The Sniper Took Aim, But Then…

EU election results are slowly trickling in. UKIP is doing well, it seems.

So, in the absence of any firm news, a story I came across today:

They were so close to us that we could count them, one by one. In the trench, between two crossways, there was a little round space where somebody, every now and again, stopped for a minute. You could tell they were talking, but the sound of their voices didn’t reach us. That space must have been in front of a shelter that was bigger than the others, because there was more movement around it. The movement stopped when an officer arrived. You could tell he was an officer from the way he was dressed. He had shoes and gaiters made of yellow leather and his uniform looked brand new. Probably he had just arrived a few days ago, maybe fresh out of a military academy. He was very young and his blond hair made him look even younger. He couldn’t have been any more than 17. Upon his arrival, the soldiers all scattered and there was nobody left in the round space but him. The coffee distribution was about to begin. All I could see was the officer.

I had been in the war since it began. Fighting in a war for years means acquiring the habits and the mind-set of war. This big-game hunting of men by men was not much different from the other big-game hunting. I did not see a man there. All I saw was the enemy. After so much waiting, so many patrols, so much lost sleep, he was coming out into the open. The hunt had gone well. Mechanically, without a thought, without any conscious intent to do so, but just like that, just from instinct, I grabbed the corporal’s rifle. He gave it up to me and I took it. If we had been on the ground, as on the other nights, flat on our bellies behind the bush, I probably would have fired immediately, without wasting a second. But I was on my knees in the newly dug ditch, and the bush was in front of me like a shield in a shooting gallery. It was as though I were on a shooting range and I had all the time I wanted to take aim. I planted my elbows firmly on the ground and started to aim.

The Austrian officer lit a cigarette. Now he was smoking. That cigarette suddenly created a relationship between us. As soon as I saw his puff of smoke I felt the need to smoke. That desire of mine reminded me that I had some cigarettes too. In an instant, my act of taking aim, which had been automatic, became deliberate. I became aware that I was aiming, and that I was aiming at someone. My index finger, pressing on the trigger, eased off. I was thinking. I had been forced to think.

Sure, I was consciously fighting in the war and I justified that morally and politically. My conscience as a man and as a citizen was not in conflict with my duty as a soldier. The war, for me, was a dire necessity, terrible surely, but one whose demands I obeyed, as one of life’s many thankless but inevitable necessities. So I was fighting in the war and I had soldiers under my command. Morally, then, I was fighting twice. I had already taken part in a lot of battles. That I should shoot at an enemy officer was, therefore, in the logic of things. Even more than that, I demanded of my soldiers that they stay alert on their watch and that they shoot accurately if the enemy came into their sights. Why wouldn’t I, now, shoot at that officer? It was my duty to shoot. I felt it was my duty. If I didn’t feel it was my duty, it would be monstrous for me to continue fighting in the war and to make others do so as well. No, there was no doubt; it was my duty to shoot.

I often think that smoking humanises people, and that smoke binds them together. And here was an example of this happening.

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28 Responses to The Sniper Took Aim, But Then…

  1. Harleyrider1978 says:

    The sight of the smoker lighting wasn’t just a connection to smoking but a deeper bond. A political Bond based upon the enemy soldiers political bosses likely pushing anti-smoking as Hitler had done. The fact he was smoking meant he was also an ally against the machine he was forced to fight for. It means in essence by not firing the enemy smoker was given the chance to fight against the same ones the other smoker was fighting against based upon political ideologies.

    Much more than simply being brother smokers happens. It happens everytime a smoking spot is set up or 2 smokers meet at a red lite or just simply being part of the crowd being victimized by the nanny Nazis. Everybody is a smoker in that respect and with that respect it created a vast army of UKIP voters. Amassed and marking an X for the freedom movement. The movement we have fought to make happen these last 6-7 years to get too!

    You see when everyone becomes a smoker by virtue of being victimized by the same enemy we become an army so vast and so thick in desire to defeat the enemy we cannot be stopped.

    • Harleyrider1978 says:

      By defeating the anti-tobacco movement we have in fact defeated even the other victims oppressors as they used the plan of everything is the new tobacco angle.

      If it takes Bloggers,commentors,trenchfighters,fatties,vapors,drinkers,children,bootleggers or whatever it took the joint efforts of us all to defeat an enemy so well entrenched and financed that the simple act of voting might well be the end of this nannystate war on us all.

      Frank your blog as well as many others has provided the guidance and tools to educate and provide the tools for everyone to fight back.

      It is to the internet we can thank for providing the means to put a stop to a movement that otherwise could have taken 2-3 times as long to defeat.

      While it isn’t over yet,we can well sleep better knowing the final nails are being hammered into tobacco control these last few days.

    • Harleyrider1978 says:

      EU-critical UKIP on top Bladder against UK

      By Ritzau –
      May 26, 2014 , 00:00 ( Diff ) ( May 26, 2014 , 01:24 AM )

      Anti -EU party UKIP to get Britain prosperity great. Never before seen in the British Cartoon, Nigel Farage says

      The article continues below the advertisement …
      – Advertisement –
      The British opponent party, the United Kingdom Independence Party ( UKIP ) Nigel Farage with the colorful chairman strongly forward and it can be set to be largest British party in the European Parliament .

      – UKIP wins this election and yes, it will be an earthquake because never before in British Political Cartoon has a few , as can be seen that the rebel party topped the polls in the national election , Nigel Farage says .

      His party , which wants Britain out of the EU, Forer election with the EU – 12 seats Parliament, after half the regions of the published results have .

      Farage said that the emergence of anti- European Union party of across domestic policy shake vile .

      From preliminary results show that Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservatives in particular an entering with or second place in the choice seats in Parliament, while the Labour Party Labour STAR to get to eight seats EU Parliament.

      STAR UKIP as the Final winner is the first time that it is not, or of Conservative Labour , on which STAR wins big .

      Elections were held in the UK Thursday, but under EU law must not COUNTRIES publish the results before voting everyone .

      From last polling stations closed in Italy at 23 , and then began the results for the member to be landed .

      According to news agency Reuters yesterday UKIP 13 per cent to their relative elections to the European Parliament five years ago in 2009.

      Britain has a total of 73 seats in Parliament.

    • Marie says:

      Google translate of the Danish article, Harley? I just dont know, how they got Bladder ;)

  2. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Your gonna love this one

    At an April political forum at Bourbon County High School, cigarette butts lined the walkway to the auditorium, although the campus is designated smoke-free. Onstage, candidates for city council and magistrate were asked whether they would support a smoking ban. Some said they had fathers or sisters who were longtime smokers who had cancer, most said they didn’t smoke, and a few said they weren’t sure smoking was really a health risk.

    Of 18 candidates, only one said he would support a smoking ban. He didn’t win in last week’s primary election.

    Read more here:

  3. roobeedoo2 says:

    If you think about it, they did Nigel Farage seriously a long time ago. They’ve done their damned to shut down the pubs and the clubs he spoke of:

  4. Junican says:

    The critical thing (of which we are all aware) is that the success of UKIP in the EU election is no more than a token. People like Milton MP, Soubry MP and Ellison MP will continue to kowtow to their real ‘bosses’ (the Health Zealots in the Health Dept) while the Sec of State, Hunt MP, hides behind the parapet.
    UKIP needs now to press like mad against the EU elite, forming alliances with similar groups in other countries. The Tobacco Control Directive must be a prime target.
    We must be realistic. We should not expect changes in the direct anti-tobacco provisions of the latest directive. The things that are absolutely unacceptable, and which should never have been accepted, are the snus ban and the e-cig meddling. Of the two, I would say that the snus ban is the absolute worst. Even by their own standard of evidence, snus cannot be seen as other than fully compliant with tobacco control ideals.
    But snus comes from tobacco, and is thereby anathema.
    You said yesterday that, far from becoming used to it, you become more and more incensed by the smoking ban. So do I. When I pick up my pint and walk to the door of the near deserted pub, my hackles rise. I hate it, and I hate the people who engineered it – every single one of them, from Zealot to MP. I detest them all.
    So I hope that, when Farage’s committee vets their candidates, one of the questions asked is, “Do you agree with the universal smoking ban?” I the candidate says, “Yes”, the he/she is excluded. The reason is that such people show subservience to ‘experts’ when they themselves should regard themselves as ‘the experts’. If they do not, then they should not be standing for election. Much as you might dislike Thatcher, at least she saw herself as ‘an expert’. Churchill was most certainly an ‘expert’ when it came to opposing Hitler.
    Cameron, Clegg and Milliband have nothing to recommend them. I suspect that they are good members of Common Purpose. They attended the meetings and swallowed the slogan “Leadership beyond Authority” hook, line and sinker. Unfortunately, they forgot that there are many, many people who do not want to be lead.

  5. Lepercolonist says:

    This sniper story touched home. I work at a U.S. government office with 50 employees. During the early 1990’s we were instructed that smoking is only allowed in a new ventilated smoking room. After some grumbling, we adapted quite well. At least it was humanely accommodating. However, along came that Nanny bitch, Hillary Clinton. All smoking was prohibited in federal buildings.

    We had to go outside in a new designated area with 3 wooden benches and no tables. Being in a cold northern city , this was inhumane and very demoralizing. However, a camaraderie developed among all the smokers. Management and union smokers got along quite well. We were all “smoking buddies.”

    We instituted a new rule that non-smokers had to relinquish their seats to smokers on our 3 wooden benches . With the support of our smoking managers, this new rule pissed-off quite a few non-smokers during the summer. They said it was unfair !

    • carol2000 says:

      You mean those non-smokers weren’t terrified of an instant heart attack from a whiff of secondhand smoke? And they weren’t coughing and flapping, or afraid that their precious clothes might be contaminated? Were they maybe even socailizing with smokers like human beings? Then we should be nice to them.

      • Harleyrider1978 says:

        I was working a bombing range in electronic warfare when Hitlerys ban came down.

        Lets just say when the government guys came down from DC to North Carolina They never caught anyone smoking. All they ever got was a whiff of odor. Then we discovered thru the big bosses these government guys were smokers too and they just loved to get out of D.C. and away from the flagrant abuses of the then administration on smoking.

        Life returned to normal for another 2 years then I left.

  6. waltc says:

    On the soldier story: That’s why the Aunts don’t want us to be seen. First, because it creates the possibility that even the likes of Glantz or Arnott or Banzaf might not shoot us. (Can’t have that.) And then the sight of people enjoying themselves might encourage others to want to enjoy themselves (can’t have that) and of course, worst of all, might make the shamed and brow-beaten ex’s long for a former pleasure.

    day late/ buck short comments;

    Don’t overlook (as I almost did) a link posted by Ingrid (a newcomer?) yesterday. She billed it only as “the great satan” and while that’s a part of it– I ask you: what self-respecting journal could refer to nicotine withOUT at least once calling it satanic?– it’s actually yet amother article on how nicotine stimulates mental acuity, controls neuromuscular diseases including Parkinson’s and without the devastating side effects of the usual prescription drugs, how it’s better than Ritalin for attention disorder, and so on. Worth a read or a bookmark. Here’s the link again:

    On yesterday’s list of US prohibitionists, you forgot Andrew Volstead. He’s the guy who turned the gleam in Carrie’s eye into the Law of the Land; what’s we call Prohibition is actually, technically, the Volstead Act.

    Finally, from an article Harley posted about the way the MSM and the pols describe UKIPpers, doesn’t this also describe the way they describe smokers? I.E., “we’re all Ukippers now.”:

    “But does the media (and they are almost all guilty) ever stop to think what it must be like …. – to be talked about as though you are a symptom of a terrible and shameful national venereal disease, or a wayward prodigal child that needs to be rehabilitated back into the family?

    • Rose says:

      An analysis of the psychology of prohibitionists and their targeted population from 1928.

      PROHIBITION: Silk Hat
      Monday, Dec. 03, 1928

      “Dr. Raymond Pearl, famed biologist of Johns Hopkins University, was born and reared in Farmington, N. H. He well remembers two outstanding facts about New Hampshire society as he knew it during his young years:

      1) There was a State prohibition law, desired and admired by the leading citizens:

      2) There were plenty of saloons, run openly and comfortably, desired and patronized by the leading citizens.

      After pondering these facts maturely and examining certain statistics relative thereunto, Dr. Pearl wrote a paper, published in the December American Mercury, called “The Psychology of Prohibition.” The statistics he examined showed that:

      1) As more and more of the U. S. population was brought under State prohibition laws between the years 1870 and 1917, total consumption of alcohol in the U. S. increased almost three times as fast as the population.

      2) During the same period, per capita consumption of alcohol was multiplied more than two-and-one-half times.

      3) The deathrate from alcoholism,* the only index to per capita drinking when the sale of liquor is illegal, was at its lowest point in 1920, the year after national prohibition became effective.

      4) After five years of national prohibition, the alcoholism deathrate had more than tripled, surpassing its 1918 level, almost regaining its 1910 level, when only 16-96% of the U. S. population lived under prohibition.”

      “Dr. Pearl made a psychological explanation: “To call our people names, and accuse them of hypocrisy because they want both prohibitory legislation and liquor too is the favorite attitude of Europeans generally, and of a good many persons in this country as well.

      But . . . the American psychology regarding Prohibition is basically only a form of the sort of make-believe and dressing-up that every child indulges in.
      No one would think of calling a child a hypocrite because he dresses up as a cowboy or a policeman. Other peoples are, in other respects, just as childlike and naïve in their psychology as the Americans are about Prohibition.

      For example, consider the problem of why Englishmen wear silk hats. (They still do.) It is apparent to the meanest intelligence that a silk hat, considered as a hat, is a poor and ridiculous thing. It is uncomfortable, it is ugly, it is easily damaged by the elements against which it is supposed to be a protection.
      Why then do Englishmen generally, and American undertakers and politicians in particular, wear it? For a simple reason. The silk hat is a symbol of respectability. Expensive as silk hats are, they still offer the cheapest of all known ways to achieve the outward semblance of respectability.

      “In a precisely similar way national Prohibition is the silk hat of the American people. It ensures our respectability and has never so far interfered with the desired consumption of alcohol.

      * Not to be confused with the deathrate from wood or denatured alcohol poisoning.,9171,928255,00.html#ixzz0gBKgs4tm

  7. Edgar says:

    Those who create allies create enemies.

  8. Ingrid says:

    Point is that they’re not calling nicotine satanic…not even once…
    This is their conclusion : “It is tobacco (..) that rightly merits our Fear and Loathing as the Great Satan (..). Nicotine, alone: not so much.”

  9. Harleyrider1978 says:

    atticus1900 posted this info’ earlier, but it disappeared shortly after as i suspect the mod’s did’nt like the idea of people knowing about this, so i’m posting it again for you to be aware of….
    On November 1 2014 the British parliament loses
    the right to legislate over us in 43 very important areas, the British
    parliament will have to seek approval from the EU for any laws they wish
    to pass on those 43 areas. The British Parliament also loses the right
    of veto over those areas. These areas are as follows:

    1)Administrative cooperation, 2)Asylum, 3)Border Controls,
    4)Citizens initiative regulations, 5)Civil Protection, 6)Committee of
    the regions, 7)Common Defence Policy, 8)Crime prevention incentives,
    9)Criminal judicial cooperation, 10)Criminal Law,

    12)Diplomatic judicial cooperation, 13)Economic Social Committee, 14)
    Emergency International aid, 15)Energy, 16)EU Budget, 17)Eurojust,
    18)European Central Bank, 19)European Court of Justice, 20)Europol,

    21)Eurozone external representation, 22)Foreign Affairs High
    Representation Election, 23)Freedom of Movement of Workers, 24)Freedom
    to Establish a Business, 25)Freedom, Security, Justice, cooperation
    & evaluation policy, 26)Funding the Common Foreign & Security
    Policy, 27)General economic interest services, 28)Humanitarian Aid,
    29)Immigration, 30)Intellectual property,

    31) Organisation of
    the Council of the EU, 32)Police cooperation, 33)President of the
    European Council election, 34)Response to natural disaster &
    terrorism, 35)Rules concerning the Armaments Agency, 36)Self-employment
    rights, 37)Social Security Unanimity, 38)Space, 39)Sport, 40)Structural
    & Cohesion Funds,

    41)Tourism, 42)Transport, 43)Withdrawal of a member state.

    Copy this, & pass it on to as many peeps as poss’…. cheers…!

  10. Harleyrider1978 says:

    This is quite normal this exchange:

    0 #1 Betty Long Cap 2014-05-25 22:23
    Citizens should know smoking and secondary smoke are dangerous to health, drunkards need to be told go home, and plastic bags litter highways and landfills. What is more important than clean air, safe highways, and the ecology?

    Yes, you need enforceable lifestyle laws: prohibit smoking in public places, require mandatory closing hours of bars, and ban plastic bags.
    I showed up and made 3 posts

    Betty Long Cap 2014-05-26 14:30
    harleyrider1978’s comments are proof Uganda needs lifestyle laws. The nicotine addict is incapable of rational thinking. In his cloud of tobacco smoke, he is dangerous to himself and those around them.

    • Harleyrider1978 says:

      Study says smokers are not addicted to nicotine

      By James Heather | Jul 19, 2010 08:03 AM EDT

      Therefore, the craving effect is produced by psychological reasons rather than by the physiological effects of nicotine deprivation.

      A similar study conducted in 2005 amongst religious Jews, forbidden by their religion to smoke on the Sabbath, also found nicotine to be not addictive as physiological addictions are usually defined.

      It is not that nicotine plays no role. The chemical does have a physiological role in increasing cognitive abilities such as attention and memory, it’s not an addictive substance like heroin, which creates true systemic and biologically-based withdrawal symptoms in the body of the user, Dr Dar says.

  11. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Cop, barangay execs among smoking ban violators

    By Reuel John F. Lumawag

    Monday, May 26, 2014

    A POLICE officer was recently arrested by Anti-Smoking Task Force (ASTF) for allegedly violating Davao City’s Anti-Smoking Ordinance.

    Davao City Police Office Director Vicente D. Danao Jr., who bared this in Monday’s Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM City Davao, identified a certain SPO4 Flores as the alleged violator.

    “The officer was not only caught but we also got a photo of him. The officer is now under investigation,” he said.

    Danao said the officer will undergo due process and will likely be suspended for violating the ordinance.

    Aside from the police officer, ASTF co-chair Dr. Domilyn C. Villareiz said the task force also arrested barangay officials who were participating in a national convention that was held in Davao City in April.

    She pointed out that the barangay officials who were apprehended were not from Davao City.

    “They were arrested at the hotel where they were staying. They requested the hotel management if they can smoke in the comfort room. The hotel allowed them but someone reported them to the mobile patrol group,” Villareiz.

    She added that the task force also arrested foreign nationals, mostly Chinese and Koreans.

    Last year, ASTF arrested a total of 3,883 individuals in 2013 for violating the city ordinance.

    She said this is a 50 percent increase from the 2,356 individuals they have apprehended in 2012.

    “The reason for the increase in the number of violators is we have expanded our coverage,” said Villarreiz.

    The Mobile Patrol Group apprehended the most number of violators with 1,644, followed by Talomo Police Station (577), San Pedro Police Station (463), Public Safety Group (345), and Sta. Ana Police Station (234).

  12. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Simon Clark – Taking Liberties – Forest at the ConHome conference

    Further to my previous post, the main reason I attended the ConHome conference…

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