Getting Nasty with UKIP

The onslaught on UKIP is getting very nasty. First:

DAVID CAMERON’S election strategist is planning a covert campaign to target UK Independence party councillors and has suggested that the Home Office’s scheme for “go home” vans targeting illegal immigrants is flawed and has backfired.

Lynton Crosby, the Conservative party’s campaign chief, wants to launch a “below-the-radar” operation to undermine UKIP politicians by catching them making embarrassing comments.

He plans to monitor every council meeting attended by UKIP members and to launch an in-depth investigation into all 139 of the party’s newly elected councillors.

Crosby appears to be considering using third parties to assist and brief the press and has warned that the plan will be wrecked if anyone finds out the Tories are behind it.


UKIP’s London MEP Gerard Batten and his wife were woken at 3:30am this morning by a loud noise in their house. On getting up and investigating they could see nothing and assuming their cat had knocked something over they went back to bed. 45 minutes later, they were woken again by a loud bang followed by the sounds of breaking glass. There was no mistaking the cause this time, as on coming downstairs to investigate they discovered a house brick in the middle of their living room and their living room window smashed. Police are investigating and reviewing local CCTV footage.

This is just the latest in a string of increasingly heated attacks on UKIP supporters, activists and premises and comes just hours before a UKIP meeting in Hove this evening which is expected to be heavily picketed by Hope not Hate and UAF activists. At UKIP’s last meeting in the area, Hope not Hate activists verbally abused and intimidated pensioners they believed to be attending the UKIP meeting only to discover that they were in fact blood donors attending a regular NHS donor session in the same building.

Elsewhere, UKIP leader Nigel Farage was assaulted by Hope not Hate activist Andrew Scott in Margate – Scott was subsequently convicted – and by HnH/UAF activist Fred Glenister in Nottingham. Glenister is awaiting trial.

UKIP billboards across the country have been repeatedly targeted in an organised campaign of destruction, with hard left activists encouraged to post pictures of their handiwork on a Facebook page.


Over the past 12 hours, Britain’s media has somewhat exposed itself for being the anti-UKIP establishment that many UKIP leaders and activists have claimed in the face of derision over recent years.

While every UK news outlet reported that Sanya-Jeet Thandi, a 21-year-old London School of Economics student decided to leave the party, only Breitbart London, then followed by the Guardian, reported the violent attack on Gerard Batten MEP’s house in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The fact is the media simply would not have reported the Thandi issue if she happened to be a 45-year-old white male living in Rotherham who announced he was leaving the party. No, they reported it simply because she is brown. ‘Who are the racists now?’, you might ask.

But not simply motivated by race and the need to fuel division and hatred toward UKIP, the mainstream media is blatantly hiding the vicious nature of anti-UKIP activists, and often-times fuel the incidents. Farage said yesterday: “The attack on [Gerard Batten’s] home is a direct consequence of the media campaign against UKIP.”

Interesting that the mainstream parties aren’t targeting each other for similar attacks. No bricks through Conservative MEPs’ windows. It seems they can co-exist with each other, but not with UKIP.

And, after all, it’s not surprising that they can co-exist with each other, given that their policies on so many issues are identical (e.g. the EU, global warming, smoking bans, etc).

And that’s why UKIP – or any new party which doesn’t accept the current political consensus – comes under ferocious attack.

I have no idea whether the current onslaught on UKIP will have any effect. We’ll find out in the EU elections next week.

You occasionally hear about dogs saving children from sticky situations, but very seldom cats:

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40 Responses to Getting Nasty with UKIP

  1. jaxthefirst says:

    I think that anyone – party or individual – who seriously threatens to upset the status quo is in for a bumpy ride, and I’ll admit that I think these people are nasty enough that I genuinely worry about the wellbeing of UKIP candidates. It’s clearly very, very important to the grandees of the Big Three parties that they keep the stranglehold on power and it seems that no action is too low for them to stoop to in their attempts to maintain their positions. Does anyone remember the light aircraft accident that Nigel Farage had during the last (or last but one?) election? It may sound a bit tinfoil-hattish, but given the kind of machinations which they are clearly now resorting to, as outlined above by you – underhanded searching for smear stories, violent attacks, and inciting “convenient” vocal groups like UAF to intimidate people attending a perfectly legal meeting (even if they did get the wrong place!) – one starts to wonder how much of an “accident” it really was.

    And you know what the beauty of all this is? It won’t make a jot of difference as to whether people will vote for UKIP or not. In the absence of any of the Big Three parties undergoing a complete about-face, starting to listen – really listen – to what the people want rather than pandering to the whims of their friends and “favourites,” admitting they have been oh-so-wrong on oh-so-many issues and taking robust, swift action to reverse their policies in these areas, and adopting a large dose of genuine humility towards the voting public, rather than arrogance and high-handed authoritarianism, then the fact remains that if people want something different from what they’ve had for the last 30 years or so, then there just isn’t any other party they can vote for. In the real world that most of us inhabit (rather than the Westminster bubble that politicians live in), that really is the bottom line. And no amount of smearing or bricks through windows can change that.

  2. “Hope not Hate” eh? Oddly enough, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of their members had contributed to over the years.

    I guess Hate is OK as long as it’s directed at the proper targets?


  3. junican says:

    I am not sure, but I suspect that ‘the political elite’ are not happy with UKIP because UKIP has less control over its candidates for election. These UKIP candidates have minds of their own and are not directed regimentally by some sort of ‘central office’, nor are they parachuted in, up-and-coming’ clones. Because they are not such clones, they will emit the wrong sound-bite from time to time.
    I received a UKIP leaflet today. I was not happy with it. It said “UK OUT!!! (of the EU)”
    Erm …. Sorry, but that is not my view. I want reform – basic reform. I want the EU to suggest ‘best practices’ rather than issue ‘directives’. Again, we come down to the nature of ‘treaties’. Milton MP did not know that the UK is NEVER legally obligated by a treaty. The UK decides.
    The acquiescence of our elected representatives is frightening.

      • Sorry, Junican, you can never “reform” the EU. This is a trick the mainstream have been using for years. The EU is a juggernaut set on total domination. That’s why the EEC was set up in the first place, as a precursor, to hypnotise us with better trade prospects then take over politically.

        The only way is out. The UK is legally obligated when it comes to many treaties (not necessarily EU ones), like human rights laws and even the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

    • Frank Davis says:

      It would be nice to renegotiate. But it seems it can’t be done:

      One of the greatest assets of the “European project”, I have more than once observed, is that it is so stupendously boring that few people bother to understand how it really works. This was exemplified by the almost Soviet-length speech on “the future of the European Union” given in Berlin last week by José Manuel Barroso, before he steps down from eight years as president of the European Commission. One cannot imagine that all his audience were still awake as he neared the end of his 9,000 words. But, in fact, he gave fascinating answers to two of the questions pursued in this column through much of the past 18 months.
      The first was what his speech said about David Cameron’s bid to appease his Eurosceptic backbenchers by promising that, if he won the next election, he would negotiate a new treaty relationship for Britain with the EU and then lead the “Yes” campaign in an “in/out” referendum in 2017 – a pledge he repeats in The Sunday Telegraph today. The other was raised by all the signs in Brussels that the EU itself was planning a new treaty, to take “Europe” a further giant step towards political union – which Mr Barroso seemed last year to be promising to announce in a speech just before this year’s European elections.
      When on Thursday that speech came, we can see how cleverly and opaquely he dealt with each of these questions. Although going out of his way to declare that Britain uniquely has a permanent opt-out from the euro, and that for “historical, geopolitical and economic reasons”, Britain has a relationship with the EU unlike any other, he essentially slammed the door on the idea that Britain’s prime minister could negotiate anything more than a few cosmetic changes before staging that referendum in 2017.

  4. waltc says:

    I hope jax is right and that so is the guy (sorry, forgot who) who a few days ago intelligently analyzed the reasons for the decline in support for Labor. but I still fear the power of repeated Minutes of Hate. They may not be enough to cause would-be UKIPers to vote for the Big 3, but might be enough to spark a disgusted “a plague on ALL your houses” and get them to stay home.

    Meanwhile, not too far off topic, a well-credentialed warming skeptic has been pressured and threatened into resigning his job. Much of the pressure apparently coming from my increasingly crazy country where, in the last few days, a school board member somewhere in the midwest was forced to resign for privately saying that a fat woman was fat.

  5. Well, despite the history of Australia’s treatment of our efforts, I submitted the following to the Aussie Herald-Sun about the Melbourne ban — where of course it was instantly censored and my future postings all put into the pending-into-the-dumpster queue. Still, all is not lost: I’ll share it here:

    If you read the argument and check the references at the BMJ piece at you will find an argument for banning public alcohol service because of the invisible and largely scentless fumes of highly volatile and carcinogenic ethyl alcohol. Using the same “No Safe Level” argument used worldwide by Antismokers, alcohol needs to be banned from restaurants, and perhaps even bars.

    Yes, it will be difficult at first, and perhaps a few businesses, unable or unwilling to adapt themselves to a new, more family-friendly business model will be forced to close, but that’s the price we’ll have to pay to protect the workers, the children, and the patrons of these businesses. Taxes may go up due to unemployment if large numbers of places close, but it was accepted in order to get rid of public smoking, and it can be just as easily accepted in getting rid of public drinking.

    For those who propose moving alcohol service outdoors onto patios, be aware that such arrangements will only be tolerable for places operating after sundown. There is absolutely no justification for forcing young workers to suffer painful and premature deaths from malignant melanomas induced by exposure to solar radiation. Such solutions as sunscreen and awnings provide only “partial protection” and are thus no more acceptable than the ventilation arrangements Big Tobacco suggested for secondhand smoke reduction.

    For the moment, patio dining and drinking service at night will be tolerated during an adjustment period, but reflected solar radiation from Earth’s satellite (a.k.a. “moonlight”) is simply a lower level of threat, and on moonless nights there are still untold trillions of cancer-emitting stars up in the sky.

    Inside dining and drinking, alcohol-free, is the ONLY ultimate solution.


    – MJM

    • Frank Davis says:

      cancer-emitting stars

      Wonderful! :-)

      • Emily says:

        This reminds me vaguely of something I read by Anaïs Nin years ago:

        “At sixteen Sabina took moon baths, first of all because everyone else took sun baths, and second, she admitted, because she had been told it was dangerous. The effect of moon baths was unknown, but it was intimated that it might be the opposite of the sun’s effect. The first time she exposed herself she was frightened. What would the consequences be?”

    • Harleyrider1978 says:

      Lord outdoor dining with all that smoke stack food smoke coming down on all those anti-smokers inhaling all those millions of cigarettes and then when they speak up all those VOCs being emitted into the air right there within 3 feet of the vestor range for others to have to inhale those hundreds of human made chemicals……………Then the starlite burning holes into their unprotected skin…………..Oh the children we must save the children from these anti-smoking bigots who dare breathe or even cook within their vicinity!

    • Harleyrider1978 says:

      Inside dining and drinking, alcohol-free, is the ONLY ultimate solution.

      But mikle we cant have that either the mere human exhalations make even that impossible!

      NIH report on carcinogens

      If you want to learn about which chemicals cause cancer, or just want to feel more paranoid about getting cancer, check out the 2012 NIH report on carcinogens.

      One of the more exciting findings is that human beings themselves are possible carcinogens, by virtue of their natural emissions of isoprene:

      Isoprene is formed endogenously in humans at a rate of 0.15 μmol/kg
      of body weight per hour, equivalent to approximately 2 to 4 mg/kg per
      day (Taalman 1996), and is the major hydrocarbon in human breath
      (accounting for up to 70% of exhaled hydrocarbons)

      Don’t breathe on me!

      • Heehee… as you saw in my “Breathers” Harley, that’s exactly where we’re heading! Asimov had the same idea fifty years ago in his Caves Of Steel actually, although I think he may have been more focused on germs.

        – MJM

        • Harleyrider1978 says:

          Hey if they keep going they will be down to nothing left to kill us with!

          Just think being born can kill you! That first gasp of breath after the doc beats your ass the first time is the first breath of death!

        • churchmouse says:

          Precisely. Life guarantees death.

  6. Judd says:

    Let them carry on doing their worse.

    ”They” have no idea what real British stubborn as a bloody mule nature is do they, the more they attack, intimidate, scorn and abuse those of us who have a mind and opinion of our own, the more we dig our heels in.

    We’re not in the least impressed with the petty little mole hills they are attempting to make mountains out of, the chattering classes and the easily duped are only going to vote for who they’re told to, and any scorn from them only encourages us and confirms our decisions further…if they started to embrace UKIP i’d be really worried.

    Come hell or high water, loud mouthed pickets, scum bags, or the typical unwashed ne’er do well likely to be found shouting abuse from under their elongated UAF brows…i and millions of others, sick of the lies and propaganda of the last 30 plus years, will be walking in to the polling stations to kick the current political class straight in the bollocks.



  7. west2 says:

    A little light relief…
    Happy Middlesex Day :)

  8. Edgar says:

    Smear politics used to work when people were concerned that political candidates should be above reproach. Maybe, these days, people are more realistic about human frailty, or, perhaps, just more phlegmatic. In any case, there is some evidence that old-style dirty politics is, to some extent, counterproductive. The problem for the traditional parties is that smear, innuendo, and deceit are the only tricks they know. If they didn’t resort to pejoratives, they would have nothing to say. That, I think, is why they do it, even though they must know it is likely to backfire on them. The same problem is faced by the political writers and broadcasters. Perhaps, a good strategy for UKIP would be to ‘answer’ the charges simply by asking ‘Is that all you’ve got?’ The ‘anti-fascist’ groups, who are using violence and intimidation, manage only to generate a reaction of revulsion: they appeal only to themselves. I have already voted UKIP, postally, but I don’t support all, or even most, of their aims. Like many people, I think UKIP could be a catalyst for an important change in British and European politics: that is the weakening of state interference and control and the renormalisation of many British cultural traditions.

  9. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Smear often has the negative effects and simply forces voters to the other side!

    The stronger the Smear message,the more we know the ones pushing the smear are scared to death!

  10. DP says:

    Dear Mr Davis

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

    The ridicule, so last year …

    Now fighting, and all they can manage is stupidity.

    Next year? Bring it on!


  11. beobrigitte says:

    Indeed, the onslaught on UKIP’s members has gathered pace.

    It is quite scary that UKIP’s London MEP Gerard Batten had a brick thrown through his window in the middle of the night. It is a cowardly act.

    This one has to be the most entertaining one:
    Lynton Crosby, the Conservative party’s campaign chief, wants to launch a “below-the-radar” operation to undermine UKIP politicians by catching them making embarrassing comments.

    And, indeed, the BBC could not repeat this often enough:
    While every UK news outlet reported that Sanya-Jeet Thandi, a 21-year-old London School of Economics student decided to leave the party, only Breitbart London, then followed by the Guardian, reported the violent attack on Gerard Batten MEP’s house in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

    Officially she is to have said that UKIP is becoming more and more racist and that she felt that she no longer could support it.
    But then:
    While every UK news outlet reported that Sanya-Jeet Thandi, a 21-year-old London School of Economics student decided to leave the party, only Breitbart London, then followed by the Guardian, reported the violent attack on Gerard Batten MEP’s house in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

    What exactly did this 21 year old girl fear?


    The cat video: This is probably the first time a cat’s attachment to people has been filmed; it is not unusual for a cat to defend what it considers it’s. And this does include people.
    As someone who would rather leave the ownership of dogs to other people, I am a little taken aback by this dog, apparently unchallenged, attacking the boy. This is unusual behaviour for a dog. Unfortunately nothing was said about what happened to the dog and it’s owner.

    I watched this video and began to wonder if something is being directed to flip – dogs, formerly “man’s-best-friend” somehow is becoming man’s enemy. There is a new law: if your dog bites anyone (unless it’s a trespasser) even inside YOUR OWN property, you will face a huge fine. (?and the dog will be put to sleep)
    Will we now begin to see roaming stray dogs because people no longer feel comfortable/can be bothered owning a dog?
    Of course I’ll stick with cats (always had them!) but I begin to feel sorry for dogs….

  12. Harleyrider1978 says:

    Mike your gonna love this one and I posted an old comment you had made sometime back on the same subject with your name below it.

    Ban cigarette filters to curb hazardous tobacco waste, say researchers

    Estimated 4.5 trillion cigarettes are flicked away as rubbish each year, creating waste problem that can contaminate water sources, reports environmentresearchweb

    It is not only the cigarette ingredients that harm the environment, but also the materials they are made of. Plastic cigarette filters are practically non-biodegradable and can leach chemicals for up to ten years. In the US alone an estimated 49.8 million kilograms of filters are discarded annually. This excludes the weight of remnant butt tobacco, discarded packages, lighters and matches, and other tobacco products such as cigars and smokeless tobacco.

    • beobrigitte says:

      Ban cigarette filters to curb hazardous tobacco waste, say researchers

      These researchers do not say anything about wind farms. Why not?

    • LOL! Yep! I’d forgotten all about that comment! Yep, sexy research indeed!


      • Harleyrider1978 says:

        Heres the Insane

        Plastic cigarette filters are practically non-biodegradable and can leach chemicals for up to ten years

      • Harleyrider1978 says:

        Cig Butts and tobacco are readily biodegradable and always have been. In fact for over 500 years tobacco stalks have been used to fertilize the fields of farms. Maybe the City of Seattle should start paying smokers for flicking butts on the grounds and helping save the city fertilizer costs! Its definitely going Green to fertilize the parks!

  13. smokingscot says:

    Hope not Hate.

    Interesting couple of minutes looking into this shower of excrement.

    Essentially a one man band conceived and conducted by Nick Lowels with funding claimed from various unions as well as the Daily Mirror and apparently supported by several MP’s.

    The link is to Wiki, however very few of the referenced links actually work.

    Yet it takes no time at all to find several outfits that don’t much care for Mr Lowels and his band of vigilantes:

    “The leader and the self styled Stalinist dictator of the ‘Hope Not Hate’ left wing anti British and race hate stirring gang, has also been branded a Nazi.”

    “The Daily Bale stands behind the muslim community and all communities against this disgraceful and racist behaviour by the fascist thug group Hope Not Hate.”

    Unfortunately their link to the source material is no longer working.

  14. Steven simon says:

    I always felt that the anti fascist party is a contradiction in words.they are more fascist than the fascists.

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  16. DICK R says:

    It is precisely because UKIP has an element of racism that it is doing so well ,the indigenous people are tired of being treated with contempt and denigrated in their own country, unable to express their honest opinions, being swamped with mass immigration, and their way of life destroyed.

  17. Sophia Williams says:

    Oh my gosh, I’ve seen this video. Although I feel proud to be a cat owner, I don’t dislike dogs entirely; and there I wonder why did the dog suddenly attacked and where’s the owner? If the parents of the child are to file a dog-bite lawsuit then the owners should be at fault because they let the dog roam alone the streets.

  18. cherie79 says:

    I had a Siamese cat who was totally devoted to me, not sure she even knew she was a cat! Once I had to call out my Dr. she wouldn’t let him examine me and I had to put her in another room, an angry Siamese can be quite frightening. Not sure any of my current cats would be protective though.

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