Normal Blokes Can Balance Beer Glasses On Their Heads

EU election results from the Telegraph:

From the Guardian:

However, the prime minister appears to have been provoked into criticising Ukip and Farage more openly again in recent weeks, as well as repeatedly rejecting the idea of any pacts or joint tickets with the party for the general election. He made the new comments after being asked why he could not answer simply like Farage, instead of dodging a question about whether he felt closer to Ukip or the Liberal Democrats.

Cameron told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I don’t actually happen to agree with that. Listening to him on the radio and television for the last few days, it all seems supremely tactical. It’s about trying to grow votes in clusters or something in different parts of the country. I don’t really accept this thing. He’s a consummate politician, we’ve seen that with his expenses and his wife on the payroll and everything else. So I don’t really accept the ‘he’s a normal bloke down the pub’ thing.”

A “normal bloke down the pub” is something David Cameron can never be. For if he was snapped drinking and smoking outside a pub, the sheer hypocrisy of it would be manifest.

The same goes for Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband. They can’t do it either. And for the same reason as Cameron.

None of them can be “normal blokes” ever again.

If they’re anything at all, they’re “de-normals.” They have become role models and practitioners of denormalisation, and they live the denormalised lifestyle. You’re never going to see any of them smoking. And you’re unlikely to see them drinking either. Or even enjoying themselves at all. Not like Nigel does, at the third chorus of Singing In The Rain:


They simply can’t do it. They’re not allowed to. And anyway they burnt their boats when they signed up for pinch-faced Deborah Arnott’s Action on Smoking and Health.

Nigel Farage can be a “normal bloke”, but they can’t.  No wonder Nigel is laughing. He can do something and be something they can’t. Ha ha ha.

And doesn’t it just go to show how denormalisation isn’t working,  that a “normal bloke” is still someone who drinks and smokes. And balances beer glasses on his head.


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25 Responses to Normal Blokes Can Balance Beer Glasses On Their Heads

  1. Marie says:

    I am really looking forward to see, what is happening to the UK smoking ban :)

    • Harleyrider1978 says:

      One thing is for sure today is definitely not in the nannies interest any longer………….

  2. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Nigel if ya wanna come to America like to Kentucky I will be your sponsor!

  3. Junican says:

    I think that there is something missing in the calculations of Cameron, Miliband and Clegg. They do not understand that Farage is AN ORATOR.. He can speak passionately about FACTS. Few people have that ability. It is a gift.The pronouncements of Cameron and co are emotional. “We must listen” is an emotional claim. But none of them are the slightest bit interested in THE FACTS..

  4. Greg burrows says:

    I first met Nigel when I went to the first TICAP meeting in 2009, at the Irish pub just outside the Brussels EU parliament, I remember I was talking to an EU commission chap and Nigel bought us both a drink Nigel then introduced himself, once the commission chap realised he was an MEP he left sharpish leaving his beer, so I learned from Nigel, commission people are not meant to talk to parliament people. I was not political at this juncture, though I had been fighting the smoking ban for three years, and after much research realised the smoking ban had been brought about by people who belived they had our interests at heart and had decided to lie to everyone that second hand smoke was significantly harmful to protect us from our ourselves, Nigel did not push me into politics, but he gave me an impetus to move into politics that being the only way I decided later in the year, of changing the ever progression of the infringements of personal choice and liberty,
    Nigel is a proper bloke, he has been a commodities trader in the city, many years ago, but he understands peoples concerns no matter their background, UKIP is a diverse mix of people who have become so disenchanted that they have put their time and energy into trying to stop the destruction of the culture and ordinance of the uk.

    • Frank Davis says:

      commission people are not meant to talk to parliament people

      Why? That sounds utterly absurd. Do the parliament people belong to the “lower orders”? Or is it like the the Commission is the Upper Sixth form, and the Parliament is the Lower Fifth?

      I’m sure you’re right about “people who believe that they have our interests at heart”. They think they know what’s good for everybody else. And it’s a terrifying conceit of theirs.

    • She does qualify it, though…

      “He doesn’t get a lot of sleep, he doesn’t get a lot of rest, he lives on adrenaline a lot, he doesn’t eat regular meals, now I am beginning to sound like his mother, and he smokes and he drinks too much.

      “But if you have that sort of lifestyle I think it is what keeps him going, it keeps the adrenaline going.”

      But apart from appearing thick when it comes to using a computer, she makes him sound all the more normal and pleasant.

      I think if I’d been him, I’d have gagged her from talking to the press! Maybe he thinks there’s nothing that can stop the steamroller now.

  5. prog says:

    Farage couldn’t be any worse than the lying, slippery condescending bastards who claim to have the interests of ‘hardworking families’ at heart. Basically, because they make ideal cash cows to support the largely useless, money wasting apparatchiks that seem to have one over-riding motive – to make our lives a bloody misery.

    • After Cameron – or his Facebook writer – mentioned ‘hardworking families’ yet again on his Facebook page, I left a comment asking if he wins a bet if he mentions it 10,000 times.

      They think they can fool people with these cheap, cheesy soundbites and unfortunately they often can.

      • prog says:

        Bloody irritating, though not as bad as Bliar’s pathetic hand jive. I think he does it deliberately after being told by some ‘guru’ that it made people look more sincere. A pint in one hand and cig in the other works better imo.

        • They all do the hand thing. So do many broadcasters. Like you say, it must be so you are more inclined to believe their lies. There are probably YouTube videos explaining what the different gestures mean. I’m sure I watched one ages ago. Must have another look…

  6. Harleyrider1978 says:

    E-cigarette rise ‘may explain fall in attempts to quit smoking in Scotland’

    The rise of electronic cigarettes may explain a sharp fall in people seeking NHS help to quit smoking in Scotland, it has been suggested.

    An estimated 10% of the adult smoking population made an attempt to quit using NHS services in 2013, although the total was down by 13%.

    Statisticians suggest the fall is due to the increasing use of e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco.

  7. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Heres one that was written by one of my facebook buds
    Scott Ewing
    No intelligent person believes this secondhand smoke nonsense anymore. That only leaves shills and the incredibly gullible. Politicians and diapers need to be changed often, and for the same reason.

  8. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Via Andrew Phillips
    Great they’ve fucked with our property rights and now the UN and it’s green conquistadors want to fuck with our heads.

    Ecotherapy: The Green Agenda for Mental Health Executive Summary | NKE

    Ecotherapy: The Green Agenda for Mental Health Executive Summary

    Publication Date: November, 2007

    Contact:Mind, 020-8519-2122 (London, England)

    Ecotherapy is emerging as a clinically valid treatment option for mental distress, and a core component of an adequate public health strategy for mental health. The new research presented in this report shows green exercise has particular benefits for people experiencing mental distress. It directly benefits mental health (lowering stress and boosting self-esteem), improves physical health (lowering blood pressure and helping to tackle obesity), provides a source of meaning and purpose, helps to develop skills and form social connections.

    Published by: Mind

    • Harleyrider1978 says:

      Hense the new DSM-5 mental health bible of fictional ailments

      DSM-5 Field Trials Discredit the American Psychiatric Association

      The $3 million DSM-5 Field Trials have been a pure disaster from start to finish. First, there was the poor choice of design. The study restricted itself to reliability — the measurement of diagnostic agreement among different raters. Unaccountably, it failed to address two much more crucial questions — DSM-5’s potential impact on who would be diagnosed and on how much its dramatic lowering of diagnostic thresholds would increase the rates of mental disorder in the general population. There was no possible excuse for not asking these simple-to-answer and vitally important questions. We have a right to know how much DSM-5 will contribute to the already rampant diagnostic inflation in psychiatry, especially since this risks even greater overuse of psychotropic drugs.

      Second problem — the design of the DSM-5 field trial had a byzantine complexity that could be dreamed up only by people with no experience in real-life field testing. One look made clear that there would be serious implementation problems and that it would be impossible to complete within the time allotted. The first stage of the field trial limped in eighteen months late, having taken twice as long as was scheduled. APA then had to choose between delaying the publication of DSM-5 or canceling its planned second stage of field testing that was meant to provide for desperately needed quality control. APA decided to cancel the trial and instead is rushing ahead with the premature publication of DSM-5 next May — publishing profits clearly trumped concern for the quality and integrity of the product. Fiduciary responsibility was thrown out the window.

      Now, we have strike three. The DSM-5 leadership has reported the results of its field trial in a distressingly misleading paper.

      According to the authors, 14 of the 23 disorders had “very good” or “good” reliability; six had questionable, but “acceptable” levels; and just three had “unacceptable” rates. Sounds okay until you look at the actual data and discover that the cheerful words used by the DSM-5 leaders simply don’t fit their extremely disappointing results. The paper is a classic example of Orwellian “newspeak.” When DSM-5 failed to achieve acceptable reliability by historical standards, the DSM-5 leadership arbitrarily decided to move the goal posts in and lower the bar in defining what is “acceptable.” In fact, only the five of the 23 DSM-5 diagnoses that achieved kappa levels of agreement between 0.60-0.79 would have been considered “good” in the past. DSM-5 cheapens the coinage of reliability by hyping these merely okay levels as “very good.” Then it gets much worse. The nine DSM-5 disorders in the kappa range of 0.40-0.59 previously would have been considered just plain poor, but DSM-5 puffs these up as “good.” Then DSM-5 has the chutzpah to call acceptable the six disorders that achieved lousy, absolutely unacceptable reliabilities with kappas of 0.20-0.39. DSM-5 finally finds unacceptable the three diagnoses that were below <0.20 (which is barely better than chance).

      Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder were among those that achieved the unacceptable kappas in 0.20-0.39 range. This makes sense for GAD because its DSM-5 definition was so very poorly done. But how to explain the ridiculously low levels of agreement for MDD. DSM-5 had made no changes from the MDD definition whose reliability has been studied hundreds of times in the past 30 years and has always achieved rates about twice as high. The only possible explanation for the egregiously poor MDD result is amateur incompetence in how the DSM-5 field trials were conducted — and this throws in doubt all of the other results (and all of DSM-5).

      It is sad that the American Journal of Psychiatry agreed to publish this sleight of hand interpretation of the remarkably poor DSM-5 field trial results. Clearly, AJP has been forced into the role of a cheerleading house organ, not an independent scientific journal. AJP is promoting APA product instead of critically evaluating it. Scientific journals all have some inherent conflicts of interest — but this is ridiculous.

      The DSM-5 field trial fiasco and its attempted cover-up is more proof (if any were needed) that APA has lost its competence and credibility as custodian for DSM. A diagnostic system that affects so many crucial decisions in our society cannot be left to a small professional association whose work is profit driven, lacking in scientific integrity, and insensitive to public weal.

      Allen Frances is a professor emeritus at Duke University and was the chairman of the DSM-IV task force.

  9. Harleyrider1978 says:

    We’re all binge drinkers – if you swallow nanny state line

    Three pints, according to the latest report, makes you a binge drinke. Photo: Getty Images.

    Michael Dwyer – Published 23 May 2014 02:30 AM

    FOR the love of God, stop! Whatever it is that you are eating, put it down. Bin it. If you are drinking something, pour it away. It it almost certainly poison. Studies are increasingly clear that there is a very good chance that we may die. Of Something. Sometime. Somewhere. The cause may very well be something we ate, or drank, or touched, or smelled, or inhaled.

    • jaxthefirst says:

      Oh dear! That’ll upset my OH. He regards three pints as “a swift drink.” So, what he regards as a “binge” is probably classified as “physically impossible” on the Healthists’ scale. One wonders how he manages (unlike rare-drinking me!) to get up at 6.00 am, make tea, walk the dog and get to work by 7.30 am every day …

  10. Harleyrider1978 says:

    May 27th, 2014

    Tories, Labour and Lib Dems face fresh turmoil as results are announced
    After 11 regions declared, UKIP has 24 MEPs and 29% of the vote up 11.68%
    Farage sets sights on Newark by-elections and policy launch in Doncaster
    Clegg rejects calls to quit as leader after ‘gutting’ Lib Dem bloodbath

    Nick Griffin says UKIP policies are ‘racist’ and voters will come back to BNP
    Boris Johnson claims surge in UKIP support is part of ‘peasants’ revolt’
    Tony Blair is ‘worried’ by rise of UKIP fuelling ‘anti-immigrant feeling‘
    Nigel Farage today announced UKIP would go after Ed Miliband in his Doncaster seat as part of a campaign to win a ‘good number’ of MPs in 2015.

    The UKIP leader told critics who think his party has peaked with last night’s victory in the European elections ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’, as he announced plans to launch new party policy in the Labour leader’s backyard.

    With 11 regions declared, UKIP has won more than 27 per cent of the vote, electing 24 MEPs, leaving Labour and the Tories to battle it out for second for the first time in 100 years.

    In a speech to a victory rally in central London, Mr Farage said the party would now focus on trying to win next week’s Newark by-election before attempting to secure enough MPs in Westminster to hold the balance of power in a hung parliament.

    Read more:


  11. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Obesity in Canada: Overstated Problems, Misguided Policy Solutions

    Type: Research Studies
    Date Published: April 28, 2014

    Between 2003 and 2012, there has been no statistically significant
    change in the rate of overweight (Body Mass Index between 25 and 30)
    among Canadian adults. The rate of obesity among Canadian adult males
    appears to have stabilized or perhaps even declined, though adult
    females have seen a steady increase in obesity since 2003. Among
    Canadian youth (aged 12 to 17), rates of overweight and obesity are
    largely unchanged between 2005 and 2012.”

    sound familiar ??? think smoking rates and global climate temps…..

    Canada’s obesity ‘epidemic’ exaggerated and the health risks overstated, Fraser Institute says

  12. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Pro-smokers group hits out at voluntary park ban

    A smokers’ rights group says a ‘voluntary ban’ on smoking in the Vale’s parks is a step too far.

    Buckinghamshire County Council and Aylesbury District Council are piloting the Smokefree Parks initiative, which asks people to avoid lighting up when in parks or children’s play areas.

    Signs will be installed asking park users to avoid smoking, and the county council’s public health team will be working with schools to increase awareness of the ban with children and parents.

    Simon Clark, director of pro-smokers group Forest, said: “I think many smokers will feel aggrieved about this.

    “When the smoking ban was introduced in 2007, we were told it was to protect bar workers from second-hand smoke, but now several local councils have introduced this new ban in outdoor areas.

    “They shouldn’t get involved with something that’s nothing to do with them. People expect them to sort out our streetlights and our waste disposal.

    “No where was it agreed that local councils should dictate when and where we smoke in the outdoors.”

    But Amanda Sandford, research manager for anti-smoking group ASH, said: “Surveys show that smokefree measures are popular, especially among parents as they don’t want their children to smoke or to be exposed to other people’s smoke.

    The smoke-free policy will reinforce the message that smoking is no longer the norm and is unacceptable in places where children play. It will also make the parks more attractive for all visitors.”

    In a survey carried out for the county council earlier this month, 30 out of 32 people interviewed supported a voluntary ban.

    Carl Etholen, the county council’s deputy cabinet member for health and wellbeing said: “We need to do everything we can to stop children getting positive messages about smoking, and this pilot initiative is a good first step in getting people to realise that smoking isn’t acceptable in places where youngsters play.

    “It’s really positive that the parents we surveyed, including the smokers, were right behind a voluntary ban in such places.”

    In a statement explaining the move, the county council added: “Smoking is smelly, expensive and bad for your health, so why do so many teenagers take up the habit?

    “Evidence indicates that young people’s attitudes to smoking are influenced by various signals they get telling them that smoking is culturally acceptable – and even quite exciting.

    “Positive attitudes to smoking instilled in childhood can help teenagers make the wrong decisions on smoking later on, especially with the additional effects of peer pressure – and so we get another generation of smokers.”

  13. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Tobacco is a potent medicinal plant without equal among natural or synthetic medicines. Wherever tobacco has arrived in the past, including Europe, Africa, Asia,… it was instinctively recognized as a medicinal substance and used to treat numerous health problems.

    Tobacco smoke is especially effective for inflammatory and auto-immune conditions, depression, anxiety stress, focus, memory & motivation problems, harsh or toxic environments (it nearly doubles main internal detox & antioxidant enzymes in human body – glutathione, catalase and SOD).

    Your doctor isn’t the only one secretly recommending it to his patients.

    Here is for example Australian doctor William T. Whitbey who wrote a book “Smoking is good for you”…/Smoking-is-Good-for-You-William… (download pdf there), or his newer version: “Smoking scare debunked”

    Another Australian medical researcher (prof. J. Ray Johnstone) wrote several papers on the similar theme e.g. The Scientific Scandal of Antismoking (and more articles here: )

    Or another doctor Gabriela Segura:…/254745-Nicotine-The-Zombie-Antidote

    On anti-inflammatory, detox, neuro-protective, anti-carcinogenic and rejuvenating effects of tobacco smoke, with more recent scientific findings & references see links given in this post in life-extension & nootropic forum Longecity:…/61248-the-intelligent…/

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