says:

        It was for me on base anyway. I and most usually went into town to drink and nailed Budweiser down at about 5% content…………

  10. I expect that the 18-25 year old’s that blight town centres at the weekends will be very upset that the ‘house wine’ will not be as potent !!

    • nisakiman says:

      No, this move is aimed at all those middle-management types who regularly roll out of the pubs pissed as a parrot, vomit all over the pavement and then start a fight over the colour of someone’s tie clashing with his shirt and cufflinks. You know, ‘binge drinkers’ who indulge in more than the officially sanctioned number of glasses of wine.

  11. harleyrider1978 says:

    Here ya go guys and gals……………….sickem

    I think magnetics already there………….

    • Barry Homan says:

      WOW much more entertaining the World Cup. I read almost all the comments but had to give up finally – you’re in good form tonight, you and mag (and the others).

  12. beobrigitte says:

    House wine in bars and pubs will be no stronger than 12.5 per cent, under a Government plan to curb binge drinking,

    The Government failed to explain HOW this is supposed to curb binge drinking. I guess the Government just wants to ‘look good’. That don’t work, either.

  13. Supergran says:

    Nah, BB, they just wanna “test out” whether they get away with it. Once done, it will be easy to cut down and down. Bastard do-goodin – good for nowt bloody sycophants !!

  14. Bullying is rampant to many societies nowadays. This is a trend that most people are involve. Whether it is verbal or non-verbal it hurts too. People who are bullied undergo a series of counselling and processing of oneself, its a long process that will help bullied person avoid recurring of events. So let’s stop this act! Beware and be AWARE! Click:!/page_home

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  16. miles says:

    Bullying can be devastating for ones confidence and self-esteem. They need lots of love and support, both at home and wherever the bullying is happening. They also need to know that you will take action to prevent any further bullying. You can give support by listening and talking with them and offer them them some compassion and support. I would like to share this link, about a service on how to protect bully victims:

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